Halloween costume for 2008?

I think I know what I’m doing for Halloween this year, but if anyone wants to throw out suggestions, I’d be delighted to hear them.

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  1. I suggest you disguise yourself as Pagerank smashing chainsaw. It fits to you πŸ™‚

  2. Sarah Palin. It’s topical and zany.

  3. How about a few stock charts glued on your t-shirt?

  4. You should go as a can of spam! :o)

  5. Max

    “Sarah Palin. It’s topical and zany.”

    Oh I’d love to see that!!!

  6. I’ve seen a pretty good John McCain as a Zombie. It’s all in the creepy smile. Check out http://zombiemccain.com


  7. Matt can’t go as Sarah Palin. He doesn’t look even the tiniest bit like Tina Fey.

    I’m seeing Matt as Captain Jack Sparrow… or a LOL Cat.

  8. Martin

    I think that you should go as Kung Fu Panda :p

  9. tnibecker

    Evil russian spammer.

  10. Perhaps you can find suggestion on my halloween screensaver πŸ˜‰

  11. Have you seen this SNL clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhwbxEfy7fg … It’s the “D*ck in a box” thing ? You could dress up like this πŸ˜€ or is this against some policy at the Google Halloween party or wherever you’ll be going ?

  12. Matt you should go as Hubert Chang – the insane person claiming to be the 3rd google founder

  13. I think you should go as Teen Wolf Matt, the big hair from last year suited you too well and we need to one up it.

  14. The Salmon of Knowledge?

  15. I’ve always wanted to go to fancy dress party as an image floating left, but only CSS geeks would get the reference and I don’t get invited to fancy dress parties.

  16. Have you considered going as Michael Gray and getting him to dress up as you for his costume?

    Or maybe as a big can of Spam (and hope that the rest of the guys on the quality team don’t beat you up πŸ˜‰ )

  17. I’d go with a ghostbusters costume!
    you can find it on Instructables.


  18. Steve Jobs… and Steve Jobs should be you!

  19. @Ken Jones – LOL, I was actually thinking the same thing about Michael!

    Matt, you should go as the WordPress logo, or how about Tux?

    OMG! How about a hamster from hamster dance?!

  20. Another vote for Palin. You won’t even have to shave!

  21. You could enter my Spooky Halloween Contest and win 2 year hosting and domain package from GoDaddy.com…just a thought..

  22. Though I must admit the SNL skit mentioned by Igor is hilarious, you might want to keep that one saved until X-mas for your loved one hehe. I like the spam option if not (and yes I know it’s outdated) I love Jack Black’s character Nacho…love that movie. πŸ™‚

  23. aaron wall

    maybe dress up as a credit default swap or a home with part of it torn off, perhaps a house in a fishbowl with the house under water

    guess I have been reading too many finance blogs πŸ™

  24. get some cardboard boxes build a robot suit spray them with some some shiny paint or cover them with tinfoil and go as Chrome.

    some how I think matts facial hair would make doing Sarah Palin a tad dificult.

    I still reccon go as a monty python style Cardinal and say your from the Spamish inquestiion.

  25. Go as a fox that has caught on fire….firefox!

    For something a little more scary you could go as Crack Fox from the cult british TV show the Mighty Boosh – http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9QklXbekIkU but you might offend…

  26. I still think Colonel Sanders was the best idea from last year. πŸ˜‰

  27. Matt, you are always in the Halloween spirit so we invite you to participate in our SEO Halloween Costume Contest. You can go to http://www.seohalloweencostumes.com/submit-entry.php to enter. We are giving away a $200 gift certificate to the Apply Store to the winner.

    I have to say that we were inspired by your zeal for Halloween. From Inigo Montoya to Zombie Jeevez, you have been a beacon of Halloween fun!

    I think that dressing up as Captain Spam would be a great costume for you! Fighting spam all over the world! Who knows, it may even win you a $200 gift certificate for the Apple Store?

  28. Ryan

    You should be a spider.

  29. I have a rule of thumb that I try not to dress up as a woman, so Sarah Palin is out. Lots of other fun suggestions here though.

  30. Craig

    Vince from the ShamWow! infommercial

    “It’s made in Germany, so it’s got to be good”

  31. A big tin of angry spam.

  32. visitor

    I like the Can O’ SPAM idea…but it just wouldn’t be the same without Sad Panda Face seal πŸ™‚

  33. Neil

    @netmag agrd, go as Chrome

  34. how about google bot – or your interpretation of what google bot would look like πŸ™‚

  35. Steve

    You should go as a Pinkberry cup… πŸ˜€

  36. Cory Doctorow in his cape and goggles.

  37. How about a Link?

    Dress up as Link from Zelda.

    A Paid Link could be the same Zelda costume with some dollar bills coming out the hat.

  38. What a fun question Matt…

    I just figured out what I am going to go as this year, my son wanted to work on his star wars website so I purchased a few costumes to shoot some Google Video Product Advertisements for the site.

    We just picked up matching Star Wars Clone Trooper Costumes now all I need to do is find the Pop Laser Guns.


    The cool idea he had was to make a video of clones walking toward the camera and then point the laser guns at the camera as we take Adobe After Effects and add lasers hitting you in the face then it goes into the product advertisement. He is only 9yrs old and is already learning video editing… LOL πŸ™‚

    Good Luck and have fun, the cool thing about the net is you can find unique costumes that most of your neighbors are not going to have… I am excited to go candy gathering with my kids as we walk down the street as Star Wars Clones… It should be fun.

  39. You should dress as a Rabbi, to show show solidarity with anti-spam cultural values.

  40. Tom Freeman

    After the new Google update, the world is scary enough for me, I don’t need another Halloween. We are not spammers but our website was kicked out of google recently for most keywords. We only rank for our name now. We contacted google webmaster tools, but no response.

    The world is now scary enough. I lost 75% of my life saving in this website. Thank you Matt

  41. Dave

    Maurice beat me to the Chrome suggestion…

    What about going as a bubble? You can be the last one that hasn’t burst yet!

  42. Federico Munoa

    Hi Matt, my vote goes for Kun Fu Panda πŸ™‚


    – Mario Bros
    – Yoda
    – PlayMobile
    – Fred Flintstone – would be your antithesis :p
    – Mr.Go
    – Obelix ??

  43. An Android….. GET IT???!!!
    Hah! =)

  44. McCain then. At least you can be slow all the time and you won’t get tired in any way. + you can get a really young blond on your side.

  45. Mark

    A take of on Flavor Flav would be fun. Go as Vanilla Flav.

  46. Loved Frank Madsen’s Spam suggestion. Let’s take it a step further: Sir Can O’Spam in armor splattered with the stuff.

    But beware of hungry dragons: they love spammy knights!

  47. Kaila

    im going to be gods gift to man. its somthing new and unique πŸ™‚ im going to make it myself

  48. Wall-e? nice one Jeff. I liked the robot theme, Carrie suggested a bot…. well i think you should go with that, you should go as a Autobot! or should it be a Decepticon? hmmm…

  49. Dave (original)

    Take a bunch of your Neighborhood kids trick or treating.

  50. I have a rule of thumb that I try not to dress up as a woman …

    Ummm…have you ever failed, Matt? Is there something you’re not telling us?

  51. i am still voting for The Godfather..

  52. Hi Matt,

    First off I would like to say great blog, I have been following your posts for a while and this is my first comment. Before now I have never felt that I have had something interesting or useful to add.

    Anyway I have a blog named Fancy Dress Ideas….there is now a post on my idea for your Halloween costume and why (the link to it will be my name above)

    Hope you enjoy the read…

  53. claire

    Matt, do something different , dont go as Spam or Chrome, or a spider, or an ipod or with charts stuck to you… thats stuff is everyday, go as BATMAN…

  54. re @multiwordadam adam

    probaly had difuclty walking in heels (stick to 5 inches 6 is a real pain) – or as a reaction to seo idiots cartoon of Matt as a domme.

    I aways thought that Matt could do a great Chief Tyrol from BSG let his bead grow fof a few days a oily boler suit large wrench and your don

  55. 2 thoughts….

    Danny Sullivan

    The Android Green Guy

  56. @MattCutts a rule of thumb not to dress up as a woman? πŸ™‚

    Did you get hit on before when you were wearing a wig or something?

  57. Captain Morgan! Last year the Misses and I went as James and Dolly Madison, and since my shop thought I was a pirate, they kept calling me Captain Morgan. Basically, since that’s what they thought, that’s what they get, and it turns out, Captain Morgan has a pretty cool looking costume for a pirate.


  58. Make a Rubik’s cube costume. There is a speedsolving get together/party on the 25th of this month, and I definitely want to give it (a cube costume) a try.

  59. Be Waldo and every where you go, you can hear “I found him”. Where’s Waldo?

  60. Miles

    I’m going to the Mighty Boosh halloween show as the Spirit of Jazz!

    Well worth finding a video clip…

  61. mdh

    I’d like to go as Jesus Quintana from The Big Lebowski… but I’m having trouble finding the items at thrift stores and on the internet. I saw in your 2007 “What should I be for Halloween” post (http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/halloween-2007-what-should-i-be/) someone said they were going as Jesus from The Big Lebowski… maybe we can work out a deal for your costume? If you think you could help me out, please email me at marshall.d.harris@gmail.com — Thank you…

  62. ok – here’s something totally obscure.

    You could go as the DOT in the old atari 2600 game of Adventure. If you wanted to totally do it right, you’d make an “arrow” sword and a flashing multicolor secret “dot”

  63. Adam Carson


  64. I love the pagerank smashing chainsaw.

    How about a blank WordPress template.

  65. I am dressing up as Marilyn Manson this year have wanted to for ages but finally got the courage lol i got the scary white manson contacts as well they have them on sale at fashion-contactlenses.com i am a bit nervous about wearing them as it is my first time but they will look so cool (im hoping so any way lol)