Happy Diwali for 2009!

Hey everybody, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Diwali! I hope that everyone has a wonderful festival of lights. 🙂 It’s a good time today for introspection and reflection on the past year, and for hope for the year to come. Whether you celebrate with firecrackers, sweets, or appreciation for what you hold to be good and true–I hope you have a wonderful Diwali!

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  1. Happy Diwali to you too, Mister Cutts!

  2. Happy Diwali!oh!Hot keywords!

  3. Just waiting for Google to temporarily change its logo once again 😉

  4. Happy Dipawali!
    It’s festival season once again. All over the world, people celebrate the festival of lights.

  5. And to you, I’ve had a good day, sincerely hope you do too!

  6. Hi Matt,
    Thanks a lot for your wishes and Happy Diwali to you as well !!!

    Prashanth Palanisamy

  7. Thamaraiselvan. G

    Thank You very much! Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali.

  8. Is this intended entirely as an Office reference?

  9. Shubh Diwali to you too Matt!. Never seen any non-Indian wishing Diwali to the world. For change, it feels great!. You are loved as much as Obama in India now 😉

  10. Happy Diwaly Matt – Did I miss the Hindu? Thanks for the Google Wave Rosy translation robot in action —>


  11. Rosy is pretty cool, Elias Kai. I like that it can translate in real-time as you chat in Google Wave. 🙂

  12. That Was fast reply – Why don’t we continue on waving instead? 🙂

  13. Happy Diwali everyone! Also Sweetest Day (celebrated with small gestures of kindness and charity – could actually work well any day)

  14. Cheers. Do you celebrate it at Googleplex? 🙂

  15. Thanks brotha!

    How’s the 30-days going? What was it, no MS?

  16. THX Matt 4 your good wishes and

    and the nice tip inside

    It seems to me a good idea

    next lamps name should be: Happy Diwali

    and 4 You its light should bring you a special insight

    you will find its great pictures at my link above

    in about 2 month I think.


  17. Thanks Matt, long time no talk. Happy Diwali and Sal Mubarak to you and your family.

    * Sal Mubarak means Happy New Year which takes place after Diwali the Hindu festival of light. Sal means year and Mubarak means Good Wishes

  18. Diwali 2009! It doesn’t get any more fun then that!

  19. PS – I saw you have Maori now in Google Translate. Where is the “Hawaiian?” We are in the same country you know!

  20. Yeah…..me too, wishing all people across the globe Happy Diwali and I have lit up Diya at LG India web site. For one lit, LG will donates money to children in India. My little proof about it, Matt; http://www.in.lge.com/LgDiwali/LightDiya.aspx

  21. Thanks Matt …
    Diwali ki bharpoor shubhkamnai aapko bhi 🙂

    That’s Hindi for … Well I guess Google Translator can figure that out 🙂

  22. Thank you Matt. And right back at ya!

  23. Matt,happy Diwali to you too.

  24. Hello Cutts,

    Couid it be possible for me to send you and email?
    If so just send me one husman.hans at gmail. com

    Best regards

  25. Thanks Matt! Wish you too a very happy diwali!

  26. Matt,
    Do you know lots of Hindu people? Why is it that every year you wish the Hindus a Happy Diwali but you never wish Muslims Happy Eid ul-Fitr?

  27. Happy Diwali Matts.
    I really can’t tell you how happy i am reading your post. I always thought India festivals do not get the attention which it should get. We Indians celebrate all the festivals with full joy be it Christmas, or valentine day, mothers days, fathers day or new year. I always want that Indian festivals should be given proper attention.
    Seeing you blog about happy Diwali wishes really made me feel happy.

  28. I’m confused. I thought Chanukah is the Festival of Lights.

  29. A religious holiday I have not heard of!
    Any holiday religious or not that stresses what is good and true
    along with sharing sweets is OK in my book.
    Have a happy Diwali!

  30. ha ha this is when the indians burn the poor Sri Lankan prince’s effergy for kidnapping their princess like millon year ago 😛 Happy Diwali every one!

  31. With my
    1 heart
    2 eyes
    7 liter blood
    206 bones
    4.5 million red cells
    60 trillion D N A”S…
    All wishing you a very very

    Ramakrishna Goverdhanam – Hyderabad – India

  32. Happy deepavali, May this deepavali bring light of happiness your and your family.

  33. Happy Diwali to all Desi Folks 🙂

    It’s not one of my religious holiday, but I’ve been to a few and Diwali is FUNNNNNNN!!!!

    Have a good one.

  34. Sounds like a heck of a fest.
    A bit of topic and I know the thirty days is not up yet (the no MS challenge) can you give us a sneak preview of how that’s going? The reason I ask is that totally coincidentally I was trying out some Linux Distros about the same time, mostly for fun but also to see how far its come since the early days of not user friendly.
    So I blew the dust of an old PC and fired it up and installed a Distro that liked the hardware and was user friendly.
    I just could not switch OS all in one go, now working between the two OS and getting used to Linux. But the more I work with it the more I am beginning to like it!

  35. Wish you a very happy and bright Diwali!

  36. Hi Matt, it’s so cool to know that you are aware of this festival, which is a pretty big deal for us Indians, thanks for the post and the wishes 🙂

  37. Its interesting that you have wrote about Deewali, good to see the post, Belated Deewali wishes to all.

  38. Thanks for your Deepavali wishes.

  39. தீபாவளி
    धाकली दिवाळी

    ततस्तुः लोकः प्रतिवर्षमादरत् प्रसिद्धदीपलिकयात्र भारते |
    समुद्यतः पूजयितुं जिनेश्वरं जिनेन्द्र-निर्वाण विभूति-भक्तिभाक् |२० |
    Src: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali

  40. dipalikaya, occurs in Harivamsha-Purana

  41. Hey Matt,
    Wishing you and all Google team a happy diwali and New year (new year !!! here in India, it is new year celebration after diwali)

    lets pray for peace and terror free life for mankind,

  42. Happy Diwali Matt.. sorry for late response

  43. Wish you and all a happy diwali. I know it is little late by now but it seems to be a busy week for me at work and home. Matt, i read your blog posts using blackberry but can’t comment from there. Please advice the wordpress team to have it mobile enabled so that we will not have to open chrome to comment here.

  44. Hey matt, Happy and Rocking Diwali and Hindu New Year to you…. I hope in this new year, Google will comes up with some exciting and most awaited technologies in web. You guys r really rocking the world around. God bless Google to achieve more and more heights.

  45. sorry for late response..but happy Diwali Matt..
    surprised and glad to know US people too love our Indian fest so much.

  46. Happy Diwali Matts… good to see spirit of Diwali celebration here.

  47. Happy Deepawali to you Matt 🙂

  48. Belated HAPPY DIWALI Sir in PUNJABI language………ਦੀਵਾਲੀ ਮੁਬਾਰਕ!!!!!!!!!

  49. Right, we have the same event like Diwali name as Shab-e-Barat, it comes on every 15th night of our Islamic month Shaban, i know no one knows about this before except one with nick name EvenIslam. Matt i love your videos.

  50. Thanks Matt, Thats really nice of you.
    And I always thought Diwali was limited to us Indians alone.

    Gladly Surprised.

    A very belated Happy Diwali to all.


    Imtiaz Hami