Halloween Costume #1: Rene Magritte painting

In the past for Halloween, I’ve often dressed up as internet memes (Rick Astley, anyone?) or topical things from the news (like Matt/Mitt Romney). This year I was running dry on ideas until a few days before Halloween. Then I started to think about famous artwork–more on that in a future Halloween post.

One idea that I prototyped was Rene Magritte’s Son of Man painting. It’s easy, fast, and cheap:

Matt Cutts dressed as Rene Magritte's Son of Man painting

All it takes is a novelty bowler (~$8) and a plastic apple (~$1.50, although you might have to buy a pack of six). Assuming you already have a suit and can borrow a red tie, you’re good to go for only $15 or so.

This year I got into Halloween, so I may post a few more Halloween ideas that I played with in the coming days.

15 Responses to Halloween Costume #1: Rene Magritte painting (Leave a comment)

  1. That is really cool!
    But question comes,it that too heavy to put it on nose?

  2. Now thats a scary artwork. Though the real wouldn’t be that scary 😛

  3. That`s great and funny, but does it make you cross-eyed, Matt?

  4. It makes me cross-eyed just to look at the photo. Lol. I love it, however!

  5. Anyway, it also look like an “dorky Apple guy”! *haha*

  6. Must make mingling at parties a challenge. When you take the hat of to talk to someone slap on a US flag pin. Son of man/Romney – what a combination. Probably some sort of clever arty joke in there somewhere but I’m not arty or clever so over to you.

  7. Good attempt this time, far better than previous (Mitt Romeny)

  8. I can not stop my smile. by the way this gave me happiness so love you. Great Job 🙂

  9. Look great and Funny as well,
    Thanks for making me and others smile . AWESOME AS ALWAYS.

  10. Haha haha !! Matt your Halloween costume is looks less scary but more of funny !!

    Share some more clicks 🙂

  11. By far the most original idea i saw this year, great.

  12. Though the real wouldn’t be that scary

  13. 😀 lol, Matt Sir you look funny not Scary 🙂