Google I/O 2011!!1!

This week brings the Google I/O conference. That page has a QR code that lets you install the official Google I/O Android app for the conference.

The conference has a ton of great talks scheduled. You can learn everything from “Building Aggressively Compatible Android Games” to “Cloud Robotics” to “Designing and Implementing Android UIs for Phones and Tablets” to a Google Checkout talk to “Honeycomb Highlights” to “How to NFC,” plus a ton more. Want to hear about Python from Guido van Rossum? He’ll be there. Want to hear how the Google Pac-Man logo happened? Those folks will be there. Web Fonts? Uh huh. You can even meet the Google Ventures team for some VC speed dating.

I’ll be doing an Ignite talk at 5pm on Tuesday about “Trying Something New for 30 Days.” If you see me at Google I/O, come up and say hello!

You can also follow @googleio on Twitter, and the hash tag is #io2011.

Even if you can’t make it to Google I/O in person, a lot of the talks will be livestreamed. They just announced that the keynotes will be about Android and Chrome. I think the videos of the talks should be up fairly quickly as well: the official blog post claims “Recorded videos from all sessions across eight product tracks will be available within 24 hours after the conference.” Here’s the session videos from 2010, for example. Hope to see you at I/O!

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  1. Under the heading of “Try Someting New”, what’s up with the new Fast-Access Mode on Google Analytics reporting? It appears to render advanced segments useless beyond 7 days and apparently wreaks havoc on custom reporting too. Is this intentional or some sort of experiment gone awry? There is a lot of chatter on the forum from other frustrated users, but I haven’t found anything useful from Google on it. We love and live by our Google Analytics, but this change really reduces the value.

  2. Hey Matt,

    You took your hand off the SHIFT key too early. 😉

    Also, Ignite to me has a way different frame of reference these days. It’s used by a major fireplace manufacturer as the name of their dealer network. I don’t know all that much about trademarks (I’m not a lawyer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night), but is that one of those things that potentially could be or already is?

  3. I’m excited to see what Jason Bayer and Christian Kurzke have to say about making Android apps for GoogleTV. Developers that can put together quality apps on this platform will probably have something valuable on their hands. Can’t wait!

  4. Matt, Your Panda is broken, I don’t want you playing games until you fix it!

  5. Will look out for the live stream, but will there ever be a google led conference in the UK?

  6. I am watching a livestream now. But I have a question Matt. Are all those links in the post seen as Spammy by Googlebot?

  7. I want to go to Google I/O to say today’s Google Logo “Martha Graham 117 Anniversary” is very interesting, but i didn’t see you.

  8. Thanks for linking to the “30 day challenge: being thankful and going offline” through this article, I could not have gotten to it. I quite enjoyed going through it. I am going to start my list today, I have a lot to be thankful for especially to my wife, she has just given birth to our beautiful third daughter. I bet I will write something about my Android phone in it too.


  9. I have been seeing some of the announcements coming from this and I am excited. Did I see somewhere a Chrome OS tablet making its way into the lime light?

  10. Ibrahim Salem

    Hey, All and Matt Cutts, How you doing?
    Thats sounds great!!, Keep it up!!
    Cutts do you know if there is such event in London…

  11. Hi Matt

    With regards to the light hearted banter over the “Tom Rizzo” login used at I/O, Network World quoted Mr Rizzo as saying: “I fundamentally believe Office and Office 365 are much, much better than anything they have to offer.”

    What are your thoughts on Google Chromebook’s competitive advantages?

  12. I’ve attended this event. I loved the tips from VCs about how to raise venture capital at Google I/O.

  13. i will be waiting for the “Trying Something New for 30 Days”

    Nyways keep it up…..

    thank you

  14. Wish I could attend the Google I/O and hear more about Android. Perhaps next year instead.

  15. Wish some of these conferences would make their way to the East Coast, we have internet here too ya know!

    All the talks available online are great though, it’ll take me ages to get through all of them (a good thing!)

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  17. Hi, Matt,

    I was just wondering if you could tell me what’s up with this whole thing? Yeah, I heard they were penalized for some reason and… they asked you for help.

  18. As Sheldon commented about dvdizzy site above, Is it possible to ask for any explanation about rankings to Google? I wonder if it is…

  19. Matt, Nice and clear, 301 redirects are the way to fly. That bothered me for some time, appreciation for the demystify-er. A similar “Rel=” arouse last evening about the true purpose of rel=”nofollow”. If you find time can you share the relative truth with the google perspective attached to your comments.


  20. When you go to these conferences, how do you keep from being stressed out by 1000 people with “how do I questions”… id be totally stressed out if i were you Matt.

  21. Dear Matt:
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    you guys really did a lot of works for us to make google more usefully for us.
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    Thanks you

  22. Will be looking out for a live stream, but will there ever be a google led conference in the UK?

  23. I really wish we had something like this in the UK Matt, seriously lacking over here man!

  24. Hello,
    I see people asking for this event in UK, but what about in Mexico, do we have any kind of events like these in MX?
    By the way matt do you happen to know why I’ve seen people promoting the same product trough google adwords and is the same product that got rejected for my own campaign?