Meeting folks at SES NYC

Looks like Joe Holcomb will be attending SES NYC. I believe Joe has worked at BlowSearch and Kanoodle and is consulting for Acoona while working to build his own search engine by mid-2006. I like that people in the search engine industry think big. Joe, if you see me at SES NYC, please say hello.

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  1. so, any idea when the next event will be? I really wanted to make this one, but time had its way with me, what can i say?

  2. Matt, sorry I missed you when I was there today. Didn’t see the trackback till tonight around 4:30 AM, just got home. It’s been a VERY long day. Productive, but long. Hopefully we’ll get some time to catch each other in the near future. Feel free to let me know when you’re in NYC next. Drop an email anytime.

  3. Any idea when you’re coming to the UK to do some discussion forums? Would be fun, even better come to Scotland.

  4. Matt, here’s a weird anomoly I can’t explain:

    Google canada payday loans

    The site that has the domain name shows up #2.. but the page has no content. The cache has no content, and apparantley hasn’t had any for months.

    Doing a link: query, it shows it has 2 links.

    Is this a hint that domain names are more important than we think?
    Or is google just bad at keeping “current”?

  5. WMW Boston is in April, and I’m currently in negotiations with my wife about whether I can make it to that. 😉

  6. Check out this article already posted…I wasn’t at this session but now I wish I was!

  7. when are you coming to Detroit area? (not that you’d want to)

  8. nothing happens in the older continent 😉

    detroit, nyc, california… oh well… i can always travel with/by google maps and read whats happenin on matt’s blog 😉

  9. How about Atlanta? Ever coming this way?

  10. Hey Matt,

    Just wanted to say, “Hi!”. I’ve been following your blog now for a few months. It’s one of the best around! Keep up the good work on this and at Google!

    – Scott

  11. Matt, Is there any way I can speak with you? I know that you are busy at SES New York, but I would just like an opportunity to either email you or somehow get a message to you without posting it publicly….

  12. Hope you are enjoying SES Matt. Please consider something for discussion since I am seeing this as a huge problem for the future.

    G has built its algo successfully on its incoming links. Like everything in this world, the web community is now very knowledgeable on the “value” of a link which makes me believe that very soon no one will link (even if they would have liked to) to another site based on its content. The result will in the end be distorted results. I am sure G may already be aware of this – just wish there was a way round it?

    I first referred to link spamming – I actually called it “anchor text spamming” back in November 2003 see (stevexyz)

    Basically I predict that the use of incoming links for ranking algo’s will be a thing of the past 2 to 3 years from now.

  13. Matt, reading around a few SEO forums I lurk in I notice you had to tell one of the chosen speakers that their method for content delivery would get one into hot water with Google.

    Imagine if you were not there to correct him? BTW, he must be silly to even think Google would be ok with it!

    However, this begs the age old question of why are spammers given a platform and hence credibilty at these SES? Surely SEO conferences should only allow white hats. If a SEO cannot, or will not, follow Googles guidelines is the really the type of speaker Danny S should be giving a platform to?

    I see it time and time again where Webmasters use the company a speaker is representing at SES and then get dumped from Google because the person/company they used spams.

    Personally, I don’t know how DS can look at himself in the mirror when he (IMO) IS indirectly responsible for many Web businesess going under due to the fact he gives platforms & credibilty to spammers!

    Shame on you Danny!

  14. Dear Mrs. Matt,

    It’s important Matt goes to Boston. American search liberty is at stake.

  15. Matt is the seo guru i think.

  16. Matt is a seo guru i think.

  17. I can always travel with/by google maps and read whats happening