Happy Labor Day!

I’ve read my RSS feeds. I’m (moderately) caught up on my e-mail. I never listen to my voice mail, so, erm, that counts as caught up. Scoble doesn’t have any Google posts atop his blog. It’s a holiday in the U.S, and I may try to explore the alternate universe where Matt isn’t attached to his computer all day, even on holidays. 😉 Maybe I’ll think about hamburger patty optimization (HPO) instead of SEO today.

If you’re reading this from outside the U.S. and wondering why Matt isn’t working today, you can read more about Labor Day and its history. Rest assured that things like Bank Holidays remain strange to us.

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  1. In Romania we have a “labor day”, also, but it’s on 1st of May 🙂

  2. those better be some good patties! Glad you’re taking the day off Matt, you deserve it 😉 But what’s the point of having a phone if you don’t listen to the voicemails? 😛

  3. Happy labour day to you too Matt. Enjoy the off SEO time!

  4. Somehow I think Australia will be having a new national holiday as of today too. RIP Steve Irwin.

  5. Agree with Dean, Steve is one of my favourite tv star..

  6. Crocodile Hunter ruled. So this is a sad day. Crikey! 🙁

    I tend not to listen to most voicemails either. They’re usually telemarketers and stuff I don’t want to deal with.

  7. I was wondering is there something wrong with my Thunderbird today? I restarted it just in case… and then Matt solved my puzzle.

    Happy Labor Day!

  8. Happy Labour Day Matt. Notice the “u”. It’s Labour Day here in Canada too. I think I finally caught up on sleep from SES.

    To the Aussies… sorry about your loss.

  9. Maybe we’ll see HPO Tech talks soon? 🙂

    btw Steve was the best; nice idea Dean, they should have a Steve Irwin related holiday (it would be nice to see a Steve Irwin doodle some day too)

  10. Some ideas for your HPO

  11. I feel the same way about voice mail, that is why I got a product to create email from voice mail. Now voice mail is part of email.

  12. Matt,

    Having worked for several financial services firms with operations overseas, I can certainly agree that we need more holidays and vacation time in this country.

    P.S. I got your e-mail and will try to get back to you shortly. Thanks!

  13. HA! Likely thinking… a-w-a-y from the ‘puter?

    Never works out…


  14. Always Behind Dave

    Security feature answer is 10 in cases where large numbers of 2 occur.

    Happy Labor day Matt! I was disappointed to see your Heels lose to the Scarlet Knights bud. Phones still exist? Unfortunately for me some of my clients still don’t get this email thing.

    Enjoy your HPO!

  15. Hi Matt,

    Labor Day is an old fashion thing, as far as Googleplex is concerned. Guess you don’t have “real” workers there 🙂

    Maybe we should consider a more modern approach to holidays. Something like: SEO Day!

    Hapy SEO Day, Matt 🙂

  16. Jonathan, if I could just turn off my phone, I would. Hmm, now that I think about it.. 🙂

    Dean, it was sad to hear about Steve Irwin. Talk about a scary job.

  17. LOL on the security question — “Please add 8 and 3” — . I was like, is this a test? LOL.

    Okay, Matt this is on and off topic. It’s on topic as why on earth would I be working on a holiday. The answer is the same reason I was up until 3am the other night. So you can nuke this post if you like but when Google is silent in response to questions and requests for information, where else do we turn? Honestly, there has to be better communication between Google and webmasters.

    As I mentioned, last year our SERP’s when from page 1 to 700, 900, etc. for about a month. My best guess was it was a duplicate content filter as we had two domains with the same info for copyright purposes. As per your suggestions, we switched everything over to 301’s and the problem went away. We have no idea if that was the problem but it went away. Now the problem is back as of August 17th and the ONLY information we have is a warning from you in a video that sites which were penalized “might” be over-optimized. That’s pretty vague and pretty impossible to fix when you don’t know the real problem.

    Today I found that our second domain with the 301’s is in the Supplemental Results. Could this be the problem? Frankly, it’s the only thing I can point to. I’ve done a reinclusion request but the silence from Google, as usual, is deafening!

    We need some guidance out here Matt and while you’re up to your earlobes, it would be nice if somebody at Google should be communicating with webmasters.


  18. Yes happy labor day to everyone have a good day!

  19. Happy Labor Day Mr. Matt –

    Just back from two nights backpacking in your fine state’s Trinity Alps Wilderness – a fantastic place. Fires in the canyon over from us but our hike was splendid.

    Am I stupid to almost have posted “5 and 9” in your captcha box? Have you seen the hotcaptcha.com mashup? Clever…

  20. Glad to see someone else doesn’t listen to their voicemails. I thought it was just me LOL

  21. As a subscriber to gazillions of internet marketing emails – it still amazes me how many presume that the reader is in the USA. “As we approach Labor Day”, “Enjoy your holiday” etc – and these are generic internet marketing emails.

    Their content is not US-centric.

    As a writer, as much as possible, I try to write for an international audience. I wish more people did the same.

  22. HMO?

    You will surely own a HUGE section of the search market with that outstanding buzzword Matt.

    Tag it
    Spam it
    Link it


  23. Glad you could have a day off and I hope you enjoyed it. Living in the UK we get a miserly 8 bank holidays in the year and this is the 2nd lowest in Europe – Italy tops the league with an excellent 16 holidays per year as well as most workers having the whole of August off too..

    Steve Irwin was v. popular in the UK and will be greatly missed – unfortunately I don’t think we in the UK will get a holiday out of it.