Google Video adds unlisted option

Philipp notes (hat tip to Googlified) that you can upload unlisted videos to Google video now. The webmaster help page for the feature points out that it’s like an unlisted telephone number: the odds of someone guessing an unlisted url are miniscule, but you can send the video’s url to anyone you choose and they can access the video.

This was something that I would have loved when I did my spate of videos a while ago. It’s nice to make a video and upload it in advance. Then making the video visible is as easy as (according to the help page):

– Find the video you want to re-list and click the link that says “Edit Video Info”
– Find the “Access” option and select the “Public” radio button

and maybe waiting a few hours for the change to go into effect. By the way, here’s a simple link to see all the videos I’ve done so far.

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  1. Hello Matt,

    To this date, I have actually not yet utilized Google Video, You-Tube or any other website of such kind but I’m curious whether or not Videos that you choose to upload Unlisted are still to respect Google’s Upload Terms and Conditions, meaning whether or not people will have restrictions on the content they are allowed to upload. Since it will not appear in the Video Search, there would not be a need to restrict certain content but I would assume there are loopholes to that as well.


  2. Not sure, Damir. All my videos are rated G. 🙂

  3. Netfreez, now it isn’t important – google buy tube…

  4. Matt, the problem I found with Google Video is that they take so long to be authenticated/activated/accepted.

    This is one major thing that sets Google Video(GV) apart from YouTube(YT). With YT I’m able to upload a video and then people can start viewing it 5 mins later… with GV it’s more like 5 days.

    By the way, here’s a simple link to see all the videos I’ve done so far:

  5. I like the basic idea, however I wonder if google spiders it’s own content or would refference the page if someone made a link to the unlisted material from a regular website.

  6. Frank1211

    hi Matt, currently we can not use google video in China, I don’t know if the other countries have the same problem. So can you suggest that to launch the function to us soon?

  7. Unlisted video is a great plus will YouTube get this and great post Matt love your blog and I read it everyday, Now that you have got YouTube will you be keeping the brand name or will it be renamed to Google Video?

  8. Esrun, have you tried Google Video lately? It’s been pretty fast for me, especially if you use the web-based upload form in your browser.

    Benoit, I think it’s like if an url is unlinked and someone links to it; it can show up in the search results.

  9. I`m curios to see wjat effects will have after google bought youtoube

  10. Not A Fan of Google Video

    I don’t quite get it why GV can’t be viewed in China.

    Not that I don’t understand the copyright crap and blah blah – so it’s no surprise to me that “Google Video can’t be played back in your country” – but hey, I can view and play YouTube without any problem in China, who cares if Google Video doesn’t bother to even think of a better way ( or provide at least some free contents for Chinese viewers ).

    And guess what, by using a proxy server, I can still view any Google Video content as much as I could in US.

    I call this “Google Arrogance”. Ten years ago Microsoft had it, and it failed miserably in China.

    Now I hope Google could learn something from folks in Redmond, the hard way.

    Well, I actually meant THOSE Google people from San Bruno, not from Mountain View who are still bragging about free food ( helloooo ).

    With best regards,

    William Gates, III

  11. Amy

    Its also not showing to my country but I click go to then it will be fine.