Living in the cloud

I used Wakoopa to track which applications I run on my home Windows machine. Here’s what it says:

Browsing the cloud!

When 96% of your computer time is spent in a browser, that’s living in the cloud. πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m scared to track how much time I spend on line like that. It might register as “all the time”

  2. Mine is probably about the same, and all that cloud time probably offsets tv time. I wonder which is cheaper to run, a cable box, surround sound and big screen tv, or a pc with an internet connection… it’s Friday, I get lots of random thoughts…

  3. You turn off Chrome when you start iTunes? πŸ™‚

    Also, I always knew you were efficient, but 101% is awesome…

  4. I’m gonna download Wakoopa and see what mine says but I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be pretty close to 96% firefox, then thunderbird, then openoffice. MSN messenger if it tracks that. Too bad it can’t track what sites I’m looking at and how many times per day or how many times I check my email. My obsessive compulsiveness would be completely exposed. There’s probably cuase for a new medical diagnosis in that data!

  5. not sure if they buy there analysis when ime off in playing wow or doing other things i have a browser open in the background

  6. Google is the main reason I use IE. Most of the time I’m in Firefox, but once in a while I need to login to a client’s Google AdWords or Analytics account to fix something. If I do that in Firefox I look my Google Apps, which is a pain. Instead, I open an IE window and use that. Thanks, Microsoft for improving my Google experience.

  7. What do you do when the internet goes down? In in SoCal where Time Warner has gone down a lot over the past week.

  8. What scares me about this is that you spend about 2 hours a day on average the computer at home, 8 hours a day working, and manage to fit 10,000 steps a day in.

    Do you even sleep?

  9. Dave (originial)

    Matt, combine that with work time spent Browsing and how much time would spend a Week?

  10. All that time online could cause a guy to get a double chin and eat lot of Pinkberry. Oh yeah, and you would need a pretty independent pet if you were gonna have one. I doubt a dog would work. Hmmm.

  11. friggin error message about needing a proxy server to connect, others are getting it also, bummer, sure would like to try it.

  12. Wow, if I put down my actual time spent online, I’d either be thought of as a true Entrepreneur or that I had no life lol πŸ˜›

  13. Wakoopa is something I have never heard of until today. Seems to be a pretty neat tool and plan to try it for a while. Thanks Matt

  14. Hi Matt, i see you don’t use instant messaging ad mails!

    I’m wrong?

  15. panzermike, Pinkberry only has 90 calories. It’s a very healthy treat. πŸ˜‰

    “What scares me about this is that you spend about 2 hours a day on average the computer at home, 8 hours a day working…”

    M.W.A., the scary thing is that mostly when I’m home I use my laptop. There’s a lot of internet going on in my home.

  16. How has your experience been with Google Chrome? Would you switch to it as a default browser, or will you use it only part of the time (for web browsing)?

  17. Dave (originial)

    Matt, why the title “Living in a cloud”? Shouldn’t it be Living in a Pie”?

  18. Matt, you should enable tracking web applications as well! Although, it would probably not generate a pie chart like this one πŸ˜›

  19. you should check out rescuetime to see what you do on the cloud!

  20. panzermike, Pinkberry only has 90 calories. It’s a very healthy treat.

    Surprisingly, so are rocky road granola bars. It’s actually healthier to eat chocolate and marshmallow granola bars than it is to eat almost any other flavor.

  21. robert gaal saw my dilema on twitter and stopped by to see if he could help, that was mighty nice of him. now im up and running..thanks for the tool matt

  22. Dave (originial)

    “healthier” in the context used is a euthamism for less harmful than some other empty calorie junk foods.

  23. Matt, you got to listen to more music through out your day!

  24. Morris Rosenthal


    It’s not spending 96% of your time in the browser that counts, it’s how you spend it. I spent my morning in the browser at Webmaster Tools filing spam reports, 25 duplicate content reports for a single page of mine that has been pushed down into “additional results”. I know that you and other Googlers have reported again and again that duplicate content des not harm the original content in search, but I can’t help believing that what you’re really saying is that there is no explicit penalty. But how all the duplicate content and its minor variations affects original content in search results may simply be too complex for Google to be so definitive.

    And no, I wouldn’t bother filing the reports or whining about it if I hadn’t seen serious changes in search results that have been rock steady for five years, including my own pages getting moved to “omitted results” for exact phrase matches.


  25. Dave (originial)

    I bet Matt spent a lot more time viewing life through a Browser when he was the “Porn Cookie Guy”.

  26. Wow, that is a neat application. I will try it out this evening. I anticipate that the data will show that I live in a cloud as well. =)

  27. I tried it and the tracker often freezes on me. It’s kind of annoying so I haven’t been using it much.

    So far it shows that I use the Opera browser over 50% of the time. I thought it would be a lot higher.

  28. Hi Matt,

    Could you explain what are the advantages of monitoring your time like that? What β€Ždid you learn about your computer usage? How did it help you? β€Ž


    Eyal Sela.

  29. I’ve just downloaded Wakoopa, and I’m going to have a go. It really seems that you’re living the cloud life! Congratulations!

    I use a mix of online and offline software, but I can’t wait to see my trends….

  30. This Wakoopa app is awesome, cheers for sharing! I suspect I mainly run a web browser and MSN Messenger! Oh and Putty for SSH…

  31. I have a feeling my pie chart would be similar! Cool tool!