Halloween 2007: what should I be?

I’m trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year. At various times, I have been Google’s original chef Charlie, a punk rocker with blue hair, and Inigo Montoya. Last year, I thought about going as Silent Bob from the movie Clerks, but Ask.com had killed Jeeves that year, so instead I dressed as a zombie version of Jeeves.

Any costume suggestions for me for Halloween?

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  1. OMG! You’re young! I thought you were and old man… I love terrorific customs… Mmm… thinking

  2. Go as yourself Matt and see if anyone notices πŸ˜‰

    oooohh.. noo, Im just kidding..lol πŸ˜‰

  3. A search for “Googleman” in Google images gave me this results: http://samramdhani.googlepages.com/googleman.jpg

    Perhaps you should dress as him…

  4. Esteban or Tony Little

  5. My SO and I are dressing alike; we’re going as Duplicate Content.

    You could dress up like a sausage, tape a few dollar bills on your chest, and be a Paid Link!

  6. The “Weighted Companion Cube” from Portal.

  7. I’m surprised you haven’t dressed up as a tin of SPAM – or is that too obvious?

  8. an iphone?!!

  9. I was upset you didn’t go as Silent Bob last year, so that’s my vote!

  10. You should go as Windows Vista! Freaky! lol

    ok, seriously speaking, I’d like to see silent bob in action!

  11. Why, Miss Universe, of course!

  12. you should totally go as danny sullivan in the woman tank top like in the pic that was floating around last week!!!!

    Think of the links you’d get!!!

    if you promise me you’ll do it I’ll do it too …

  13. You should go as Lumbergh from Office Space. Get some suspenders, aviator-style glasses, blue shirt with a white collar, Initech mug…timeless corporate classic!


    Or one of the Bobs!


  14. Matt,

    How about Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean πŸ™‚

  15. The best costume I saw last year was a guy who came as Alex from A Clockwork Orange. That said, this year we will be Maude and Jesus from The Big Lebowski.

  16. graywolf, I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up as a woman, so maybe I’ll just keep that streak going. πŸ™‚

    By the way, I do have the screen grabs of the video you did with that wig on. When you tried to look like Sugarrae? Matt rummages around…

    Ah, here we are:

    Michael Gray as Sugar Rae

    That’s a Halloween costume right there! πŸ™‚

  17. … I have to say you create a ‘Shady SEO’ character dood (the punk rocker or Silent bob get ups would work).. you could whip up a quick ‘spooky’ home page for the domain…

    Or since Wolfie wants to dress up, you go as him and he can go out as you…. :0)

  18. Matt,

    Now why did you that. I lost all my “basic instincts ” in females by just looking at GrayWolfy πŸ™‚

  19. Jack Sparrow

  20. How about a cowboy with egg on your face or a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader as per: http://www.billhartzer.com/pages/dallas-cowboys-returns-cowboyscom-domain-name/

    That is too funny.

  21. heh nice one.

    if you want that wig let me know I’ll send it your way, i’m totally not too proud to put on wig or even a pair of heels if it will get me some links

  22. graywolf, I forbid you to send that wig to Matt… absolutely NO ONE who has not seen or read the godfather may impersonate me under any circumstances. πŸ™‚

  23. And for the record, I’m going as Uhura (if you have to ask, shame on you) complete with the dress and knee high leather boots.

  24. This halloween you should be a spammer for a change.

  25. The Cutter – your own spook movie version of Freddie Kreuger??

    Tape table knives to your fingers, bit of stage blood and off you go….


  26. The Jeeves zombie looked most impressive. How about this year going as the ghost of ask.com? πŸ˜‰

  27. How about going as a TBPR update? Seeing as there hasn’t been one for nearly 6 months now, it will surprise everyone.

  28. Werewolf. Save the costume for PubCon.

  29. the Chief Executioner of course…

    Complete with mask and big axe.

  30. I think that you should be an SEO chick you could wear the tiny shirt and a blonde wig….lol

  31. Howza about Mr T.

    Still got the best one-liners around.

    “Don’t make me mad, Arrr!”

  32. mmm Halloween, Bill Gates?

  33. You look pretty sick as Silent Bob. You should be him for halloween.

  34. You do pull off a mean Silent Bob. Maybe you can get a #40 Tampa Bay Devil Rays jersey and hat and go as pitcher Jae Seo. I was thinking about ordering one for myself just to have SEO on the back.

  35. Darn, still having trouble with that SPAM Protection algo.

    Hi Matt:

    ZORO because then next year you can use the same cape and go as Dracula.

    Ted Z

  36. I think to stay part of Google you should have a tight perm and little round glasses and join the librarians union!!!

    Have a good weekend – but it is so far away…

  37. Matt:

    You need to get yourself a black hat and a black robe. You can go as a “dark hat” SEO Lord. Make a necklace out of fake hotlinks with dollar bills around them (paid links)…… “Stuff” a pocket full of pieces of paper that say keywords (for stuffing keywords). Also, remember to put a small can of spam in another pocket….

  38. Jehochman, that’s a good one. πŸ™‚ Errioxa, I thought about doing Steve Ballmer. I could get the armpit sweat and bellow “Developers!” when anyone looked at me. I’ve also got some Yahoo schwag, so I could go as Yahoo’s Tim Mayer. πŸ™‚

  39. You could go as the latest new feature: GoogleHome. Basically really I need someone to come over and help me find a library book. Like yesterday.

    Not very scalable, I know. But Halloween would be a great time to Beta it. You could get some of the Google rocket scientists to work out the algo — some relationship between “where did you see them last,” “between the sofa cushions” and “the last place you looked.”

    Not sure what the costume looks like, but it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as we find that darned book. πŸ˜‰

  40. Actually that would have been my choice too… Zombie version of Jeeves? Did you actually dress up or is that just the way you look when you go to work πŸ™‚

  41. Silent Bob is a real good look for you, and it’s easy to pull off.

    If you pass I have a giant pink unicorn costume you can borrow.


  42. lol, I like bob rains suggestion. Unicorn! πŸ˜€

  43. I say you go as Jimmy from Blades of Glory. I’m not sure where you would find the ostrich gloved skating outfit…

  44. Why dont you dress up to look like a spam killer clown. Even better, how about like theGypsy, eh?

  45. Dog the Bounty Hunter!

    I’m sure you can put a spam-hunting twist to it too πŸ™‚

  46. Why not as Miss South Carolina from Miss Teen USA, in favor af a better education. At least, you would look gooood (Of course, I don’t know your actual appearence).

  47. I think you should try Bill Gates; that would be a thrill. You’d get LOTS of candy!


  48. I don’t know if anyone has ever suggested this, but


    If this doesn’t scream “Matt costum”, I dunno what will.

  49. Go as GoogleGuy!

    Heh. πŸ˜‰

    Or maybe a cardboard cutout Googlebot.


  50. netmeg: If you and your SO go as duplicate content, make sure one of you gets the penalty and shows up at the party two hours late.

  51. bob rains, that’s an awesome costume. πŸ™‚

    Dog the Bounty Hunter sounds good, but Harlan Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame is intriguing too.

  52. Hmm.. I’m not all that creative with fancy dress but I always like a water gag – ala the novelty squirting bow-ties.

    I would think being an engineer you could rig up a multitude of water pistols pointing backwards around your costume and call yourself ‘no-follow’… πŸ˜€

  53. Can of SE spam.
    Google Playmate of the Year.

  54. How about a Link Zombie and hang chain links all over yourself with an affiliate ad to to “Text Link Ads”.

  55. Googlebot! ^^

  56. MWA and Matt,

    No please. We don’t want to see Matt going around as a Kentucky Fried Chicken πŸ™

    We need to send a strong message to paid links sellers and buyers…. Captain Jack Sparrow is watching ya πŸ™‚

  57. Dapper Drake?

  58. well given there is the church of google http://www.thechurchofgoogle.org/

    if you could get a group of you to go as you could go as the spamish inquesition

    β€œNOBODY expects the spamish Inquisition! Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as: fear, surprise, ruthlessly efficient algorithms , a 737, an almost fanatical devotion to Matt Cutts , and nice red T shirts- Oh damn! β€œ

  59. Rae

    Uhura sigh “be still my beating heart” πŸ™‚

  60. I am personally liking the Jack Sparrow idea.. tho it has been done a lot…
    Loved the previous costumes,.. and Silent Bob is a good look for you Matt!

    How about going for a classic? Peter Pan? Hook?
    Definately something of ‘the boy who never grew up’ about you hmm? πŸ˜‰

  61. Disguise as a nofollow, that would be scary πŸ™‚

  62. You should go as Michael Gray and wear a tshirt that says
    “Buy Text Links. How is Google going to find out?”

  63. Would the MS Word Help Paperclip be too much of a stretch?

  64. Why not go as Gordon Freeman, (an employee of Black Mesa Research Facility?) Only gamers and nerds will know who you are and you’ll keep everyone guessing. My son dressed that way last year, complete with authentic name tag and glasses. The goatee is easy for you and the crowbar accessory isn’t too threatening. Anyone who is a theoretical physicist and can defend their co-workers against aliens is really hot! Your wife will love it!

  65. Harry Potter’s Professor Snape will scare children (and adults) anywhere you go, I promise!

  66. my vote is for the seomoz googlebot…


  67. I had a friend who always had great costumes; his main criteria was to think of something that would make women want to touch him. I dunno where he is now, but wherever he is, I bet he’s going as an iPhone this year.

  68. OK my vote from the options goes to Silent Bob but I think you should go as Ray from the Ghostbusters (except with a beard).

  69. Some people were mentioning the no follow thing – goes as a truck with this sign if you want to do that

    One of the best I’ve actually seen in the flesh is the Microsoft Office Paper clip assistant – though you’d have to be careful with people possibly attacking you!

    Have fun

  70. I’d say a Rastfarian Ninja. Try that! πŸ˜‰

  71. I did Gandhi last year and it was a hit… basicallly shaved my head, grew a moustach, wore harry potter style glasses and painted myself brown with really cheap halloween body paint… And it wasn’t mess like i thought it would be. Let me tell you it was hilarious. I’ll send a pic if you like but. I recommend that… This year i’m stumped too!

  72. Matt, you have to see this, someone made a poll with your different costumes and posted it online, it’s really funny seeing them all together:

  73. netmeg

    “..his main criteria was to think of something that would make women want to touch him.”

    Then we should suggest Matt should try to look as Adam Lasnik πŸ™‚

  74. Wow, that Inigo Montoya is spot on. Kudos to you, sir.

  75. I think you’d make a great Silent Bob, though some of the other suggestions have been a lot more clever (even though they’ll require a lot of explanation to regular people).

    The Church of Google and the Spamish Inquisition idea is really cute. You could go as a priest… get some vestments in Google colors… maybe prepare a short little sermon on the evils of paid links, etc?

  76. corey, Googlebot would be cool..

  77. Halloween Costumes are meant to be scary right?

    1- Small kid size pool with center cut out $15
    2- Plastic Rap (lots) $10
    3- Glue $2
    4- Sand $0 at Danny’s house
    5- Beach Toys $5
    6- Suspenders $10

    You running around with a sandbox around your waste, priceless.

  78. Here are the suggestions so far:

    – Googleman

    – Esteban or Tony Little

    – Dress up like a sausage, tape a few dollar bills on your chest, and be a Paid Link!

    – The β€œWeighted Companion Cube” from Portal

    – A tin of SPAM

    – An iphone

    – Silent Bob

    – Miss Universe

    – Danny Sullivan in the woman tank top

    – Lumbergh from Office Space

    Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean πŸ™‚

    – A Dallas Cowboy cheerleader

    – The Cutter

    – The ghost of ask.com

    – The Chief Executioner

    – A SEO chick

    – Bill Gates

    – ZORO

    – A β€œdark hat” SEO Lord

    – Unicorn

    – Jimmy from Blades of Glory

    – Dog the Bounty Hunter

    – Harland Sanders

    – Peter Pan

    – Harry Potter’s Professor Snape

    – Googlebot

  79. Here are 10 Halloween Costumes That Are Just Sick and Wrong:



  80. I have come to enjoy picking out a costume although it can become very tidious when it down to the wire.

    What about going an info box and with a little work you can make it appear as if RSS, SEO, GOOGLEBOT, ATOM, the list can go on is poppin out of the top. Kinda like a popcorn ad but instead of kernals poppin out they can be anything you like. You can even put a “hot spot” so woman have a “reason” to touch you!

    OR you can go as Yoda and call it a day πŸ˜›

  81. @Maurice… yeah, I’m geeky like that… I’ve come to embrace it πŸ˜›

  82. I was going to suggest Gordon Brown or the grim reaper until i realised they were one in the same.
    so perhaps either a Michael Jackson mask or an ‘Ask.com search’ t-shirt – they are both pretty scary.

  83. Dave (original)

    Go as Keniki and hang a toilet roll around your neck to wipe the shit he dribbles πŸ™‚

  84. Matt

    Come either as a WereWolf or perhaps RoboCop.

  85. Gordon Brown – doubt that that many people who arn’t wonks would know what he look’s like

    Though I did think that that one VV senior googler could go as Ming Cambell (ex Lib dem leader) cruel i know πŸ™‚

  86. I think the role of a mindless Zombie best suits you. If not, you can always dress up as an NSA “spook” ….. πŸ™‚

  87. Go as the invisible man, photograph a few walls print them out in full sized posters, make some sort of head piece that you can clip the poster to…..actually that sounds kinda dumb, maybe disguise yourself as a Google cupboard instead?

    Something like the vending machine disguise that was on boinboing:

    I’m sure you have a camera and a few large format printers around, it can’t be too difficult to knock something up to look like an office cupboard.

  88. Some ideas:
    Gain some weight and go as google earth.

    Go as a desktop with lots of icons.

    Go as evil Elgoog, the dark site of Google.

    Go as Elvis, people still believe he is alive.

  89. Corporal Nobby Nobbs or some other TP character πŸ˜€

  90. Captain Jack Sparrow sounds good! I would love to see a pic of you in dreadlocks and a cutlas.

  91. Matt, you should probably wear a Jeremy Zavodny outfit… that should scare everybody πŸ˜‰

  92. How about shaving your head and going as Mr. Clean?

  93. Hey, Matt, there seem to be a lot of shave your head ones here, so how about Uncle Fester.

  94. I think you should go as “Murray” from Flight of the Conchords…


    How about you go as a Cuttlett?!?! I can make you a shirt! πŸ˜›

  95. You should try Count Dracula find some gorgeous girls and dress them like Vampire Queens and you will be the star hehehe.

  96. Matt I think this picture says it all:


  97. Go with either Scarface or the Missing Man costume.

  98. hey matt, why don’t you come to india in this halloween!

  99. Go as a Google Bomb

  100. Go as Dane Cook, talk non stop about the MLB playoffs and ACTOBER!

  101. You should be the Marshmallow man from ghostbusters! Yeaa!

  102. Ollas, some people have decide to help you in your choice by rating your past costumes πŸ˜‰ http://www.pollsb.com/polls/view/3193/google-s-seo-guru-matt-cutts-best-halloween-costume-so-far

  103. You could go as Victoria Beckham!

    Now that would be scary !!!!

  104. I think I like the google bot idea the best! Have fun!

  105. Maybe not dress up anything for Halloween like this guy in the graphic:

    Cheer !! ^^

  106. i mean something like this :


    dunno if it’s consider A rated πŸ˜‰

  107. I love the bag of Gross-eries idea. (http://jas.familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts?page=CraftDisplay&craftid=11127)
    You could go as Google’s Bag of Gross-eries and use the rotten sausage links (paid links), spoiled milk (MSN) and other not so subtle hints of the “rotten” SEO practices and Google competitors.

    You could also dress up as the first public prototype of the Google gPhone!

  108. Given the reaction of the blogosphere to the PageRank “adjustments”, you might consider going as the Grinch.

  109. go as vanessa fox.

  110. I was thinking about going as a Google spider… maybe carrying a “nofollow” sign in front of me, or having some robot text files…

    And my cubicle mate suggests covering yourself with question marks and going as a search algorithm… because NOBODY KNOWS what it looks like! Spooooky!

  111. How about David Beckham?

  112. Go as spam… Dress as Google man (see above) and shout PORN!!! and VIAGRA!!! to every body you meet:D

  113. Matt,
    Unquestionably the grim reaper after this last round of penalizations and page rank updates LOL.

  114. Maybe dress as Yahoo..just kiddin..we don’t want you to be trader. πŸ™‚

  115. Get a long blonde curly wig, a couple of balloons in a tight white t-shirt and go as Dog’s wife!

  116. I think do a Superman custome but as GoogleMan – big G and the colors of Google in the costume…. cape, briefs, tights, shirt….

    or gel your hair and buy a pair of yellow sneakers…. Rand

  117. Larry and Sergey as ‘Ghoul’gle:

  118. If by any case you are leaning toward Captain John Sparrow, may I suggest Captain Ron instead?

  119. I liked to see Matt Cutts dressed as django ! ah ah ah !

  120. im being an angel for halloween u should be that also because i dont really dont know!LOL!!!!

  121. some tough love going on around here for matt