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This is an important blog post. Go read it from the source.

Update: David Drummond from Google appears on CNBC to discuss the situation more.

Also, Google just made it so that Gmail defaults to https. This means that even if you use a public wifi hotspot, you’ll have an encrypted tunnel for the communication between your browser and Google. This makes your email much more secure against sniffing or snooping.

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  1. huge decision ! I’m glad GG did it

  2. New approach to China .. hmm I did read some tweet about it .. let me go ahead and read the blog now !

  3. I wonder what’s market share is right now… what is the magnitude of the G sacrifice? I wonder how political this is… Google CEO is close to OBama, we owe China close to a trillion in trade debt, we’re actively devaluing US dollar, China is fretting about that… slowly forced to raise currency vs. dollar (already 25% since last year?)… US needs to bolster US right now, China is not open market for us to exploit, etc etc etc.

    A little clarity would go a long way. Is this Google move a test? A big US corp that won’t play along under current political/financial conditions? A bellwether… or example?

  4. Please ask your SVP to be sure this is posted in Chinese, as well. The cautions regarding phishing, virus detection and spyware are background noise here, but may be revelatory to someone in China.

  5. @John
    Google has 26%~30% market share in China.

  6. Would have been nice to describe basic content of link, so we wouldn’t have to click if have already seen the news (10 times).

    But, yes it is important, and I’m proud of how Google is handling it.

  7. I seriously hope they stick to their guns on this one. When they announced that they were going to allow censorship back in ’06 it saddened me greatly, even if it was limited to ‘some results’. I know I am an idealist, but I’ve been in the tech industry long enough to remember pre-corporate Google, and I always hold this tiny little sliver of hope, even when blogging about their apparent evils, that they will return to a state where they are guided by ideals someday. 🙂

  8. Wow. Google thinks they’re now more powerful than China. Personally I’m all for Google doing this but I’m skeptical that Google’s motives are purely human rights related.

  9. This is a very bold move by Google. Congratulations on the stand that you ar taking.

  10. I don’t see the Chinese government backing down on the issue of search censorship. I also don’t see Google pulling out of China completely. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  11. By the way, great news for Baidu, they are throwing a party as we speak.

  12. I hope you guys stick to your guns, very proud of Google today.

  13. WOW! I laud Google’s decision (and let’s not be so jaded that we see an ulterior motive here). Feel like I’m watching history in the making.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Wow, I am completely astonished by this decision. Taking the sensible route of open information over the bloody-mindedness of censored information is a incredible act on Google’s part.

    Taking a stand against censorship is always a commendable act and will hopefully be a stand more companies take in the future.

  15. Kudos to Google. A bold move.

  16. This is long overdue. I am proud of Google today. Thank you for standing up.

  17. i don’t want to be a chinese anymore!

  18. IF google shut down the adsense in China,hundreds of thousands personal web site owners who make money by adsense will be out of work.

  19. I like what I read. Bravo! Google 🙂

    “We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on, and so over the next few weeks we will be discussing with the Chinese government the basis on which we could operate an unfiltered search engine within the law, if at all. We recognize that this may well mean having to shut down, and potentially our offices in China.”

  20. I like what I read. Bravo! Google

  21. That’s good news but like many others, I’m skeptical of the move.

    Maybe Google isn’t making money on China anyway or something. LOL

  22. Will google get what he want from China goverment?

  23. 贵进贱退,贵进洋退,是一个大趋势。但话说回来,任何一个时期发生的故事,你都难说是正确还是错误的。一般规律是,所有错误的事情都是以强调它的正确性出现的。

  24. Bravo Google, hope this is more than just posturing and you will stick to your guns, because you will win.

    I don’t think China is interested in the global negative PR , loss of tax revenue and jobs anymore than Google is interested in existing the number one global for its products. I’m sure that an agreement will be reached, somehow.

  25. This is fantastic news.

  26. Would love to to know how Google were making in China, tough call pulling out of a rapidly expanding market.

  27. I think many people all around the world are proud of Google today.

  28. I am.

  29. It is good to see Google finally take this step but still such a shame that the World can’t just have the human race expressing their personal views in an open and risk free manner.

  30. I’m sorry, but leaving China for this isn’t something to kudos Google for.

    It’s like giving kudos to a thief for returning your TV. The act of returning it is good, but the fact he stole it still makes him guilty to a certain extend.

    Even though I understand the reasons behind this descision and the reasons behind entering China back in the days, this situation is not something to give praise for.

  31. Hi,

    I have seen so many news about every website getting blocked in China, now attacks on Google Gmail. I think Chinese Government should take action because if Google goes out of China it will be a big impact on Chinese businesses.

  32. Even if China has a special economy (market economy) they are still a communist state.
    If Google do this move, to close Google Chine, will increase Baidu.
    Not to forget that China has a great economy growth, so maybe the game of power will change in time …

  33. Looks like the google move is based on the financial benefit(not able to compete with baidu since baidu is backed by chinese government) majorly compared to freedom of speech. Attacks and Phishing from Hackers are common now a days in the web arena.but the worst part is it looks like these attacks are sponsored by Chinese Government. Google has to go them in public in providing the details of the attack.

  34. A definitive PR move by Google, who better to stand against the dictatorship of a still semi-communist government and fight for peoples rights to free information and the claustrophobic effects of heavy handed censorship. From Search Engines to Mobile Phones and now onto political activism. lol.

  35. I find it kind of scary that google can choose to pull the plug on a nation whether it is right or wrong. Google is such an integral and ubiquitous part of the ‘Web’ that I can only imagine the chinese people will be missing out.

  36. This is really bad news ~

  37. Kudos GOOG ! Better late than ever.

  38. So what’s next? World police…

  39. Security breach originating from China.. Google pulling out of China… I don’t get the nexus. I am not a techie but my common sense says physical location doesn’t have much to do in cyber attacks.. Pulling out of China would have made perfect sense if the security breach we are talking about had been physical sabotage of the servers or other infrastructure heavily guarded by Google Commandos 🙂

    The post also says the decision to review business operations in China is taken by the US executives without the knowledge of those poor chaps working hard in China.. Is it just a diplomatic statement to avoid any likely hardship to the Google employees in China or is that really the way Google treats its employees in China? :-Q

  40. Is this going to be one of those “unstoppable force meets immovable object” type situations?

  41. Looks like my previous comment is also censored.freedom of speech.

  42. Very interesting story and I agree with Google’s unabashed response. Also, kudos to Google for forcing HTTPS for Gmail.

  43. I’m with John Andrews on this. This almost seems like a sabre-rattling test.

    I don’t really understand why there’s an English blog post concerning this, either. The people most affected by this would be Chinese activists, and therefore would presumably speak either Mandarin or Cantonese (if there are any other Chinese dialects, I’m sorry; I only know of the two). The English-speaking world is pretty well unaffected. Why not either make the threat to the Chinese government directly and quietly, or just pull out of China outright and announce the reasons in the Chinese languages? If you wanted to do it in English too, that would be understandable (since eventually, someone bilingual would start talking about it online and the game of broken telephone would inevitably take place). This really isn’t, other than as a public relations and a pressure move.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m not against anyone fighting China on the issue of censorship. I’m against it in any form. I’m just not sure what this particular Google tactic is meant to accomplish.

  44. omg thats so much better…i know this sounds weird but i dont pay for internet any more my apartment complex offers free wifi and so do the local coffee shops and restaurants …but wifi security was always a concern to me and since i use my gmail account as my main email account, this is certainly a great news

    good job big G keep it up 🙂

  45. You all guys are taken in. Google isn’t intended to leave china market which devotes much to google. Google is just threating the china government. China can running without google, because we have baidu and many other search engineers, as you know, there are plenty of competitors in china.. But google’s increasation depend on china market.

  46. It’s a good chance for chinese search engineer company to develop. Because google has taken charge of advanced technology search for so many years. But it has little effect on usual live coz most people use baidu not google.

  47. Sorry. Engineer should be engine. I saw this news in china news website, but the comments seems that most people support baidu and even be happy about google’s action, yea, they don’t care about google coz most people hate google. They can get better results in baidu. But many technological employees likes google because technological information in google updates quickly and they got used to google’s service. However, chinese people don’t want any so-called help to democracy progress. Most of the help turned out to be conspiracies.

  48. While it’s way too early to see how this will all play out, I’ve got to say “hats off” to google.

    And while many are looking at this as more than simply an act of “good” from google, I have to ask: how many large companies stand up to the chinese government PUBLICLY, let alone at all in any way (microsoft? yahoo? anyone? no?)

    Also the fact that immediately took off their censoring after this happened is quite a strong response to a foreign government acting in no way “in good faith”

  49. Google done its part. But if the email user are too reluctant against this issue, still useless. Always careful on what we download, and avoid warning sites.

  50. Keep up the good work Google!

  51. Hey Matt
    You are going very right bro.Nice to learned this one.

  52. We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on

    Google knew that BEFORE it set-up shop in China.

    Why give the Chinese Government what they want at the expense of the Chinese people? Me thinks Google isn’t giving us ALL the information and only the tip of the $iceberg$

  53. Lots of news lately regarding Google decision about China market. I support the effort to break censorship of any kind, and I eager to see what will be the result after diplomatic mumbo jumbo will lay down a bit.

  54. Its China.
    I dont see anything abnormal.
    One thing i surprised is that there are still people in China who works for human rights.
    God bless people there…

  55. Just don’t leave, plz

  56. Very interesting story and I agree with Google’s unabashed response. Also, kudos to Google for forcing HTTPS for Gmail.

  57. It’s about time!

  58. https yes! 🙂

    will start using gmail now, for more, thanks.


  59. GOOGLE,只有你可以让我搜索全世界的同类主题信息,我欣赏你的正义和勇气,但如果你生气,请别拿退出中国惩罚自己!解决问题,保持竞争,才能胜利。还有谷歌这名字不太吉利,你该叫谷够。

    [Added by Matt: the auto-translation of this is “GOOGLE, only you can let me search all over the world the same thematic information, I appreciate your justice and courage, but if you’re angry, please Do not take out of China to punish its own! Solve the problem, remain competitive in order to win. Also Google the name is not auspicious, you should call Valley enough.”]

  60. In my opinion, Google should continue their services in China.

  61. “Also Google the name is not auspicious, you should call Valley enough”
    — He means Google should be translated into Chinese as “Google is enough”… kinda of black humor…not “Valley” as Google translates.

  62. Most of people in china love GooGle. Baidu is a cheat, all the information about the bad side of goverment are filtered, Only Google can provide honesty information in China. The Goverment of China is afraid of people knowing the truth, they care nothing but the rule of Chinese.

  63. Should Google abandon China?
    —-My letter to Google Emperor

    by author wanglili

    I always think the most powerful man is American President. But after Google Emperor starts the war with China Government, I suddenly realise at the web time, the most powerful man is not American President, but Google Emperor because google Emperor’s war is invisible, google Emperor has billions of invisible soldiers everywhere in the world, google Emperor’s billions of invisible soldiers everywhere in the world do not take any salary from google…and google Emperor’s weapon is the web…more powerful than nuclear…so that I know google Emeperor will always win.

    I myself and billions of Chinese are frightened by google Emperor’s threat to leave China as google is in our business and our daily life like the air and the sun…

    Should Google leave China?

    Obviously I am not the person to answer no or yes.
    But I guess China will step back several years and the cold war will start and the cold war will last…if google really leaves China.

    Dear Google, Is that what you want?

    Do you want to abandon China at one village time?

    If I google tian an men yesterday and today, I can find a lot of forbidden photos.
    Some Chinese think Chinese Government will close google for these forbidden photos. But up to now, not . also I read the comments from China Spokeswoman in the web, I can see China Government still calm down.
    At one village time, nobody wants war obviously…

    In fact, who is wrong and who is right at the moment is not important. the most importance is to find the solution to end the cold invisible war.

    I hope Google Emperor can find a better solution, instead suicide in China.

    I hope Google Emperor not abandon me.

    I hope Google Emperor can hear my voice as a villager.

  64. For the first time I read the important blog post by David Drummond. Then I decide to advice me myself as a google products user living in China to find a solution to have a better life with no google.
    When a huge power says no to another huge power, it could be a start of a great time, or it could be a lasting cold war.
    I choose to enjoy the sunshine because I know I am not the huge power.

  65. Google to withdraw from China,is a serious mistake

  66. It’s good to see Google taking a stand, although I would’ve had more respect for the company if it had never agreed to censor its results in the first place. Still, doing the right thing belatedly is better than not at all.

    Somehow I can’t see the Chinese government responding positively to what amounts to a threat from Google to cease operations there. Of course, it’d be a great shame for Google’s employees and users in China if that happens. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out.

  67. “解决问题,保持竞争,才能胜利”
    “Solve the problem, remain competitive and win”
    possible? impossible? we can only imagine

  68. I read the “official Google post” and it is actually pretty sad.

    A LOT more than 2 email accounts were breached (mine included and no, I am not an activist but the attack site was from a Chinese domain), and they got a lot more information than Google is letting on.

    (Found this blog researching where to migrate my blogs from blogspot.)

  69. HTTPS on Gmail is great news. Finaly I’ll use Gmail on my favorite caffe. 😉

  70. This makes your email much more secure against sniffing or snooping.

  71. How ex-Google China CEO And ex-Mircosoft China CEO Dance After Google Threats To Leave China

    By Author Wanglili

    These are billions of dance after Google Threats to leave China. But the most two interesting dancers are ex-Google China CEO And ex-Mircosoft China CEO.

    Want to know How ex-Google China CEO And ex-Mircosoft China CEO Dance After Google Threats, You just need read the following tweets by them.

    The first part is the tweets by ex-Mircosoft China CEO–Mr. TangJun.

    Today Fuzhou vice mayor—Mr. Zhu comes also, He is so wise and stylish. Nowadays, all the government officers are very high level in all kinds in general in China. All Chinese government officers are brilliant, fantastic. You know, I suddenly feel all the best people are working for Chinese Government or are going to work for Chinese government very soon if they are not yet working for Chinese Government. As everybody knows, All Chinese government officers are wise in a right way. And Chinese business people are smart in a Geeks way.

    —–tweet at 16:11 12 Jan 2010;

    Just informed my “political moral level” was passed by Bush Office so that I will have a chance to give a talk with him in one stage and will talk to him directly. It is said I need to pass though my “Political moral level” because Bush is still treated as American President’s safe treatment…..(though he is just a retired old man), But I like Bush very much…I am looking forward…

    Tweet at 8:56 13 Jan 2010s

    Just now there is a media to request me comment about Google Vice President said to leave China. I answered— Google Leaves China? It will be nothing for All Chinese web users. But it will be the most stupid moment in Google history.

    As everybody knows, to leave China means you abandon the half of the world of the future.

    Tweet at 9:02 13 Jan 2010

    Regarding Google threats to leave Chinese market, I think Google is just complaining its un-satisfaction. Great. Google, Please go out of China. I only hope Google please do what you say. This not responsible complaints will only just damage Google itself. But I will miss a little bit Google China team…In fact, as what I know, Google already regrets for their ignorant complaints…You know, BAIDU stock is rising a lot after Google threats to leave China.

    Tweet at 13:07 13 Jan 2010

    How can it be possible for Google to leave China?

    Google’s operation system, Google’s office software; Google’s mobile platform…Google is named fail with no Chinese market. How can Google be so idiot to know this above very simply knowledge!

    Tweet at 18:40 13 Jan 2010

    Please Google do it, if Google decides to leave China. If Google leaves China as a corporation, wonderful.

    But if Google demands political requestment, Google, who do you think you are! A corporation challenges a country’s laws and rules…? Google, you are too idiot! you need learn from Microsoft!

    Tweet at 8:55 14 Jan 2010

    Google will never go. All our worries will never happen, because I know foreign corporations pretty much. Foreign corporations just want to use it as tactic to get more honey from China authority, because at the moment Google China business income is less than 1% globally…. But the future will belong to the big corporation. The Microsoft company tells it already.

    Tweet at 12:17 15 Jan 2010

    Many .com foreign companies in China need think in the other perspective. Google failed in China, not because of the competitive environment, Google failed because Google not yet localized in China, Google did not try to understand the requestment from China web users. The golden rules outside China doesn’t work in China, because today at the web time, who update faster who will win, not the tech time any more.

    Tweet at 9:34 16 Jan 2010

    If Google really leaves China today, it will be very difficult for google to come back to China tomorrow. Google will never have a chance to come back to China tomorrow if Google really leaves China today. My point is still same— I do not believe Google is too idiot to suicide in China. You know, China market is not the yesterday when you want to come, then you come, then you win after you come, not any all, ESP for .com.

    Tweet at 9:39 16 Jan 2010

    In 2004, Google invites me to join; I tell them very proudly that I will choose to stay with shengda. But Google must localize. Google should not offer Chinese products. Google should offer service. Google service should meet the need of Chinese web users if Google want to win in China.

    Tweet at 9:45 16 Jan 2010

    There is a friend who told me that I am very excited for Google case currently. Let me tell you guys, I am not excited… I am in love (with Google)…Google need China. All what I said about Google is only for Google. I just want to tell Google that Google should not be stupid to do this. Normally I just give my valuable suggestions to my ex company—greatest Microsoft. Today I give my valuable suggestions to Google, guys, That just talks loudly that I like Google, I esp like Google’s earth product.

    Tweet at 18:02 16 Jan 2010

    Yesterday Google CEO says the reason to leave China is because Hack attacks from China. What is the problem with Chinese Government for you Google to meet Hack Attacks in China? What is the reason for you Google to talk with Chinese Government for you google meet Hack attacks in China? We all suffered quite often by Hack…On earth Google is so weak, at least from the perspective of tech, Google is on earth weaker from the perspective of emotion. To leave China for hack attacks is like to go operation for a kid choked by a little bit food. Google is Such a fuss. By the way, I am not alone to say Google is stupid. Microsoft CEO and HP CEO join me now to say Google is stupid.(Your attention, You guys have to recognize I am much smarter than Mircosoft CEO and HP CEO, because it is me to say Google is stupid first, Microsoft CEO and HP CEO just my follower)

    The second following part is the tweets from ex Google China CEO Kai-Fu Lee.

    He released a tweet in Enlish to Chinse to answer google Threats to leave China.

    A captain would never run away from his duty, if he knew the ship was sinking.

    23:46 13 Jan 2010

    Then he released another tweet in Chinese to comment a high song of the death of Google in China by a Chinese.

    Nice. But you know, the death, is or heavier than Tai Mountain, or lighter than a leather…

    How to review these two tweets from Mr. Lee?

    1)Please, Chinese Government, I did not report to you before Google Threats to you to leave because I had not known it.

    2)Please Chinese and other corporations, the death of Google in China is nothing. If you are not as stupid as Google, Please you need choose a death heavier than Tai Mountain.

    3)Please, Google, My boss, I am sorry, I will definitely choose to suicide together with you if I know you will suicide ..

  72. My co-workers and I had a good debate over this subject.

    I hear China has more internet users than the US population.

  73. Newsweek says, In this battle, there will be only one winner: China. (Because)Google will be obliged either to accept Chinese regulations or exit the world’s largest Internet market, with serious consequences for its long-term global ambitions.

    Do you agree or not?

    Few years ago, I told several China experts, you know, guys, As a yellow Chinese, I will never say you white guys know nothing about China, not at all, because you are living in white skin, and we are living in yellow skin. But You know guys, there is a saying, when human being think, the God laughs. And in China there is a saying also, when white people talk about China, We yellow Chinese always laugh.
    These China experts were very sad, and told me, you know, author wanglili, as we know, our articles are read by Beijing.

    Guess what, we yellow Chinese laugh again ….

    and now I am laughing at myself because I try to think and try to say…

    guys, let us laugh together because the life is so beautiful.

  74. May I suggest google to translate this article
    A Conversation With Google’s Chairman and CEO in Newsweek

    into Chinese and publish it in google CN blog so that Google Chinese users can hear the google voice directly?

  75. A lot of Chinese are warmly talking about Google already comes back to China, I want to know if it is true or not?

  76. Why Google Emperor Should Talk to Google Chinese users directly?
    —My 2nd letter to Google Emperor

    By Author Wanglili

    Recently everyday I go to see ex-Microsoft China CEO—Mr.TangJun’s tweets because he is one of the most interesting dancers after Google threats to leave China.
    Today I saw biggest news in his tweets, as big as Google threats to leave China because he says Google Comes back to China.
    Look at these two tweets.

    Google comes back. It is pretty good. Google’s ignorance (For Google’s affair with China Authority) left Google itself an image of distrust. But Google, Please do not worry about it because the bad reputation of Google will be gone with the wind after day by day. It is good for China to have Google. But Google will have no tomorrow if Google abandon China today.
    Tweet at 15:09 19 Jan 2010

    Google definitely will have no future without China Market. Obviously Google at the moment recognizes it. Google already knows it is a mistake (for what Google did to China Authority). Google knows it very quick. It is a Google Speed. This totally proves Google can swim in China Market. So that Google is still a good corporation, just a little bit ignorant.
    Tweet at 15:15 19 Jan 2010,

    Then I saw news in tweet— Google CEO says he loves China Authority.

    Then I try to go to Google Employee Matt’s blog and Google official blog which I saw the post of A New Launch to China. I find nothing new news. Then I go to big western media such as Newsweek which I saw the interview with Google CEO about Google Affair with China. I did not find any news to say Google comes back to China or not.

    But I want to know because it is a news worth to know.
    So that I asked if Google comes back to China in twitter.

    Soon somebody replied me at least the filters are back on working.
    I then Google some Chinese Characters. I found the guy is right.

    It is a very important sign at least. The sign is saying, Google gives up Google’s decision — we cannot participate in censorship anymore.

    If it is correct, Welcome back. Google.

    But Google, Don’t you think you should talk to Chinese users directly yourself?
    At least, Google Emperor should let us Google Chinese users know what will be happening to us if you go or stay.

  77. I planed to write about the other two Google Dancers in today’s post. But I decided to Put Clinton as my No.2 Google Dancer after I saw China dissident –Artist Aiweiwei’s tweet —Just received an invitation from American Embassy to discuss the new policy. RT @ChineseWSJ: the Secretary of State will work on the world’s internet freedom, Clinton is scheduled to deliver early Thursday could set to raise Internet freedom as Major US policy.

    Yesterday ex mircosoft China CEO says, Google already comes back to China. I saw a lot of Chinese joined him to discuss Google Comes back to China warmly.

    Today I suddenly unexpectedly find my second Google Dancer—Clinton.

    It is really a Google Speed.

    I Google Clinton, I found the following news. the last one is from Clinton’s official web and I copied some pieces here for your reference.

    By the way, May I suggest Clinton to add “My God bless the village” to

    her “As we take the next steps in our journey, I know you’ll be right there with me, as always, in my heart and by my side.
    Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless America”

    Because today is a village time. Or why China’s internet policy is her business!

    As I promised in my last post I would enjoy the war, you see, the war is becoming more and more interesting. and I enjoy the war more and more… instead cry and cry…

    Oh, My God, The life is so beautiful. Thanks, My God, I love you and forever.

    Clinton Set to Raise Internet Freedom as Major US Policy

    Hillary Clinton to take on world’s internet police in effort to improve access

    Web Access Is New Clinton Doctrine
    Clinton to Emphasize Internet Freedom as U.S. Policy

    With the dispute between Google and the Chinese government still sizzling, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans a major policy speech Jan. 21 that will make global Internet freedom an integral part of U.S. foreign policy.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans to put forward Internet freedom as a major facet of U.S. foreign policy in a Jan. 21 major address at Washington’s Newseum. The 9:30 a.m. EST speech will also be streamed live at

  78. Does anyone else here have absolutely no clue what this author wanglili guy is talking about, or is it just me?

  79. Dear Multi-Worded Adam guy:

    May I suggest you that Probably it is just you. if nobody say yes.

    But let know what you want to say.


    author wanglili

  80. Google No 3 Dancer- Google Ceo Eric Schmidt

    By Author Wanglili

    Yesterday I spent a lot of time to read what Chinese were saying warmly about the very soon Clinton’s talk in twitter via search #googlecn through before I am off internet.

    Today I went to internet very late at almost moon time because I feel a little bit scary for what would be happening.

    In fact, I did not find much difference.

    Google No.1 dancer—ex Microsoft China CEO and ex Google China CEO did not dance today, either yesterday.

    Then I search #googleCN through to see what Chinese are talking about in twitter.

    They were talking about Clinton’s talk, now they are talking about Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s talk warmly. So that I find my No.3 Google dancer— Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

    I found one interesting tweet :

    Chinese who present flowers to Google, now, should feel shit on your own face ?! RT Eric Schmidt: We will continue to follow their laws; We will continue to offer censored results. But we will adjust our business in China in a comparing short time.

    Then I found they get the news from WSJ CN web. There is an article in WSP CN web today entitled– Google’net income in the fourth quarter jumped, Google wish strongly to remain in China.

    There are two pieces which I translate here:

    Mr. Schmidt said on Thursday, Google wishes to remain in China, but google will adjust the censored results offered up to today in a comparing short time.

    Google chief executive Eric Schmidt told financial analysts in a conference call— We continue to follow their laws, we continue to offer censored results, but we will adjust our business somewhat in China in a comparing short time.

    In google’s hosted news AFP, I found What Eric Schmidt is saying as following in AFP today:

    “We continue to follow their laws, we continue to offer censored results,” Schmidt said. “But in a reasonably short time from now we will be making some changes there.“

    Schmidt said Google would like to remain in China. “We made a strong statement that we wish to remain in China,” he said. “We like the Chinese people, we like our Chinese employees.

    “We like the business opportunities there, but we’d like to do that on somewhat different terms than we have,” Schimdt said.

    AFP adds a note in this article as following:

    Schmidt did not provide any further details. Google said last week that it would no longer censor Web search results in China even if that meant it had to shut down its business operations there and leave the country.

    Obviously, WSP CN wrongly translates what Schimdt is saying somewhat, or by accident, or by purpose, or by ignorance if what Schimdt is saying in AFP is really what Schimdt himself is saying.

    But that is not why Schimdt is remarked as My No. 3 Google Dancer. My reason is How Schimdt is dancing is somewhat different.

    In a conversation with Newsweek few days ago, Schimdt says,

    We have decided that we cannot participate in censorship anymore.

    The dance is same with the the most famous dance —A new approach to China:We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on,

    But now, guys, you have to notice the somewhat difference: “We continue to follow their laws, we continue to offer censored results, But in a reasonably short time from now we will be making some changes there.“

    How do I review the difference?

    1) Google will continue to follow their laws, but not “the law of censor”—but this will not be some change, this will be change.

    2) Google Will continue to follow their laws, Google will continue to offer censored results, not 100% censored results, but 0.01%-99.9% censored results.(That is some change)

    3) Google will continue to follow their laws, Google will be making some changes there. then Google will be making real changes there…

    Guys, how do you read what Schimdt is saying?

    I have to say, the hardest dancer is Schimdt now, because all the world is watching how he is dancing very closely. Poor guy! Today is Chinese traditional LaBaZhou. Your Chinese colleagues already cooked it for you in the web. You had better have a taste.

    By the way, The day before yesterday, I complained Google should talk to Google Chinese users directly. Yesterday I saw a tweet saying Google is doing an AD about their announcement to reply the gossip. According to the instruction, I google google leave China many times yesterday, unfortunately I did not see the AD. Today I saw another tweet say the same thing and the tweet even past a picture. Then I find the AD finally and very easily. But the AD is saying Google China Office is still there, Google Chinese Employees are still there in their office. So I believe this AD is pretty good, but doesn’t meet all my need.

    This AD may be a very important sign — saying same thing with My No.3 Google dancer?

    Again, May I suggest Google Emperor Talk to Chinese users in Chinese directly?

  81. Some Chinese say, matt will seonsor my post–Google No 3 Dancer, but it seems that Google Emperor has no law of Sensor in his kingdom?
    Probably he has no opportunity to experience the life of a king who has a strong law of sensor, or that will be another story.
    Some expats told me that China should not have democracy after they have been living in China for few years to live a Privileges life.
    Any way, thanks, Matt. and Google.

  82. Google No 4 Dancer– Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

    By Author Wanglili

    For some days everyday I went to see how ex-Microsoft China CEO and ex-Google China CEO dance because their dance really brought to me a lot of entertainment.

    I asked ex-Google China CEO: are you a Caption of Google or just a soldier of Google? Do you yourself think you are a captain of Google or Google think you are Google Captain?

    I asked ex-Microsoft China CEO a lot of questions, but he never answered me, and he continued to dance.

    Then I asked Bill Gates, your ex-Microsoft China CEO said in his tweets, now he is not alone to say Google is stupid (for Google to announce it will stop censoring in China,), Microsoft CEO joined him already to say Google is idiot for that. Is it true? Can you explain why if it is true?

    Bill Gates did not answer my question up to today, but after this question, till now, his ex China CEO gives up dance.

    So that my life lacks a lot of entertainment.

    Look at Google’s announcement, the signature is the two human being’s names of Chinese characters—Liu Yun and Yang WenLe.

    Who are these two guys?

    I google these two names. Then I found they are Google China Captain. But why is the signature not Google China Captain, but two human being names! This is a sign; probably these two guys look at themselves as soldiers to do their work, not a glamorous, honorable, brilliant, celebrity… Google Captain.

    But Mr.kaifu lee need Google’s brilliant hat to swim in China. Even after he leaves Google for a long time, he was still self called Google China CEO in his twitter bio. And few days ago, he was still self called himself Google Captain. So that you can find a lot of entertainment when a person is not standing on the earth to be humble, but to fly with a lot of shit on his face and he looks at the shits on his face as beautiful flowers to enjoy.

    Guys, I don’t think Bill Gates read my question and send a message to his ex China CEO, But the fact is the ex Microsoft China CEO suddenly silent. Everyday I went to see how he is dancing. But I was always disappointed.

    You know, now I was very regretted to send Bill Gates that stupid question. Or at least I may see his ex China CEO dance to entertain myself.

    But you know guys, my law is not to be sad, but to find solution. The life moves on. Today, I find my No. 4 Google Dancer—Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

    I Google Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, I found the following news.

    8 Jan 2009 … Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer delivers the CES keynote speech Wednesday. ….. Microsoft keeps Google at the top of the list as a competitor …

    I Google— Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Google leave China,

    I find the following news.

    Ballmer: Microsoft won’t follow Google out of China

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Thursday said his company has no plans to follow Google’s lead and upend its search operations in China.

    In interviews with Reuters and CNBC, Ballmer played down concerns over Web censorship and the cyber attacks that prompted Google to announce it will stop censoring, even if it means it must close shop China.

    “There are attacks every day. I don’t think there was anything unusual, so I don’t understand,” Ballmer told Reuters after his summit at the White House on Thursday. “We’re attacked every day from all parts of the world and I think everybody else is too. We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.”

    He said Microsoft has no plans to pull out of China. That’s not surprising, considering the world’s largest software country recently pegged the world’s largest market as its top search priority.

    “I don’t understand how that helps anything. I don’t understand how that helps us and I don’t understand how that helps China,” Ballmer said.

    Guys, probably because of my English is too stupid, I did not find any information about Mircosoft CEO says Google is stupid for Google to announce it will stop censoring in China so that I do not understand why ex-Mircosoft China CEO says Microsoft CEO joined him to say Google is stupid or idiot for Google announce it will stop censoring in China.

    So, How can I review this?

    1) Mircosoft CEO send this message to him privately;

    2) He himself wrongly translates for a purpose. If it does, what is his purpose? To prove him as ex Mircosoft China CEO is much smarter than Mircosoft CEO because it is him to say first and now Mircosoft CEO is his follower? Or any other purpose? If he has any other purpose, So what is his other purpose?

    3) He himself wrongly translates for ignorance. But you know, guys, Do you think how many percentage of this possibility as an ex –mircosoft China CEO?

    4) What do you think?

    Anyway, Ballmer said he would not follow Google’s step as a Google’s enemy in the market . That should be an end.

    But the end is just a start because I saw a piece following in Clinton’s talk.

    For companies, this issue is about more than claiming the moral high ground; it comes down to the trust between firms and their customers. Consumers everywhere want to have confidence that the internet companies they rely on will provide comprehensive search results and act as responsible stewards of their information. Firms that earn that confidence will prosper in a global marketplace. Those who lose it will also lose customers. I hope that refusal to support politically-motivated censorship will become a trademark characteristic of American technology companies. It should be part of our national brand. I’m confident that consumers worldwide will reward firms that respect these principles.

    The private sector has a shared responsibility to help safeguard free expression. And when their business dealings threaten to undermine this freedom, they need to consider what’s right, not simply the prospect of quick profits.

    Guys, Do you think Clinton is talking to Ballmer or me author wanglili?

    Clinton continues to say, the State Department will be convening a high-level meeting next month co-chaired by Under Secretaries Robert Hormats and Maria Otero to bring together firms that provide network services for talks on internet freedom. We hope to work together to address this challenge.

    So, I want to know if Ballmer will attend the high-level meeting next month as a firm that provides network services.

    Also I want to see how Ballmer will be dancing this time.

    Will he dance same? Or somewhat differently? Or differently ?

    Anyway, guys, you have to know, my neighbor is not only that old Shanghai Lady who tries to fight with me quite often whom will never fight with her, but also Bill Gates, and Ballmer…

  83. Matt,

    Using SSL in GMail with Firefox, if you click on the blue section of the address bar, it’ll show the certificate information. However, it reads “You are connected to which is run by (unknown)” … is there any reason why “(unknown)” is used rather than “Google”?? Is this a Google problem, a certificate problem, a Firefox problem, or my problem?

    – Chris

  84. Ballmer will be dancing this time.

  85. Its great that Google made the connection secure!

    Something that I recommend everyone do who uses wireless anywhere in public, whether it be Starbucks, the airport, or a hotel is to use a VPN.

    There is a great VPN service that is free called Cyberghost. I personally used a paid service, but I’ve used CyberGhost on the fly with great results. You do get a bit of slowdown, but you get a lot of protection!

    One frustrating thing while using Cyberghost was that Chrome defaulted my CyberGhost search results to, most likely based off of my ip. When I switched back, it didn’t switch with me and took tons of monkeying to correct.

    The great thing about a VPN, of course, is that you get a secure tunnel for your wireless connection even if the page doesn’t have a secure domain. Of course, the info can still be intercepted between the VPN server and the sites you’re visiting, but that’s not the issue this is trying to resolve.

  86. Bravo Google. Stand-up for what you beleive in, a free Internet. Congratulations.

  87. I’m sorry,my English is poor.And I’m a Chinese and I’m lack of acquaintance of international situation.
    You see there’re many differences between China and America,so if the Chinese government don’t like,it has many better ways making google out of China.I can’t see there’s any necessary to support hackers to attact google.And why when hackers attack the American company orgovernment ,they should change their nationality and be a Chinese?
    And for google,you know what’s the country it is when you entered,but why till now you showed that the Chinese government is evil and you’re innocent?

  88. Google has Chinese name we called “guge” and the prononciation of Valley Enough in Chinese is “gugou”.
    And Mandarin and Cantonese can’t be put together Caz they’re different conceptions,Cantonese means a group living in Guangdong(one of Chinese provinces),and Mandarin is one of the minority groups in Chinese (China has 56 groups).