Miss Kentucky wins Miss USA

Tara Conner, Miss Kentucky, won the 2006 Miss USA contest.

Respect to a fellow Kentuckian. Next stop: Miss Universe. After that? Miss Multiverse, baby. πŸ™‚

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  1. Miss Universe…what a crock! You NEVER see any contestants from other planets.

  2. And after Miss Multiverse, Miss Google !
    I don’t see something greater.

  3. I was reading some Italian (WHY?? I don’t know italian) news paper on the web the other day, and I saw all the canidates. The one that won was in my top 10, but far from prettiest. But I also notised that all of them looked pretty 80’s compared to European Misses. And they all looked 10 years older..huh…In Norway and other countries I have seen around here they are usualy 18-24, not 34 with 3 kids..:D

    – ØØ –

  4. What a minger. Looks like a plastic babrbie doll.

  5. Hi Matt

    And I thought that there are only green blinking neons in Kentucky. Now how come you forgot to tell us that there are gorgeous Kentuckian “Taras” too. And now I understand better why you keep traveling back to Kentucky so often πŸ˜€

  6. So …. do you know this girl and can you hook us (and by us I really mean just me) up?

    I’m in NYC at the moment but I’m happy to find a map, then Kentucky, then an airport!

  7. Russel Springs huh, so would that make her a Hawks fan or a KU fan?

    I keep forgetting to blog about that x-spammer out in the hall handing out phone cards at webmasterworld Boston, I’ll make a note and get it up this week.

    Missed you at PUBCON were you there?

  8. The Miss Universe contest is fixed…

    The woman from Earth always wins.

  9. I wonder why those misses always have such a big mouth,.. πŸ™‚

  10. Shhhhh, Matt. Don’t draw so much attention. Let us KY boys keep that whole Ky-girls thing to ourselves. We need to just let everyone keep believing the Hee-Haw thing. Yep folks… nothing to see here. Move along…

  11. Miss Google πŸ˜‰ That’s good! For all google soldiers!

  12. Gee, she looks like a barbie doll. She would be great actress in any class C horor movie, i feel sorry for you (no offence)

  13. What a group of teeth on her, if she came out of the water at a pool party some might mistake her for a shark feeding on baitfish and run!

    Observation: Her eye lids are dark and her skin complexion does not match her hair color, she must have had and extremely good personality yes?

  14. Scary. You’re much more sexy, Matt.

  15. The runner-up didn’t look too happy…


    I think she’ll get over it though πŸ™‚

  16. Scary. You’re much more sexy, Matt.

    Matt, if you take this to heart, wax your bikini line, and start wearing ballroom gowns I am SO outta here.

  17. Thanks Matt for the mention. I have been a follower of your blog for sometime and I am also the Uncle of the new Miss USA.

  18. Ben, that’s a common mistake to assume that everyone knows everyone else. I often get asked: “Oh, you’re from Kentucky? Do you know Bob/Larry/Tom Somebody?” πŸ™‚

    Neat site, Kentucky Redneck. I know of a really neat hidden waterfall in Elliot County, but I’m saving that as a secret. πŸ™‚

    Aaron Pratt, my eyes!! It burns! πŸ˜‰

  19. Good morning Kentucky Redneck

    Just to say I enjoyed your site and the wonderful waterfall of Kentucky. Very relaxing.

  20. Previous post was by me. πŸ™‚

  21. Why do all women have the same look on their face when they win a “miss whatever”?
    Unrelated, but whatever Aaron posted, is that Sergey HIMSELF? :O

  22. I’ve been reading your blog off and on for a while, suspecting you were the one from Kentucky and now i know! I believe you came and did a talk at UK a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend but was really impressed with what I heard about you and the presentation.

  23. Elliott County…. Im gonna load the Jeep up and go look for this one. Hidden that makes it even better lol. If you feel inclined to share more details that would be great or I will have to resort to riding around asking does anyone know where the hidden waterfall is……

  24. Hi Matt

    Would you be kind when do you expect the next Grab bag thread?

    Have some few Googling questions about the new infrastructure that might need some Googling-Deluxe answers πŸ˜€


  25. >>>>Next stop: Miss Universe. After that? Miss Multiverse, baby.

    Surely next stop would be Miss World.

    Or is this competition like the World League of Rounders etc you have in the states πŸ˜‰

  26. Kentucky Redneck, suffice it to say that it’s in the boonies. Only the weirdest of circumstances led to us finding it. If you’re driving around and see a chimney with no house to go with it, that’s the starting point to go looking. Good luck!

  27. Meh. She’s not that great-looking. Anyone could accomplish that look with enough peroxide and self-tanning lotion. But then, I suppose after spending so much time with NoCA girls, something like Miss Kentucky looks *really* good, comparitavely.

  28. Matt,

    You got a favicon! Yea! Now I can tell your page appart from the twenty other tabs I have open.


  29. Nice to see ya’ keepin’ the faith, matt πŸ™‚

    What with the bourbon, the horses, the entertainers and now the women – i’m wondering if it’s legal to buy stock in an actual State…

  30. Not Mrs Cutts then?

  31. Miss Kentucky became 4th runner-up in Miss Universe 2006, just a few minutes ago in Los Angeles

  32. Hi Devdive,

    Good question, Because beauty empower same way to every women, atleast they are alike in some qualities or abilities, hence the expression are same.

  33. I think she lost the Miss Universe contest there!

    Akash Kumar

  34. Miss Google! hehehehehe….The winner would have to look similar to Matt Cutts πŸ™‚ Now that’s scary!

  35. I really love this girl. Just take a look ! What a beauty !

  36. I am in the tanning industry and I still hate to see the “fake tans” that most of these contestants have. I think it hurts business more than it helps.

  37. Congrats! Miss G!

  38. Now we need to vote for miss SEO ?

  39. I believe that Donald Trump’s decision to let Tara (Miss USA) keep her crown is the best choice. This gives her an opportunity that most “Beauty Queens” are usually not giving, to actually be a REAL ROLE MODEL. After that two hour pageant no one idolizes or even remembers the queen. However now that she’s in the spotlight she can show EVERYONE that “WE” all make mistakes and it’s true courage to overcome our problems. Thus makes her a REALISTIC ROLE MODEL (emphasis on REALISTIC) to girls that face the EXACT PROBLEMS. HOWEVER if they were to fire her that would TRULY be a BAD EXAMPLE to young girls, that gives teenagers the idea that if they were to make a mistake WE the public are not going to HELP them. We are only going to ridicule, mock and outcast them the same way as Miss USA.
    EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASONβ€”this is my personal belief and this is truly reflection on this situation

  40. I think that the contest is fair and that Donald Trump tries to do everything in his power to make it fun and fair. I don’t think that people give him enough credit.

  41. Should we start the draw for miss Google ?? HAHAha.

  42. After that Miss Multiverse google baby!
    Busy man!

  43. Wow she was hot!!!!!!
    Matt you lucky man. You gotta see trojan man first! Keep Safe!LOL

  44. I think she lost the Miss Universe contest there!

  45. that Donald Trump tries to do everything in his power to make it fun and fair. I don’t think that people give him enough credit.

  46. The important is she WAS hot but now when she lose Miss Universe title is not that hot. πŸ™‚

  47. I’d love to chime in on the Miss Universe, being a female. Don’t see many ladies in here. I’d like to find the original thread so I can put in my 2 cents without sounding like I just walked in a room.

  48. Its more than just good looks you know. It is also about world peace.

  49. I think she lost the Miss Universe contest there !

  50. After that Miss Multiverse google baby!

  51. I just stumbled on this post: I didn’t realize you’re from KY. I saw you wearing an Ale 8 shirt in a video awhile back, but I never considered that you were actually from KY.

    Kentucky is horribly stereotyped. I, like most Kentuckians, know that KY is no different than anywhere else: There’s the good and the bad. You’re doing a great job at Google: The results get better and better all the time. You are representing this great state well and I really appreciate that!

  52. I met her personally before and she is really gorgeous and nice, it is truth and Congrats for winning and Miss USA, she deserved it…