Live-blogging (okay live-waving) Day 1 of Google I/O Keynote

Okay, I’m going to try live-blogging the keynote of Google I/O, but I’m doing it with a twist. I’m going to try live-blogging in Google Wave with some other folks.

Watch the live-stream video at by the way.

Lots of folks will be live-blogging or waving. Here is a different live wave with Gina Trapani, Kevin Marks, Leo Laporte, and Adam Pash, for example.

Danny Sullivan will be live-blogging the keynote over on Search Engine Land. I believe that Tom Krazit is live-blogging the keynote for CNET too.

Here goes my live-wave:

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  1. Will it just update on the screen below or do I need to ‘friend’ you in my own personal Google Wave site? I couldn’t figure out how to do that. I’m watching and waiting to see what it does 🙂

  2. Can we interact with this wave in real time. How do we access it?

  3. Thanks for Waving this, it’s the only way I can catch up ATM.

  4. I assume we could comment on the live blogging platforms to ask question or suggest questions, if we’re not able to actually interact “live”

    Is this correct Matt?

  5. So “live blogging” is “one-way chat”. Watching someone type isn’t very compelling. What about a good ole fashioned audio feed?

  6. love the Wave iframe implementation.

    Two things I don’t like though:

    – The text update is not as fluid as a real time. Looks like stuttering

    – The scroll bar doesn’t auto-scroll, so as the text moves below the box you have to keep manually scroll down to see the rest of the texts. That defeats the whole purpose and really annoying oversight IMO.

  7. Too bad you can’t convey the rockstar music between speakers 🙂

  8. @Jeff Hancock, you can hear live audio and see live video here:

  9. “The text update is not as fluid as a real time. Looks like stuttering” pavs, I had a bad connection for a while. I think I’ve got a better one now. 🙂

  10. @Thomas Hawk: Realtime interaction would make it similar to a chatroom, I believe, which is not the essence of wave.

  11. In reference to Darkroom on the Google I/O keynote, is there a website for that? is it out now?

  12. working fine for me. thank you for the info and links.

  13. Great stuff Matt (not to mention a cool way to open Wave to the public). Should be a good example of some of what can be done with Wave. Nice.

  14. @Wysz thanks…queued that up a while ago… spinning dots. 🙁

  15. Anyone got a link to the sports illustrated stuff? So frikkin’ cool!

  16. Seems nexus 1 users aren’t wecome: (
    The YouTube URL redirects a couple of times and then alerts that “the owner has disabled this video”, and the wave here doesn’t show. Maybe froyo will fix some of this 😉

  17. Wondering if I can get a link to the wave so I dont have to have the small screen to look at.

  18. Hi Matt,

    What’d you use to embed the wave? I used the embeddy bot in the past but that’s no longer in my contacts and most of the wp plugins don’t work w/the latest version of wp.

  19. Sufian — They have a separate tool to create the embed code for you. Details here:

  20. man, thanks for your play by play. Our video was blocked, and you were my entire companies lifeline into what was being announced.

    webM is huge for us, and finally glad to see ON2 go mainstream!

    Thanks for your effort keeping us informed!

  21. @Mickey: Thanks!

  22. Would someone please write an API to manage all of Google’s APIs? One API to rule them all? I can’t keep up with all this (Wave, Maps, Buzz, Analytics, Adwords, Apps, GWT, and on and on and then there’s Chrome, Android, yikes!).

    Note this is not a complaint. I’m not crazy enough to ignore the incredible value of Google’s free APIs. I’m just struggling to keep up (need cloning API to clone myself!) Ok, I’m off to look at the new Buzz API.

  23. Boys and their toys 🙂

  24. What I found most interesting was Google’s collaboration with VMWare, as it relates to the cloud for business………lots of possibilities….. 🙂

  25. Thanks for sharing this Matt.

    Too much work to be done throughout the day so I don’t get to watch the stream. Great to see someone giving the quick run down of the event. Lots of promising things 🙂

  26. Nice to see Wave used like this – quite inspirational, in fact. Can’t say I ever got the hang of it, myself.

  27. Hi guys,

    I only got a chance to see the Googledevelopers video on youtube. Thanks for sharing.

    Kind regards,


  28. This post got me to send my first wave *jiiiihaaaa*