Expect Caffeine after the holidays

Back in August we mentioned a developer preview of Caffeine, which is new technology that improves our indexing infrastructure. The feedback on Caffeine has been very positive, so we’re ready to move from the developer preview to the next stage of the roll out: going live with Caffeine at one data center. This means that a small percentage of Google’s users will benefit from the technology behind Caffeine in their regular searches.

I know that webmasters can get anxious around this time of year, so I wanted to reassure site owners that the full Caffeine roll out will happen after the holidays. Caffeine will go live at one data center so that we can continue to collect data and improve the technology, but I don’t expect Caffeine to go live at additional data centers until after the holidays are over. Most searchers wouldn’t immediately notice any changes with Caffeine, but going slowly not only gives us time to collect feedback and improve, but will also minimize the stress on webmasters during the holidays.

Thanks for all the positive feedback that people have given on Caffeine. If you still want to give us feedback on Caffeine, see the original Google Caffeine post for how to do that.

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  1. Hey Matt. The link to Caffeine just says thank you. Is there still a site where we can test and compare results?

  2. Very good news. Thanks Matt!

  3. Hey Ryan, we took down the developer sandbox, but when the data center goes live we’ll probably mention the IP address for people who want to check out Caffeine.

  4. good things will take time, like we said in german!

  5. Great news… I imagine there are hundreds of thousands of biz owners breathing a sigh of relief that their sites will continue to rank as expected on the run up to the busiest trading period of the year.

    I am guessing we will see this across American search results to start with?

    And, just being nosey (sorry), how many people do you have working Google Caffeine?

  6. Thank you for the update – it is very nice of you to keep all of us in the loop!

  7. Hi Matt – in the UK we don’t get to enjoy the thanksgiving festivities!…..by “holidays” do you mean it will be rolled out in early December, or do you mean early January? Thanks.

  8. “minimize the stress on webmasters during the holidays” – Are you looking for some extra gifts this Christmas in exchange for your kindness??? 😉

    I appreciate you responding to all of the Caffeine news which has been circulating this morning. It’s nice to get details from the source rather than listening to the rumor mill.

  9. Thanks for the update Matt. I’m sure there’ll be many workers needing a dose of caffeine after the holiday and party season 🙂

    I hope the roll out goes well for Google.

  10. Brian Hancock–happy to help. I saw a few webmasters wondering about the holidays, so I figured it would be good to do a quick blog post to put peoples’ minds at ease.

  11. Matt

    Thanks for the sandbox – it was a good tool for site owners to perform a sanity check on some of their key search terms.

    We appreciate the open communication that Google provides

  12. “Hi Matt – in the UK we don’t get to enjoy the thanksgiving festivities!…..by “holidays” do you mean it will be rolled out in early December, or do you mean early January? Thanks.”

    I don’t think you’ll see Caffeine on multiple data centers before January.

  13. Matt,will we be able to know how the search queries were processed so quick?i am very eager to know the changes you people did to the infrastructure.The response to all search queries were amazing.it was unbelievable.

  14. Are the changes from Caffeine really that large? Enough to worry retailers or people who would be effected by changes in search during the holidays? Or is the roll out delay for the actual Caffeine developers?

    Unless there are big changes between now and when Caffeine goes live: I didn’t see much of a change between major search results. If I searched for “flat screen TV” on the Google of today, or on the developer preview, for example, I got the same results.

    Is this timeline primarily for webmasters Matt, or for the Google developers?

    Either way: exciting!

  15. Dear Matt,

    You were damn right about the “anxiety” and this part of the year. Thanks for letting us updated. 🙂

  16. Tanner, the changes that users see aren’t that noticeable. We could have rolled out a bit sooner, but we figured it’s better to save webmasters from the stress of worrying about Caffeine around this time of year–plus the extra time lets us collect more data and check for any remaining issues.

  17. Matt,

    For some of us caffeine is very welcoming. Just wanted to give my 2 cents that not rolling this out before the holidays is causing more stress then waiting until after. Expecially if the holidays tend to be our busiest season. Juts though I would point that out.. Either way thanks for posting and keeping us informed.

  18. According to original Google Caffeine post,Caffeine lets google push the envelope,but ,with speed,size’s change, ranks will not be changed? Incredible!

  19. Matt, I noticed that the current webmaster tools no longer feature a direct link to report spam in the index, will this be reintegrated with the caffeine update? Are there any other changes planned for webmaster tools with this update, did not see this mentioned anywhere?…thx

  20. I am eager but still a little terrified about any change. Wish the sandbox was still up!

  21. Does that mean that there’s going to be an AJAX API for Caffeine? That would help a lot in testing Caffeine vs. the current existing search results.

  22. I am not sure but I can see already some fluctuation on some high CPL/CPC, tourism, finance, health long tail terms from US Google DC.
    right? 🙂

  23. Thanks for the update.

    My boss asked me 2x weekly when it was going live.

  24. I have performed hundreds of comparison tests using beta vs caffeine. This is more than an “under-the-hood” infrastructure update imo.

    I liked what I saw in nearly every ranking difference. My only complaint is that too much weight is still being given to KID urls.

  25. Matt is that roll out in January timed to coincide with Yahoo search being taken over by Bing around the same time or is it just like you said, to give webmasters a breather over Holidays. Will Google update Google Directory before then?

  26. I thought that caffeine was an infrastructure change which will allow more processing, faster indexing and more real time results. My understanding is that the organic results wont change that much from the current algo. Probably no real difference to the end user. Not that the end user notices the differences we SEO’s see anyways. So since the current shift in results is not caffeine what is it herbal tea, or just Google messing with our heads to ensure enjoying the turkey is just a dream.

  27. Dan F, my expectation is that the existing AJAX API will just hit Google’s data centers as normal, so some small percentage of those queries might hit the Caffeine data center just as regular user queries do. After the holidays when Caffeine rolls out fully, then I’d expect the AJAX API to hit Caffeine consistently.

    Elias Kai and fionnd, I don’t believe the Caffeine data center is live quite yet, so you’re probably seeing normal ranking fluctuations that are always going on.

    Dan London, happy to help. People had been asking about the Caffeine roll out schedule, so it was a good time to give a status update anyway.

  28. Thanks for the heads up. I was concerned about different results but look forward to seeing improvement.

  29. Hi Matt,

    Is http://sandbox.l.google.com same as Caffeine?


  30. I really like how Caffeine works thus far as well as Google having the common sense to test something, get user feedback, and improve before launching a product. i.e. caff,wave,etc..) I look forward to it and thank you larry, sergey, and the s.e. guys for doing a good job.
    p.s. I saw a video you did last week and that got me referred to your blog, funny how things work.

  31. Thanks for the update Matt.

  32. Very much looking forward to Caffeine

  33. great…. I am waiting for you Caffiene…….

    Hey Matt!! Is there any Indian is involved in Caffiene Development?????????

  34. Looks like many merchants appreciate the move. Nice of G to be so considerate, although when some go down, others go up – someone gets hurt either way.

  35. Very thoughtful Matt! Can you say anything about when the Google Caffeine update will be rolled out in the Netherlands? Somewhere in a later stage, after all has gone well in the US?

  36. so… as far as I see it, Caffein will be applied to all DCs in the nearest future, replacing the older algorithm?

  37. I think this is a smart move on Google’s part. Thanks for the heads up Matt.
    Things are much easier for all of us when Google is open about the timing of these updates.
    It saves us from having to dig through all the misinformation and rumours that is out there.

  38. Thanks for the update Matt, I remember a few years ago an update happening just before Christmas and the fuss that caused from the online retailers being hit in their busiest period.

    It’s good to know that this will not roll out in the UK until January 🙂

    *Waits anxiously for the release to see what, if any, impact it has on his results*.

  39. Morris Rosenthal


    Seems like it’s been a while since you posted, so I took a look at your sidebar history. Looks like your 2009 frequency is down about 33% from 2008 and 2007, and down over 50% compared to 2006 – that’s rough figuring, no calculator.


  40. Matt, can you confirm which holidays. Are you referring to the US Thanks Giving or Christmas?

  41. Thanks much Matt,
    It’s an great news, I was waiting to hear on confirmation from some official Google source and you did that.

    My boss always used to ask me when Caffeine is going to be launched, I can share this with him now 🙂

  42. Hi Matt

    Thanks for letting us know beforehand. My assumption on how Google works is that when someone searches, Google questions a number of data centres depending on load and location and you re-sort and compile the best results for delivery.

    If one data centre is very different rather than a replica of the others, won’t this cause search results to jump around more?


  43. I may be the only person in the world who thinks this, but if you’re going to launch something like this, I wish you wouldn’t put a holiday gap into it. It actually adds a slight form of stress, because then those of us who are future thinkers tend to worry about what will happen after the holidays will have Caffeine in the back of their head all through the holidays. Not that this is something I would personally get obsessive over, but if you’re going to do it, the timing would actually be better if you launched it in say mid-October and told us about it in say mid-September so that people have time to be prepared for whatever is coming. Better yet, have a set of relatively predictable date/time periods for launches of new updates, products, services, etc. and corresponding announcement dates (e.g. January 2 for an update launched the day after the Super Bowl, the day after Easter for a new service launched in May, things like that.) You’re obviously not going to satisfy every religious belief or every individual/company holiday, but you can probably avoid things like Christmas, which a lot of people seem to find important these days.

    It’s hard to enjoy a vacation of any sort when there’s a nagging (potential) task when you come back. Clean slate all the way and all that.

  44. Spoken like a true American. I.e USA is the World (at least in yankee minds).

  45. Tanner, the changes that users see aren’t that noticeable

    Which begs the question, why make it public at all?

    BTW, Google is catering more and more to Webmasters than ever before. Sad and bad.

  46. What are you on about today, Dave (original)? I’m starting to think you’re actually a really bad troll on this blog.

    Thanks for the heads up, Matt.

  47. I think caffeine is a good upgrade for Google. I just hope that the results are a lot more relevant than those spammy sites.

  48. Hello Matt,
    Any chance that Caffeine or some other change-iteration how Google serves-up search results might include a choice to search actual ‘websites’ versus ‘directories’?

  49. Thanks for the info Matt, I checked sandbox.google few days back and saw a message just like this.

  50. @Dave, with a photo like that, I wouldn’t mention the words “troll”, “bad” or “heads” , if you know what I mean 😉

  51. BTW, for those as thick as Dave, when I say “Why make it public at all” I mean why announce anything to *Webmasters* if “the changes that users see aren’t that noticeable”.

  52. Hello Matt.

    Question – since page load time is going to start being a factor in rankings in January, is Google going to roll out any tools to show what it perceives page load time of sites to be?

  53. very good news. Lots of people was waiting….for deployement of caffine.

  54. I also wondering when will be next caffeine update, now when there is no Page Rank at all. Thank you, Matt

  55. Thanks for keeping us posted and yes, this does alleviate the “stress” of not knowing.

  56. when there is no Page Rank at all

    ars111 do you mean the rumor regarding google not showing PageRank to users by the end of the year? or do you think that with the release of caffeine PageRank is no longer required?

  57. the changes that users see aren’t that noticeable

    Will Google Caffeine support RDFa and other types of Microformats?


  58. THX 4 the info

    and I think your timing becomes better

    than Big Daddy 4 example

    and Caffeine sounds like an accelerator

    or named you using desinform?

    and 2 MW Adam:

    I think you want that Matt tells us about the changes after it had happens?

    Or never??

    And the original Dave:

    such international spoken thinking is what the world doesn’t need today

    because if I would turn your dictum on to my side saying:

    all what most Americans knows is in and about the USA (truly true)

    thinking this would be all is only childish

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    Greetings Karl

  59. @Karl, yes, no, or maybe.

    Who knows ?

    and if so why?

    But, then again, is it or was it ?

  60. @Karl: my issue wasn’t with the advance notification. I appreciate the heads-up. My issue was strictly with the timing of the advance notification.

    If you’ve ever had a boss or a client either tell you about the stuff you need to do after you get back from a vacation or contact you during a vacation asking you when you’re going to do X, Y, and Z, you’ll know what I mean. You don’t want to think about future work during a holiday period. It makes it much harder to enjoy the holiday.

    Again, I recognize that there are holidays all over the world, people take vacations at different times, and Google isn’t going to please everyone with their timing. But something like Christmas, which is celebrated by a large percentage of the global population, is a holiday that is a no-brainer to work around.

    Think about this from a slightly different perspective: if your telephone/cell phone/VoIP company decided on December 15 to announce a 10% price hike effective January 1 and you celebrated Christmas (since your name and the site you link to both appear to be German and since Germany celebrates Christmas, I’m going to assume you do), wouldn’t that put a bit of a damper on your holiday celebrations?

    That’s the point I was making. It’s not the advance notification…they were right on that. They’re just guilty of a bit of bad timing, that’s all.

  61. I’m looking forward to this!

  62. Matt,
    I’ve noticed that you answer readers questions in some of your video blogs. How do I ask you these questions directly w/o spamming up you blog comments. I have a few technically and theoretical questions that I have that I have not found a good answer too in forums/blogs.

  63. If anyone considers this message “bad timing” they need to get a life and stop sweating the small stuff. IMO, Matt should have said nothing, as “the changes that users see aren’t that noticeable”.

    Karl, sorry mate, no idea what you are trying to convey. Your use of double line spacing makes your words even harder to comprehend.

  64. Very cool of you guys to not stir things up until after the holidays. Our sites looked fine when we checked the sandbox a while back, but you never know what can happen!

  65. Hi Matt,
    I had read some comments out of Pubcon that one of the factors that Caffeine will consider is Page Speed. I can see how that affects organic, but just had a thought, will it affect quality score in paid search if the page speed is slow?

  66. 2 MW Adam

    your correct I am in Germany and understood the problem

    here the deepest point of traffic is between July and August

    but in the case of USA the best timing would be the January 1 I think

    by all that NCAA-Football that day

    and no one needs to search 4 that stuff.

    2 the original Dave:

    In my youth I have had 2 learn ugly things about our history and this through the eyes of your morality. The father comes back from Sibiria only 3 year before I was born.
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  67. This should give sites that have expensive hosting a better ranking than sites with slow, cheap hosting.

    It seems fair that Google would judge the quality of your web site based on how much is invested in hosting… and obviously hosting is far from the only factor in this.

    What I wonder is if this will create a new market of companies offering “super fast” hosting promising to juice your Google rankings.

  68. Karl: that’s almost what I was thinking. Move it back a day or two (January 2-3), though. People tend to suffer from hangovers for some strange reason on January 1. They probably don’t want to read about Google updates then, and I suspect most Westernized Google employees wouldn’t be in any shape to post them. 😉

  69. 2 original Dave

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  70. Hi Matt, You mentioned that you were going to post your PubCon Search Engine Smackdown presentation on your blog. Were you referring to your own blog or WebmasterWorld Blog? Thanks….

  71. Sorry, Karl, not interested and don’t have time to read all your posts. I’m sure whatever point you were trying to make was a good one, though 🙂

  72. For a minute there I thought that the conversation was going to digress into haiku.

  73. Hi

    This is Rohit from India. As you posted earlier the Google Caffeine is live only one data centre, but today when I logged into my gmail account then I visited Google.com to search my websites. Then a completely different search came, one of my sites which is on the 37th has come into no 3. I am puzzled whether that was the data centre you were talking about. You have already denied that data centre that Google has updated.

    But still I think that was only the data centre that shows that Goggle Caffeine is live.

  74. I don’t know if this gets addressed soon, but a real annoyance in the search results is getting page after page with file repositories instead of getting the link to the program you are searching about. Seems like the file collection sites have found a way to get to the top way past the sites of the program makers.

    I wish there was a reporting feature in Google so that I could click on a “spam” button to vote a search down. Also, there should be a way to classify a site as a collection/repository and I could choose not to get those in my search results. That would be simply amazing!!

  75. “Hey Ryan, we took down the developer sandbox, but when the data center goes live we’ll probably mention the IP address for people who want to check out Caffeine.”

    Matt, Do you mind sharing the address?

  76. Matt any date as to when you guys will give the ip address to the data set? Pleassssee 🙂

  77. So…
    Any news on which data center caffeine is going live on yet?
    I’ve checked out some rumored IP’s from digitalpoint and webmastersworld but they’ve all come up bogus thus far.

    Also, what’s up with the whole world events and history lesson on a matt cutts blog about caffeine Karl? lol

  78. Yeah; 2 original Dave
    wasn’t basic 2 US

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  79. I know a lot of worry does befall webmasters during a new algo role out, when testing in the sandbox I didn’t see much of a difference. will some sites plummet or will we see just some minor shuffling.

  80. I am excited to see it roll out. A couple of SEO pros pointed it out to me this week. I said WOW. Future is here!

  81. With “Caffeine” is new always more relevant? I searched for an artist the other day that performed at Yankee stadium in 2009; Found about 30 query result pages filled with Jay-Z, Mary J Blige, and Alicia Keys; Did not find the older information I sought. But, the results were newer. Therefore, I argue that New Relevant. In addition any chance Twitter is just a fad not a business model?

  82. *Tried to include the not equal to operator between New and Relevant but it got stripped out. Statement should read “Therefore, I argue that New is not equal to Relevant”.

  83. You can always go the Javascript route with not equal to (i.e. != ). Just a thought for the future.

  84. Caffeine has definitely been a good upgrade for Google and its searchers. As SEO practitioners have tried hard to comply with the rules set out there to rank highly and applied them for their clients, I hope the new changes don’t disappoint them!

  85. Thanks Matt! Big help and I look forward to meeting you sometime at one of the next search Engine conferences to pick your brain! I’ve got some ideas on algorithm development as well that might be of interest! LOL

    Again, thanks for keeping us all up to date as usual.

  86. Caffeine looks very promising. Fast and relevant results. As always thanks for the heads up Matt.

  87. A slow roll out makes sense. Thanks a gazillion for keeping everyone in the loop. Really cool. I look forward to checking out Caffeine.

  88. Hi Matt,

    I noticed lately many forums mention Google Caffeine has become live at, is this tru? When I checked my keyword placement at this datacenter it’s very different from the original demo at www2.sandbox.google.com, will all datacenters eventually show the same rankings after the holidays? Your response would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You,

  89. Hey Matt

    Can you plz tell us is Caffeine now live on google.com and other dc?

    I saw some big difference in serp about 3-5 days before and today i think that search results are same as about month before.


  90. Can anybody tell me what the effect will be on maps with the new algo rollout? Because of the fact that my site is very recently online I almost fully depend on maps for relevant traffic… How will that be “after the holidays”?

  91. hey matt you got that ip for the caffeine data center yet?

  92. Google never ceases to amaze. Thanks for the information updates. I feel “very special”. 🙂

  93. Hey Matt, good day! Is it true that this Data Center has 50% live Caffeine? Here:

  94. I recently noticed some of the changes in google search. I like the way it looks at first glance. Hoping to learn more about it as it progresses. Thanks for the updates Matt.

  95. I am very happy the way Google has taken this initiative to filter heavy websites to it’s users. Well done Google and Matt!

  96. Seems google is making a lot of changes next year.I like the google chrome look personally.

  97. Thanks for the update, Matt.

  98. Unless he comes soon (Google Caffeine), I shall leave.

  99. Thank you for mentioning the link to the Google Search Event – 07/12/2009.

    It was indeed a pleasure to watch it.

  100. Thanks for the update Matt, looking forward to seeing it in action after the holidays!

  101. Hi Matt…

    Thanks for update I’m expecting good real time results from Caffeine in Dec itself…i hope this will be good go ahead social media players..


  102. Andrew Hollister

    Matt, found your blog during a search of google news. came up in a blog that you did not write. wish i saved the blog link so i could share it. anyway, very impressed with what google is doing to speed up searches and make them more accurate. gotta keep thinking about what is best for search users if you want to stay ahead of the herd! keep up the great work!!

  103. I’m really hopeful that this update will solve a few issues we have. In February we purchased RangerForum.com and Mustang.net to start forums with. We have been doing our best to get these sites started and have some good back links but they seem to be black listed or something from the previous owners. Any idea if Caffeine we reindex some sites that have had problems in the past?


  104. Thanks for the update Matt,
    Excited and anxious over here! I never got to test it but heard only good things. Especially about the speed!

  105. Wow, Google Caffeine would really shake a lot ruffles after holidays. After the lazy holidays SEO and marketers would be on their feet to cope up with changes. Have a happy holidays everyone!

  106. “Christmas is over, business is business” so said Gordon Gecko in Wall Street.

    Has Caffeine being served for breakfast yet? Nice to have some indications here 🙂

    Thanks and happy new year!

  107. Hi Matt –

    People have been throwing out IP addresses that they state Google Caffeine has already been launched. Can you confirm if this is true? If Google Caffeine is live, can you confirm which data center and the IP address of the data center? Or is this false information and per your statement, Google Caffeine will not go live until after January 1, 2010?

  108. That’s great news. Yep, I noticed the site is not online. I see that you will post the IP of that particular data center so I am already anxious to have some Caffeine. I hope with time more social networks other than Twitter, Facebook and Myspace are included. The latest updates option so far in Google is fantastic but it would be great to check all possible sources in real time. Thanks for keeping us posted 🙂

  109. I`m anxious to see if/how this will affect the organic results.

  110. It is the New Year where I am. When can we expect to see some ‘Caffeine”?

  111. Thanks for keeping us updated, Matt, best of luck to you in the new year!

  112. Somehow I believe it’s already live. I got kicked out from very competitive and big keywords in mid of Dec. Since I have no idea why, I’m sad 🙁

  113. I´m looking forward to the Caffeine update.Is there any way of knowing when the update is complete?

  114. I’m starting to see changes turning up on Google.co.uk, much more regularly than in the past. Any news for those of us who are addicted to see what Google have planned next Matt ?

  115. Is Google Caffine Live Now?

  116. My firms search engine rankings are dancing all over the place this morning. Higher, lower, and then not there at all. Is anyone experiencing similar issues?

  117. Hi Matt,

    I got a lot of good quality sites kicked out of my network (they dont have anything to do with each other). All listed below #500 while they were on #1 to #50…. What is going on? Will they recover?

    Greets, Peter.

  118. We noticed some additions and testing during the holiday. Now, there are more apparent changes. Can you communicate more closely during this time. It looks as though Caffeine will be the ultimate social search engine, and it would help to have a more specific list / outline of what we should expect and when you will finalize the process.

  119. Hey Matt,

    Can you please tell us when caffeine is gonna be live?

  120. But one thing is clear: The tension is now rising on an almost daily basis, and so too the anticipation.

  121. Hi matt, where did you go? Could you please tell us when the new Caffeine will be available at all data centers?

  122. Matt, thanks for the update, in the UK we are still waiting for Caffeine and to see the results.
    I can see caffeine on a few pages but it’s been a month since we were expecting it to be launched. When can we expect it in all of the UK? The mobile searches are wildly improved, but I still ahve the issue with certain local results are not relevant and not what I’m looking for when doing the query plus google local business still seems like it’s flooded with spammers

  123. everybody is waiting for the launch….what is the exact date of launch?

  124. It seems from the last comment to this post that is should be rolling (now in the UK)
    Is there a way to understand it is completely rolled out? and do you have a plan schdule for roll out in
    USA (I assume that was the first one)
    Rep of IRELAND?

  125. It seems that Google has implemented Caffeine in Europe’s data centers,though its just an assumption based on my targeted keywords and its rankings in the SERP’s previously and currently.
    Matt, I would appreciate a comment on this regard.Had Caffeine been implemented in UK’s datacenters ?

  126. Since the rolling out of new results in the UK my website has lost all of its traffic. I have not made any changes to the site other than add new content which I do daily.
    I now get less than 10% of my original traffic. My website was how I made my lively hood and now I have no income since the rollout of these changes in the UK.

  127. Definitely excited to hear about the roll out of Caffeine. Can’t wait to see the new features and improvements.

  128. well i haven’t experienced any changes in the search results till now. don’t know what it will do to my website. Hope that don’t throw my website to the 1 millionth page.

  129. When do u think will caffeine be fully implemented? I mean will start influencing our search results.

  130. Did caffeine ever get released?

    Before the holidays I saw a jump in rank for one site (using the caffeine tool that used to be available) but that never jump materialize.

    What happened to caffeine??

  131. Dear Matt Cutts,

    Has the Google Caffeine update been applied to the search engine data centers yet? I noticed the slight dip in market share (not actual queries) from comScore, and I thought that having the added speed of caffeine might help keep the edge over competition.

    Have a great day! Jonathan

  132. Hello, Matt & Community
    thanks for great news!
    what is the implementation day?

  133. The implementation of Caffiene was all over the news in the last months of 2009, but since then very little information has been released about it. Have any official statements been made on how the test/implementation phase is going and if the searches we make today on Google are “Caffiene-searches”?

  134. Any idea to when Google Caffeine will be implemented on the UK data centres

  135. Hi Matt, caffeine may be nice but it does not change the bad way of the possible and easy manipulation a lot of seos and other site owner are doing to gain top listed.
    It can not be true that it’s only neccessary to write 1000 stupid articles in high ranked article directorys, crosslink a lot of social bookmarks or twitter or buzz and all this other google overrated web 2 things. Check the german google site and you will see this problem.

  136. Has caffeine fully propagated to all the data centers yet?

  137. Sounds like you guys should be rolling out soon, if it isn’t already affecting us now. I’m really looking forward to a more fair searching experience, from a developers perspective. Too many sites are taking shortcuts to get high in the rankings, hopefully these improvements will help stop that.

  138. Thanks for the update Matt. Great news about Caffeine wondering when will be next caffeine update..

  139. Hello Mate,

    The SEO world is still waiting for the release of caffeine. It would be nice to have an updated post.

  140. I have noticed some convergence in standard and Caffeine results over the past few weeks. I am hoping that this hints at a release of some kind as I prefer the development server Caffeine results.

  141. Nice post, thanks a lot for the update. A question though, when will it be fully implemented? Looking forward to it.

  142. Hello Matt… Caffeine did not affect any of my sites much. Should I be worried about this – or does this mean I am doing SEO correctly?


  143. Caffeine seems really fast in indexing, i have seen blog posts indexed within minutes of posting….

  144. I haven´t seen any changes in the google results. Does Caffeine mean an new way of searching – sorry I did not understand.

  145. I feel Google Caffeine is not going to be good for us Internet Marketers , but for Seo industry i can say It’s definitely much better as the previous index. We can see improvements straight away for an example blog posts are being indexed right after they are published, news are much more fresh. Keep up the great Work Matt.


  146. I notice that Blog posts are being published instantly! I guess that is Google Caffeine!

  147. What if you don’t like coffee? Can we have a version called “Hot Chocolate”?

  148. Glad that you took the time to test this slowly as you implemented it.

  149. I think it is very interesting that Caffeine never really made much of an impact. I think that says a lot for how we react to new things from Google. I personally think Google needs to “cool it” so we can actually enjoy the roses and see if it is possable for anything at all to make a huge impact.

  150. Actually Lauren, the caffeine update had a huge impact as it allowed Google to compete with the social channels in timely deliverance of information.

    It allowed for the introduction of real time search as well as crawling and rewarding you for all your great new content quicker! Hopefully it’s also weeded out a lot of the spammy sites where good content was not priority.

  151. Caffeine, like other Google updates scared the hell out of webmasters who were dancing close to the line. Many went on to run spam free sites while others are lost.