I’m in Omaha

I’m in Omaha, so light posting this week. I’m checking with PR if I can post pictures of my slides from the “Search Engine Smackdown” talk at PubCon. And since my slides were all nice, polite, and smackdown-less, I expect that I’ll do a “poor man’s version” of the talk on the blog sometime soon.

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  1. Are you a Maverick football fan Matt?

  2. Or a CornHusker?

  3. Or Matt “On The Road” Cutts 🙂

  4. ==========================================
    I’m checking with PR….

    PR! Did someone say PR?

  5. You should go have lunch with Shoemoney.

  6. Matt – you know how to get ahold of me if you want to do lunch or something.

  7. hoho~~

  8. Omaha. That’s somewhere in middle America, right?

  9. Turn The Page – Metallica

    On a long and lonesome highway, east of Omaha
    You can listen to the engines
    Moanin’ out their one old song
    You can think about the woman or the girl
    You knew the night before


  10. Could anyone at Google shed light on the mystery of the http://eval.google.com/ Subdomain – the rumors are flying again 😉

    oi vey 😕

  11. I’m in Detroit.

    heh, couldn’t resist… if this were fark, or digg, or slashdot every comment would have been something like that and nothing more.

    Dan, you beat me to the CC reference.. they’re one of my fav bands.

  12. Welcome to our wonderful freaky weather Matt. Sticky and yucky today, below freezing and yucky the rest of the week.

    Look me up and I’ll treat you and your wife to lunch at Charlie’s;)

    aka – The Netshops Lady

  13. I guess eating vegetarian is completely out of the question in Omaha. Sorry to bother you Matt but I have one techie pr question. I was wondering when you got to a site it has a pr but when you type in the index.html after the slash it doesn’t have a pr. Can you please shed some light on this for me.

  14. sherrilh, I’m noticing that. 65 degrees today, and a high of 24 on Thursday? That’s pretty crazy. 🙂 I appreciate the offer (I heard that a place called Charleys had good philly cheese steak?), but the reason I’m in town is that my sister-in-law is having her baby, so my guess is that I’m tied to the hospital pretty closely. Sorry I won’t be able to hang, but at least I’m sampling local color: yesterday I had a “Runza” for the first time. Because burgers secretly always needed more cabbage. 🙂

    S.E.W., my guess is that that’s internal, not for you.

    Sara James, I’m smart enough to know the teams (UNO, Nebraska), and hopefully smart enough to avoid picking sides. 🙂 Someone suggested that I go to Lincoln this Saturday and start talking about what a great school Oklahoma is. I didn’t fall for that one. 🙂 But I think that I do have a Mavericks football sweatshirt.

  15. Are you going to be attending Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference next week (Chicago)?

  16. Great. You auto publish?


  17. Well, congrats on becoming a new Uncle. If you do get away, we’d love for you to tour our Netshops complex (think mini-Googleplex, but without all the Google stuff).

    Depending on the hospital you’re at, there are some really great restaurants out West, one across from Lakeside Hospital called Upstream Brewery, they have the best Beer cheese soup!

    Anyway, congrats again and if not this time, maybe next time when you come in town to spoil that new niece/nephew.

  18. Mike, it’s moderated but if I’ve autoapproved someone in the past, they can post comments live. I deleted the post, but thanks for letting me know about the video being up..

  19. Well, glad you could make it this week anyway. Too bad it wasn’t last week… the weather was MUCH nicer.

  20. (Ready or Not) Omaha Nebraska – Bowling for Soup

    Somebody pinch me
    Cause I can’t believe I’m here
    This is something that I’ve dreamed of all my life
    Dreamed of all my life
    Ready or not Omaha Nebraska
    Here we come

    Matt, welcome back to the Silicon Prairie…

  21. We had stormy weather here in OZ and two tress snapped in half from the wind. Scary stuff!

  22. Matt,

    I’ve got some phonecam pics of your talk with Graywolf if you’d like to through them into the presentation. You chat during the Google party made from some great bystander entertainment. 🙂



  23. Welcome to Nebraska Matt! Looks like the weatherman was off a little today huh? It’s only 36 at 4pm here in Aurora so it can’t be much warmer in Omaha!

    Lokking forward to the “poor man’s version” of “Search Engine Smackdown”.

  24. Matt

    Best wishes for your sister-in-law to have a healthy baby. Awaiting for your happy weather report.

    Btw, do you have Emmy-girl and Ozzie-guy with you in Omaha? or you have left Ozzie under Emmy’s mercy 🙂

  25. More like Emmy is under Ozzie’s mercy. She’s the scaredy-cat.

  26. Matt,

    Watch out for the stampedes. I understand mad cows are very dangerous.

  27. Matt – I cant seem to find an email address for you anywhere on your blog, so i’ll post my “Article Suggestion” here.. Hope it gets to you!

    I’d love to know how Google (or other search engines) stand on the issue of multiple domains pointing to one website for legitimate reasons.

    For example, my company’s primary domain is modularmegroup.com, (on all letterhead, business cards, ad material, etc) but the legal name of the company is The Modular Home Group, LLC – and since most people (especially those who may not be a techy – a big customer of mine) would type in completecompanyname.com, I also use themodularhomegroupllc.com, themodularhomegroup.com, and modularhomegroupllc.com and have them doing a re-direct to . Those additional domain names I feel are legitimate, since its not a rip-off of a competitor, or a commonly misspelled word that re-directs to a completely different website (eg: goooogle.com). Now, one of those names has a 301 re-direct, and the other two have a 302 re-direct.

    Would those be SEO Best-Practices? I’m concerned because I have heard that search engines will penalize sites with duplicate content (although this all resolves to one site, is it still considered duplicate content?), sites that have too many domains forwarding to one location and sites that have 302 re-directs..

    I have not been able to find anything about this issue on Googles Webmaster site and other equivelent sites.. Any clarification would be great!


  28. Matt,

    Any Googlers at SES Paris?

    I am

    Which beats the pants off Omaha, trust me I’ve been to both.


  29. Matt

    How does Ozzie looks like today? He must be around a year old now. Recall he joined the Cutts just after Thanksgiving last year, right?

    Could only find Emmy’s photo on your blog. A photo of Ozzie, maybe 😉

  30. I watched the video from PubCon last week. Very interesting, I’d suggest anyone who missed it to watch.

    Then, of course, we should all watch your “poor man’s version” as well. Just in case you happen to add something we missed or feel like supplimenting the info 😉

  31. Matt, could I possibly bother you again with a tek question? Sorry, you seem to be the go-to guy…

    If a site has dynamic pages, will these pages never get PageRank, or is it a question of good link strategy and unique content, as with any other page/site? I’ve seen many “dynamic sites” with PR0 pages, or with some PR that doesn’t show up in the toolbar.

    How do I get dynamic pages to obtain some PR, even if only that PR that comes from the homepage?

    Thanks a lot again for your patience.

  32. Congratulations Uncle Matt –

    Beer cheese soup? You won’t see that on the GooglePlex menu so better eat two bowls before you return.

  33. Yep, I couldn’t help but notice that your “spam process” slide appeared, and then disappeared rather quickly. Sneaky!

  34. Hi, Matt.

    Feel odd throwing this in the comments section but eh.

    I really think Google needs to officially address the use of nofollow, and make things clear. Webmasters are using it to “keep PageRank” and other rather absurd notions. People also seem incredibly confused, even big companies. Vbulletin, for example, uses nofollow all over the place for internal links under the impression this is the correct way to tell Google to not put that page into the index; the real solution, obviously, would be robots.txt, etc.

    I really feel that if this was clarified– either by you, or through an official google outlet– the ignorance surrounding nofollow would shrink. Without something like this, I just have a bad feeling more and more webmasters (and even worse, software packages) will use nofollow in inappropriate ways which it was not designed for. Google relies on links for their algo, if a huge portion of webmsters believe using nofollow on EVERY external link is beneficial to them, I could really see it skewing quite a lot out there.

  35. Carfeu, dynamic pages can receive PageRank just like static pages can. I’d avoid session IDs though.

    Trogdor, that was just because I’ve shown it a few times and didn’t want to bore anyone. I hope to get it up on da blog at some point.

  36. Thanks Matt.

    But does supplemental results factor in, in any way? I mean, if a site has many dynamic pages and all of them are s. results, does Google still find a reason to gives this pages individual PR?

  37. But does supplemental results factor in, in any way? I mean, if a site has many dynamic pages and all of them are s. results, does Google still find a reason to gives this pages individual PR?

  38. just to let the geographically challenged know that if “you are on a long highway east of Omaha” you are no longer in Nebraska you are in Iowa.

    Which is the home of the new Plx… Councle Bluffs, Iowa