Google Factory Tour starts in less than an hour

By the way, according to this page, it sounds like Google will webcast a press event starting quite soon. You can watch the Google Factory Tour live from 9:30 to noon Pacific time. I’ll probably keep the webcast open in my browser to listen this morning.

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  1. I like the Jack Johnson music … great choice! 🙂

  2. Very good choice indeed! Looking fwd to the preso

  3. Windows Media Player or RealPlayer?! Dude!



  4. ThomasB, it’s kind of mellow music, isn’t it?

  5. not too big on punctuality are they?

  6. well, it’s ok to listen to on the side when waiting and working or being on the beach and drinking a Sprite 😉

  7. for those of us who missed it, where do we find it?

  8. Whats going on?

    Eric Schmidt talking Healthcare Information, and Google founders talk Climate Change !

    Nobody talking about the recent software update or the hurricanes at Google DCs (:(

  9. Paul Avery, my guess is that in a few days the recorded info will be available at the same location.

  10. The Google Health screenshots Barry showed on SEL looked very very cool. I’m very interested in this and eager to check out all the details.

  11. Dave (Original)

    Matt, as you have answered other questions in your other posts, while totally ignoring mine, I can only assume that you personally don’t want Google to be SEEN sponsoring “how to spam the SEs” only.

    I’m loosing faith in Google REALLY fast by you deliberately dodging this question.

    Matt, if don’t like Google to be seen sponsoring ‘how to spam us’, why not raise the concern WITH relevant Google department as apposed to removing my link that shows Google sponsor the SMX?

    Come on, Matt. You answer blackhats, why not answer a question from a concerned whitehat?

  12. Dave (Original), the short answer is that I don’t consider sponsoring a search conference (e.g. SMX) as a “how to spam us” conference. In my experience, the large majority of advice given at such conferences is white-hat, and when the speakers stray into higher-risk areas they’re much better than in previous years about disclosing that they’re about to give tips that incur higher risk. Is that a straight enough answer for you?

  13. Dave (Original)

    Thank you, Matt, I appreciate your answer. BUT, you didn’t give reason why you deleted my link to the SMX sponsor page?

    So disclosing risk makes it OK? I can see that as a very slippery slope. It’s just like a College sponsoring a exam conference where “how to cheat on exams” is taught, but risks are disclosed. Or, a Casino sponsoring a card playing conference, where “how to cheat” is taught with risks disclosed.

    It’s likely already happened that Google has banned a site for SE spam where the Webmaster learned the spam at one of the Conferences Google sponsor. IMO, that would make a great legal defence.

    Surely you can see that Google is sending mixed signals by sponsoring conferences where SE spam is taught, regarless of whether risk are disclosed.

    What you are saying is, anything goes at these conferences so long as risks are disclosed.

  14. Nice that there was a webcast for us blogging from elsewhere. Unfortunately the slides to the webcast’s side didn’t start to show until #85 (at least here and from what I saw, but others were also not able to grab the earlier slides so it might well have been a general problem). Google press support too didn’t have them for me so far. Also, this time I didn’t see mentioned how to reach Google via email for the Q&A session like on some previous press events, but I might have just missed this.

  15. Now that they are going to monitize image searches maybe G should quit the practice of framing images? Or better yet start framing text searches and see what people think.

  16. Thanks! I love stuff like this.