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I wish I could have gone to Internet Librarian down in Monterey this week, but it was not to be. But a sensational blog report makes me feel like I was there. If you’re a power searcher, you’ll want to read through the coverage.

P.S. I’ll be mostly (entirely?) out-of-touch of email/blog this weekend.

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  1. Hi Matt

    Thanks for Update Jagger weather reports and feedback during the week.

    “P.S. I’ll be mostly (entirely?) out-of-touch of email/blog this weekend.”

    Have a great weekend. It has been a busy week indeed 🙂

  2. “P.S. I’ll be mostly (entirely?) out-of-touch of email/blog this weekend.”

    It’s good to see you have a life, enjoy! 😉


  3. Hi Matt,
    Enjoy the weekend; by the way when are you going to show us organic link building 101?
    Thanks in advance,

  4. Not to hijack your post, but I find it interesting that you use nofollow tags on the comments, but you don’t use it to the blog you linked to above which is selling text links on their site.

  5. Entertaining 🙂

  6. Aww, I guess this weekend I’ll have nothing to look foward to =P, anyways thanks for the updates you have been giving — they have really helped, and I’m sure made a lot of people’s mind at ease. Enjoy your weekend Matt.

  7. Let us know if you find the Magic Pumpkin…oops. Sorry man, didn’t mean to drop the ball on you.

    Here, I’ll give you a hint where to find him and you might change your mind and go to Monterey…

    lol…I’d rethink


  8. My girlfriend and many of our friends were at the conference, and the reports I got was that it was one of the best library conferences of the year. Of course, spending a week in Monterey is no great hardship either.

    As I understand it, the conference will be in Monterey again next year. I’m sure you could convince them to let google host a reception, if not one of the sessions.

  9. I have read articles and feel I have done everything to get Google to index my site.

    My site has been up since the 90’s. I just had the site completely redesigned 2 months ago. We created 301 redirects to the new pages. We are still using the old domain. Google doesn’t recognize that I have over 2500 pages in my new site. I have been paying high prices for SEO companies to the tune of over $100,000.00. So far I don’t see much results. From use of keywords, copywriting, backward linking etc. We also created a Google site map for the new site.

    I am frustrated as this is livelihood. If there is anything that you could suggest that I am doing wrong I would really appreciate it. I get hit by Googlebot about Googlebot 76 hits for this week.
    I have over 141,000 in bound links 19 70 in Google 1970 in hotbot, 121,047 in MSN and 16,400 in Yahoo
    I just can’t understand it.

    I would appreciate any suggestions


  10. That looks like it would be a good conference to go to. It is neat to read the blog report about the librarians. I have a frind that is a librarians in Dallas and they seem to be doing more and more online now.

  11. Hi Matt

    Subject: LinkExchange Networks

    Writing about spam on a sunday morning 🙂

    We all know that those networks are there to create very artificial reciprocal linking for one purpose only: manupulate serach engines including big G. And such networks should be considered as spam nests.

    However when looking at Google´s spam reporting page there is no indications that Google considers those spam networks as spam that should be reported. Take a look:

    Type(s) of problem (check all that apply):
    Hidden text or links
    Misleading or repeated words
    Page does not match Google’s description
    Cloaked page
    Deceptive redirects
    Doorway pages
    Duplicate site or pages
    Other (specify)

    My question is, why not add another option, something like:

    LinkExchange Network

    Such option will signal that Google does consider the said networks as spam.


    Wish you a great Sunday.

  12. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could post our own pages in Matts blog while he is away for the weekend?



    (What interesting things will he write about this coming week? I visit this place as much as I visit my favorite forums now, pretty cool!)



  13. Good morning Matt

    Hopefully you have enjoyed the weekend.

    Any weather report about Jagger3 ? Is Wednesday 2nd November still Jagger3 day 🙂

    Have a great day and a successful week.

  14. I just wished I lived in United States, there the internet is so common, here in Italy the internet era has still to come. You Luckisters!

  15. but you are more lucky than me 🙁

  16. Entertaining