Get Ready for Google Chrome: New Open-Source Web Browser

Google just officially confirmed that it will release a new open-source web browser, called Google Chrome (that link should go live sometime tomorrow).

I can’t wait to talk more about Google Chrome, but I’ll hold off until it officially launches. Once people can download Google Chrome, I plan to talk about my experiences using Google Chrome, to lay some truth on you about questions you might ask about Google Chrome, and to give some tips for power browsers.

In the mean time, it looks like Philipp Lenssen over at Google Blogoscoped got an early copy of a comic by Scott McCloud about Google Chrome. You might as well go ahead and read the comic book (or if the server is overloaded, I’m sure you can get a copy from Google in a few days).

Update: here’s a link to the official Google Chrome comic book. It’s the best 40-page comic about web browsers that I’ve ever read! πŸ™‚ Talk to you soon.

Update: According to a press release this morning, Google will host a webcast press briefing and demo at 11 a.m. Pacific time today. I think this link (Windows Media Player) or this link (Real Player) will get you there in case you want to watch.

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  1. Not another web browser!

    Doesn’t Google already heavily fund the Mozilla Project? Why launch their own browser which would compete with Firefox?

  2. Hi Matt

    I cannot believe this. Google is going to release a open source browser? Wow, this is a shocking and great news. Google is always providing open source things like Google Analytics etc etc.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this browser πŸ™‚

    Thank you google for this browser and Thanks Matts for the info.

  3. Wow, that is exciting news! How wil it differ from the other main players in the browser market??

  4. Is the chrome web browser an implantation of the OP web browser found in the IEEE security & privacy 2008 book?

  5. Deron Sizemore, that’s a fine question. Once Google Chrome is launched, I’ll provide my personal take on the answer.

  6. Read the comic and strongly agree with the part about plugins — so does this new browser give you a way to watch YouTube videos without having to trust Adobe? If you had the HTML “video” tag you wouldn’t have to start a Flash jail process for every YouTube tab.

  7. Matt, which browser do you use?

  8. Now, can I have a side order of GDrive with this, to go?

  9. Will see !! what is the new in this browser !!

  10. β€œWe’re hard at work building versions for Mac and Linux too”

    From excitement and impatience to disappointment in one sentence!

  11. We shall see how much more of a pain this is amongst the web design community… All we ask is that you adhere to the standards already set, we don’t want to see Chrome specific hacks…

  12. FF has been getting more and more market share against M$, won’t this confuse people?

  13. Some server overload is easy to predict!

  14. that “omni box” sounds suspiciously similar to ff3 so called “awesome bar”

    I utterly DESPISE the new awesome bar in firefox, a simple url bar and history auto complete is All i personally want and need… if i need to search or need a recomendation, i go to for that!
    a huge change in behavior by mozilla by forcing the “awsome bar” on people…its something youd expect from MS…

    Since Google Chrome is New… heres to hoping that it will be something that FIRST and foremost…gives you a solid Web Browser (crazy idea i know)… that then provides OPTIONS on how to extend it. rather than deviating into a glorified search “application” right from the start.

  15. Is that the collective sound of millions of web developers around the world simultaneously banging their heads against their keyboards that I hear?

  16. That is truly amazing. Will it be cross compatible with Mozilla and IE7? I use some ajax applications on my site do I need to add any new lines of code to my javascript to allow Google chrome to run these applications correctly? I also wondered what kind of security will be offered for privacy and phishing. I hope this really will stomp the competetitors with 78% vulnerability to internet threats. Is the archetecture similar to Mozilla or a totally new framework? Sorry, if i am rambling but this is very exciting.

  17. This is not really a comment, its more like a question. Sorry it might not relate to your topic on hand but i needed some good advice. My website which is is dropping out of indexing from google. I would like to know if you could take a look at my site and give me a few ideas on what to do to get my index numbers up again. I was at 13000 pages, now i am at 1100. Desperate for some help.


  18. Deron said: “Doesn’t Google already heavily fund the Mozilla Project? Why launch their own browser which would compete with Firefox?”

    IIRC most of the funding comes from AdSense revenues.

    First off, whether or not Google likes Firefox, it looks like they felt they could do things better. They could suggest all they wanted to Firefox, but in the end, whether to adopt Google’s suggestions was Firefox’s choice. I’m guessing that they tried to make some of these suggestions, Firefox’s controlling developers said no, and Google felt that its own browser could add a significant enough amount to the browsing experience that it was worth doing.

    First off, look at their base HTML renderer. They’re using WebKit, which is one of the underpinnings of Safari, while Firefox uses Gecko, originally developed to power Netscape. According to one developer’s comparison of the two: “Gecko is as impenetrable and bloated as it is fast and compatible. WebKit, on the other hand, is sleek and svelte. It’s approachable. It’s really easy to fix bugs.”

    If you believe that, Firefox is starting to run up against the limitations and liabilities of the Gecko codebase, which is not hard to believe. As the comic said, much of what comprises today’s menu of web browsers is legacy code that evolved with the internet. What Google decided to do is start from scratch so they could build something that takes advantage of the newest developments and theory.

    Firefox has built a great brand and has shown that IE is not the all-powerful controller of the Internet. But it’s not perfect. Chrome probably isn’t perfect either, but even as a mere proof of concept, its JavaScript VM, sandboxing of tabs, and process management look like a hell of an improvement over Firefox.

    And since Chrome is entirely open source, if these technologies live up to their hype, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, and anyone else can adopt them and even use the Google code to help them develop their own takes on these concepts.

    This competition, IMO, can only spur innovation in the overall market, so I welcome it. If it works the way the comic discusses, it’s a game changer in a number of ways.

  19. @Chris: no need to bang our head. It’s not a new engine (except for Javascript) since they’re using WebKit. Actually, it will hopefully bring a WebKit browser to Linux users (although some projects already exist, they don’t have Google’s resources). Plus it doubles as the first (?) browser to support Google Gears on Linux.

    That is… whenever Google decides to release Chrome on Linux. Too bad we have to run closed-source OSes to use Google’s products :

  20. I must say that with the launch of Chrome, web developer’s life is going to become more difficult in order to maintain browser compatibility issues.

  21. Matt, is Google Chrome aimed at the “average” human Browser, and/or the power human Browser (niche market)?

    Also, why open-source?

  22. Just in time for review before PubCon! I look forward to playing with it!

  23. This definitely worth looking into. But I really hope Google will not forget us linux users. While Google produces linux equivalents of many of their popular tools and applications, some are still in the Microsoft Realm.

    But I’ll definitely would want to test drive this.


  24. Request:

    Any chance something like that is going to happen? Or is Google doing this from a branding/default search engine opportunity?


  25. Wow, I am very excited about this browser after reading the comic. Google Chrome literally seems like the answer to my browsing prayers! If I am have Firefox open for more than a day and I do anything with javascript, it ends up eating 1.2GB of RAM!! Searching: puts at the top, however that redirects to Google’s home page. The cache for any page related to it is empty, and I’ve checked on several different servers (although I don’t know if there are multiple copies of the cache, I imagine their are). Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Look forward to hearing your personal comments on Google Chrome soon!

  26. That comic book explains in details my frustrations with current browsers including FireFox! Can’t wait to get my hands on this new browser, I hope it lives up to what they explained.

  27. What is with both MS & Google making their new Browsers “criminal friendly” by offering a means to NOT log which sites you have been to?

    Surely this is a pedophilias dream come true.

  28. Dave children are a pedophiles dream come true. You aren’t truly suggesting we get rid of all the children? I hate it when people use fear to control things. Pedophilia is nasty and a shame but it should not be used to limit access to the internet.

  29. pavs, I use Chrome.

    Frederick Gimino, you’ll get a lot more info tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  30. Matt, what did you use before chrome?

  31. You had me hooked once you mentioned the tab would only crash, instead of the entire browser!

    Since Google is going to release this tomorrow, is that 12 AM EST (*smiles*) or 12 PST (*frowns and utter sadness as I will be asleep*)?

  32. pavs, Firefox. I still use Firefox sometimes because of how powerful Firefox extensions can be.

  33. @Dave

    “Surely this is a pedophilias dream come true.”

    I’ll see your hypothetical pedophile and raise you one hypothetical terrorist… but only until you stop jumping at shadows.

  34. Hi Matt,

    This is great news!

    I just read the book… very well done, I like the Phishing part

    Is it the first step to the Google Operating System that is coming very soon?

    Google steps:
    Search => SEARCH => Gmail => Gdocs => Browser => OS?

  35. Since your blog is running PST, I guess my answer is PST for Google Chrome. πŸ™

    I guess I’ll check it out tomorrow night when I have some more time. πŸ™

  36. I know this is released to morrow, but by my time thats in 15 minutes, anyone know how many hours til release, all the sites simply say sept 2, but in most parts of the world, its already the 2nd… I plan on staying up til the release, but if they’re using PDT I can’t (work in the morning) also Google rocks… but from the sounds of it I will still be using Firefox alot too for its extensions/add-ons.

  37. Matt, won’t open source make Google Chrome more open to malicious exploits?

  38. Any plans on making it customizable (like firefox extensions/themes)? Since it’s open source I suppose that can happen.

  39. So Matt, what are you going to do with the FF tattoo? Chrome going next to it, or below it? πŸ˜‰

  40. Matt,

    Is there a google toolbar with the Chrome?

    And how about all the SEO related extensions that we have now for FireFox. Are we going to loose our tools (:-(

  41. Dave, why do people make their homes more “criminal friendly” by covering their windows with blinds? Sorry, but honest people have good honest reasons for private browsing that just happen to be nobody’s business but their own. It’s sad to hear that good old fashioned privacy is seen as a crime these days.

  42. Ver very interesting and very eager to see the new browser. and waiting for your tomorrow’s post πŸ™‚

  43. Emmanuel> Google already HAVE an OS!
    It is called Android. Of course this is ment for mobile phones, but this is just the stepping stone to the PC marked – and then World Domination.

  44. Did Google reveal this to Mozilla last week, when they renegotiated the partnership to keep Google as the default homepage.

    If not, that is less than ethical

  45. Why?

    No, really, Why?

    Does the world need another browser? We already have IE for the masses, Firefox for those who wonder why release 3 will just not run, Safari for everyone now…

    Google is the world’s largest advertising agency. Stick to what you are good at – selling adverts!

  46. No, really, Why?

    If you have to ask, you would never understand.

    I wonder if the REAL ” world’s largest advertising agency” knows that Google has taken their crown πŸ™‚

  47. Tim Google LIVES on the web, why would they not be interested in developing the application that is the window to the web world? It makes perfect sense and I personally am really looking forward to it!

  48. Tim Trent, I just could not agree more with you.

    I can see it now, in that, webmasters will have to just make hacks to comply with yet another non-compliant web browser. *sigh*

    Will I use it? No
    Will I install it? Yes, on my Dev machine, for reason mentioned above.

    As tired as I am with Firefox 3.0 not working properly with quite a few things, I think that I’ll stick it out and see how the fixes go.

    I wonder how much resources ‘Chrome’ is going to drain on the system.
    Will it be as resourceful as Opera? Doubt it!
    It’ll be just another memory hog, fan-boi based web browser that will gain popularity, just because it’s ‘google’ whoop-dee-doo

    With what I gazed at over on the comic exclaiming about how it’ll be open source and they want people to add-on to it… well, that’s what Firefox was for wasn’t it? Hell, even Matt himself said he uses Firefox because of the ‘powerful extensions’.

    OK, end of rant, because I’m starting to fly all over the map.

    Bottom line: We don’t need yet another web browser.

  49. This reminds me when MS beat Netscape out of the competition to death. Is Google trying to redo this to Firefox?

  50. Interesting

    going from what you do well know well and do well to doing a pc aplication that runs fast and securely on a very wide range of hardware is a whole new ballgame.

    do you have the skills inside G to do this in a timley manner I would sugets employing Steve Mconnell

  51. I’m not so happy as a web developer, but let’s see.
    I’m very happy as a web user and cannot wait do download a first version, but let’s see. πŸ™‚

  52. I cant wait to try it out. Google always comes up with some of the best technology. Whats next? that should be the question

  53. I hope it will improve google’s search result qualities by studying user behaviour. As not everyone uses google toolbar.

  54. as i’m unbelievabel lazy and don’t like to click 40 times i have compiled a downloadable version of the comic an as ebook

  55. Hi Matt,

    Reading your post, it sounded a little awkward, with all the repeated use of the “Google Chrome”, that reads un-natural. Was that an ironic joke, or un-intentional? πŸ™‚


  56. Finally, someone at Google has heard the prayers of all those whose browsers got stuck with “the” JavaScript.

    Hey Matt,
    Just a small question, how does Chrome fit in Google’s mission “to organize the world’s information” ?

  57. Radha Krishna Palivela


    I am feel very happy to releasing new Google Chrome browser,

    This is great news!

    BUT the logo of chrome is not looking good, even the shading and color scheme is also not looking good and there is no glossy effect. I think need to change LOGO and Color scheme.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Radha Krishna

  58. Very intereesting story – I wonder if google will be harvesting information on user behaviour in a similar way to alexa to provide traffic rankings. That would mean that they have much much more detailled ‘analytics’ of sites that dont use the analytics platform.

    I think this is a mastersweep of googles, and I am sure given the companies track record it will be a huge success, Im just interested to see what information will be gathered and sent back to google.


  59. Matt is this going to be yet another browser that is going to display CSS etc in another new and fancy way that other browsers do not.

  60. cool but a shame about the name – Petrol sniffing reference and all that.

  61. As I web developer, I am hoping that I will be able write for V8 and tell everyone to use the plugin. That will save 12 hours on every project. (I usually plan that much for adapting my js to Internet Explorer.)

  62. I am unbelievably excited about this. Okay, maybe not unbelievably, because I’m obviously not alone! It does seem that a lot of the advantages of this new browser are going to be more appreciated by the more hardcore techie folk, but since I’m one of them, I feel like doing cartwheels!

    This is exciting enough to make me want to dust off the Computer Science half of my bachelor’s degree and start being proud of it again! My geeky roots are showing!

  63. I already use three browsers – all open at the same time – for tracking my three main browser-based email accounts on the same provider (IE, FF, Opera).

    If Chrome is all it’s cracked up to be I could use Chrome to replace the IE instance… and stop all Bill’s time-wasting proxy-checking processes every time I click on “Inbox”, as well as use that instead of FF to do all the rest of my browsing.

    Hopefully Chrome will also load Facebook faster – IE really SUCKS at loading those resources (and freezes my computer, what a drag).

  64. 10:15am in Tranna on September two’th… still no Chrome download available. Wha goaaan, Googs? Laid-back Pacific working hours, I guess? Seeya at noon (MAYBE!!)

  65. According to we can expect the countdown to end about 3:30am (in the early morning) of September 3.

    Accordiong to everyone else, Chrome is supposed to be released todaty, September two’th. Anybody? Anybody??

  66. I tend to agree with Tim, Rob C, and Dave on this. We’ve got IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Flock, the terminally ill Netscape Navigator, Maxthon and probably a dozen others that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Do we really need another web browser, with a new set of idiosyncracies, to deal with?

    Not only that, building it as an Open Sores browser leads to two potential major problems:

    1) Malicious exploits, as mentioned before.

    2) This is somewhat of a subset of malicious in my eyes, but attempted exploits of the browser for ranking purposes by SEO wannabes. I suspect you would have already thought of this to a large extent by keeping the browser independent from the search engine as much as is reasonably possible, but there are simply too many idiots out there in the SEO world. Unless you guys either keep the browser fully separate from the engine (something I believe to be highly unlikely, since integration now or in the future requires at least some overlap), sooner or later someone’s going to break through and exploit the engine itself, either by accident, genius, or accidental genius.

    On the surface, this is a bad idea and something blackhats must be salivating at the thought of.

  67. The thing that Google needs to crack is how to get people to install this.

  68. Too many comments to remember who said this but I agree. Google lives on the Internet, why wouldn’t they create a browser? It makes perfect sense. Also, I do agree with it being open source.

    I will be downloading today and testing all week. As for the webmasters complaining about having to worry about another browser; being a webmaster I hope that it uses standard / compliant CSS and renders it properly.If not, I will create my pages for this browser second, behind Firefox. I already place it higher that Internet Explorer even though I haven’t downloaded it.

  69. Google server will get overloaded, a lot of people (including me) downlading a same time.

  70. Just being picky – as some programmers are prone to being… This form I am filling in to leave a Comment… the third textbox is labelled “URI”.

    Shouldn’t that be “URL”??

  71. Google’s new browser sounds so exciting and will bring some competition to Microsoft……..althought I am using Safari now I am thinking about switching over to Google Chrome.

  72. Matt,
    Thanks, for the response. I was able to read a few pages of the comic but due to the high volume of traffic on the site hosting the comic I was unable to read all of it. I love building and optimizing computer systems and making them more robust.

    I often find the residual memory traces left in physical memory to be a huge bottleneck. I have tried several memory defrag programs to try to clean up the “junk” left in the RAM after a process or internet application has been shut down. I wondered if Google included an Interrupted Services Routine plug in or some type of “Instruction Cache Washing” to minimize the effects of cookies and residual PHP variables introduced into browser cache by PHP scripts. Sometimes these variables are not destroyed using the unset() command and can clog up your browsers cache while eating up physical memory leading to sluggish system performance.

    I feel partitioning the memory space allocated for browser cache into clusters and overwriting the first portion with new data as it becomes available while saving a compressed version of the old data in the smaller secondary memory address would not only save on memory usage but allow for a more robust method for the storing of session variables with less residual noise.

    In addition to saving the end users memory resources it could facilitate a true multitasking environment with multiple applications running at the same time without having to “Borrow from Peter to pay Paul”.
    If these are the type of concepts Google is working with I feel it will be a real winner.

  73. Well, Why can’t I download Google Chrome today? It is September 2nd, correct? First I thought I couldn’t download because I am in Costa Rica, but then I tried from a computer in Massachusetts, and still no luck. I keep getting redirected to the front page.

    I found this site;

    And it has a counter that ends on September 3rd.

    Matt, can you please clarify?


  74. to Jim Gaudet,

    To my understanding Chrome will be available 11PDT thats in just under 2 hours by my calculations… and Im counting the minues πŸ˜€

  75. Matt,

    Do we really have to wait until everybody woke up on the east coast of the usa? πŸ™‚

    Come on, make it available!

  76. ok correction… now Im completely confused on the time… some sites say 11am PDT (i’m using EST so thats 2pm for me) other places say 18:00 GMT (thats 1pm) and the link Jim posted has a timer that still has 15 hours to go… can someone clarify the correct time???

  77. >>Matt, won’t open source make Google Chrome more open to malicious exploits?

    Does open source make Linux more open than Windows to malicious exploits?

    >>Spam protection: what is the sum of 8 + 9 ?

    OK. That doesn’t even make sense. That’s like asking, “What is the sum of 17?” I think you mean, “Spam protection: what is the sum of 8 and 9 ?”

  78. The official download link is:
    (it still redirects to, but once it’s available it’ll be there)

    That other site isn’t official, and I assume doesn’t carry the official countdown.

  79. It’s all a bit of a big yawn, isn’t it?

    So here comes another browser. (yawn).

    Do people realise that most folk have no idea what a “browser” is? They think IE is “the Internet” and nothing is ever going to change that.

    With one notable exception all my sites have 80%+ IE surfers, with a ragbag of others making up the 20%. So Big G is targeting the ragbag 20%? Or does it just want techies who hate IE is its users?

    Sticking to the knitting is a good idea. Just get on with selling adverts. Google does that OK.

  80. Now it is 3pm eastern. Ugghhh, I will be about to leave work about that time. Besides the books he wrote (Scott Mccloud), what did scott do that was comics related?

  81. Tim,
    When I got my first taste of the internet, I really thought IE IS the Internet. But after a few months of being on the Web, I learned what a browser is, what a search engine is, etc. I think it is safe to say that the 80% using IE would also realize that there are (better?) alternatives out there like FF and this here’s Chrome so that 20% is sure to increase.

    But then again, I’m no expert and that’s just my two cents right there. πŸ˜€

  82. All hail the incognito window!

    A browsing window where nothing you do in it is stored in the computer. Brilliant!

  83. I’m looking forward to the new Google Browser. I want to see if it is faster than FireFox or IE and what are the benefits of using it. I would like to see someone create a desktop email program that is better than Microsoft Outlook.

    Does anyone know of a great email program that is better than Microsoft Outlook?


  84. Corey,
    Unfortunately, according to CNET’s Rafe Needleman:

    “So they have an ‘incognito window’…has a visual cue, a little detective in it…Dude, that is totally the wrong graphic for this mode.”

    I must say I agree with him. πŸ˜€

  85. It is out right now.

  86. The download link isn’t working πŸ™

  87. Yay! using it already… first impression: It’s effin’ great! (sorry, got carried away… :D)

  88. That link is no good – here it is:

  89. Its here! omg, I got distracted watching the live google conference… I tried again and almost crapped myself when the page loaded… Im installing now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  90. Is there any way to run Google Toolbar in Chrome? As I use several different computers throughout the day, I use it to for all my bookmarks. I just downloaded/installed Chrome — I like it, but it’s useless to me without Google Toolbar (and I can’t seem to find any way to get it in there).

  91. I’d love to test their beta release but it’s only for Window’s.

    Don’t suppose any of you know what Google’s plans are for Debian variants like Ubuntu or any *nix versions for that matter?

  92. Ah I found the answer to my own question:

    Maybe this link will serve to help others with the same question.

  93. “We are so, so happy with Google Chrome,” mumbled Mozilla CEO John Lilly through gritted teeth. “That most of our income is from Google has no bearing on this statement.” –

  94. Has anyone figured out how to use the Google Toolbar with Chrome yet? I also have all my bookmarks in the toolbar and would like to be able to use them.

  95. Great browser, everything rendors as it should, install and cross over went smooth.

    One HUGE problem, tried a few online javascript based wysiwyg editors and none work well with it.

    Thought you didn’t wanna give us devs a headache?!?!?!?!?!

  96. So many beautiful and powerful programs that exist….

    I wonder if the Google group can come up with 2 programs:

    one that can cook

    and one that can clean the house for me.

    Thanks Google – you’re terrific.

  97. I haven’t had a chance to try Chrome yet — just heard about it, and the development pages said the Linux source is incomplete and won’t compile into anything usable — but the interface reminds me a lot of Opera (my browser of choice), and it looks/sounds like it’s got all the best features (speed, apparently — and is that Speed Dial in the screenshot?) as well. That it’s open-source is a nice added bonus.

    Hell, if Chrome can pull off my favorite browser features — a good interface and fast rendering speed are probably top on my list — maybe I’ll give up my allegience to Norwegian software companies. (I hope, too, that Google keeps the code nice and streamlined. The last thing open-source needs is another featureless pile of bloat like the Mozilla projects,, and most of the other big-name projects that are supposed to represent everything *good* about the community. But that’s another story…)

  98. Thats a real shame that google launched the browser only for windows, i’m truly disappointed. That should’ve been the _last_ platform to appear on for them, not the first…

  99. I don’t see a title tag on the web Sites I am viewing. Does it by default not show it? hmmmm

  100. I just downloaded Chrome and am quite excited about using it. The main issues I have with it are finding plugins to use the Google toolbar, run java applets, and other SEO plugins that I got so use to using in Firefox.

    If Google is going to be successful with this, they need to support Java applets and other common Firefox plugins.

  101. Nice job, Google. It looks good, seems fast, and renders my web pages as expected. I’m looking forward to seeing the Linux version. However, as I depend on a number of Firefox extensions I guess Firefox will remain my browser of choice, unless you have plans to make Chrome extensible in a similar way…?

  102. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not another browser!!!! How many checks do they expect us to make before we publish a website? IE7, IE6, FF, Safari, Google Chrome, Mosaic, Nexus… (OK now I’m being silly but you get my point)

  103. Does open source make Linux more open than Windows to malicious exploits?

    IF Linux had the same Market share as Windows, you better believe it would.

    In regards to privacy, legitimate reasons, in the case of Browsers, do not outweigh the perverted reasons of the criminals, IMO.

    I would MUCH rather 1 million+ birthday surprises ruined than one single child’s life.

    Just because we have a right to do something, doesn’t mean we are right in doing so.

  104. Where is Danny Kaye when you need him? ~sings~ “The King is in the altogether, the altogether, the altogether, he;s altogether as naked as the day that he was born…..” ~/sings~

    For what it’s worth, I’ve reviewed it a the link from my name.

    Now a tab has jumped into a window of its own and I’ve no idea how to put it back in the frame! Now THAT is not user friendly, nor intuitive!

  105. Been using chrome for awhile now, found the default theme was abit dull. Downloaded a new Auriel theme of

    Looks great now!

  106. I have been using Google Chrome for a number of days now and I am amazed at the difference on certain sites – like MySpace for example – when it come to page loading times. Google Chrome Rocks and so far I like it. Page loading is super fast and I also like the unclutterd simplicity of Google Chrome.

    We have a discussion on Google Chrome on my forum and I have also joined a discussion on where someone has made a VBulletin Chrome mod blocking mod for VBull forums – LOL – Why a forum would want to block Chrome I am having a slight problem getting my head around I must admit. I certainly will not be be blocking Google Chrome from my forum!

    Matt Cutts

    I have a question though Google Chrome – why the name Chrome?

  107. Ok Has Matt Cutts still got flaws floors or flowers or is he waiting for me to answer my own question by pointing out Chromium? LOL All joking aside – (though if you would like a real laugh try Googling “Tesla Tourer” or “Taking Control of Google” now that really is funny – almost as funny as April 1 2008 Virgle – thunderbirds are go thing!) – Wht the names Chrome and Chromium or is it just because Google has those domain names? As me posting a homer simpson like Dog Chromium answer still does not really truely answer such questions now does it?

  108. Also sometimes blogs are rubbish as there are no edit facilities and offer possibilities for so alled smart asses to belitle others for typos imho

    Doh Chromium (was how the above coment should have read LOL)

    Though of course as i type and look at these things – soo many angles I see.

    The internet is rubbish

    Now then Now then what plans do I have RE that then!?!?

  109. Our product ( works faster on Google Chrome. Just a little bit faster than on Firefox 3, as you can notice on the graph here

  110. I think they called it “Chrome” because it certainly isn’t “Gold” yet!
    Had it for about three hours before I realized that it doesn’t support WYSIWYG on my two forum sites! Totally unacceptable! Also some complaints as to editing HTML on some Web sites. I’m not about to go back and forth between FF and Chrome just to manage my forums.

    One cannot manage bookmarks on it which is another minus. Also, there are many complaints of not being able to scroll up on a touch pad.
    Thanks but no thanks. When Google figures out how to do it right perhaps I’ll try again. Perhaps when it becomes “Gold” instead of just “Chrome Plated”!



  112. Watch the “Get Chrome” campaign and join our community at !!!

  113. Warning: I don’t know much about computers.

    I started using Google Chrome a few weeks ago and was excited to do so; however, I find that I am still trying to see Chrome’s benefits over Firefox. I realize that Chrome is fast and you can pick fun themes with it, but there are some fundamental issues that keep me going back to Firefox. When I try to stream from, the videos do not play when I use Chrome. Instead, I get a message saying that I need to clear my computer’s cache. I do not have that problem with Firefox. Also, when I have multiple tabs open and click to close the browser, Chrome immediately closes. Firefox, though, has a wonderful feature when I try to close it with multiple tabs open. It asks if I want to save my session. I normally do, so I save and when I open Firefox the next time, everything I was working on before is right there. I love it! Chrome needs this!