Halloween Costume #2: “Hang in there” kitten poster

For Halloween this year I was thinking about famous works of art like Rene Magritte’s Son of Man or more popular works like the “Hang in There, Baby!” kitten.

I was also thinking about canvases. You can buy a cheap canvas at local craft stores for $10 or so. I was thinking: wouldn’t it be neat to paint a reproduction of a famous artwork, and then stick your head through a hole in the canvas? You could paint your face to match the painting, and voilà–there’s your costume!

You can find all kinds of great work where photographs look like paintings, and sticking my head through some great art sounded fun. For example, I just found this post with some people that had a similar idea.

And *then* I started to think about projectors. You can do some amazing things by projecting light–check out this crazy video for example. A projector can be a quick way to prototype an idea.

So I played around with different artwork. I’ll post a teaser today, with more to come in the next couple days. We already know that I can put on cat makeup, so I bought a stock photo of a kitten hanging from a rope. It looked like this:

Kitten Poster: Hang in There, Baby!

Ultimately, you’d either paint the kitten on the canvas or just print the picture out on a color printer and attach it to the canvas. For an added effect, you could have bits of rope sticking out from the canvas to match the photo.

When I projected it on a canvas, it looked like this:

Hang in There kitten projected onto Matt Cutts

Kind of disturbing, I know. Yes, I’m wearing some cat ears. But it was just prototyping an idea. In the end, I decided not to go with the “Hang in There” kitten. But as we’ll see, the projector came in very handy later.

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  1. I showed your picture to my Buttercup and she takes umbrage at those particular ears. She insists they’re leopard ears.

  2. PS Buttercup is a cat, she would know.

  3. Instead of a baby kitten, why not try a baby panda? Little panda paint on the face and a tiny tail, would scare the Sh** out of the webmaster.

  4. If we’re going for iconic posters how about tennis girl?

  5. Happy Halloween Cutts 🙂 Great to read you after a long vacation. Hope you had the great time with wifey

  6. Eheheheh you look so cute Matt! But I thought you would dress like a Penguin, because Penguin 3.0 is rolling out these days 🙂

  7. Pfft x3 Matt, you’ll make me crack sometimes. LOL

    And that baby cat is definitely too small for your head, unless you want to go caricature style.

    (I’ll have to draw you in that style sometimes, plus the kitty costume :3 )

    ~ Luana

  8. I didn’t know that you are a fan of cats Matt 🙂 I like your prototype idea, but well, I am cat owner.. no wait, I am owned by a cat 🙂

  9. Hello,
    it is more funny than the last apple one.

  10. its looks Cute 🙂 Matt on kitten poster

  11. I got afraid first time, who is this?:)

  12. Halarious Matt.. whats going on there?!

  13. looooool
    you look so cute Matt

  14. You photo is really a funny one, i myself also edit picture on pixlr and toolpic