Google Earth for Macs

David Krane is a Google PR (as in Public Relations) star. He mentions that Google Earth for Macs is coming. He also points out that Intel on a Mac is coming too. Wild..

(Reminder: I’m mostly away this week, so if you haven’t been approved to comment on my site before now, it may have to wait until I get back.)

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  1. Im not much of a MAC guy, but I see they are getting more attention from big companies lately. Tell me Matt, which do you prefer to use – Windows or MAC?

  2. Tony: its Mac, not MAC…

    Matt: Intel Macs are actually here, not ‘coming’…. and sweet they are looking too! Laptop claims 4-5 x speed increase.

    Now wondering if GoogleEarth will

    a) have a nicer interface than the Beta looked like it had (bloody awful buttons reminiscent of a fisher-price toy), and
    b) be a Universal Binary ready for use on our new Intels.

    Anyway, enjoy being ‘away’!

  3. You guys that say you are not Mac guys or gals, just don’t know what you’re missing. But don’t all go out and buy one. We like being exclusive and not worrying about spyware, malware, viruses, etc. (I still run virus protection, just to be sure, but it’s very uncommon to find a virus written for a Mac.)

    So glad to see that Google Earth is going to be available to us Mac users. I’ve heard good things about it, but haven’t seen it yet.

  4. what’s a mac?

  5. a paper weight!

  6. I love Google Earth 🙂 (just wanted to let the world know).

  7. I’m a big Mac fan and I just downloaded Google Earth for the Mac too. Thanks Google people for including us in your fun!

  8. Excellent, I am going to prove it. By the way, and even I know this is not the best place to mention it, I hope that Gogle doesn’t forget the Gmail’s calendar

  9. benj, it’s “it’s” not “its” 🙂

  10. Maybe Google shoulda announced Google Earth for Mac at MacWord?

  11. scroll to the bottom. check out the massive keyword spamming. she is at the top of many pages.

  12. Oh that’s gonna look so cool on my 30″ Apple Studio 🙂

    I’ll be able to zoom in on some of the places you guy’s talk about across the pond.

    Trouble is he’s going to have to write a new one now we are going Dual platform lol.

  13. Well, this is going to be a pretty random post so if you are looking for intelligent comment you can skip ahead.

    In the possible area of Urban Legend, it has been remarked that Al Quida in Iraq is a serious user of Google earth. That and a GPS and they can do some ‘neat things’. With laptops proliferating in the US forces with superior(hopefully) access it isn’t a biggy but it does point out unintended consequences.

    A Brit journal recently ran a contest of sorts to find ‘black helocopter’ and there were many located sitting on fields around the world and in flight. They even came up with a WWII Lancaster bomber flying over England. I guess Google also helps prove we all have too much free time and we need to return to the 80 hour workweek like a true Googler.

    Same journal discusses Google’s plot to take over the world. It is British humor(humour) at its finest. Which means even a Brit won’t get it and instead rush off at a tangent via Silly Walk.

    When you say Mac, they come out of the woodwork with the same ol’ cliches. The reason they don’t have virus problems is that if one seized them all they’d still need more computers to mount a serious DoS attack. LOL

    The Dual platform issue isn’t new. They’ve had it since the 8080 card for the original Mac. And the common complaint currently is their emulator won’t do this or that. Actually, lousy ideas in that regard go back into the ancient history of personal computing. Ohio Scientific had a multi-processor klunker that was supposed to let you switch between 6502 and 8080–CP/M and Apple II on one machine. The result was a computer that didn’t do anything well. Why we persist in revisiting hermorphidites that never work as intended and leave us with less rather than more is a conundrum.

  14. Hi Matt

    My sites algo just got knocked out cold 🙂

    I zoomed into the Zoo in S.D. with Google Earth, it looks amazing. I would not go anywhere I am not familar with unless I have checked out the hood with Google Earth

    Enjoy you trip

  15. Total waste of engineering resources for such a pimple of a percentage of users unless you typo’d and meant the iPod.

  16. This is a step in the right direction. Mac users are fanatics and never plan to :switch.

    Glad to see the support!

  17. This is great news for us Mac users.

  18. Google is planning to create a version for Linux/BSD?

  19. Matt, got an odd thing going on with Blogger and thought i would bring it to your attention.

    Check this out.
    At this site,
    I can see what blogs have linked to

    On Friday last week, I had 67 blogs linking in, which is way out of whack, and some other spikes since then.

    Looking at them, like this one,
    They are writing some nonsensical paragraphs and linking to an old search feature that I used from Digital Point.
    Note the line “you” in the second paragraph.

    I had trouble with the search program and quit using it about 3 weeks ago, but I’m trying to figure out what these folks are aiming at.
    I mean, I know that it’s links spamming back to their site, or at least trying to.

    When I discovered it, I put a redirect to my Big List, so now it’s getting nothing but even if it were working properly, the feature used my Google API to search my site and show results from LWE. This would have returned a “nothing found” answer. The logs are not/were not ever available to the public.

    Most of the links i’m seeing are all directing to a “search” feature of some sort.

    What you think?