Halloween 2018: Crab claws!

Do you need something to cheer you up? You got it:

Matt Cutts wears a crab-like Halloween costume

I should explain this costume a little bit. At the US Digital Service, we do a thing called “crab claws.” Crab claws is like visual applause–you pinch your fingers up and down to say “great job” or “congratulations” or “way to go.” We do it because actual applause would be annoying when there’s someone on the phone. The love for crabs goes deep at USDS.

So when I thought about what I wanted to be for Halloween, the answer was pretty simple. Lobster, crab–I wanted to share the crustacean love. One thing I love about the costume is that the shell has a hidden compartment. You could use the shell as a backpack for candy or goodies.

So no homemade costume this year, but I figured people would enjoy this:

Matt Cutts wears a crab-like Halloween costume more

Hope you had a good Halloween!

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  1. Amazing. I love it.

  2. This is the dorkiest thing I have ever heard of and seen. Good Job. I am sure you made some people smile. I smiled, and I had never heard of the reference till now.

    I give it one Coconut Crab Claw.

  3. Hopefully no one else in the office came as a box of Old Bay Seasoning.

  4. Selfie in a mirror in a selfie in a mirror in a selfie. That’s all the levels this resolution allows me to see 😀

  5. That’s pretty cool of you. You look pretty funny!

  6. Matt, I’m very happy to see you’re doing well. You deserve the best for all your positive contributions.