Light posting

Expect light posting for the next week or two. Why?

– I’m heading out to PubCon next week, and I’m trying to get ahead of my other duties. (Heh. I said duty.)
– I went off caffeine a couple weeks ago, so I’m only normal-Matt productive, as opposed to 130%-Matt productive. It feels weird, like watching the world in slow motion.
– Danny Sullivan is getting back from a couple weeks of vacation, and I’m sure he could use a little bit of quiet to catch up. Won’t someone think of the Dannys?

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  1. Enjoy your trip, and your vacation from caffeine.

    You know, there’s days I’d be happy being up to a 10%-Matt productive IT guy. But then I decide it’s lunch time and head out of the office for a while. That always clears things up for me.

  2. Beware of the side effects of avoiding caffine…

    Dilbert archive cartoon

  3. Your insights regarding Google’s internal workings will be missed by many… (see:

  4. Hey Matt,

    You should pop by the Ubuntu Developers Summit, going on this week in Building 44, and pick up some Ubuntu schwag.

    And teach them how to do proper redirects on the ubuntu wiki while you’re there

  5. Hey Matt – so what made you quit the caffeine?

    As an aside – saw your Jeeves Halloween pics – you’ve shaved off the facial hair. Does that mean you’re growing a brand new new Mo for Movember? You can join our Mo Bro team if you like! So far, there are over 30,000 Australian men growing a mo this Movember to raise funds to support prostate cancer research.

  6. > Danny Sullivan is getting back from a couple weeks of vacation

    I misread that. I read it as:

    Danny Sullivan is getting back from a couple weeks of vaccinations

    I was wondering for a while if Danny Sullivan was your pet puppy or something!

  7. So you couldnt relax while Danny was gone? Jeez! I could of used the extra quiet time!

    Oh, good luck with the caffeine thing, it was obsolete killer for me.

    I think I am almost over my addiction to super double big gulps, heck I was so addicted to caffeine that I wrote about the leaning tower of snapple. I got issues, but at least I can admit them now.

  8. Hey Matt,

    While you’re busy at PubCon, take a moment to check out my newest cartoon. It’s not another dress up doll (aren’t you disappointed), but rather a look at Yahoo’s business development strategy as compared to Google’s…

    I hope you enjoy it.


  9. Oh! I desperately need to get off my caffeine addiction. I know I am in for a very bad headache.

  10. Enjoy vegas and the upcoming pubcon!

  11. You’re all pretty brave getting off the caffine.

    I have not attempted, nor dreamed, fantasized or logically concluded that caffine has any place but it’s duty as my morning drink.

  12. Yeah, well try getting off coffee AND cool (legal) designer drugs (that allow you to stay up all night) at the same time! ;-(

    Caution: You will have increased snark levels, good idea on the light posting thing Matt…

  13. I saw your title and thought you’d come up with a new verb construction. Like “Some other Googlers and I are going “light posting” tomorrow, wanna come along?”

    I guess I’ve had a long day.

  14. Hi Matt

    I see your name listed under the speakers of WebmasterWorld’s PubCon Las Vegas 2006.

    What are you going to talk about this time ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Wish you a successful conference.

  15. Don’t leave us! We miss you!

    -Caffeine Zombies

  16. Caffeine says: You’ll be back by PubCon. See you there!

  17. Gasp! You mean people go off caffeine on purpose ๐Ÿ˜›

    Good thing there is no caffeine in sprite ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. wow. 130% productive. I wish I could reach even 90% productivity, what with all the distractions that blogging and internet has to offer. ^_-

  19. Wish you a successful conference Matt :~). Expecting your comments about PubCon 2006 soon.

    D Sarathy.

  20. Gettin’ off coffee hurts!


  21. >> (Heh. I said duty.)

    Could have been worse. You could have said “spine”

  22. While you’re sippin’ on the Diet 7up after the logjam has cleared, you may find a few minutes to clean up the invalid code on your blog. I clicked your XHTML and CSS validator links for no good reason and they gave unhappy results. I’m sure it’s the last of your concerns.

  23. Congrats for caffeine. Sometimes, when I drink coffee, I start malfuntioning, sometimes I start fully functioning ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess, my body is not very much compatible with caffeine.

    Good luck with conference.

  24. Matt, a pediatrician once told me, it takes three days to make, or break a habit. Good luck breaking the caffeine habit.

  25. Hi Matt

    “I went off caffeine a couple weeks ago…”

    If you have done that for “that specific reason” which I hinted to previously , I wish you good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Hi Matt!
    Wish you a great time at Pubcon.

  27. Why go off the caffeine? Nothing good came come from it. Have you considered ramping up your caffeine intake instead? Works great if you don’t mind the twitching. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward to seeing you at PubCon.

  28. hi Matt,
    we have a chance to go on a conference abroad the next year
    is PubCon the best choice?

  29. Wow I would have loved to attend one of these seminars. Next one is Dec 4-7 December!