March Madness! Go Heels! Go Wildcats!

The NCAA tournament brackets are done and I’m ready for March Madness! I don’t even mind watching Dick Vitale, baby! I went to undergrad at the University of Kentucky and grad school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, so I’ve got little orange basketballs in my blood. I’d love for either team to go all the way this year, but with North Carolina a #1 seed in its bracket, the odds might favor the Tarheels over the Wildcats this time. On the other hand, you should never, ever count out the Cats.

The World Cup last summer was awesome, but I do love a good game of basketball. πŸ™‚ I just wish Roy Williams had come to UNC even earlier. Game on!

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  1. I wish I could share your excitement, but I’m an Alumni of Marquette, which is in NC’s bracket.

    Unfortunately, I see a good future for your team.

  2. Dave (Original)

    Come on Matt, you surely aint trying to tell the rest of the World that Yanks are only mad in March? πŸ™‚

  3. UK grad huh? We’re everywhere πŸ™‚

    Here’s hoping the men having more success in the post season than they’ve enjoyed so far this year. The women’s brackets are announced tonight, but I’m thinking they are WNIT bound this year.

  4. Well folks – I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

    My undergrads were at the University of Qld, Gatton (Australia), and we were mostly more interested in pumelling other teams in the rugby or smashing a few sixes into the stands in the cricket…

    But nonetheless, I do hope your team wins.

    I guess bouncing a big round orange ball around the place makes relative sense compared to avoiding being brained by a rock hard small red projectile travelling at hundreds of kilometres per hour or chasing an oblong ball that doesn’t even bounce up and down a paddock…


  5. Game on, indeed. Go Heels!

  6. You must be a real NCAA fan. There’s no other explanation for being able to tolerate Dick Vitale.

  7. Didn’t know you were a fellow Heel Matt – they landed in the toughest region in the tourney, but I’m still keeping the faith…just not excited about tackling Kevin Durant and Texas in the Sweet 16.

  8. Matt, I’m glad that you’re a Tarheel fan. Living in NC since ’89, I’ve come to love Tarheel blue. Vitale makes me appreciate the mute button on my remote or listening to the game on XM while watching. Stupid Dick Vitale. Go ‘Heels!

  9. Hey Matt – What do you think about Pitino being in Lexington to play his first game in Rupp?

    Go Cards! πŸ™‚

  10. Hey Matt, if you are into the brackets, you might want to look into Just FYI.

  11. I think UNC got a bit unlucky with Texas in the bracket – they are my pick to win it all. A lot of similarities with Carmelo and Syracuse a few years ago. Of course, the Longhorns could also lay an egg. As a UCLA alum, I’m a bit bummed about our draw too – Pitt and Kansas are two teams that we don’t match up well against. But, this is what makes the tournament so great.

    That, and its an excuse not to do any work for two days… wonder what productivity will be like Thursday and Friday. I know I’ll be “sick”.

    Here’s to hoping that I get to come hang out in the Bay Area two weeks hence when UCLA makes it back to the Final Four.

  12. GO GATORS!

  13. so if UK and UNC are in the finals..who do you pull for?

  14. Like you I have split allegiances, I live here in Tobacco Road, but went to grad school at a Big Ten school.

  15. World Cup? You mean Cricket, right?!

  16. Make sure you’re not betting on your brackets Matt. Here in Michigan a $5 bet will get you 1 year in jail.

    speaking of college, I’m going back for a masters in the fall. What do you think would be better for getting a job in the valley? Continuing on with a masters in software engineering, or going for the engineering management option? My bachelors is in computer science.

  17. BYU Cougars all the way….I can dream, right?

  18. Gota go with your home school. UCLA is my pick. Bruins just need to get past Kansas and it should be a done deal.

  19. Dana Stephenson

    Go Cats!! Can’t let NC work on closing that all-time wins gap.

    (And hey, I like Dickie V.)

  20. Can we get an 8 clap going?

  21. Wildcats suck! πŸ˜›

    I was going to WKU when the great Duke/UK showdown happened… being the only non-UK fan in the state, it was tough going, but sweet revenge. Easily the best basketball game in history… while Duke won, UK certainly didn’t lose.

    Here’s to another fun March!

  22. I was at the Dean Dome last week to watch the Heels tear into Duke and then had a tough time this weekend watching UNC and State. Although I’ve been a Heels fan since birth, I did my undergrad at State because everyone knows UNC’s Computer Science department is a joke. πŸ™‚

  23. Go Hoyas! Go!

  24. UNC is looking good but i have to say GTown is goin all the way… mark my words…

  25. I was so excited when I saw your post had included “Go Wildcats!” in the title.

    Then I realized you meant “Kentucky.” Not “Arizona.”

    Go Arizona Wildcats!

  26. Wow – there seem to be a lot more basketball fans in the tech crown than I originally thought! I love this time of year.

  27. Please god.. any team but the freakin GATORS!! (just like the deal we talked about last year God.. no FLA teams!)

    I think i got a touch of dat dere march madness

  28. Best of luck to your Tarheels, but my Orangemen the victims of a big time snub, I’ll be watching from the NIT. Either way, I see GTown knocking off your Heels in the Elite 8.

  29. boo tarheels! yay wolfpack!

  30. Matt, do write about cricket too, its world cup time. I see that Indian Google is working out a plan with Srikant, a blogger deal.

  31. Go Cats!! Can’t let NC work on closing that all-time wins gap.