Maker Faire!

I’m heading to Maker Faire today. It’s a fun event if you like robots, crafts, art cars, flame throwers, Coke ‘n’ Mentos shows, building your own electronics kits, knitting weird hats, Lego creations, plush monsters, power tool racing, or walking around outdoors in the California sunshine. Highly recommended if you’re in the Bay Area today.

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  1. Matt,

    This LED Hula Hoop must be facinating. Don’t miss it. Would like to see Emmy and Oz reactions to that one 🙂

  2. Enjoy your day Matt, and for the note I am also fascinated about all the tech things. Robots are one of them. Enjoy!!

  3. Flame throwers, how fun! Was a bit of this going on at barcamp this weekend (not the flame throwing) with people bringing all sorts of gadgets they had created. Someone had created surround cameras like seen in making the Matrix using a bunch of logitech usb cams all coming off of a single usb port. Very neat.

  4. Dave (Original)

    Sounds like the kind of place you’ll run into the Mythbusters team. Great stuff 🙂

  5. One of the Mythbusters was there, Dave (Original). 🙂

  6. Love mythbusters. Found a photo of the cameras…

  7. Dave (Original)

    Matt, was it the delightfully scrumptious Kari Byron ?

  8. I want that skull thing. However working at a primary (elementary) school I doubt I’d be allowed one…