Halloween 2006: Zombie Jeeves

I really enjoy Halloween. Let’s recap. Sometime in 2000 or 2001, I went as our chef Charlie (the one who once cooked for the Grateful Dead):

Matt and Charlie

Then in 2003, I colored my hair and went as punk rock Matt:

Matt Cutts as a Halloween punk rocker

In 2005, I picked up the blade of the six-fingered man to become Inigo Montoya:

Inigo Montoya!

See, it’s not a pirate. It’s Inigo Montoya. I was drawing a blank this year, so I asked for suggestions. One suggestion I liked was Silent Bob. He’s easy to do (just a trenchcoat and baseball cap), plus you get full mobility and full facial recognition. This morning, I tried it out to see what I thought:

Matt as Silent Bob

Not too bad. But earlier this month I was thinking about a halloween costume that was specific to search. We were always told that Jeeves “decided to retire in style and cruise the happy seas.” That’s always been the official story:

Jeeves happily sailing around the world

But what if Jeeves didn’t retire? Someone should Ask™: what if someone decided to retire Jeeves by deadly force? My high-level contacts within the search industry have suggested that JEEVES WAS MURDERED!! I have compiled this infographic diagram to illustrate one potential situation:

Ask(tm), who killed Jeeves?!?

In Halloween memory of Jeeves, I decided to dress as Zombie Jeeves.

Matt Cutts as Zombie Jeeves for Halloween

Rest in peace, Jeeves. Rest in peace. Here’s the typical Jeeves pose:

Zombie in profile

And now spammers can have a zombie after them in addition to Inigo:

Zombie on your trail, spammers!

So, are you doing anything special for Halloween?

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  1. Haha real nice Matt πŸ™‚ !

  2. you need to go get one of those bald caps.

  3. I think your next video should be you in Silent Bob attire doing the dance from the original Clerks. I think that’s SEO knowledge we can alway laugh at it… er… use.

  4. What? No beard?! Suit and tie? Oops!

  5. Dead ringer for silent bob. No pun intended.

  6. yeah.. you shoulda gone bald for this Matt… come on.. it’s fun! All the execs at my company do it every summer.

    anyway.. you don’t look like you at all without the facial hair… you look like a totally different person.

  7. Lol good stuff Matt, but you have too much hair, and you finally decided to shave. I am going to dress up like the father that has to take his 3 year old unicorn daughter around, but with a pulled calf muscle from using the treadmill last night.

  8. Haha, funny one, almost as funny as Ask’s sarcastic post about using “google” as a verb πŸ™‚

  9. That’s hilarious Matt … well done … but you need a knife sticking out of your back with some blood dripping down to match your infographic.

    “So, are you doing anything special for Halloween?”
    Not much … just letting folks from the Internet not only view my Halloween Display via three webcams, but also CONTROL it using X10 powerline technology.

    Yes, you can turn the 7,000 lights on & off, plus even inflate (or deflate) the giant Pumpkin, Frankenstein & Homer Simpson – D’oh! Heck, you can even send “Instant Messages via Webcam” for everyone to see.

    Plus there will be a TON of trick-or-treaters (I have a better webcam angle for the time-lapse video this year) – for some reason, my house is kinda popular with the neighborhood kids (including this big one) – heh, heh …

    But that’s it for me! πŸ˜‰

  10. Matt,

    Now, this is real content!! No spam!! Very funny! πŸ™‚

    Mark Varnas

  11. You are mad!

  12. I was a boorrito: http://knaddison.com/tabasco-and-boorito

    Note, the costume was re-used today for a free burrito πŸ™‚

  13. Barry: Dr. Frankenstein was the one who was mad. Surf on by in a couple of hours and “kill” his monster (and/or Homer!) … but be aware that if someone else hits the “inflate” button, then “IT’S ALIVE” πŸ˜‰

  14. I went as Tobias Funke on Friday night for the Critical Mass ride and to a few parties. I wore cutoffs and painted my whole body blue. Here is a picture:


    On Saturday I went to a party as a Blue Man. Today I’m not doing anything because I feel lazy and I only had one class.


  15. OH MY Gosh! How hilarious you are. I have been following your blog for quite some time but never once felt compelled to comment. You are funny, you are interesting, you can write!, you are super creative, you have got to be bord silly 99% of the time, and you are probably a genius! You are the life of the party and it’s a treat to read your blog. Thanks!

  16. Matt

    Zombie or not zombie. Glad to see you lost some of those excessive kilograms. Guess, Bacon Polenta hasn’t been served at the Cutts home for at least 6 months or so πŸ™‚

  17. Tip For The Day After.

    Keep the facial hair far far away. It looks better.

    Hey, don’t think of me the wrong way.

  18. Nice makeup job! (That is makeup right? =)

  19. Ha! Glad to you tried out my suggestion for Silent Bob… Just a little more work and you could’ve hung out in Hollywood and signed autographs!

  20. I LOVE the Silent Bob!! Your Zombie Jeeves scares me… you look like a Republican on November 1st! LOL

  21. OK, so I like the Jeeves costume, and I think you can defenitely be understudy for Silent Bob in the next Kevin Smith film. However, what I REALLY thought was awesome is your Firefox T-shirt. Represent!

  22. The last few photos really cracked me up Matt πŸ˜€

  23. Good one Matt, and a glimpse of you at age 70?

    Alek you inflatable hoaxer!

  24. kid disco, I almost grew my beard out to make the Silent Bob complete. πŸ™‚

    Nick, I had a bald cap but didn’t like it as much. Hope I didn’t scare you too much, Audrey. πŸ™‚

    Jessie, I’m glad you noticed the Firefox. That’s a little shout out that not everyone would notice..

  25. Interesting to see in these pictures how your self-confidence grew over the years,. πŸ™‚

  26. LMAO you would make a perfect Silent Bob! Just roll a nice fat J and you’d be sorted. I can see it all coming together… perfect ha!

  27. Looks like a person who flunked out of Weight Watchers.
    “Mommy, why does daddy have those tubes up his nose?”
    “He had a heart attack from eating like a king”

  28. Way to go Matt! Too bad some of us have to work on hallowenneie. Your pokes at ask.com are humorous, they have referred 105 to my websitein the last week while Google has sent me thousands of non converting traffic. If I wanted that I would sign up with one of those traffic exchanges. It seems as if the intellectuals seek ask.com, those in a hurry search Yahoo! and geeks with Firefox search Google.
    Thats ok I don’t want geek traffic on my site anyhow. Are they gonna buy something fron me or do they want a free download of some porn crap. Keep it up as I wait for my way undervalued Yahoo! stock that I bought for pennies years ago to go through the roof.
    Good luck.

  29. OK Alek – Amazing stuff and I’ll take your word for it that you aren’t hoaxing anymore.

  30. Hey Audrey

    Would you be kind to eleborate more about “The Matt Cutts Makes Me Google Girl” πŸ™‚

  31. love it!! you are a dead ringer for S-Bob, but total props for the Jeeves zombie.

  32. Many people have existential problems with the “minus 30 penalty” but nothing better occurs to you as to write about yours Halloween disguising. This is very sarcastic.


  33. Matt, when are you going to seriously look at subdomain spam.


    Most of the backlinks to this site are from it’s own subdomains and it is greatly boosting it in the rankings. At the very least, sub domains should be discounted in the algo.

  34. Silent Bob costume is perfect. Perhaps darken the hair, and you’re set.

  35. Holy shit!!! Scary!!!

  36. Good to see your past Halloween avatars. You definitely look slimmer in your new avatar.

    By the way, Google does not favor Black Hat SEO techniques, but I just found that Google loves to make dollars selling Black Hat SEO techniques. I just googled for ‘doorway page generator’ and could find 20 adwords ads. Can Google not maintain its integrity in practising what they preach?

  37. hilarious… even better than in 2005

  38. cool idea for a costume but the best thing about your idea was to loose the goatee

  39. I miss Jeeves…. maybe Google should resurrect him and change his name to Geeves. Great idea for a costume though.

  40. Matt,

    Nice costume. I went as a Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings. My wife is next to me in the picture. I went to a halloween party at my friends and stayed outside the door the first 2 hours just to scare the holy heck out of people that were coming to the door to ring the doorbell. It was alot of fun except for the fact that my custom made costume had about 14 lbs of material and I was sweating my butt off. You can view the pic of the costume here. http://www.myspace.com/darkridernazgul

    The costume including the gauntlets were made for me by Jeff over at Stelter Creative Works.



  41. Anybody who was at the Ask party during SES New York earlier this year will know the truth about what happened to Jeeves. He was frozen in a carbonite block by Boba Fet and shipped off to Tatooine where he is now butlering for Jabba the Hut! Honest! I was there and I saw it!

  42. lolz.. you look so funny a Matt.. hahah.. Cool Costume every halloween..

  43. cool costume every holloween

  44. Matt, the lack of facial hair was scarier than the costume, same reason I don’t shave.

    Shoemoney, first time I’ve ever seen SuperMan with camel toe, sheesh πŸ˜‰

  45. Love the punk rock look and the Sex Pistols tee! You should also have went with some faux tattoos and piercings…oh, and a snarl! LOL.

  46. hey, you need to cut your hair, you have more hair than mr jeeves

  47. lol,.Funny,, esp. the one with trenchcoat and baseball cap. nice pic.

  48. I think you need longer hair to scare more people off ?

  49. Q: So, are you doing anything special for Halloween?
    A: Yeah, trying to act normal.

  50. I think pink hair might be better πŸ˜‰ tips for next Halloween..

  51. I would not have guessed the jeeves costume… just some zombie..

  52. Is this real you Matt πŸ˜‰ why is the sword in yur hand to kill spam I guess…

  53. never have liked ask.coms results- jeeves is a stupid dingaling anyway

  54. I would not have guessed the jeeves costume… just some zombie..

  55. HAHAHAHAA!! …
    Only the computer geek would get this 100%
    thank you for a good laugh!