Google earnings via YouTube webcast?

Huh. This looks new. I headed over to to listen to the Google earnings call. Normally the webcast uses Windows Media Player or Real Player, but this time it looks like the earnings call is being hosted on a YouTube channel: instead. Cool. Go check it out if you want to listen along.

Added: MG Siegler noted the change as well.

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  1. I like YouTube much better!

  2. Brian, given that I use Linux on this laptop, I completely agree.

  3. And I heard that YouTube is going to HTML 5 soon, so we won’t even need to have Flash installed in the future. Us web developers are going to like that. Finally… progress! How the Web should be and it’s about time HTML evolved some more. I remember in the 90s when a new version of HTML was coming out every 6 months, it seemed. 🙂

  4. No matter what new company pops up… YouTube is my favorite too…

  5. Luke

    Well, if you pay a billion dollars for something, it makes sense to use it 🙂

  6. That’s cool! And the earnings…not bad 🙂

  7. Well… It just makes sense.

    Delivering good news, while instilling brand recognition. Brilliant!

  8. As a former Google investor and a potential future investor that earnings report looks healthy. Google had not only a YTY quarterly increase of GAAP income, but a strong free cash flow and good EPS (which can justify the nominal price of its shares). Further, I do not think it has any long term debt. It is interesting to see that 53% of revenues came from International sources!
    That is all nice and good, however, when I look at a company, I guess I care more about where it is going rather than where it has been. This ultimately comes down to, not the news headlines day to day but confidence in management to do the right thing.
    All company evaluations for investing, employment or even use of their product comes down to management’s vision and their ability to implement their vision despite critics or obstacles. So far Google’s track record is pretty good in this area.

  9. Osama Ali

    Brian Ussery January 21, 2010 at 2:44 pm
    I like YouTube much better!

    Who doesn’t?

  10. ufff..

    almost 60min of taped phone call, the sound quality is pretty low….

  11. Damian

    as a podcast would be a good idea ..

  12. Yuhong Bao

    Yea, Google is finally eating it’s own dogfood in IR. I wonder why it took so long?

  13. I think Google buying youtube was the smartest business decision they made thus far.

  14. Google earnings via YouTube webcast

  15. seo

    I love Crome its simple and fast but still not 100% rome wasnt build in one day 🙂 like søgemaskineoptimering

  16. seo

    since google owns youtube it should make sence to use this

  17. Does that mean that google is Microsoft free? & finally standing on its own feet.

  18. Thanks Matt!

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