Light posting: Pubcon!

I’m heading to the WebmasterWorld PubCon on Tuesday, and the week after that I’m in Kentucky for Thanksgiving, so it might take me a while to approve first-time commenters. I’ll be on a panel with other search engine reps on Wednesday afternoon.

Most SEOs should enjoy the Coffee Talk session where Brett will lob questions at me for an hour on Wednesday morning. It will be at 9 a.m., which is early (especially for PubCon), but I’m expecting lots of fun questions.

Finally, I often prowl around the lobby of the conference hotel late at night looking for webmasters/SEOs to talk to. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself. If you’re at PubCon, please come up and say hello, tell me what industry you work in, and give me any Google feedback you want.

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  1. Probably not in your department, but this is one of my big pet peeves about Google: no spell checking while using [define: ].

  2. Loooks like it’s gonna be around 55 for a high and 37 for a low for us here in KY for Thanksgiving.

    Just right for smoked turkey from Moonlite BBQ, football and naps on the couch.

    Welcome back to the bluegrass !

  3. Hi Matt,

    Hope you will have a Great Time at PubCon.

    I have been reading your blog from quite sometime. It always makes difference when we know the things happening on Google from you. Makes things more interesting for us to gain as a Knowledge.

    I also wish to be at PubCon,May be will see you at other coming up conferences sometime down the line in future.

    Anywayz Best Of Luck.


  4. Does one have to be part of an “industry” to chat with Mr. Cutts? I have only read your stuff in this blog (and that great aaron wall interview) for the last couple of weeks, but it seems that you could chat with anyone about pretty much anything yes?


  5. Matt

    No industry required, Aaron Pratt. 🙂

  6. Sure wish I was going to pubcon 🙁

    I always fear any day im not online I could be losing revenue!! 😀

    Does anyone else have a phobia about going places that may not have an internet connection?

  7. Wish I could go to the PubCon too! I would be really interested in hearing the speakers WMW has each time and especially from Mr. Cutts himself. Oh well, this site will have to do for now, maybe next time I can get away and go.

    Matt –

    Curious to know why Google is now opening a new browser window every time a search result is clicked?

    Brett may have planned on touching this subject at the Con, but I noticed it today and thought it was, well, different than what I am used to. Change must happen in order for evolution I know, but in my opinion it is hard to learn new habits while surfing your favorite engine. I guess several days of mis-clicks and closing windows I didnt mean to will get me back to comfortable Google surfing again!

    I think you will keep users on your results pages for a lot longer and it should also help users who hate the back button. Are there any other specific reasons for this feature, or just plain revamp type stuff?

    Maybe you could touch on it at the pubcon or here for those of us curious about Googles future goals!!

    I also think it would be great for you to add a post or section on your blog about HOT Conference topics you found this year, your favorite speakers, new things to look forward to in search, and surely do not leave out your interview with Brett.

    Having the pubcon highlights here would allow me to attend the conference, since I cannot and could possible help to boost attendance for those who dont know what pubcons are or why WMW has them.

  8. Safe travels Matt, we will be waiting for a new post on this event from you upon your return. 😀



  9. Obono

    Hello Matt, hope the conference was a success.

    By any chance, were you able to discuss subjects related to spamblogs and blog networks from blogger being used to spam?

    Where could we get feedback on this or alternatively, report/discuss this issue? It is affecting the entire affiliate community.


  10. Was there are info on blog networks from blogger spamming blogs?

  11. Marbella: I don’t thing so