Halloween costume: stickman from xkcd

For Halloween this year I asked people on Google+ what I should be for Halloween, and someone suggested going as the blackhat stick man from xkcd. You know, this guy:

Black hat stick man from xkcd

That sounded like a good challenge. I finished the costume and taped a video, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to get the video to the quality level that I wanted. Here’s the video:

A couple quick things: 1) I know the video is cheesy and lo-fi, but that’s what I was going for. 2) With a little more time and more work on the video (e.g. better lighting, turning off automatic brightness on the video camera, a little more time spent on the greenscreen key) I think it could have been pretty great. But sometimes you run out of time, and October was a busy month. 🙂

Maybe I’ll write a bit more about the costume and the video later. Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. “if the video says that it’s 2:19 long, you can skip about 20 seconds in.”

    Wadsworth Constant!

  2. That was AWESOME!

  3. Fantastic. Esp. enjoyed the little stick man dance.

  4. Great Costume! Never seen it ever before.

  5. Nice job Matt. Very clever.

  6. That looks insanely uncomfortable. And if you have to go to the bathroom, you’ve got no bladder to hold it in.

  7. Are you taking this video naked? 😛

  8. Wicked, Black Hat Matt Cutt, Enjoyed it .

  9. No way, too funny, and I thought nothing could cheer my up today!

  10. That has to be one of the coolest costumes ever! Loved the dance lol…

    Too bad the technology is still not available to actually make it work in the real world, that is actually a great idea for something for Google to invest in (just kidding!).

  11. Ha, really love this Halloween costume. I want one too next year!

  12. LMAO!!! I see dancing with the stars in your future 😉

  13. LOL. Umm. Yeah. LoL.

  14. I like the hat. Unique costume. It’s great.

  15. Pretty funny and a little disturbing.  You should have that one black ball looked at.  Could be something an oncologist would be concerned with.

  16. Really Coooooooooool…. LOL……:)

  17. haha, awesome halloween costume 😀

  18. Nice Costume, We love you in Black Hat !!!

  19. Haha when i saw the work blackhat, i imagined this video may related to SEO, but after reading it and watching the video, i realised it wasn’t. But i am glad i did, that is a brilliant effort for a dress up. Well done.

  20. Happy Halloween.

  21. 🙂

    And there was me thiking you would go as a Pandren as they will be a playable race in WOW


  22. Is stickman made out of camera tripods?

  23. That’s fun!, but why did you tell them it was green screen?! You should have told them it was a projection trick or like [Liu Bolin] ‘s work and left them guessing.

    That way the fact you can see your outline, sort of adds to the confusion, I thought for a minute it was some sort of projection trick (because of the outline visible) until I read the green screen bit.

    Still, worth seeing.

    Regards, N

  24. eh, i’ve seen better dancing

  25. That’s awesome!

  26. LMAO! Guts for putting this on the Internet, most people do this and keep it quiet 😉

  27. Don´t give up the day job Matt, hehe!

  28. Matt-

    I told you at PubCon I couldnt look at you the same after this video, had to come back and watch it again. Great keynote!


  29. That is fantastic! I saw a video of a stick person family for Halloween one year. Always thought that would be fun to do!

  30. Ok I missed this earlier but this video makes you pretty awesome. Nice.

  31. Just catching up with your blog (it’s been a long time/long year!) but this just made my Friday night and I’m so going to put this forward as a costume product development at Smiffys. 🙂