Halloween Costume: The Scream

Okay, so you can project light onto a canvas to easily try out an idea. I decided to try one more Halloween costume: Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

I started by finding a high-resolution version of The Scream. Next I projected the painting onto a canvas:

The Scream

Then I took a pencil and traced the strokes of color in the painting. Afterwards, the canvas looked like a giant paint-by-numbers kit. Here’s one part of the traced results:

The Scream

The tracing was a little too detailed, as it turns out. If I were doing it again I wouldn’t be as meticulous. I bought an acrylic painting set at the local craft store and spent a couple hours over a couple days painting my version of the The Scream. Here it is side-by-side with the real thing:

The Scream

The idea behind this costume is to make the painting three-dimensional. So I cut up my painting so I could stick my head through it. Here’s what the quick-and-dirty test looked like:

The Scream

It looked about right! So now it was time for… drumroll… the face paint! My first instinct was to make my entire face green like The Hulk. But my wife was nice enough to apply the face paint so that it actually mirrored the paint strokes for the person in the painting. And that’s how you get a Halloween version of The Scream:

The Scream

We took a bunch of photos, so I’ll include an animated version too:

The Scream

Overall, I’m happy with how my 2014 Halloween costume ideas turned out. Other than The Scream, all the prototypes were quick and easy (under 15 minutes and under $15). A couple of the ideas were silly, but I had fun getting creative, painting a little bit, and tinkering with my projector.

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  1. LOL either you have wayyyy too much time on your hands, or your wife must love you! 😉 Either way this post was a needed break from my own dreaded “The Scream” Monday from Hell.

  2. Matt, I did not know you had a funny side. Your GIF may just go viral. I am sure we will get to see it over the blogosphere.

  3. haha lolz….!! great look respected matty
    Such a cool and great expression in halloween costume
    outstanding painting
    thank you for sharing

  4. Funny ideas Matt! Anyways you are creative at all the time. This time too……

  5. Hello Matt,
    Its looking to nice this time. I love these ones. I can not afraid this time as previous. loving 🙂

  6. This is obvoisly the face Matt makes when he recives one of these spam email’s overing 1000’s of follow links 🙂

  7. Hi Matt-
    At first I wondered how you could find the time to fit your creative efforts into your Google position. Well, I also wondered about how you fit your head through the canvas without tearing it?

    Then I found a thread on SEO Round Table today reading…

    “Matt Cutts, Google’s currently on leave head of search spam, announced on Twitter that he is extending his leave into 2015. In July, Matt Cutts shocked the SEO space by announcing he would be taking a few months off to spend time with his wife…”

    Now I get it. Enjoy your time and your wife:-).


  8. Ok, so you got time… and I actually find this great, since I was thinking if I could write something else that’s not marketing on my blog, but now I think I can! I’m not Matt… but thanks for the fun post!

  9. it would be nice to have video version

  10. Sorry Matt, but it is called the The Scream. Not the kissing fish… Just kidding, I love the idea. LOL

  11. Funny and crazy as hell. Though, without makeup, it was more scary 😛 .. -JK- ^_^

  12. The animated image is so closed to Ghost, Please don’t make it again, when I seen it I was seriously afraid of.

  13. The animated picture is kind of freaky. I hope you are not taking time off from work to do this. Your watch says you should be at work still. Maybe it is the weekend.

  14. Hello Matt, I know you are innovative but your innovation can be in this form? I am really glad to see the “Funny Matt”. Thanks for sharing. I always like your creative ideas. Thanks

  15. Xo xo, next year you may try with La Gioconda. 😉