I was reading about emoticons in Gmail’s new chat feature and I saw that you can make a monkey symbol:

Monkey Emoticons!

“Cool,” I thought. “I can use the monkey emoticon to tease Greg Boser a little bit more about”

Then I went to, and the site was gone?! What happened? Did I miss a memo? Greg, did you send out a Digital Monkey Copyright Act request? Did you send around a couple of hired chimps to strong-arm DaveN?

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  1. I

  2. Uh-oh, I borked your blog! Sorry dude.

  3. Dare say that monkey icon looks a little sussed. Sorry for being a bit crude but surely there are more realistic looking monkeys at 16×16.

  4. It’s there for me Matt…. I particularly like the latest entry, which I assume is Dave showing WebMon…. um, Greg, the blog for the first time. It’s got that real Jerry Springer reality feel, hasn’t it? You can hear the crowd in the background almost

  5. Is there something that Google doesn’t do? GPay, Gmail, Gpage, Gblog everything is G!

  6. What do Aaron Wall and DaveN have in common?

    Naked Bull Riding


  7. They could create a community gathering place and call it G-Spot.

  8. That is so cool. I love monkeys. Now I just need to get more friends on Google Talk.

  9. LOL! Will use it next time I talk politics! :(|)

  10. Dave is just scared. He knows I’m going to have a camera with me at all possible moments next week. And he also knows I’ll end yp with the better pics. 🙂

  11. Hi Chung,

    you forgot to mention Gspot, which for some reason they preferred to call GoogleEarth … ;))

  12. Chung: I’m just waiting for the GPod, GMac and Google Nano.

  13. Perhaps monkeypics went the same way as Greg’s link condom site ?

  14. Does that work with wordpress and too?

    : ( | )