Interview today with eMarketing Talk Show

At SES San Jose, I noticed Cindy Turrietta asking good questions. When she asked me then if I’d do an interview for eMarketing Talk Show, it sounded like a good idea. Today’s the day; I’ll be talking to the hosts of the show (Cindy, Brooke, and Todd) today at 4 p.m. Pacific.

The archive is live. You can listen to it here.

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  1. Looking forward to enjoy that interview. But…but.. 4 p.m. Pacific is 1 a.m. for me, Matt šŸ™

    Btw, why have you copied “my scruffy little goatee” here šŸ™‚

  2. It seems like the archiving isn’t ready yet though there are links to all 4 segments.

    Did you talk about having broken links on your web site as something that Googlebot doesn’t like? =)

  3. Very informative friendly interview.

    You mentioned that you encourage “white hat” SEO. Hopefully you will have the time to elaborate more on that in one of your next posts. For example how a white hat site avoid being hit by one of your “Data Refreshes” and “Data Push” šŸ™‚

    Btw, whats the difference between Data Refresh and Data Push?


  4. I just want to know where they got the 70’s whammy bar porn soundtrack at the beginning of the 2nd part. I love that tune! It’s great!

    Woooooooooooh WAKKA woooooh WAKKA wooooooooooh WAKKA woooooooh WAKKA!

    Seriously, good interview. My only criticism is that the slider bar to go back and forth (mostly back because I misheard something) is hard to see.

  5. Hi Matt!

    Thanks for the great show! The questions were very good and your answers useful. Most of the things I knew already but there were definitely some new insights for me especially about webmaster tools.

    Sorry to bother you with this but I have one question about “Spelling suggestions” feature. I am running the site and whenever somebody searches for Rentalio they get this:

    Did you mean: rental

    I know that Rentalio is a young site but it is up and coming and we plan to make good brand out of it helping people with vacation rentals. Do you have any idea if that “Did you mean: rental ” thing stay there forever or if it can be removed somehow?

  6. You made and interesting comment that I wanted to comment on further. You said something about having more than just one person out there… checking for spam? Something like that and it got the gears grinding in my head.

    Finding spam is easy. Submitting reports is a little funky and could be a lot easier. For instance, a webmasters toolbar that had a drop down so that if I’m visiting a site with hidden keywords I could just choose from the list and it would submit the site.

    Taking that a step further would be to have it added to a list for other trusted webmasters to vote on. Get a high enough percentage vote and the site is either banned or penalized.

    A step further, have it email them when they’ve been penalized or banned to let them know what they need to do. 1st offense put them back online after x amount of time. 2nd offense, make it really tough.

    A step further, hmmm, lets us help with the algorithms so you don’t have to do all the work? šŸ˜‰

    I’ve been watching an unethical webmaster spam his clients to the top for years. I’ve filed a ton of reports about his sites and only seen action taken twice. Once when it was his own site and then again within the last two weeks when someone on your team took personal action and did hand-to-hand combat for which I’m truly grateful.

    Would I love to help, for free??? You bet! I like an even playing field and if you can’t get it done algorithmically, maybe some of us can help.

    For what it’s worth and thanks to your side-kick for the kicking!


  7. Hey Matt,

    Great interview ! Good questions and well answered yet more useful insights for site owners that care about providing a quality resource and useful content for the site users.

    It’s great to know that the search engines and webmasters are working towards the same common objective of delivering quality relevant sites and user experiences to visitors.

    Love the sound of your project to further explore and the detect the elimination of webspam in the google engine.

    Google is only a representative window on the web and as such it they have a huge task to try to keep up the mass of new content that explodes onto the web daily and deliver the most relevant results to searchers.

    But 99.9% of the time Google gets it right! It’s the dirty tricks that unethical webmasters try to utilise to trick the engines that must cause you guys such a headache, but the net is closing week on week as google weeds them out and closes out the tricksters that try to game them .

    Keep up the good work guys! your constant commitment to delivering relevant results from quality sites across all subject areas no matter how diverse is appreciated by webmasters who work hard at thier sites/ blogs/ forums and content to deliver good user experiences.

    Improved reporting mechanisms to flag sites that violate the webmaster guidelines – would be great. But its enough to know that you are watching, developing tools and listening to the community.

    I would be interested for google to explore subdomain use ( spam? some of it certainly views that way and is being used to obtain rankings) it is rife in the industry that our site operates in.

    I have a research document on this if you would like more info – happy to supply it


  8. Rentalio, it is algorithmic, but if the site gets to be known, I can imagine that the spellcheck would go away eventually.

    Cindy T, I had a good time. I’ll update the post with the links.

    Harith, they’re pretty close. A data push is a superset of a data refresh (that is, a data refresh is an instance of a data push). Typically a data refresh is something with a well-established history, e.g. we have automatic tests in place and the data to be sent out is sent out automatically (assuming that all the automatic sanity checks pass). A data push may tend to be less automated and thus may undergo more evaluation. But the terms are often used interchangeably by Googlers, because we know what we mean, so you’re pressing for a pretty fine connotation.

    KJ, I’m a big fan of the sorts of things you mentioned. The trick would be finding the sweet spot where people see an impact from participating, but the results are still trustworthy.

  9. Matt,

    Thanks for the great insite during the interview and we would love to have you back on the eMarketing Talk Show in the future.

  10. Matt, thanks again for bringing transparency to the search engine marketing world. By participating on shows, your blog and attending the trade shows you continue to impress all of us in the seo world. Also a big shout out to the gang at eMarketing Talk Show, Brooke, Cindy and Todd. They’ve done a great job providing tons of info to their listeners.

  11. Matt, Thanks for taking time out and being a guest on our show. As usual, you provided some great insights and your positivity is contagious.

    If you get a chance, there was one other question that I would have liked to get your input on as I have heard different reasoning. There are certain organic listings that show multiple page listings (no description) beneath the main listing. Why does this show up for some and not others? Are all of these pages ranking on first page or top 20 so for simplicity and space you list them together? For instance type in “karaoke” and you will see the first listing is set up this way. Thanks in advance.

    In response to Adam’s inquiry about the music. All segment music is taken from songs from an instrumental/compilation album by Beastie Boys called “The In Sound from Way Out”. Glad you like it, but I think it’s time for a change, so we’ll be mixing it up soon. Stay tuned šŸ˜‰

  12. Just got done listening to it. I can never get enough of you on audio / video. I learn so much every time. Now if only Yaho and MSN had a MattC.


  13. Fantastic interview!

    Appreciate it Matt.

  14. Hello Matt

    I have just been listening to the radio show and I would like to ask a question about 301 redirects v refresh tags.

    The problem is that 3 months ago I changed the location of a lot of my pages. Google still hasn’t dropped those pages or indexed my new pages.

    I create my site in Frontpage which does not allow .htaccess so I can’t do a 301 redirect.

    The only redirect I can do is:

    Would my site be branded “black hat”?

    The only other option I see to get my pages properly indexed is to pay for quality directory listings like yahoo. This way google bot will crawl my site more often and deeper.

    Do you have any advice?


  15. Hi,

    nice interview and found good information on making search engine friendly websites, how to market them and how to increase traffic. Thanks for matts to provide such a nice interview.

    Ms.Thulasi SVNL

  16. Matt-

    Great interview! I appreciate the information that you gave on make “quality” sites for the search engines. With the algorithms changing every day, it seems like it’s beneficial to only create sites which provide users with good information that they’re looking for.

    Keep up the great work!