Holiday partay!

We went to a neighborhood holiday party tonight; wow, people were friendly! If you want to know the best place to get pizza, a search engine has a tough time measuring up to a long-time resident. On the bright side, I did the pizza query on when I got home, and the local place that our neighbor recommended was at #5, so we would have found it eventually. 🙂

Also, does anyone know what a neighborhood watch is? I think I may have signed up for one.. 🙂

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  1. A neighbourghood watch is a huge clock in the middle of your neighbourhood. It’s multifaceted and hangs from a big balloon of homer simpsons face. Word on the street is that these things are gonna pop up all over the US. The google pop up blocker will be useless. A magnum 44 would be much more effective.

    Seriously, we have them here in the UK. You put little stickers in your window saying that you are part of a neighbourhood watch scheme. The idea is that it dissuades burglar bill types and sends a message that they are breaking into a car/house that is part of a community of people who look out for each other. I guess its intended to engender a spirit of co-operation and community. More here..

  2. So here is your new business card:

    Matt Cutts
    Neighborhood crime prevention
    Worldwide spam preventation

  3. It is similar to DC watch at WMW.

    If someone notices something untowards/different they will be able to communicate to the rest of the webmaster neighbourhood for investigation.

    BTW – That test dc you posted the other day – test results visible at the moment – just looks like J3 to me – but might be missing something.

    Neighbourhood watch normally happens if you have old folks who always look from behind the curtains if people are upto something dodgy 😉

  4. In Holland we have something named “hang youth” These are basically teenages “hanging” out in the streets being often a bit too noisy in the evenings. Then one day in one city a new phenomenon…. “hang elderly”.

    After interviews it was found that they are hanging out in the streets in the evenings, simply to get rid of the “hang youth”.

    Don’t know how old you are Matt, but be careful,.. you may not have that much time left in your evening if you signed up for something like that.


  5. Isnt a neighbourhood watch where you spy on your neighbours? Matt, definately make sure your wireless is secure.

  6. A neighborhood watch in these parts is an angry mob wielding pitch forks and axes…no wait,,, maybe that is an angry mob?

    Will you be wearing your spam fighting super hero outfit on these neighborhood watches Mr. Cutts? 😀


  7. I’ve been trying to get my neighbors to start a neighborhood watch for some time now; they’re all too lazy.

    In the past 3 months somebody has:

    Stolen the santa claus off my front door.
    Syphoned gas out of my jeep.
    Unzipped my soft-top and stolen the change in my ash tray.
    Stole the antenna ball off my antenna.
    Broke into my neighbor’s house.
    Systematically reset my exterior lights so they come on in the day now, not the night time.

    I can’t help thinking it’s some sort of criminal mastermind. Antenna balls and spare change are going for a pretty penny on the black market.

  8. Matt –

    Could you contact me by email please. I would like to discuss doing an interview with you.

  9. Matt,

    Good for you on the neighborhood watch deal.


    Santa knows who did it and will shortly deliver the lumps.

  10. Speaking of holiday partys, Our company just had ours last weekend.

    Holiday partys are great, I just hate having to find a new job afterwards :'(

    All in All it wasn’t that bad. I rememeber drinking alot, going to the poker game, an empy 1/2 gallon of crown royal, and waking up on my hotel room floor the next morning with an extra $400 in my pocket.

    I don’t even know how I got back to the hotel room.

    is it possible for a hangover to last 2 days?

  11. As I explain it to my three-year-old:

    “Daddy, what does that sign say?”
    “Neighborhood Watch”
    “What it do?”
    “It means that the people who live here watch out for bad guys.”
    “Oh, and take them to jail?”
    “Yes, and take them to jail.”
    “You know what I do if I see bad guy?”
    “I tell them to shut up, you poo-poo head!”
    “That’s good. Calling bad guys names always works.”

  12. >>>a search engine has a tough time measuring up to a long-time resident

  13. >>a search engine has a tough time measuring up to a long-time resident

  14. Sorry, not trying to spam you Matt – the system left off my comment to your observation:: It does, and IMHO there are profound implications here for the future of search. Is del.ici.ous’s interface is too geeky for prime time? Is the tag idea is a significant step in right direction? When do you have a critical mass of content evaluation? 10% of user base? maybe it’s only 1%? Can spammers hack this approach?

  15. Neighbourhood watch….

    You’ll find it in the adult section under Voyeurism

    Seriously, it’s a community or part of a community that keeps it’s eye on each other’s properties and reports anything untoward to the authorities.

  16. If you’re interested in neighborhood watches, rent “Rear Window” with Jimmy Stewart.

  17. many neighborhood watch groups post signs on street light posts and stop signs, etc., letting people know that the community is watching. You should make a custom one with a caricature of Inigo.

  18. Matt apparently joined a neighborhood watch without knowing what it is. If all the other members also joined without knowing what it is, then a neighborhood watch is basically a bunch of signs saying the community is watching… without anyone actually watching. Does that count as cloaking?

  19. Neighborhood Watch, means you watch out for crime and other suspicous behavior.

    like you know…McGruff

  20. Neighborhood Watch. Well “neighborhood” means the people that live close or next to you and “watch” can mean spy 🙂

  21. The Neighborhood Watch is an initiative to make sure that your neighbors are in any visible way linked to other, more suspicious neighborhoods. This would devalue the real estate prices in the entire area. Mind you, having scrupulous contacts hurt your neighbors’ social rank and YOU are only appreciated as long as you have decent neighbors!

    So, try and follow your neighbors to see what kind of contacts and links they have. Report any suspicious activity. Especially watch out for suspicious farmers, drug sellers and of course visits to red light districs.

    Luckily, some of your neighbors may have implemented a wise “nofollow” strategy in their relations already, so they just put on their black hat and disappear into the night whenever they feel that pressing urge to socialise with bad neighborhoods. This shouldn’t hurt anyone if not done extensively.