Talking to Mr. Money Mustache about the US Digital Service

Last week, I passed my one year anniversary as head of the US Digital Service (USDS). So when Mr. Money Mustache asked for an interview, I was delighted to talk about some of the work that the USDS does. If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Money Mustache, he writes about a philosophy of badassity in which people make better life choices like biking to work or saving a higher percentage of their paychecks.

I remember discovering Mr. Money Mustache and immediately reading through most of his site, so it was a pleasure to do an interview with him. And if you haven’t heard of the US Digital Service before, this interview is a good chance to find out more. The US Digital Service is still here, still working on projects that matter, and we’re hiring.

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  1. Matt-
    Working with the USDS is not a permanent job is it not- my understanding is you get a 3- to 12-month stint and then leave – Is this correct?


    • Karl, it’s true that it’s not a permanent job, but you can stay up to two years with the possibility to renew your term again. In practice, the average length of stay is about a year and a month.

  2. Kev M

    Great to see that a career change can be fun.

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