What cool new websearch ideas should Google launch in 2012?

Even though this year is nowhere near finished, a lot of people at Google are already thinking about things to launch next year. So I wanted to put the question out: what cool things would you like to see Google launch in 2012?

For example, in 2011, we launched hundreds of search quality changes that might not be noticeable, along with a few high-impact changes. But we also added new ways to search, like the ability to search by image and search by voice. We’ve beefed up our social search, and continued to make search faster.

So take a minute to think about potential search features, products, or changes that we could launch next year. As a user (not as an SEO/webmaster/publisher), what cool piece of technology would you like to see Google launch in 2012?

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  1. It would be great to be able to search my stream in Google+.

  2. Matt, hello.

    I think it awesome to crowdsource ideas.

    I browse like a man obsessed, and sometimes I fall in the trap of forgetting where and how I got somewhere, and then I can’t go back to it, and it ends up vanishing..

    So either a personal history on steroids, that applies some sort of algorithm to help you remember where you have been, or essentially a chrome extenstion that allows you to do a little clip, and that little clip gets used as a suggested search.. ie looking for A you once found this site, and its related to what you are looking for now..

    Bookmarks dont work..i have 3000 of them..

    Look, this may exist…but there you have it..



  3. I would like to have an option that requires the words in the query also really to be in the search result. It doesn’t help me if I type in five words and the first result just contains three of them. At the moment I add “+” signs for every word I search for. Now I have to give google a lot of help to give me proper results, also by quoting phrases. This used to be better.

    And a “-1” button in the search result, so I can penalize pages I don’t want to see.

  4. Search by matching in real life for B2B searchs

  5. I’d love a “search by date” and “search by newest” options to be expanded to the main search functions (and as a webmaster, the option added to Site Search).

    Too often I am looking for something very specific that happened recently, but get older articles that Google deems to be more relevant, even though from my perspective, they are useless.

  6. I know it’s probably already in the pipeline but bottomless search would be awesome in my opinion.

    Also, maybe showing which friends viewed a specific URL on the SERP although this may get unwieldy!


  7. We’ve been using Google Friend Connect since its release. We’d like GFC to connect to Google+ platform.

  8. Show max. 5 pages for search result. Who cares to check more than 2 pages.

    Would feel like a humor. But thats a valid point !!

  9. I’d like to see the Google Auto-Drive system start to move more mainstream. Whether this means allowing us to play around with the tech on our own time or trying to work with car makers to install it, I think the time has come.

  10. Peter Jasiulewicz

    I would like to check out the latency of my websites depending on geographical position so I can see where my website runs the slowest/fastest. The page speed statistics in GWT are not so useful because they seam to have quite a delay.

  11. thanks for asking users for suggestions…
    we all have google web search histories embedded wherein is often a ton of hard/targeted research. how about giving easier access to that v/s what passes as search history now. also, if baby companies like greplin and others like evernote can index your life, why can’t we have google provide central/simple search across all our stuff on google-gmail,docs, contacts, reader notes etc etc…all in some really simple and easy way – stuff for which google search should be the king..

  12. @Matt stannard: showing the pages that friends viewed may be a privacy issue.
    Note : sharing a web page is different from viewing

  13. I would like what I’d call Trusted Seed Search.

    I’d like to start by inputting a domain (or two, or three, etc) and inputting a degrees of relationship (1 step, 2 step, etc) and then having my search results limited to results appearing within that trusted seed.

    For example: I am trying to see what actual scientists are saying about the latest Higgs Boson data. But if I search “Higgs Boson latest news” or the like, I get primarily a bunch of news websites spitting out soundbites, rather than substantive analysis. What if I could define my trusted seeds as, say, and and then limiting it to sites within 3 degrees of those sites?

    Obviously, “degrees of relationship” is tricky to define — “if they linked to them or not” is, I suppose, one crude method — but it’s my understanding you folks have just a bit of experience figuring stuff like that out.

    Oh, and find a way to integrate Google+ with Twitter and Disqus as one nice big package so that I don’t have to check multiple social networks for discussions on the same subject. Yes, I know the odds of that are very, very slim, but you opened the floor to ideas…

  14. I’d like to see Google take a bit more interest in Custom Search, and in particular how CSEs might be developed/used in an academic context as a way of searching over curated resources related to a particular course or topic area.

    In terms of product innovation, being able to include full text book search (from Google Books) and academic papers (from Google Scholar) would be useful for a Google Educational/Professional CSE offering.

  15. I would like to have the option of turning personal search on and off for when I need to see different results.

    Oh and if possible can you add a “Happy” button so when I am feeling miserable all I need to do is click it and it will cheer me up.

  16. Since Realtime Search has been removed, I’ve really missed it. I loved being able to search Tweets using Google technology, please bring it back!

  17. The other thing I would like to see (and rumours say it is coming) is the scroll down result effect you see for image searches being applied to web searches so there is no longer page 1, page 2, page 3, etc results. It might level the playing field a bit and would certainly make scanning results easier.

  18. The hardest thing to search for on Google continues to be customer support issues regarding your products and services.

  19. Just learn how to return reveleant results. That would be awesome since last few years in most case I get SEO crap or outdated info from 2007.

  20. Would love it if Google went back to basics and used a background for sponsored ads that I could actually see on my LCD screens. I have to crane my neck and peer at the screen from below to try and figure out where the super light yellow ads end and the search results I’m actually interested in begin. C’mon.

  21. @MaxKennerly that seed idea is a nice one… You can do that to depth 1 using a Google Custom search engine that searches over sites linked to from a specific page: http://www.google.com/cse/tools/create_onthefly

    I sometimes use a Google CSE to get to depth 1.5 in course related custom search engines: first I scrape course materials to find links to external sites from the course, then I add those external links as entries in a Google custom search engine that is configured to “[d]ynamically extract links from this page and add them to my search engine” [ http://code.google.com/intl/en/apis/customsearch/docs/start.html ]

  22. Hey Matt

    Love that you are getting feedback from the community. Personally I would love to get search results that deep link me into a video. As more and more online video gets longer and longer, its a pain in the arse to have to start every video at the beginning and then watch and wait for the part I’m looking for.

    A good place to start may be Google Tech Talks or your webmaster video’s.

  23. Official Google Goggles API, so my apps can search for images. I want to let Google automatically detect what’s inside the images users uploaded to my website.

  24. Hi!
    It would be nice if Google changed the age policy of G+. I mean, why do I have to be 18+ to use G+?! Facebook’s minimum age limit is 13+, and it does offer video chats (if that is the reason).

  25. I’d like to see speech input across more Google Web services, starting with Google+. So I’d click a speaker button in my Google+ profile and speak my status update, photo embed, and other activities.

  26. It’d be powerful to have a Computational Knowledge Engine, like WolframAlpha, integrated with Google Search.

  27. I’d should add, that I’d also like to “search” my Google+ by voice as well!

  28. Hey Matt, couple ideas (plz excuse typos I’m iPhone-ing)

    1.) Saved searches and saved links clicks in you account.
    Obviously should be optional, but I would love to have a history in a timeline view of what I have searched and clicked on. And add a google + next to each item, and let me opt to remove items I don’t care about anymore

    2.) Improved blog search.
    It’s not great. 4 years ago technorati used to be great, but not anymore for search. There is a great opportunity to dramatically improve blog search, have it go farther back in time, more advanced search options, and return more comprehensive results.

    3.) Option to show non custom results.
    I’d like to be able to compare my custom goog search results with the results I’d get as a new private browser.

    4.) Movie Times/Locations.
    When you type in a movie name and zip code would be great to first show movie times and locations

    5.) You shouldn’t have to turn off google instant to do advanced searches.
    Small use case i know, but always bugs me 🙂

    6.) All paid search results.
    Ok i know it sounds a little wacky. But sometime when I know I want to buy a service or product I just want to review paid searches. I would like in those cases to have an option to see a longer list of paid results instead of having to click through multiple pages

    7.) Take more bold risks on page layout.
    I’m convinces that in 20 years from now Search, won’t simply be in the standard list view. What will it be? I have no idea. But I do know the least amount of itteration around Search has been it standard list layout. Obviously because it works. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that works. For example what about: 1) horizontal column scrolling view. 2.) grid view a la minority report that has more relationship data among the results 3.) different visual views for different types of queries. I’m convinces A better UI/UX experience is out there, and would love for Google to use all those brains, users, and resources to find it.

    More to come in a follow up comment, my thumbs need a break 🙂

  29. Can you add a system to tweet a result page easily ? And put the real time search back ?

    The idea of showing not personnal result is also a good idea.

  30. Bring Wayback Machine-like functionality into Google Search.

  31. Hi Matt,

    as a user I would like to see spam-free SERPs. That’s all.

  32. Hi,

    This is not so much a request for a new product as a request for a new feature. Namely, it would be nice to be able to mark notifications in Google Plus as unread/read.



  33. Some blogspot requests:
    1. It’s difficult to see what blogposts exist and what are the good ones
    2. Blogspot traffic ranking on personal stats and an overall ranking ladder to help follow the top ones
    3. When clicking next, next, next.. through blogspots, you soon find a removed site – you can no longer click next

  34. Short URLs. I want to type in a long URL and get a list of all short URLs that point to that long URL. In addition, link me to (or pull in) all the stats pages for those URLs. Then, if you really want to be awesome show me the page or tweet that uses that short URL.

    Using that I could type in a URL of my website and basically see all social mentions of it. Add some date sort functionality and boom – incredibly useful.

    Google’s already following the 301 redirects (up to several) so it shouldn’t be that much harder. (and it becomes even better if you apply it to the Twitter firehose)

  35. For search I would love it to be more keyboard friendly. Left/Right arrows for pagination is a must. And it would be nice to have the height of the result page match the viewport height so I can see the entire page without reaching for the mouse and the scrollbar/wheel. I hate that.

  36. the ability to search the web using html code. like html:

  37. Ops. the comment box stripped away my html code in the comment above 🙂

  38. More control over personalized search – User should be able to optin / optout

  39. improving spam detection would be a good idea. panda was nice, but there are much more sites that have to be kicked.
    less new services would be also nice. in the past, every second day, there was a new google product. it is simply too much, people get afraid (not me, i´m just bored about all the news about the services, from which i must explain 80% to our clients). and yes, english isn´t my native language…. sorry for the terrible english 🙂

  40. I’d also like to see event search. For example, if I type in “dallas and pick october 1” I should see a list of all the sports games, concerts, conferences, comedians, plays, etc happening that day. You could even tie this to the google lead service (did that launch yet? whoops!) to sell me tickets.

    Stubhub works great now but it doesn’t include free events or various other types of things.

  41. Wishful thinking:

    For commercial keywords, i would love that the SERP could consider Bounce rate as main factor to display results. There is nothing more annoying than to find yourself clicking on 5 links just to discover they indexed the page but have no related items.

    I would also like to have an option to choose which formats i want my results, for example: Maps, images, video, news, instead of the random catalogue that is determined by the keywords i am using.

    I live in Chile and i am still getting results from Venezuela, Peru and Spain, i often use &cr=countryCL parameter but is kind of annoying. If Google is already targeting according to my search is should also recognize where i am located.

    Infinite scrolling could be great and is definitely more natural than 1, 2, 3 SERPS menu but of course the Adwords crew would kill you and We don’t want that to happen.


  42. First I would like to tell u to incidents I faced while searching…

    1. before buying a laptop i was looking for some model reviews online. i found reviews.cnet.com/laptops/ is coming to a higher position(2/3) though it did not have the content i was looking for.

    2. while searching for ‘bank mock test’, ‘PO mock test’ and ‘clerical mock test’ for their banking preparation, my friends found google is pointing to mainly study materials and sites that require to pay for mock exam or at least registration. though later they found another site, cybermocktest.com, that really serves their purpose with mock tests w/o registration.

    what i have derived from the above 2 incidents that google is giving too much priority to already established sites in a certain domain even if it does not have the content related to the search query. i hope this disambiguity is addressed in 2012.

    Thanx & Regards,
    – upal

  43. As a user, it would be nice if the Google calendars (in gmail) were more user-friendly. For ex, more room to type in appointments/descriptions.

  44. Hi Matt,

    I am starting to see more and more results that are not as relevant appear in the top 10. So I’m in agreement with @IanVisits and feel when I’m searching, I am expecting more results that contain the keywords I utilized. I’m seeing an increased number of “local” results that are not as relevant as a global result. We are given the opportunity from the suggestions to choose a local city/state, so my vote is for more relevant results as it pertains to the actual keywords being searched with.


  45. I would like to see Google have people focused search capability. Google is great for finding information about a certain topic, but rotten finding information about people. I am tired of seeing mylife, intellius and the white pages showing up in search results.

    +1 on the Wayback Machine-like functionality into Google Search.

  46. One of the biggest challenges I see in search is assisting inexperienced webmasters optimize their local sites. Hang out on the Google Webmaster Forum and you’ll see a repetitive theme of people who are convinced that they need a new domain for every city their business serves. The level of effort to do so successfully is very high and leads to multiple mediocre sites.

    My alternative would be a geo-tag generator in WMT which would allow webmasters to place a snippet of code in their which would tell Google that a particular page serves a specific community based on zip code. The webmaster would only need to create a unique page on their site for each area served rather than new sites altogether.

    This is partially inspired by my experience with my local window vendor http://www.dougent.com who serves multiple communities but has the same title on every page of his site. I spoke to him about very simple solutions to make his site easier to find but he’s clearly gun-shy of SEO in general, for some good reasons I might add.

    Of course some of this could be accomplished already by the webmaster themselves but this would simplify matters. Like the canonical tag and others, this code would be interpreted as a suggestion not a directive to help eliminate gaming.

  47. I’d like to see video search by video, much like image search by image currently works.

  48. I was going to say what simo said, but he beat me to it. So I’ll add to it.

    But it would be nice to search by HTML code since a lot of scraper and cookie-cutter websites use common HTML. On top of that, it would also be nice to report these patterns to big G as part of webspam detection e.g. if a spammer uses a CSS class in an unordered list along the lines of <ul class=”scraped-sites”>, it would be nice to be able to supply that CSS class along with possibly other patterns (e.g. regular expressions).

    And yes, I saw the regular expressions video on the Youtube channel. 😉

  49. And simo: use &lt; and &gt; to enclose HTML, rather than < and > . It doesn’t get stripped out that way.

  50. Hi Matt,
    I would love to see the option to include/exclude commercial sites. Too many times i search on a medical term and it just returns affiliate sites…and usually thin ones.

  51. I’d like to see more robust search in Google+, including the addition of Twitter-style Hash tags, with the ability to save off Hash tag search into a sort of news feed or channel. I’d love to see the ability to save off a ‘feed’ of ‘all posts from these circle of friends with the #project123 hashtag’ so you could create ‘feeds’ or message boards with other collaborators.

  52. I’d like a “counterpoint” search for an opinion piece and a “truth” search. You already know what sites I tend towards, show me the sanest opposing opinion to my ideology. Also, where there are facts at stake, find me an authoritative source.

  53. wud be nice.. if we cud exclude a particular site from search.. i guess this feature was previously there

  54. Minimise the effects of backlinks – perhaps by increasing Google’s quality content guages and algorithms even more.

    It sometimes feels that the route to a successful website is: Put up content -> build backlinks -> start getting traffic -> repeat previous steps.

    I remember a Google employee on HackerNews saying there’ll be ‘really dramatic’ changes to backlinks on the way – Panda didn’t seem to be about backlinks per se, so a real ‘anti-fake backlink’ algo update would be good.

  55. I think it would be awesome if I could copy a search result from a Google results page and not have it be obfuscated ASCII art garbage.

  56. How about a feature that allows you to share a search result or share a result set? Seems pretty simple and it goes along with the +1 mentality.

  57. More personalized results, based on user behavior.

  58. Some kind of personal Google Time Machine, for example:

    You remember a cool photo someone posted on Google+, but you can’t remember exactly when and who posted that picture. You remember, however, a few other posts by your friends submitted at that time.

    Ok, actually this is a bad example because one could look up the date of the posts you remember and find the photo this way, but I hope you get the idea.
    Speaking more generally you have one piece of information you link with another piece of information you want to find. Let’s call it a Contextual Time Machine. Google’s Contextual Time Machine. 😉

    Have a great day

    PS: Nice to see you listening to the ideas of the community 🙂

  59. Index text in graphics.

    Run it as a low-priority background fill application – prioritise images by frequency of access, no need to reindex if the checksum doesn’t change.

  60. Rather than find things people are looking for, help them find things they dont know they are looking for. Compete directly with StumbleUpon and Reddit. Name them Roulette and Trending. google.com/roulette (stumbleupon) google.com/trending (reddit)

  61. I like the idea — which had already been discussed — about making +1’s a stronger signal. It could potentially help compete with Facebook, and grow Google+

  62. I’d like to see a 24″ Motorola Tablet that slots into a keyboard with a decent qwerty, mouse enabled, plus multiple USBs for everything I use with my desktop; it would, of course be cloud-friendly, but the base unit would include a hard drive (or other memory) for backup purposes.

    If I may have a second wish, I’d wish for Google to stop concealing ads on search results; you aren’t so desperate for cash that you need to deceive people, and – at the risk of reopening old wounds – I remind you that Google’s motto is “don’t be evil”; Deceiving consumers deliberately with malice aforethought *IS* being evil, and there is *NO* defence for the shade-by-shade slide towards a white background.

    I notice you are also doing it with ‘today’ on Google calendar – is this a trick to confuse us what date you finally stopped playing and merged ads with results? Bad move. Stop it.

  63. I have an excellent idea that nobody mentioned here, and i was even thinking of submitting it to Google, but then came across a disclaimer page that i hand over the rights of the patent to Google, so why post here? i’d rather sell it for a couple of bucks to some Start-up trying to make a living? Ha?

  64. Oh, there’s one more idea:

    I know that there’s a Google product which tells you what pages link to a specific website (Google Backlinks), but as far as I know this only uses domains, instead of paths (e.g. to an article).
    So, what I would like to see is a more detailed Google Backlinks. I want to know what websites link to a specific article (e.g. http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/google-2012-crazy-ideas)

    An interesting use case, which could be interesting for Google too, is collapsing articles into a source and various articles which just summarize or comment on another article.
    A more specific example: When Google announced on their official blog they would buy Motorola, dozens of sites, including TechCrunch, Mashable and the like linked to the article and sort of commented on it.
    In this case, Google’s announcement would be the ultimate source (showing up in Google Search) and the other sites were just “comments”, not showing up like the source in Google Search. Instead they would show up after the user clicked “show referring articles” or something like that.

    One huge drawback which came to my mind while writing this: TechCrunch and the like would complain about (possibly?) losing a lot of traffic, because they don’t show up as conspicuous as they did before. However, in fact that’s just a result of organizing the world’s information, which is Google’s mission, so…

    Sorry for such a long comment.


  65. “the scroll down result effect you see for image searches” is a horrible feature. Just when you get done reading something it’s like, whoops no you’re not! It is extremely annoying when pulling down the scrollbar instead of using the scrollwheel. Once you’ve loaded more content a few times then it is more of a chore to get back to the top. Clicking next/back/page numbers is way easier.

  66. It would be nice to filter search results based on application, meaning an ability to restrict searches to blog posts, forum posts, business directories, actual websites, etc. I usually have a lot of results that turn out to be websites that are a mix of those things, and are generally extremely unhelpful.

  67. 1) Give me some way to -1 sites! This functionality used to exist but was removed 🙁 . +1ing is useless to me because to me almost all search results are in one of two categories “more or less what I was looking for” and “utter tripe”. I just want a way to not be shown the tripe, and to correct the problem when it happens.

    2) Job search. Tons of sites do it, but then again tons of sites do flight search as well, I think Google can do it better, especially given knowledge of my circles and my interests.

    3) Fix Ctrl+Tab in Chrome!!!!!! I’ve filed bugs, talked to people on the Chrome team, begged, posted in user forums, and now this. Add an option in Chrome for MRU tab ordering. I don’t care how buried the option is (I’d even be happy with a command line flag as long as it was mentioned somewhere on the web), so the “pollutes the interface with options” argument doesn’t stand. I really really really want to switch to Chrome! Please please please fix this one thing! I should probably just shut up and fix Chromium myself and then switch to it…

  68. How about a Emergencies search? Like Amber alerts, By city, Etc. ? Hmm.. #Cool

  69. Hi Matt,

    I’d like to see a negative “signal” in search.

    You take in account which sites the users click and which they do not, being positive or neutral, but there no way to actually say “I do NOT like this results” , or this is spam/bad/crappy/whatever… just saying “do not display this result for me” is not enough.

    Count negative meta keywords too. You do it in adwords, do it for serp too.

  70. 1. I’d like to see news articles and links to news articles that my friends (or the nth degree circle) posted in social streams like facebook or twitter get more priority in the search when I search for something related to that news item. The idea is about utilising the information sharing taking place on social streams.

    2. Search through regular expressions in google.

    3. Ability to search queries having keywords- “like” “similar to” etc. e.g. sample query, “website similar to techcrunch”

    I know some of the above capabilities exist in some form or the other, but I’d like to see the full implementation in 2012.

    Thanks for asking!

  71. I understand the problems behind the attempt to index books. So why not index the public domain? Yes, that comes with its own unique challenges, namely the concern of false results, but there has to be a way to determine dates of publication. Google Public Domain (Google Public Library?) could easily group the newspaper work done by Adsense, some of the book work, even expand into paintings, images, photos, comics, and some video. Bonus points if you differentiate between copyright expiration and trademark.

  72. Well I think the +1 button should have any option to start a hangout after you +1 on search results via any search engine if they have a G+ account..then allowing them/us to create 100’s of “Live” hangouts instantly about that certain topic or news or subject/niche using any search result! Then after the hangout they can “AIR” it via G+ or share feature and instant upload to Youtube via that category. Which is in my opinion more viral then tweeting or just posting comments on FB or share button..because you get the “Live” interaction/conversation and not just a comment! ~ Jeremy M 🙂

  73. Sometimes when I search Google I am not looking for a “page” that best answers my query but an entire “site” about my query. For example if I search “Vancouver Condos” – I am not looking for a 1 page wikipedia article on the history of Vancouver condos or a blog post that is best SEO optimised for the keywords “vancouver condos” but an entire “site” that contains many many pages on all of Vancouver’s condos that I can then browse. Even if the landing page itself has very little information about Vancouver Condos. I would like Google to be able to return the best sites that have many pages about my query or are the best resource for my query.

  74. Hi Matt — I have to agree with Tristan Perry above. As a user I would love to see more unique, thought-provoking content that enhances my internet experience. I know this is Google’s goal as well, and you have taken it so seriously that content platforms like Ezine have really upped their game and eliminated a lot of spam. I would love it if my top 10 search results had a lot of unique information. How about a Google Top Picks that seo/webmasters could shoot to get on, encouraging them to keep their white hats on, rather than playing the backlink game.

  75. Much more focus on shopping search, especially around faceted search, high quality reviews, reputation, grouping items that are the same product.

    More focus on search-as-a-dialogue, expecting people to refine their search if the answer isn’t in the first three results, and especially focusing on personalized refinements of searches based on previous searches and clicks as well as longer-term interests.

  76. Well I think the +1 button should have any option to start a hangout after you +1 on search results via any search engine if they have a G+ account..then allowing them/us to create 100’s of “Live” hangouts instantly about breaking news or that certain topic or subject/niche using any search result! Which is in my opinion more viral then tweeting or just posting comments..because you get the “Live” interaction/conversation and not just a comment!

  77. Google desktop should be expanded to Google House.

    My vision:

    1) QR code generator, printed out on sticky labels by the user
    2) slap the label on any kind of storage box, write out contents through google app
    3) assign each virtual box a virtual room (eg kitchen, living room, etc)
    4) Optional – create rough model of house using a combination of sketchup or camera, convert to wireframe plan

    Users can then scan any box via google goggles, etc and get instant feedback about what it contains

    Users can also search Google House for stuff they own and have stored previously and google will tell them at least what room its in, but, it could also show you where it is if you bothered to create a model previously.

    Would tie in nicely with plenty of existing google apps, libraries scanned in via barcode scanner, etc. Also you could monetize the shit out of it – “there’s a newer model of [knackered old gadget] available, click here to shop around”, for example.

    Should billions of new revenue be generated, don’t be afraid to throw an insignificant portion my way out of courtesy. 😉

  78. You know what would be great is if there was a sub-google that I could pay for that gave me the results I need. I’m tired of finding out-sourced garbage content in the form of 1 paragraph chunks on worthless SPAM sites. Google opened up a universe to people like me who use the web for research and it’s a shame that we’ll be the only generation to enjoy it as it’s lost to cruddy advertisements, half-with content, and SPAM. Thank god for Wikipedia but how long until they loose their virginity?

  79. Search by music

    Even better would be search by melody – like patent search, but for music. I hum a melody into my microphone & Google shows all known songs that share it.

  80. I would like to see options…sorted neatly. I know that’s vague, but give us options such as sort by category, what’s trending now, sports…etc.

    Wikipedia should be docked somewhere permantly. It ranks #1 on all searched for everything just from shear size and content. Alone wiki manipulates search results.

  81. Hi Matt,

    MAYBE scrapers contents NOT showing before original contents in serps ???????????
    OH YEAHHH……SHOULD BE really great in 2011-2012 (after 14 years) dont you think?
    If you have no idea how to do it, write me an email, ill tell you. Its quite easy.

    My site is always in duplicated contents, even if ALL my articles are original and fist time written in the web
    original content:


    THAT’S REALLY frutrating for webmasters and hundreds of good quality company are going to fail (and mine too) due to this BUG (its absolutelly a bug) from Google.


  82. This may be a server/database intensive task? But a small section maybe next to cached or the page url that tells us when the page was last updated would be nice for quickly checking recent relevant info.

    The ability to tag pages would be neat too.. maybe bring a new twist (circle?) to old “web rings”?

  83. I’d like to be able to search google scholar and be able to filter out sites that share only abstracts and have the study behind a paywall.

  84. i think about remind the traditional days of countries on the first page

  85. Hi Matt
    I think that there needs to be more concentration on your core product over the coming year. The results that i am getting returned seem to be constantly deteriorating. I know that you must get a lot of comments like this so I want to be specific about this so that you may be able to actually do something about it.
    The problem is that your results are narrowing towards certain large sites. I searched for printer paper today and 8 of the 10 results were links to Amazon. That is simply not a good result as when i went onto the second page there were far more relevant results from other suppliers than on some of the Amazon links.
    The Panda update did make things better and helped to clear out a lot of debris from the results but it has also seemed to weight the results towards certain large sites that are trusted in each niche.
    If you can give results that include these large trusted sites but also provide a choice; by only returning one result (at most 2) per domain for generic searches then your results would be much more useful.

  86. You already added games. Would like a more “Sims” game appeal to Google. So we can be “live” with our online avatars. That would be cool. Adding games was a big #win for Google. And books? Google “reads” would be an awesome idea, along with streaming movies. I know its coming, so I will hang tight also, I would like to see how Google will incorporate blog feeds into Google+ profiles. I think that is all I have for now.

    Thanks Matt!

  87. Cumulative searches that follow people around, presented graphically as linked text, images, etc. A growing meme complex that people can use to preserve trains of thought as well as retrieved information. Latest stuff at the front. Supple and flexible navigation within. It would require a very zippy interface, of course.

  88. Secure search. Get Google SPDY working as the default on google.com. Governments around the world are moving to censor the web and monitor their citizens. Google can put a technological stop to this by making SPDY work in the way it was first promised and rolling it out as the default on google.com would be a great first step.

  89. 1. Better curation in the Android market and searchable from PC.

    2. SERP’s where all results are above the fold (Like google.com) with no scrolling. Then left to right keys would be hot keys to navigate from page to page.

    3. Be able to customize the black bar at the top of the Google screen with other Google products like analytics, webmaster tools, etc

    4. Love the +1 on search results but the way I search is to click the link then see what is on the page. If it has what I need then I manually type google.com and do not go back to the SERP Results to give the vote. Needs to be easier to +1 the site once visited.

    5. Please bring back the real estate Filter in Google maps. It was truly the only comfortable and perfect realtor out there. Even if it was used >1% and used 5% of the code I would PAY for it because it is worth it! Please! Please! Please?

    6. Allow Merchants to print packing slips for Google Checkout purchases

    7. If a user has a Google checkout account and a Google analytics account that share the same domain then have setting to gather analytics data without having to put in more code.

    I will stop there because I really have about 50 more but I would be a really happy with any of these. I am looking forward to hearing Gina Trapani tell me about these tips being added in 2012!

  90. if you`re in dublin, search me on 23th sept at google office and i`ll explain you how can you map human feelings and make a search

  91. If you really want to do something else that’s different and cool, add in an indy band search so that people can start discovering new and original music and the stations, terrestrial or otherwise, that promote them. And I’m not talking about Top 40 mass-produced Lady-Gaga-and-Katy-Perry brainless pop tart crap…I’m talking about stuff that’s different and original.

    Take The Givers for example. They’re a great band, and outside of say Radio Margaritaville get almost no exposure in the larger scheme of things. It’d be a wicked cool public service if bands like this got more exposure.


    Besides…at least this isn’t a tech suggestion. 😉

  92. Without a doubt, I would like the real-time search appear again and the search results be accompanied by avatars such as youtube ..

  93. Hi

    Firstly, i would like Google to remove spam urls and emails completely from its indexed url list. Even those sites or networks showing spam ads or promoting it should be banned from Google forever. Try to make this web world, more meaningful and real.

    Secondly, Google should try to make Adsense more interactive with personalized responses and more convenient provide contact phone numbers to trusted companies and individuals.

    Thirdly, Microsoft and Facebook have joined hands to oust Google from the number one spot. Well, this is what i feel Google to think about carefully in any future updates. We(netizens) do not want to lose our simple Google to those cheater-cocks.

    Best of Luck for Google+

  94. Now a day most of so called expert web developers, develop and put a website which has nothing to do with genuine and updated content. As they are “expert”, they do follow guidelines of SEO mentioned in google webmaster. Then why do they create a website or websites when their site(s) have nothing to do with genuine content? answer is Google adsense or sponsored links. They put some 5 -6 modules of adsense or sponsored link in their each and every webpage. Though we are the most genuine source of information provider we don’t get traffic because we are Hotelier having 8 hotels in different tourist destinations of India but not a web developer and expert.
    Here I would like to give you a horrible experience of this mischief to make money through adsense and fool those people looking for good hotels or hotel information.
    > Around 3 years back i had put up my mobile number on our website for around 4 months. after that i started getting calls even at nights, I removed the My mobile number and added new number and also appointed 3 specialists to answer calls. even after more than 2 years and 6 months i get call at nights saying “hello, ……… hotels, i got your number from abc or xyz or anything .com, would like to know about tarrif.” Ok we can understand with this also. But what to do when they ask us to book a rook at a tarrif which we had 2 years back. Do something not only we are suffering but they are misguiding tourists also.
    1. best solutions is that dont allow any website on first page of search results which has any adsense or sponsored links. because adsense’s main purpose was you earn money from the traffic you get. but here, they are making money from a misguided traffic. this is not only loss to those people who are there to get some better information but also to us who spends lots of amount to maintaining our websites and getting good SEO.

  95. I think about negative keywords for SEO like Adwords. My point is simple:

    Sometimes we want to be in the top for several keywords, perphaps for the halo efect we are in top for other irrelevant keywords. For example:

    Web design

    Web design courses

    If we could use courses like negative keyword the user that visit my Site will be more relevant, and the user don’t go for a Website with irrelevant info about his request.

  96. Hi matt
    As a user I would like to see mobile search by mobile OS. That’s all.

    I like to thanks a lot to Google For Providing such amazing and pure result to everyone.

  97. Hi Matt,

    Hope your vacation was great. What I would like to see Google do is this.
    Make Search more Friendly for:
    1. New Googlers.
    2. Kids.
    3. Young adults

    What It will do is change the mind of the people.
    Also I hope you guys win tomorrow with yelp and the other cry babies.



  98. 1. type to search spelled words in audio records and videos
    2. search feature – OCR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_character_recognition
    3. select part of image or part of print-screen for visual search
    4. lot’s of improvements for SERP :
    4.1 support for all http://schema.org/docs/full.html
    4.2 fully updated and featured rich snippets tool http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets move to webmaster tools account and update real-time snippets preview for all crawed urls, let users to change snippets preview to edit, limit and remove usual snippet
    4.3 let remove crawed urls trough webmaster tools account
    5. remove IE7 and FF3.6 support
    6. open google domain parking and cloud hosting
    7. open free wireless internet support around all word – even just limited to google services
    8. take me in Google UX (Front-end, design) developer team

  99. Perhaps, it’s time we get the real thing from Google , i.e. searching for what we want to search without even explicitly mentioning them via text or voice.

    Search has really come of ages, but is still dependant upon the inputs supplied by the searcher. The current way of searching is reasonably skilled activity in itself as it involves knowing the right keyword or keyprahse combinations, using the right set of Boolean expressions, using the right search engines in terms of global/ local/ regional boundries, choosing the appropriate search type from the multitude of options available today like web/image/videos/maps/news etc..

    I have kind of mastered the art of searching due to years of search experience, but wouldn’t think alike for my 3 years old son who has hardly started enjoying visuals only of animals, cartoons and birds displayed as part of search keywords that I would occasionally feed in Google.

    I hereby propose / demand Google to work on some kind of brain waves capturing/processing mechanism followed by advanced analysis of the searchers current state of mind and spit out the exact visuals , results on the screen as she is looking forward to.

    Perhaps the regular (almost dead) mouse could be transformed into a state of the art interfacing device by embedding advanced sensors on its surface that would bring it to life upon contact with any human hands. This device could perform multitude of activities starting from identifying the users credentials ( modern day bionics have already evolved up to the level of getting commercialized and have become part of a large no. of input devices like laptops, keyboards etc being sold in the market today. ) to offloading API requests on to the web of neurons present in the body that would subsequently travel to the mind and back with desired interpretable information that can further get digitized and sent over to Google search algorithms.

    Now that Google + api have started opening up, perhaps its time someone starts working on opening up the human body apis in a much limited fashion ( to avoid machines taking over all the minds ). Maybe a combination of Indian meditation techniques ( to gain better control over mind and neural signals ) and google lab technologies could be a key.

    Any roadmaps?

  100. it would be great if you had the option to filter or sort results by the most daily-updated sites for your search phrase

  101. aa) I +1 the often mentioned wish to introduce a -1 button.
    Often I find pages on top of the results that are not relevant at all (or not relevant anymore).

    bb) Search by popularity, but including bounce rate and -1ing (see above) into the algo

    Thanks for asking us users.

  102. We can have a category / service wise search. For example, some one wants to search for companies who do transaction processing, they can search as
    Service : Transaction Processing – the list of companies who do transaction processing alone should be displayed – which will give more relevant results. – This would be something like a directory, but in Google’s Style. Similarly for the terms “Product: Antivirus Software” “Discussion: Antivirus Software” etc.

  103. I would like to see multiple search boxes on the Google homepage.

    a General search box, product search box, maps search box, video seach box, google local business search etc.

    And then stop integrating everything else in to General Search.

    The other search features are so good, but how many people actually use them? if Google had more prominant search boxes for each, I dare say more people would use them and then general search could just go back to having the 10 organic results.
    I put a demo up here http://www.uksbd.co.uk/g-demo.php

  104. Hi Matt,

    I’d be interested in seeing a ‘previously viewed’ option on my search results, which would only show results from pages/sites I had previously visited.

    Quick example why; I was doing some coding and needed a very specific bit of advice, and I typed in a very specific query and got a very specific page. I was very pleased. At the time the problem was solved and there was no need for me to bookmark the site.

    Several months later, I had a similar occurrence of the initial problem and I knew the perfect answer is out there, however I could not remember the exact search term that found it. It would have been great if I could have punched in the keywords that I knew where similar to the initial query, and filtered the results by pages I have previously visited. This would have found the page in question a lot faster than me searching term after term and scanning the results for the all-telling purple link.


    P.S If there this function already exists in some way, then forgive my stupidity.

    P.P.S Another quick point; it would be a huge help if Gmail had the same sophistication in spell check that Google search has. There are occasions where I misspell a word in Gmail and the suggestions are nowhere near the word I was aiming at (I realise the obvious answer would be ‘learn to spell’), however if I punch the same misspelling into Google search then the ‘showing results for…’ has nailed the word I was aiming at. Surely this is technology you can share across departments?

  105. I would like to see Google to team up with the W3O and indicate weather websites stick to standard compliance guidlines such as valid XHTML 1.0. It would be great if standard compliant sites would have a ranking advantage as this would make the overall experience of the internet much better for everyone.

    Google Places/Maps should offer the option to show/hide all location verified businesses (not just some determined by a mysterious algorhythm) on the maps.

    Google’s +1 code snippet should be made XHTML 1.0 compliant.

    Google Analytics should allow to track goals the same way as conversions can be setup in Adwords by Java Script Snipped. This would allow to track goals that happen all in one page without a need for a goal specific page.

  106. As a user I want to be able to search for similar images (faces) using my own uploaded image as basis in order to find people on photographs elsewhere on the web.

  107. Whenever I search I’d love to have the ability to include results from my all my Google services, like matches from my Google Docs, Google+, Google Reader, Google Sites and so on.

  108. As a normal user i will like to have a spam free search result with the option of previous search history or like just visited site option so that easy to go back to old search. Now need to check history of the browsers may be that is much more effective. Also may be friends suggestion about the website is another good feature to increase the trust factor of the website.

  109. Although not exactly a web search suggestion, I would imagine that many webmasters would appreciate more accurate ranking figures within Webmaster Tools.

    Many webmasters use 3rd party trackers such as Rank Tracker and the like, which I’d imagine put a lot of unnecessary strain on your data centers. A more accurate tracking system within the WMT interface would eliminate the need for this.

  110. I think the “adaptive search” by Bing would be a cool idea to implement/improove on. Though, it should have a option to be easily skipped when one wants to run a normal search.

  111. A version of Google Apps for Domain which supports a single user only and works exactly like a standard Google account, except with a custom email address.

    That would probably catch 90% of the leading edge tech people who just want a normal Google account with a custom email, to let us use stuff like Google+

    This is the single biggest thing I want from Google. I’d really like not to wait until next year.

  112. Would like to see more than 10 results. If you could scroll down to see more than 10 results it would be great! Why 10? You could then more efficiently measure stats on click throughs etc. Someones site on page 3 may be much better quality than on page 1, but never gets seen so they are then forced to spam for links and buy links etc which is not good for anyone.

  113. oh, and totally agree with this!

    Andrew September 20, 2011 at 8:04 am
    Would love it if Google went back to basics and used a background for sponsored ads that I could actually see on my LCD screens. I have to crane my neck and peer at the screen from below to try and figure out where the super light yellow ads end and the search results I’m actually interested in begin. C’mon.

  114. Some other thoughts – yeah sorry, these aren’t all for users 🙂

    – Allowing us to synch Google bookmarks and browser bookmarks in e.g. Firefox, or at the very least allow us to import bookmarks from a file (the only import is delicious, which is a bit bonkers really)
    – Integration of +1 button and Google bookmarks – potentially make each existing bookmark a +1 except with additional metadata assigned? (probably prompt users first)
    – Buy a product reviews company like Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews, etc, and release it for free like with Google Analytics. Lots of brilliant data there you could get exclusive access to, and you could e.g. tie it in with a Google login and allow product reviews to be shared with your connections. I really don’t understand how this hasn’t happened yet 🙂
    – Offer a comment system in Google+ like the Facebook one for commenting on articles, e.g. as used on TechCrunch. Possibly buy disqus?
    – Google Places / Google Merchant Center multiple account access, e.g. like you can delegate access in GWT/GA

    Goo.gl stuff:
    – goo.gl automatic tie-in with Google webmaster tools/analytics
    – Premium goo.gl (private data, custom domain, additional features)
    – Possibly goo.gl tie-in for apps for domain users

  115. The biggest problem I have with Google websearch today is sites that use SEO to get to the top of search results and do not provide any relevant results for what I am searching for. Very often, they grab my search words and make a search of their own and present it to me – together with a whole bunch of ads, of course.

    I want to be able to block whole domains from my search. Of course, I would have to be logged in to have this feature working. But I would like to be able to create “block-lists” where I can add domains that I never want to see in my results. I also want the ability to publish these block-lists so that others can subscribe to them. Make it a social feature!

    Yes, I know there has been a possibility to block a specific page. But I would like to block the whole domain. Period! Over time, this would also build up a pretty good database of low quality sites and Google websearch could apply some special logarithms to domains on these lists to double check what is on them. If a significant part of users make lists called “Crap”, “Spam” etc. and put domain XYZ.com on it, this could give a pretty good indication that this domain is not worthy a placement in the top 100 results in Google websearch…

    Please let us decide what we do not want in our search results!



  116. Hey Matt,

    What if Google had seperate search for new pages or websites only. Very often a new site will not get found or ranked for many months but they may have great content or services. You could call the service “Noogle”!

  117. Hi Matt,

    I really appreciate your efforts & getting ideas for free :), as the end users are the right people to give more insights.

    I would like to get more relevant & latest data from my Google search

  118. Hi Matt

    I definitely agree with the comment above from Baruch….I Love the idea of maybe a google just for kids.

    I would also like to see a “was this site relevant” added. There is so much spam sites nowadays and the majority of results returned in the first page is normally just that!

  119. Hey i saw many good recommendations for Google search 2012, well as per my personnel view i would like to have better & better error free voice search covering almost all the dictionaries 😉 , further should work on all web browser .

  120. During video searches, can you display which entries force us to watch an advertisement prior to playing the clip we searched for?

  121. I would love that my search include
    – my google history
    – my e-mail from google
    – my documents from google
    – my contact

  122. Matt,
    I have a long commute to and from work and constantly find myself yearning to voice activate my android phone so that i can search for knowledge on the go. I then need for my phone to auto-pick the first search result and start reading it to me aloud without me touching a button.

    Here are some recent examples:
    1. I hear a radio commercial or news segment about a new gadget and want more details
    2. I see a billboard about a company I never heard of and want to know who founded it.
    3. I may even pass a restaurant and want to hear a review.

    Sadly, I currently spend this time in the car zoned-out because my yearning for knowledge is greater than current technology and my short term memory is so bad that I forget what i want to learn about before i reach my destination.

    Maybe you can help me in 2012, good luck.
    David Conti

  123. Hey there,

    What a great initiative, thanks Matt!

    I’d like to have a functionality on google page to choose whether I want my search results to be personalized or not…
    So many good ideas : video search, html search.
    I also like the ” – 1 ” button suggestion.

  124. Hey Matt,

    thought you’ve been lost in translation.

    Here is my idea!

    Let’s put some User Experience to the SERPS.
    So, after visiting a website a user can vote for “Was the page useful or not”
    Maybe it could become a new quality check. A website which has an too badly voting by users will rank lower than good sites.

    Hope you r doing well!

    greeting from munich

  125. I hope google adds ‘events’ insider google maps, in this way google places could be very integrated.

  126. Regular expression search. Sometimes I could write a pattern to do the work of hand filtering pages or results me, if it were just an option.

  127. Return queries for events with dates and basic description of the event. Also, for dates, return a few lines of results of what took place in history with links to relevant informational articles.

  128. Oh, and the ability to blacklist domains. There are a few websites that always come up in my results but I know without looking are a waste of time. It would be nice to summarily exclude them.

  129. Hey Matt,

    Here is one feature I would love to see in Google search:

    Just like search options that are given on left hand side which are incredibly useful most of the times, I would love to have 2 more options – Search in Gmail and in Gdocs. No additional technology is required, as we already have a similar search box in Google Apps. This would be a leading step towards Universal Search Box.

  130. This isn’t a “cool idea”, but it’s way overdue.

    There’s more than enough Places data that you could easily do away with the blight known as Yellow Pages as a data source. The company routinely screws up listings for its customers, has terrible customer service policies, and openly employs bad SEO practices while simultaneously promoting themselves as an SEO services provider. They’ve also had the audacity in the past to suggest that their phone book powers the Internet, although I think they might have gotten off that track recently. You guys need to distance yourselves from YP, and the sooner the better.

    The other thing that I’d like to see done with Maps is to see more maps generated through geolocation and less through the default of the centroid. This is particularly beneficial in larger urban areas whereby a service or product provider might be more useful to a customer in the east end of a city whereas Google tends to show more “downtown” listings (in Toronto that’s true, anyway).

  131. More emphasis and facilities for B2B type searches. For example, it a smart dynamic directory that identifies by role – manufacturers, converters, dealers, distributors, etc and further by industry segment, industrial process, materials, scientific process, etc.

    There is a ton of money that is exchanged in this part of the economy – possibly more than in the consumer economy? Yet, most B2B buyers and sellers I work with are less than satisfied with general search results.

  132. search videos near in a place and sync time
    like this http://wesync.tv/

    would be great when uploads videos to youtube sync this with a timestam and the location, so when you search a video could be different views of the same video.

  133. I’d lime to see more verticalization. You did image, maps, music etc.

    Why dont consider recipes or events or cars

    Let’s says I’ve an ingredient an I like Thai, just give me only cooking sites or blog that have specifically those two combinations!

    Does this require a lot of manual work for classifying the seeds? Probably yes, but you would be also able to better reinforce your quality algo by defining a new set of parameters.

  134. I am a fan of 24 and one of the things that blew me away when I first watched it was action on multiple screens. I wonder if something similar could not be achieved in search where you could select different types of search eg. video, latest results and default search and view them in a split screen mode all at once with buttons to maximise minimalise each segment of the screen. It would allow the simultaneous search of multiple features on google but minimalize each aspect on a different part of the screen. Scrolling would scroll each screen segment at the same time. A multiscreen search using ajax that truly brought a new exciting feel to the web and finally puts iframes to bed.

  135. Richard J. Barbalace

    Whatever ideas Google has, the guiding principle needs to be simplicity. Make everything so f*ing stupidly simple that even an Apple user will understand it. Google has a terrible history of overcomplication: mobile vs. web Buzz, personal vs. professional Orkut, etc. This leads to failure. Force your engineers to repeat this mantra a googol times: Keep it simple.

  136. A good social networking site?

  137. I would vote some way of better aggregating all reviews (for anything: movies, contractors, restaurants, books, etc.) into one place.

  138. I would like that Google should show in the first page of search results those sites which are frecvently changing their contents and are adding good and useful information. On the other hand those sites which have the same content for many many years to be left at the end of the search results. Meaning that updating information on the website should be a plus for SEO in 2012.

  139. Just thinking aloud here you could have an “area” instead of buttons to maximise, using html5 you could drag and drop the screen you want. Once you do it opens and surrounds the screen with a minimalistic view of the other items on google. You could even drag a SERP into the box and it would load the page through ajax. This way google could extend from a search engine to a portal and retain users the way facebook does for every website……

  140. Maybe some idea of how quick the site downloads. So many sites have broadband heavy flash graphics which just take ages to load and don’t give me the immediate answer that I’m looking for. With five people sharing the broadband in my house it becomes important.

    Give less weight to back links that are from duplicated content, uploaded all over the internet.

  141. You guys did a great job reducing the amount of spam in your results, but I still get a decent amount of spam when searching for less common stuff. The most common spam sites that I see in the results are “document” sites that try to act like a search engine for documents. Most of the time when I google something, I don’t want to be brought to another search engine page. Keep up the good work. I do like the chrome extension to block particular sites from showing up in the search results.

    Oh, I’d really like to see Chrome Profiles being synced. That way I can have a work profile and a person profile synced to my gmail account.

  142. I was thinking about remote access or remote desktop access integration.

  143. I’d like to have the possibilitz to search for specific products (in my case a car produced in 2010/11). Very often cars do have the same name. A Citroen C4 might have been produced from 2005 until 2011. I’d like to see results of the newer model.

  144. A global content block would be nice so that negative documents could be blocked while we contact Google Legal for removal help.

    Current online solution only create more documents to be indexed. This just increases the problem.

  145. Google tought us how to do search, how to use internet easily and effectively.

    There could be a lot good ideas. Some of them could be

    1) Specifically guide/tutorial/how-to search
    2) Filter search by Verified content, like Google could mark Wikipedia, IMDb, NYTimes and such kind of verefied popular site as verified content search resouce, a lot of people one way or another will only look into those site result.

    etc etc.
    I have lot idea, if that worth contact me.

  146. Since mobile is such a huge thing nowadays, it would be awesome if Google supported a way to say what the mobile version of your site. For example, if a query returns a certain page on normal Google, it would return the mobile version of that page instead on Google mobile.

  147. One feature I have always wanted for search is the ability to tell Google “I am only interested in high quality results. Go ahead and leave out anything you think is remotely questionable.”

    I realize this is already pseudo done via pagination of results, in theory the top page of results are the best ones, right? And for a common topic like “stuffed bears” the first page might all be high quality results.

    But for more specific, or less common search topics, the first page can have crappy results on it. I’d rather Google just tell me itself “I’m not so sure about these pages” or just leave them out if they’re not great than to make me click through and figure out for myself that “Oh, this page is not at all useful to me.”

    That’d be my dream feature.

  148. It would be nice if at the place of creating new services every couple of months you would extend the already existing to other countries! Google Places, Google Checkout, many features of the maps, etc, etc, etc are still not available or limited in Latin America and we are one of the fastest growing “search markets” and google users!

  149. Thumbnail search results.

  150. I love Mark Smith’s idea above. Would love to see some sort of capability to retrace through recent search efforts.

  151. 1. Timezone calculator in the searchbox

    2. A Next-gen Google tasks which is “smart”. The user is able to input goals made up of keyword verbs (e.g. Learn, Find,Research) and objects. Google Tasks is then able to dynamically generate tasks made up of individual action steps based on conditions, some of which can be updated automatically (location, weather, news items and manual prompts). There’s the potential for some tasks to be checked off automatically too, particularly those involving actions on other Google properties. Potential for an ecosystem of goals/smart tasks by third parties, as well as uptake for Google apps/business. Essentially a http://ifttt.com/ for tasks.

    3. Google TV listings guide/search with Google Calendar and integration. Would be insanely useful, as well as being a killer app for Google TV.

  152. People search. It’s controversial, but worth it.

  153. Hey Matt, I would really love it if you guys integrate some way to see the page rank of a site in the SERP’s. I use the SEO Quake plugin for Chrome and Firefox to see them now, but I think that it could add value for “regular users” who do not use these kinds of plugins because they could see the difference from a site with a PR9 to a site with no page rank. I think that this would help people decide whether to click on that website or not if they can see its trustworthy.

  154. I’d like to see Google actively prompt users to set their location and create Google accounts to make all the existing services more widely used. I see so many people with the wrong settings or unaware that soem other really useful services already exist.

  155. Lesser ads on search results especially those under the search box. I would suggest to remove this ad unit from Google search because it create conflict between real organic results compared to ads. As a user point of view, this is not good.

  156. I really want something similar to searchmonkey, where we can manipulate the search result so I’ll look nice for us. Ex: http://blog.urbanesia.com/img/page/s/e/page-search-enhancement02.jpg

  157. Hello,

    Google should cut down the results to max 5 pages, not more than that !!!

    Hopefully this will be in your pipeline…

  158. I would like to see Google find a method to squeeze Google Places into the Web search page without affecting /pushing the organic search listings. Or just place it as an option (which already exists … so you can stop showing places listings in organic searches).

    You already let the users choose for themselves, the type of listings they wish to search upon … Web, Places, Video, Image … so why then infringe on the rankings and display positions earned by good businesses and websites over time.

    3 More Reasons:
    1) Not everyone is interested in viewing Google Places details.
    2) There are a lot of services going around who post reviews just to boost up the local search rankings. This is a totally un-natural method of ranking and seems to be working much faster than organic rankings. Google’s continuance with showing the top few google places listings in the organic search results pane (thereby pushing down the organic listings) is the root cause of this.
    3) The Google Places tool and how it works / its internal designs are relatively new and not yet perfected. Major issues like businesses being marked as closed etc. have been cropping up indicating that this feature is still in its early stages. Why ten would you wish to spoil user experience by forcefully displaying listings that are easily manipulated and are more prone to manipulation?

    I really with to see this happening soon.

    Thanks Matt and welcome back … did you run into any bears?

  159. I am just looking for a hungarian dentist … from Germany in Google Search (Desktop)

    As I am interested only in “starred” dentists, means dentists with a positive or negative entry in the “review-field”. That search is not possible in Google.

    So the question is, how do I find good (recommended) dentists (or other businesses) in Google ???

  160. Better webspam communications. 🙂

  161. I really need it B2b industry wise (Agriculture, Automotive, Textiles…etc) Search volume and Keyword search report in Keyword tool. Right now category wise showing keyword search volume and keyword is more generic to the B2b industry.

  162. hi

  163. Live queries: what are people searching for RIGHT NOW. Would be very interesting to see during specific events. So not just the top queries, but actual live queries

  164. Matt…How about launching a hands off policy for webmasters! If I want to sell links that DO or DON’T pass your precious pagerank…you have no right to drop some of my rankings like you just did to my site. I will continue to do what I want. WHY? ITS MY SITE – got that??? Or does your Google G*D complex keep you from understanding that!!! Oh and BTW – you didn’t get all of my rankings…But I also thank you as I have made some sweet money on selling links that you never caught…Peace out

  165. I’d like to be able to find better customer support on issues. The forum is not enought sometimes, and a simple form that human people respond to you from would make people realise that you do actually care about us, and it’s not all about profits from adwords and out doing the other social networks.

  166. Matt, do you really consider instant search and search by voice as unique & successful? Instant search is quite annoying and voice search simply doesn’t work or provide erratic results.

    Please do something good for 2012

  167. Forgot to add, Why not provide importance to and have it as a standard for fresh content. Nowadays Google credits duplicate content at times compared to the original time.

  168. I guess being able to switch between traditional listings and graphical listings would be excellent. I’m finding related /similar searches limiting in the present format. Something along the lines of wonder wheel would be fine and dandy 😀

  169. Yesterday I would have asked if there was a plan for Google to move into the social space, however having seen the new icon on the search engine today (+you) I’m more interested in seeing what the long term plan is for this?

  170. I often search for words that are related to a specific general topic, but has a meaning in at least one other area, too.

    Made-up example: “Engines” of various types appear in programming as well as in industrial engineering.

    It would be great to filter search results by the broad topic, only getting results from my specific category.

  171. A nice approach to bring reforms on Google Search!!! Loved your idea…Matt!

  172. One thing I seriously want is dates mentioned with results sometimes it does shows but sometimes it does not. When I search for few things and when click on result and start reading it I find out its from 2008 or 2007. I mostly have to put search term with year 2011 just to make sure the results I get are of 2011 but still old one’s show up.
    If you can just add on something that that on SERP for every result on right side maybe it written the blog date or article date sep-2011 or nov-2008. So It will help to save our time and some bandwidth.

  173. Matt,

    I do not always trust the links Google provides me. Especially when I am searching for something I want to purchase. I would like for Google to have a way to tell me WHY they have that particular page ranked so highly. It could really help me trust a site and the information it provides if I know why Google thinks they are so awesome.

  174. Could you make searching for stats easier, for example, what percentage of all google searches use operators such as |

  175. I would like to be able to search for “how to info” in a different way.
    For example, if I search for “php tutorial” I get a lot of pages that are commercial and want me to register for a course, and some sites that offer an online free tutorial.

    I would like to be able to search for just the “real” tutorial and exclude the commercial lead grabbing results.

  176. Take all of the public government data that you can lay your hands on, and make that searchable and try to make intelligent connections so you can relate the information to each other. Do that for every country and city in the world, and you would have something useful I think.

  177. I think that you should improve and actually update the Google Keyword Tool.

  178. I would like to be able to search by rich snippet value.

    For instance, there’s a problem if I’m looking for a restaurant with outdoor seating; if I include this in my search, and if the phrase “outdoor seating” is on the page, then it appears in the search results. But then I click on the organic link and find that for this particular restaurant, outdoor seating = no. Really what I am searching for is outdoor seating = yes.

    Anyways, being able to search by these rich snippet values would be very helpful.

  179. Hello Matt, I think that in Google there should be a dedicated page for Google+ recommendations were people can see the top rated +1’s and the most viewed +1’s. Also, on that page there should be a custom area were the user’s Google+ page can be linked with it were they can organize there recommendations for there friends on Google+ to see.

  180. For retail products I would like to see some easy-to-use checkboxes….

    *** show me where I can buy
    *** show me where I can get product information

    For searching for a local doctor/dentist, I would like a way to filter out all of the worthless directories and show just the websites for local hospitals, practices and personal pages.

  181. Nogoogle Day

    1 day a year where you switch off google completely so no searches can be performed – so we can all talk to each other again face to face as human beings.

  182. Hi Matt, I would like to see better webspam communication with webmasters. I still see too much webspam in searches, and this case highlights a good example – http://www.seomoz.org/ugc/case-study-part-2-how-to-beat-google-again-for-viagra-14008

  183. Hey!

    I love how innovative Google is, I’m so looking forward to updates in 2012 – especially Google+ updates.

    One of my favorite features of Google accounts is the multiple sign in – but I would l love to see an email client that feeds separate addresses into one inbox.

  184. Google music Jam.
    Where musicians in hangouts or video conference can connect their instruments to the computer and practice online from different locations.
    So you have a drummer in California, guitar in Texas, vocals in England all teaming up to create a song or jam session to practice. The video part could be a platform to synchronize everyone then connected to recording software. May not be studio quality but sure there is a large following of musicians who need someone to practice with.

  185. I would like something of a real-time Google search breadcrumb setup (as I think was mentioned early on in the comments section here). I too have thousands of bookmarks and have trouble tracing my steps. It also might be nice to have Google suggest a search phrase after I’ve searching for several different terms based on similar topics.

    And I also would like an easy way to turn the local search results on and off. It seems that I’m only been getting results tied to my location. (If this is already available – please tell me!)

  186. I’d like to be able to search by first keyword then have them sorted by source type, like word documents, PDFs, websites.

  187. I dont know if you could be interested in something like this but for non profits it would be great if you can develop a stream search just for non profits websites.

    And a google news just for social causes news


  188. Hi Matt

    I checked a URL which is http://mydomain.com/en-in/product/abilities/sites/Pages/default.aspx. when i am checking the cache of this URL it shows me the cache URL as http://mydomain.com/en-hk/product/abilities i.e. instead of caching en-in its caching some other page (different region) for the same page en-hk I don’t know why Google is caching the URL http://mydomain.com/en-hk/product/abilities when the actual page URL is “http://mydomain.com/en-in/product/abilities/sites/Pages/default.aspx”

    why it is caching the URL of some different region
    There are also many sub pages in the website which is facing the same problem

    How can this affect to the website.
    How to make the page ” http://mydomain.com/en-in/product/abilities/sites/Pages/default.aspx.” to be cached

    Looking forward for your reply…

  189. 1 When I type in a name or something sounding like a name I want a box to check that says “No information sellers”.
    2 All pages listed must contain the item requested. Example “orange sheets” will most likely bring up Target and Sears but 20 min with each will show that neither of them sells orange sheets!
    3 No pages should be generated for my search that were not on the web before it was entered. Example enter “really mean prevert” and you will most likely get 3 to 6 offers to buy “really mean prevert” at the best price and some sites will offer free shipping!
    4 When I ask for three words together I want them together “rocky river bank” means that and NOTHING ELSE, got it. If I get nothing I can try again but I sure don’t want to see anything about Banks. Put a checkbox at the end of the line for “Must be together”.
    5 I want to have 4 cursors active at one time plus one final search. Thus:
    Name cursor 1, do a search to it from the web.
    Name cursor 2, do a search to it from the cursor named (no. 1).
    Repeat as needed to refine the search.
    6 Start Google working on concept searches which can index pages by meaning not by seperate words. Start to teach Google to understand phrases!

  190. The only thing that has really bothered me about Google search is from time to time when landing on a page via Google, I can’t find the text I was searching for to see why that page was relivant to the query. Clicking on the cached version resulted in the discovery: “These terms only appear in links pointing to this page” which has been frustrating at times, and lead to further searching, but I wasn’t able to replicate it just now before posting this. So an improvement to that happening less might be worthwhile next year, if it hasn’t been addressed yet.

  191. I would LOVE to have a “management” of search queries – maybe as a drag and drop function.
    Some ideas:
    Maybe a small link to a simple designed user interface that can organise search queries.
    – saving
    – editing
    – rating (maybe public rating)
    – adding and deleting specific terms or commands
    – sharing
    – creating rss-feeds

    This would be a really interesting feature for all who work with Google daily (for example information managers, librarians and so on).

    Thanks for this cool posting, Matt!

  192. As a few people above have mentioned, I would love to see you strike up another deal with Twitter and get Real Time Search to return – was a great way to find quick discussions without having to physically log in to Twitter and search for it.

  193. For 2012 we should see :

    1)More search quality changes .
    2)Even More search quality changes .
    3)even even More search quality changes .

    There are still a lot of shallow content pages or duplicate pages .

  194. Ask Twitter to supply G+ button to each post and enhance G+/Twitter at the SERP.

  195. I would like to see Google Places listings ‘hogging’ less space on the everything search.

    Google places listings have been open to all kinds of manipulations and are heavily review dependent (pushing business owners to opt for artificial/unreal reviews.)

    In Google’s quest for delivering value through quality, this is one that should come naturally.

  196. Hi Matt, very nice of you to open this channel for feedbacks and suggestions.

    As an outside-US user I would like to see a more worldwide strategic approach from Google, I know the regulatory and political issues are tuff – but I’m sure you guys can deploy services like google voice, google music and the recent flights (just to name a few) in a more abroad scope.

    Another small thing, when you guys will be able to invest time in Google Tasks? this is an amazing product with has a great demand today, specially in the mobile-desktop-cloud environment. I try to use it at least four times, but it lacks of features and customizations.

  197. I would like to be able to turn on and off the local places results when I do a search.

  198. I’d like to see an easy ability to search by newest page/site — or even better to have some notion of the last time the page was updated show in the search.

    I’m often searching for information that changes month-to-month and sometimes the top results are years old and wildly out of date, making those searches a frustrating hunt. If I could glance and see that the article hasn’t been updated in two years, I could skip by to one that has been updated with new info. Often the top sites are updating as the rules change, but a good percentage of them aren’t.

    Also, I like the Google+ search, but I wish I had the ability to search just within my circles to help dig up that great comment or link from the person I don’t remember!

  199. Here’s a unique one!

    Search for stock quotes in real time and then state underneath what caused each particular spike, (For instance GOOG spiked up %0.36 and underneath news that GOOG new operations manager was just hired)

  200. “In assessing each of these concerns, the primary focus of our antitrust analysis should be consumer welfare. Growing complaints that Google is using its search dominance to favor its own offerings at the expense of competition deserve serious attention, especially if consumers are misled by Google’s self-rankings and preferential display. Such bias would deny user traffic and revenue to competing sites, depriving those sites of resources needed to develop more innovative content and offer better services to customers. When competing websites lose traffic, they are forced to increase paid search advertising on Google, ultimately leading to increased prices for consumers. “

  201. I think that it would nice for information searches to be shown with a little more relevancy in relation to time of the posted information. I.E. if I am looking for “when to use meta tags” a blog post from 2007 is on top of the search engines. It continues on for a while w/o seeing a tag about how Google no longer uses meta tags. This information has become dated and updated information is not showing. I’m not entirely sure how you can do this and maybe this could be incorporated with social since you can see the time of the repost and +1’s to make judgements on the time relevancy. It may anger people but if more relevant information is necessary to be on top it may help the actual consumer

  202. I like how the search algo is increasingly trying to parse meaning out of the query and compute an answer (e.g. “what’s the population of New York?”). I’m not sure if a goal of the main search algo is to do what WolframAlpha does, but increasing computational abilities and making it real-time would be pretty amazing. You know, no big deal… 😉

  203. Hi Matt,
    My idea is for Google to re-start Google Health but as a home health, data based, preventative health insurance plan.

    Here are some of the pieces of my idea:
    — Members would “lease” a home health computer, build by google specifically to run a cloud based home health application – and to obtain vitals and other medical info from the member on a regular (weekly?) basis. (There has got to be hardware out there that supports this?)
    — Google would write software that would use the member’s data and historical health data to determine if a Member needs to receive treatment.
    — Members could also request an online doctor visit (and google would employ a number of family practice physicians who would work online with patients)

    By tying it to an insurance plan, people would have a much larger reason to use it (because it would be cheaper than traditional health insurance), than the old Google Health.

    Would love to know your thoughts on this idea!

  204. I do so much search it would be helpful if when I highlighted a word or phrase a window would appear giving me a choice of searching for it in articles, Google Images, police records, public records, WayBack Machine, Youtube, Facebook, audio, PDFs, yellow pages and white papers.

  205. I think it would be cool with a stricter search mode for power-users. An example would be when doing “site:imdb.com -Starring” right now it still shows thousands of pages including that word, but in a strict mode it could exclude absolutely all pages with Starring in it. Also a strict SERP for double quoted queries would be good so that it includes only what’s within and especially if there are no spaces it won’t include them.

  206. Matt, I’m active in the mobile web and get quite frustrated about the number of mobile unfriendly sites in mobile search. What are you going to do about that?

  207. I would like to search for music, books, pictures, etc. I really do not have copyright. A good free content search engine, but true.

  208. My thoughts:

    1. Many people type web addresses in the google search field. Sometimes it’s on purpose – sometimes its because they don’t know any better. I think if a person types http://www.domain.com google should take them right to the domain – not to a search results page.

    2. If someone types whois domain.com, google should display the domain whois for that domain. (I am tired of going to internic’s outdated site for that.)

  209. I would a search for blogs that will put in categories and the PRs because right now it is very tiring looking for it.

  210. google should buy thin eye, their imagesearch is better then googles…

  211. Matt,

    As you mentioned this year google made lot of changes to its search and added many new things which i never expected to come this soon.

    I have a strong though that 3d search results will be made available in future, i would love to see you guys do this next year.


  212. I would like the ability to log into my google account and be able to search my android phone, gmail, contacts and google docs for relevant content. I would like to log in from either my phone or any computer. I would want the ability to search by contact, keyword or date. I would love to ability to tag docs with contact information to help in the search process.

  213. I think it’d be great to get search results from email in my gmail account right inside the regular SERPs (while logged in obviously). I know the idea sounds weird at first thought but it sure would make search my email easier, and more accurate. The search function inside gmail is terrible. It seems like it only does an exact match search. Also, I don’t want to have to go to gmail to search my mail. Google is my homepage so why can’t I just type in what I want there and have it look in my gmail too? The challenging part would be the UI. Or just have people throw gmail: in front of their keywords.

  214. I partly disagree with Tim Weib. I think users should have a choice here. There are times I type a domain in the toolbar just to see something specific about it (e.g. if it’s used for spamming purposes). I actually want the SERPs in this case, but I can’t get them because the toolbar redirects me.

    The default could be getting redirected to the domain name, because that probably is what the user wants…but then give the user the option to change that behavior if users do searches that way by design.

  215. Oh! One more request: control over the date showing up as a snippet in the SERPs – especially for homepages.

  216. I think a simple interactive drag and drop feature in the search to help myself (user) to:
    *organize previous search results
    *bookmarks favorite search
    *save search results while researching
    *saving time and to do more research
    *gathering search results to view for a later time

    I know we can go into the history of web-browser and Google history to dig previous search but why not have the feature in real-time to solve biggest problem of any research “Save Time”.

    Excellent blog and information

  217. I’d love the ability to turn off personalised search once and for all, and it not turn itself back on.

  218. A recommendation system similar to Amazon’s. Based on searches that I do, websites that I visit & pages that I +1: the site should suggest other websites & pages that I’d be interested in seeing.

  219. It would be great if google desktop or picassa had image search available.

  220. I read through most of the post and i really like the idea of research favorites. Perhaps the ability to drag the site/link i found along with others under a category that i create. Each link would have a summary of what it includes. This would save tons of time for the user.

  221. Hi Matt,

    Can you tell me how does Google index VoiceXML Sites. I couldn’t find any answer for this search. Looking forward for your reply..


  222. Don’t get me wrong i’m not against new ideas but i think you should do and improve what you already are ( i mean google), the best search engine out there.

  223. Hi Matt,

    Good news, image searching is great..

    What else I would like?
    We got +1 , I like to see -1 too, as my negative vote, which depends on what I put in the search, as the warning. Today many top web sites are just internet marketers pages with thousands automatic generated back links. This is cheating the system.
    Some of the back links coming from high rank pages but, is such back-link worth anything if nobody ever use it. Even if it comes from the page with related materials. I would like google also measure real traffic from the back-links, where is the origin of the surfing, how much time people stay on the page and page before etc.

    I know people should be more precise in typing what they want, but until people change themselves I’m waiting the day google starts distinguish what is good or bad…without helping of the people

  224. I think playing with the search results interface would be great. Possibly experimenting with a two and three column results page might be interesting.

  225. I would like to see more micro formats options to add real time data from websites, sort of RSS feeds of let’s say football tickets avialability, prices, stocks rates, exchange rates, in short, real time data from websites showing on the Google SERPs underneath the websites links.

  226. Music, art, movie search

  227. How about re-thinking search to improve the results? The whole “create good content pages >> get links >> gain page rank >> get organic traffic >> repeat” is killing the results and the web in general. Most of the pages that rank are shite and it’s precisely the model google create. Time for a change! Maybe not today… maybe not tomorrow but soon something has got to give.

  228. I would like to search for blogs that I can categorize by location or age. Thanks!

  229. @james
    maybe Google does not want to change it? Let’s make assumption: one day Google is able to get rid of all not real and honest votes. Google knows if someone says “I like it” it really mean it – and only count such votes.

    And you searching for a best Tea (not information about, but best Tea) – you get as the page#1 real, true, best page of best Tea, chosen by real honest peoples votes, who really like it. Such page does not include Adwords others Teas, as it’s got itself the best Tea exactly what you want.

    And what? You know that page#1 hast got best Tea, exactly that one what you are looking for, you see on the side of results Google Ads. Will you try other Tea from ads, which you see because someone paid to be there or you will trust millions of “honest” votes and go for page#1 Tea.

    By Adsense Google was able to put Ads of others Teas into top result pages. Ads are money for Google. But it’s means the result of search query is not best because real human that think, but only because many people, include Google itself get money of it.

    Why, in 90% should we go for products from Ads if you get best products from normal searching. Only if you are looking for not “money” oriented products, you could be sure the result of page #1 is honest. As no one got interested to tamper the results as in this case tampering the results does not make money.

    Long time before Google, we had not received best products results because people were using misleading tag etc. Today still sometimes is little bit similar but much more subtle – the top pages are not exactly what you are looking for, because Google still does not know: if we are looking for information about best Tea, or best Tea itself.

    To get as top results best pages with best information about best Tea is not equal that the Tea is really the best (especially if the page is packed with paid ads of Teas).

    The situation It’s not going to be changed. As too many, would loose to much. And it’s better not to change as, do we really want to invent a car which runs on water ?

  230. my previous post mistake : “or you will trust millions of “honest” votes and go for page#1 Tea”, – of course not millions but hundreds. versus thousands of not hones.

  231. This isn’t a high-tech feature request, but it would be useful and easy to implement:

    Have a “Web” option in the list that currently has “Everything,” “News,” “Images,” etc. Why should people who want to read “evergreen” Web pages have to wade through Universal Search results when people who want to search for news, images, etc. don’t?

  232. Hi Matt,

    I have been talking with a friend about cool updates for Google. We both use our cell phones to surf the web and to gather information on the go. Because the smartphone screens are so small, we often hit the incorrect keys on our touchscreens. Additionally, when we do finally get to the results pages, it is often difficult for us to get to the correct site (even when we expand the screen).

    We think it would be super cool if Google implemented an intelligent / user friendly voice activated and controlled search feature. We think it would be great if we could say things such as show me restaurants in Los Angeles. From there we would get the Google listings for restaurants in Los Angeles. Lastly, if we find the information that we need, it would be so helpful if we could just say call “XYZ restaurant” and Google integrated with our Android phone to make the call.

  233. Hello!
    IMHO, you might be asking this question backwards – instead of asking what product can we create to make users happy, I’d ask how a product can connect people so they can make each other happy. Humans are wired to react positively to each other, not to accurate search results.

    When the data show users entering into non-transient relationships with a community, please use social network structure to guide similar users along a similar path. I’d like to see the connectedness of users factor into search algorithms.

    Also, I’d like Google to be more public about exactly how Bayesian algorithms/social data affect personalized search. Features are neat, but even now most people are unaware that search results are different between user, season, time of day, device type and any other observable parameters.

  234. Search Result should show more relevant information regarding location and season. like I am from Goa India and Searching for Food. So if it is raining then coffee or hot food should comes in first row instead of ice cream.

    in simple term Google Search should also use Season factor in results.

  235. I ‘d like to add one option of Human History Search in google. Means I can search and know what happened in some year and some date, even some minutes. All the google news can be put into the google history.

    The history can be sort by country and date. Absolutely will make some countries and people angry, because they don’t like some of the history to be opened by the public, however Internet is a free space for everyone. Everyone must know the real things. Google history also quite important for the Universities and the society.

    A lot of people want to know what happened on their birthday, google history will be the amazing tools for them.

  236. May be google can start an idea for search site,so that the users after using google search can give their ideas on improving the search and also If a visitors lands on a page which does not satisfy the search term and he found another page ranking poor in the search matching better for the search,a algorithm can be used to determine the users like of the page for the particular search term.

  237. Hi Matt,

    I think that teaming up with Dmoz and working on the project together could be ideal because then Dmoz could actually be updated and we can use it as a reputable source rather than it taking 2 years to get listed in a very old directory.

  238. Hi Matt,

    When looking for content which is time sensitive I would love to be able to search for ‘Search by recently updated’ so I know the information is up to date.

    Also why I am here, do quotations (which get copied a great deal) count as duplicated/aggregated content?


  239. Hi Matt
    It’s not always about what we would like to see Google do but sometimes it’s what we would “not” like to see Google do, i understand that Google wants to deliver the correct information and give the user a good experience but one thing i think Google should drop is ranking sites based on the URL of that site, it seems like a good idea and was until so many people manipulated the Google algorithm by buying and using manipulative domain names, i propose that Google at least drops some importance of the URL when indexing. Mike Matthews

  240. I´d love it, if I cound change the date of the serps immediatly and not going through “more options” in the left side bar. There are some keywords where the actuality is more importent then the domain…

  241. How about fixing some of the seriously broken features you rolled out in 2011 instead?

  242. Add Google Ads in Google+ Social interface, but based on a user’s Google+ Behavior Re-Marketing kind of or Gmail Ad Matching.

  243. Id would be gread if google assesses the usability of a website not just how much you optimize it for a keyword.

  244. Looking for a feature which actual display about the site …how frequently a site updates..

  245. I would like to see the continued development of Google+ from a business users perspective. I can really it becoming the tool of choice for small startups looking to save on costs (video conferencing, google docs etc).

  246. Cloud based snips. +1 is cool, but it would be cool to snip specific parts of a page like a “notes” type approach. Using that for reference in the future and as a more defined indicator of interest…not only does someone think it’s a good page but now you can see why…

  247. If you try this link you see; page after page, of the same duplicate content. http://goo.gl/rYxJw

    This is what needs sorting out!

  248. My favorite recent features are the ability to search “News” and “Discussions” — any improvements (sorting options, etc) to these features would be awesome.

    One other suggestion: Search by publication date. Finding the newest information on a topic is important to me in my research. Sometimes, I just type in the Search term plus a recent month / year. Sometimes this works, sometimes not.

    So, overall improvements to time-sensitive searches would be awesome.

    Because I search so often for terms with a recent year — I figure other users do the same and started adding “Page Last Update: Month/Year” to my own content.

  249. Hi Matt,

    It will be great if we can have an additional feature to select a specific country to find the results for the keywords which is more specific to that country data center, not from where you are browsing. E.g. If my browsing location is India but I am looking for some information about US then it will be easier for me to select the country, State, City & get the more specific result.

    Though Google has the feature to auto detect the location, but we can’t use this feature by entering a zip code that is out side the country.


  250. One of the things I have wanted for years is less, not more. Specifically, I am sick and tired of many topics and sites coming up and would love to be able to filter out by topic and site. A way to shift results by things I don’t want. For example, I was trying to send a picture of a poker to someone that had never heard of one… now try and do an image search for poker, even with -cards -gambling -girl -sex and so on, all these useless results come up. And a list of domains I NEVER want results from, like all the buy direct from China sites, would be really useful! This would let me get less results, but have them be the results I need!

    Also GET RID OF THE ^%$&*$ PREVIEWS!!!!! They are absolutely useless on high resolution screens. I hate them and hate that there is no way to turn them off. They are why I am using other search engines like Yandex more and more.

  251. What would be really cool would be a feature which is similar to the ‘search by voice’ feature.

    How it would work would be that if you couldn’t remember the name of a song, you would perform a ‘Whistle Search’, whereby you whistle the song into your microphone, and it would return to you the name of the song.

    It could well come in very handy when you can’t quite recall the name of that hit song written by a Norwegian band in 1985.

  252. Hi Matt,

    What google and other search engines really should do is monitoring site visitors: if majority of visitors are leaving the site within a few seconds than the site has nothing to give as far as concerning with the search term. If they spend some time within the site than it is highly related with the search term.

    Only in this criteria the webmasters will spend their money and time to build better content and design, otherwise having good content and/or great looking website will not do any good as long as you don’t have visitors coming.

    And most of the top SERP pages don’t have relative content and many warez sites are getting the best positions even if they don’t have the content you are looking for.

    Not the algorithm but the way the search handled and criteria handling search related PR have to be changed.

    This is my opinion and believe many of you will agree with me.

    Hope to see this adopted by Google.



  253. i use free accounting website for home accounting (incomes, expenses, etc.) almost everyday.
    i think it would be cool to have something like that in Google+.
    imho it’s much more useful than games.
    the site doing its job very good but runs a little bit slow.
    if you’re interested i can e-mail you the site’s address

  254. Hi,

    It would be great to filter in the search engine between webshops & non-webshops.
    If I want to buy a car, I don’t want to read the spammy article websites which are made for ranking high in Google! 🙂

  255. None, please, re-focus on providing pure search rankings pages without extras like places, maps, plus buttons, full page previews etc. Pure serps made Google what it is and “more” is detracting from that, imo.

  256. Hi Matt,

    I work in the marketing sector and as such, use google a lot in research.

    Marketing companies (especially website design & SEO companies) tend to be sneaky in how they place themselves, and I have noticed a lot of companies are still using clients sites as backlinks (for example: ‘website design (link) by abc web design’ or linkfarms.

    I think it would be good if google noted businesses that use bought links/text links/link farms and did not display them on page 1 (as they are manipulating results over other companies that are using white hat SEO practices.



  257. Hi matt, why don’t google give users some trust signals more than just waiting for them to give google trust signals like social ones? Why don’t google uses some info like “e-commerce trusted site” on product search on SERPs?

  258. In 2012, Google’s social networking profiles, expect to share in the search results. Because this is a very important social network marketing. And in 2012 I would like to see a new google 🙂

  259. Please eliminate “pages” results when you search for something. Like Google Images… resultads would appear as you go down in the screen. (And also new ADS would appear at the right as you go down)

    Also: a new feature where you can see the “top queries” in the last minutes, hours or day.


  260. Hi Mark,

    In 2012, I would like to see if Google can launch search engine which read the eyes of a person and work as google cursor to move mouse in all direction on computer screen.
    For example:

    To move left: Just see your left direction cursor will move to left on the screen. for right direction see the right.

    To Enter: Just blink eyes 3 times and enter key will press.

    To Right click: 4 blinks

    To left click: only 2 blinks

    This program will help to those people who have missed there hands due to any accident and can’t write.

    Please think if it is possible.

    Vaibhav Pandey

  261. I think Chris’s ideas about sharing user experience is a great one.
    Much in the way that we can see reviews on Amazon and Trip advisor.

  262. Funtionality for searching information inside pdf files would be nice!

  263. I would like to see google proving more relevant result than before.

  264. I think you should use the Google+1 as a ranking factor however bring authority into it.

    Check a Google Account by seeing how often Gmail is used, how often searches are made and whether they have an active Google+ profile plus other things. I think you’ll find it easier to monitor than you think.

  265. Google improvement suggestions for 2012:

    Niche searches, the majority of searches, tend to return tons of junk sites that have grown in PR because of age and hundreds of mediocre quality inbound links. Whereas many new innovative and high quality sites on a given topic do not rank. It results in handicapping INNOVATION. It also victimizes Google, in that, the phenomina creates a community of SEO that focuses on gaming Google instead of producing value on the web. I’d like to see Google integrate an “AdvancedTrack” program for new innovative high quality sites, in order to improve search results. It’s what Google is all about– adding value to the web. I’d be happy to elaborate more.



  266. I would like to see the realtime search of twitter back. This was one of the most useful feature I have seen from you guys in a long time. When I’m looking for current, relevant information to a search term, I could always count on it! Realizing you want to utilize google plus for this but to me it just doesn’t make sense until google plus gets more users and still, twitter is different and in my opinion, relevant! In the mean time, I just Bing it 🙁

  267. @ Vaibhav Pandey – wow that’s more futuristic than other.. possible but not impossible, I think microsoft should be doing that. right?

    well for me my suggestion is for the google to crawl images, flashes and music.

  268. This is just a simple thing. Could Google + have a message feature so you can just send something to that person if they are in your friends, family, or acquaintances circle?

    Also, I like yahoo’s homepage, but there are somethings that could be much better. Could you make a version like that and maybe call it Google Pop for the things that are going on in popular culture at the moment. I’m sure you could Google could do it better. I like that you can customize everything with Google, but it would be cool if Google had a team to list the interesting things going on in the world and made a cool homepage thing.

  269. I would like to see an advanced custom search with parameters like date,place etc .Moreover filtered search will be a great option.

  270. I’d love a search by date and search by newest and unique content or spesific so we can get fresh information :).

  271. it would be great if google can to change the style ( logo – background ) , change is good
    but in all ways google is the best .

    Thank you .

  272. Hello,

    How are you? I’m a children’s book author/poet from NY. What’s the best way to get my website and books noticed on google?

    Thank You.


  273. I’d like to see Google Webmaster Tools list what links Google counts so I can stop wasting time with what doesn’t work in terms of backlinks. I’ve heard you say in several videos at YouTube (googlewebmasterhelp) that “just because it’s in GWMT, doesn’t mean those links count.”

    I think it serves both the quality of search for Google (so people STOP wasting efforts building up the content of these sites), as well as the time spent for the ‘other users’ of Google (i.e. publishers)…a win/win I’d think.

    If Google doesn’t find these sites to be quality (i.e. they don’t count those links), then what better way to see these businesses atrophy than a GWMT confirmation that X works but Y stinks?

    As for a user’s perspective, I love the sidebar: Discussions, Blogs, News, etc. – fantastic job, same with suggest/instant.

    What I’d like to see from search is a limit to the ads in the organic listings (or move them to the right sidebar). 3 ads seems too much (with sitelinks in the ads sometimes? That’s too much…), 1 ad is understandable, 2 ads is still a bit frustrating.

    Also, I’d like to see less ‘brand recommendations’ from Google, but here I’m talking from an SEO marketer/affiliate marketer standpoint. It does seem a bit like a second stab at Ad-serving from Google, though – if a user types in “Nike” then they don’t need to know about “Adidas,” but the effect is pushing down the organic searches further…

    Finally, though Panda did smack me for a month (I resurrected a month later), I do like the new listings…BUT I’m also curious why scrapers of my content are still out-ranking me?

    All they did was re-write my content, but stole my theme, layout, ads and images – and they didn’t respond to a DMCA request. Yet they are out-ranking me on a few keywords.

    I’d like to see a smarter Panda target scrapers, or another form we can fill out so Google can take action on obvious content theft. (Unless it’s “OK” to rewrite stolen content?)

  274. Search Helpers! Let me explain….there are a lot of important search qualifiers like +, AND, OR, “a specific string in quotes”, Search within a specific site, who links to a site, etc.

    No one remembers the syntax for all these. I’d like to be see a simple intuitive interface on google that allows you to select these qualifiers to help refine your searches. If you’re worried about cluttering the google home page you could add a checkbox to toggle on/off all the extra “search helpers”

  275. I would recommend that you may also make a search available for podcasting. Also some times on Google I’m looking for study courses so maybe you could make a course submitting search and let people rank it


    Sorry for all caps, but this change has destroyed usability of Google and the internet for me. My connection is so slow, that clicking the cached link in the search results is the only hope of getting content to load without 404’s and timeout errors.

    This change is akin to removing 80% of the sites on the internet, and using Google and the internet for that matter is nothing but a massive frustration now.

    I thought Google was all about making the worlds information accessible and improving the user experience, not destroying it.


  277. Hopefully nobody in the 212 comments above this one said…

    Drunk Search.

    I want you to implement a search that lets me grunt something into my rather poor on-board notebook microphone when I’m plastered on Beerlao, and I want you guys to be able to:

    1. Notice that I’m drunk and say something ridiculous about it – like, “Dude, you can’t be drinking and Googling – 2 days in the no Google Juice Penalty Box!
    2. Then give me the results of my search with 90%+ accuracy.



  278. Dominic Mapstone

    If I search for something and use incorrect spelling Google search knows what I was looking for and helps me out.

    But other Google products are confused when I misspell and don’t understand what I was looking for.

  279. 1. Ways to sort search results
    2. More personalized results (come on, I use almost all G products, you know me well)
    3. More power user features (blekko?)
    4. Improve local results for geos other than usa
    5. Interact with users (and not just point to dumb help links). Charge for it if you may, but when users are stuck, they need actual help.

  280. Thanks for asking new ideas to general users.I suggest every one need spam free result in SERPS like web search, images and videos.Rest Google is Best!!!

  281. Marek Skoczylas

    Sorting websites (offers) by price in a left sidebar.

    For example. Im searching for a cheapest Egypt last minute offer. So I type down “Egypt last minute”. Because of SEO finding the best offer make a lot of time for users, often beyond the second decade search results.

  282. I would like to see new websites with good, quality content get faster high up in the ranking of Google. Older pages don’t have necessarily better informatie then new pages. The new pages probably have more relevant/newer/better information as well!

  283. Dude, I don’t think anyone else could come up with that idea. Wow. They should probably put the equivalent of an ignition interlock on your mic.

  284. I think Google should come up with more features in Image search.. Current drag and search feature seems awesome but it needs some enhancement to grab the attention and show the powerful results.

  285. it would be great to take into consideration the spam reports that webmasters submit through the spamreportform

  286. My suggestion is this..

    We should come with an idea that will make people go and see SERP pages beyond 2nd.I guess most of us would agree that we don’t go beyond second page.Showing hundreds of pages of Search results and people not using even up to 4th page is bad.

    A good author’s blog/site but lacking SEO could certainly end up in a worst position in SERP.We should find a way to expose those to people and invent way to make people use pages beyond first few pages 🙂

  287. Another suggestion is to bring “plug-in architecture” in Blogspot like WordPress.Though I am a wordpress fan, I hope it will be beneficial to blogspot fans!

  288. 1. I would like to see the use of artificial intelligence. Where you can pose a question to Google and it will give you what it “thinks” is the correct answer, possibly by analysing data and looking for similarities in the webpages that would have appeared in the serp’s for the keyword(s) in the question.

    2. Perhaps using a derivative of the Google engine (which is proven to be very efficient at search) in games such as chess where a good search algorithm is necessary.

  289. I’d like the ability to permanently turn off Google Instant and Google Preview. It seems the settings for Instant are held in cookies and I’m constantly having to turn it off again as the setting gets lost even though I’m logged in; and I can’t see how to turn Preview off at all.

    I’d like to see a return to simplicity.
    DuckDuckGo is looking good.

  290. I’d love to see more weight given to more recent results. Nothing frustrates me more than finding what I think is a perfect search result, and then realize that the content on that site is from 2004 and is by no means still accurate. Perhaps an outdated icon that people can flag along the lines of the +1.

  291. I like Patrick’s idea for “Noogle”. It would be nice to see the cutting edge of what was just released even if it isn’t necessarily the most relevant.

  292. The option to display local search result without Google Places listings would be ideal for 2012. They take up far too much of the search results page.

  293. Google Instant took me a while to like, but now that I do, I feel it’s missing functionality. Since we now have one screen of search results that can update themselves on the fly, it would be great to have mouse gestures to rate each result.

    For example, click-drag-left could mean this option is not relevant, therefore remove it and all similar results.

    And conversely, click-drag-right could mean this item is very relevant, therefore get me more similar ones.

  294. Hi,
    My suggestion: Get stricter with extending penalties to unethical SEO practitioners

    I am pretty new to SEO and its ways though I’d like to think I am a little better than an ignorant novice. Which is why I am left puzzled by this recent discovery of mine.
    I came across this link (love499.com/health/health-safety-seo-consult-begin-search-engine-optimisation-affiliation-with-phoenix-health-safety/) and instantly thought something was amiss in this article. It didn’t sound right, seemed blotched at spaces and obviously lacked a flow of thought that could possibly be a result of article spinning.

    What I fail to understand is why would Google reward a site with good ranking when it is clearly violating ethical practices expected by Google? I mean the content is ridiculous to say the least and also has little or no regard to the relevance of subject matter that a reader like myself may want. Truth me told I feel dismayed by Google’s inability to nab the culprits and exploiters (in this case its seoconsult.com) or should I say seeing that the company site in question is rewarded if not for anything for their bad SEO practices, really don’t see how the rest of us must begin to take Google warnings on black hat SEO seriously!!!

  295. How about a search for political polls?

  296. Other people to search google for me:

    I’d like the option of my search request being forwarded to someone else on the web – who then searches for me. I’d like to be able to see their search process in realtime – the phrases they use and Boolean operators they use. I’d then like to rate their search and the recommended result / answer they present to me. I’d then like to be able to score this result – google search could also note my score and the process of how the result was found – using this data to improve their search algo. By way of return for this service, I’d be willing to search for someone else’s (probably don’t spell it like that!) requested information – and so on.

  297. Maybe offer searches based on Media queries?

  298. I wish there was some way to separate the results from commercial sites and informational sites. There are times I want to find where to buy things and other times I want information but I have to go through a few pages to get past the sites trying to sell me things.

  299. I would like to see new websites without the duplicated contents for commercial ads in search results.

  300. I think it is good to have the option to show the results in a objectiv way, without keeping in minde the user history.

  301. I’d like to see search results presented on less pages. I’d like to see Google also buy GroupOn and have those results integrated within search results.

  302. More rich snippets!

    Let’s encourage the building of the semantic web!

  303. Its very nice to hearing about this. It is very helpful to adapt every one into new life.

  304. I’d like to see different, tailored results pages that are automatically shown/used by Google depending on what I am searching for.

    For example, if I search for “Lethal Weapon 2”, instead of the regular results page (being a long list of sites), Google should recognise it and load a ‘film’ optimised search results page. This would be a specifically optimised and well designed page which presents summary information in an easily digestible format for further click through (kind of in the same way that an infographic might – just interactive).

    Examples of information that could be presented are the Film poster, pick up a snippet of the synopsis/description/actors from imdb (with a link to the full thing), an aggregate review as well as a snapshot list of reviews (e.g. imdb, rottentomatoes, reviews from your circles), the YouTube trailer embedded, where is the cheapest place to buy it on DVD + a few other options to buy it (or info on local cinema showtimes if it is a new release), etc…

    You would then be able to drill down into secondary results pages where you could, for example, look at the reviews in more detail – perhaps filtering for reviews by people in my circles, by the number of ‘+1’s each has received or by your favourite movie review sites. If none of the information on the new summary results pages are helpful, you could still have a link that would show the traditional list of sites.

    I am sure that this approach could be applied to other search term types, each with their own optimised results page specific to that item/industry, e.g. for mobile phones, computer games, recipes, sports, sport teams, celebrities and so on.

    This would be much more useful & engaging than the big long list of results which most people don’t go past the first 3 results, let alone onto pages 2+.

  305. Hi Matt,

    Sorry to disturb you but I need to ask one question, a website named as addictivetips.com uses meta description 3 times on it’s pages. Does it affect any search rankings whatsoever.
    Ist Meta description seems to be added by them in content.
    2nd Meta description seems to be added by Plugin they are using and
    3rd Meta description seems to be added by them again in content.

    Is this that can be done..and acceptable by Google ..

  306. Think perhaps you could work on normal search there’s still a lot of irritants on there for me. Being able to turn off search history quickly rather than going to the tab, as an seo is a little annoying having to turn this on and off.

    As to new elements in search, would mind the ability to turn off ads, not much chance of that I guess, maybe also a way of sorting the results or perhaps have a Google “Page of the Day” and give a newbie site a chance in the rankings (just a thought), obviously Google would need to find good quality and ethical content.

    Another thought might be to add social search tab and look for discussions or hot topics at G+, not sure how that will work with the current set up (sorry went into in brain storm mode).

    Cheers, Lee

  307. Sorry one final thought, I’m not spamming, this just came to me, not sure if you’ll like this one because of G+ but adding a FB like next to the G+ icon in search view would be a great move, more in keeping with Panda maybe and more indicative of a pages social popularity.

    So perhaps not have a like button, maybe just the quantity of likes, that way its not in direct competition with G+ but is more on the theme of Google taking social into consideration.

    Actually as an aside I think maybe Google should go along with the whole social sharing thing to populate rankings and authority, its far more likely to be a realistic gauge of popularity and less open to abuse (yeah, yeah – wishful thinking) than taking links into consideration, which I add should still be factored into results, but perhaps social given a little more value than it already is.

    Cheers, Lee

  308. hi, matt

    Search by image and search by voice are cool, how about search by video in 2012?

  309. Whatever you’re launching, I’ll use it. Would be nice if you can fix or update Chrome a bit, been seeing a lot of crashes lately. More features for G+ and put the Reader on Google Apps. Thanks.

  310. It would be nice to be able to search all angles/aspects of a topic or theme instead of finding what interests me. It would make writing a well rounded piece much easier, be easier to see the pros and cons, make it easier to find relevant information on certain subjects, and to make an educated decision on a matter.

    Also, I’m sure it’s in the works, it would be nice to customize Google Plus. Not as splashy at the aged myspace, more than facebook, but somewhere around the customization you can do on Youtube with a little spice. Thanks for the question!

  311. Now about most viewed section on sidebar that shows with stats the website people looked at for a specific search. You could factor not only clickthrough but time on site and pages viewed. That way sites that are not at the top but still get tons of people looking at the pages and spending time on their lower ranked could be spotlighted.

    I wish I could quickly find my rankings for a keyword lick-ity split. Google should add some sort of ranking check or come out with some sort of rankings tool. It seems every third party tool eventually dies off.

    Yes I can expand my settings to see the top100 and do a control-find. But many website owners are not aware of shortcuts.

  312. (People from Linguee.com will hate me, but I dislike their country flags as language icons:) Please add a multilingual output option to Google searches, as many of us use Google as a dictionary. We would love it if we could also use it as a translation dictionary, and benefit from indexed multilingual pages. Multilingual corpora are more reliable than automatic translation, as your experts know.

  313. I absolutely love everything that Google has rolled out! But like one of the reviewers at the top I have issues with getting lost in my searches! I search deeper than the typical person and can get lost in my own searches. I have also a lot of bookmarks and they are of little help! I agree with the search history on steroids.

  314. it would be great to take into consideration the spam reports that webmasters submit through the spamreportform

  315. wow, google always get ahead , search by voice is very good
    any good and convenient changes will be fine, before change, give reader sometime to adapt

  316. Having the ability to collate results would be great. i.e. when a user goes looking for information, they look at 10 web pages. What can they do with these URLs apart from copy and paste them or bookmark them, which is totally out of date. A user would be able to rate the search results 1-x and a new browser window or other tool would open up with the results, ranked in the order that the user has. This would save users a lot of time and enable them to make faster decisions based on the info they have found.

  317. Expanded search by date or newest posts/contents on the search topic would be a nice addition in 2012.

  318. i saw an app on i think an android device where you can take a picture and send it to google and it has some algorithm that gives you relevant information!!! i’d love to see that on my iphone and see it really work

  319. I think the way suggested search works – you could also have suggested query enhancement – like “similar sites” could be a suggestion, “social sites” being a suggestion, or any other popular advanced search.

  320. I wish that Google will come up with a strong social sharing system.. something like stumble upon, I agree that Google have Bookmarks but still SU rocks with its additional features.. What do u say??

  321. How about ‘I’m feeling unlucky’ Where you show the least relevant result for that search query?

  322. Hello Matt,

    i have found some of the website using hidden text to improve their rank… and they are ranking on first rank, so google are not checking all this things? i am new to SEO. if you need some of the name of website i can give you

  323. Hi Matt,

    I would like to see Google pay less atention to multiple links from the same site. As many media institutions as you know have there fingers in so many pies that it becomes unfair for a site who does not have many high ranking websites under there umberella.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

    Willy T

  324. Dear Matt,

    If there was anything I’d like to see Google do for 2012, it would be adding a backlink blocker for Webmaster tools. A way of posting or flagging a url that would tell google to ignore as a link back to our sites ( Mark it as a spam or bad link). I know this was asked before in one of your videos to which you replied it might be a thought in the future.
    I’m sure Google are aware that spammers use other site domain names (That would show up as back links) as keywords to promote their affiliate links, so maybe by blocking or flagging them within Webmaster tools, we can personally contribute or atleast help remove the vermin from the SERPS.

    Best regards…

  325. – Search with pictures (but professional) 🙂
    – Search by voice or better by mind
    – World wide product search but without price comparison

  326. My vision:

    1) QR code generator, printed out on sticky labels by the user
    2) slap the label on any kind of storage box, write out contents through google app
    3) assign each virtual box a virtual room (eg kitchen, living room, etc)
    4) Optional – create rough model of house using a combination of sketchup or camera, convert to wireframe plan

  327. Hi Matt,

    I think instant search is making all of us more sophisticated searchers. It is educating us in how search works. It pains me that more people do not understand the extended syntax that is available to them to for instance do site: or inurl: searches.

    Could you do something to encourage people to try these searches out? For instance display tips somewhere near the search box that encourage people to try different searches e.g. To find all of the pages on a site use site:domainname.com in your search – or something less technical;)

    Good luck with the vegan eating!


  328. Because Google is a trusted search engine. For me I prefer name of “people” would be good to add as a feature in the next 2012. With this option many people will be putting up their real name in their Google account and off-course real people will be involve and not spammers.

  329. How about getting rid of spam in the directory. On Google UK, just typed in WEEE recycle and the first is this pile of crap: http://www.weee-recycle.com/. Just an adsense site!!!!! How dare Google state that it’s getting rid of spam, when soemthing like this is first in your index for an industry that’s so heavily regulated and supposedly professional.

  330. please remove the link in the last comment, they don’t deserve it, even if it’s not a relevant one!

  331. How about a Spam or Fake button as well as a +1 button so you can report sites as fake or spam I know this is open to miss use but so is the +1 buttons?

  332. Just this week, during a discussion on Google in general, I was asked what I thought ” the next amazing thing Google has in store for us would be …”. My 1st thought was to couple a facial recognition program with their geo location capabilities and create a product or service where businesses can send alerts, info, or notifications to a customer’s phone when he/she is in close proximity to that place of business … or to one of his/her competitor’s locations.

    My second thought was … Google probably already has that and either hasn’t deployed it … or I’m simply not aware of it.

  333. Be more clever and intelligent, since Apple launched SIRI.

  334. I have another suggestion if you didn’t like my other one…

    It’d be great if Google sorted out online recipes. I have been experimenting with cooking and I often google recipes based on either things I’d like to try making, or what would might go well with another dish I have planned. (I don’t really use cookbooks – I tend to go for recipes with a high star rating in search results with a large number of reviews)

    However, I see there being room for a new, separate product, which for arguments sake I will refer to as Google Recipes, though elements of this would be integrated within existing ‘outlets’ such as Search and Google+.

    The main purpose of the product is to change the way that we deal with and search for recipes. Being internet based, these have the potential to include video clips and pictures to explain the difficult steps and what it should look like at each stage. It will also enable recipes to be shared much more easily, and allow the easy management of recipes that traditionally would be found across several different cookbooks.

    Users could keep certain recipes private (I know there are some fiercely guarded secrets out there!), but could also have recipes they are willing to share among friends, or even have them as public posts. An extension of this could be following someone like Martha Stewart to have their latest recipes pop up in your stream (this could also enable premium content – see monetisation below), but with the choice to save them into your recipe folder or not.

    A standard(ish) format for recipes (there already exists a schema.org format) would enable existing food websites and celebrity chef types to allow (without having to do a major re-design) their already public recipes to be picked up by the system and enable them to retain credit for their work when shared, as each recipe could be tagged with the originator. (Cookbooks could have a code to enable their recipes to be added automatically (if paid for of course!), without the user having to type them up)

    Other useful tools could be incorporated, such as if I have selected 3 recipes for a meal, and I tell it how many people I am cooking for, it could auto-calculate a shopping list (further revenue possible if there is a link up to a preferred online grocery supplier), it could give me suggestions of things I might like based on my ratings, recipes, and those of users with similar tastes and there could even be a “help” tab where I can browse other user’s videos of hints and tips (e.g. how to make puff pastry).

    The only downside is that you would need to consider how you would use the recipes as a cook. Users might be reluctant to use their laptop in a messy kitchen environment (though I do – without mishap so far). This could therefore be done via an phone/iPad app as these already have traction as reading devices, and they would support the interactive content, or there are companies that will print low volume books (like Snapfish for holiday pictures or similar) – so there could be an option for you to print a hard copy book of the collated recipes from your profile.

    As to links to other Google products:-

    – The Google Recipes database & user feedback should be able to greatly improve food related search results – instead of displaying results based on limited interactions with individual websites (and presumably based on traditional search engine algorithms), you would now get the benefit of the aggregated experience of a much larger, and much more engaged and topic specific user base – allowing a much better set of recipe results to be returned for a given query.

    – I imagine being able to type the ingredients in my refrigerator/cupboard into the Search box, and have Google suggest a bunch of different things I could make with them e.g. for eggs, flour & milk it might suggest I try making pancakes, or an omelet, etc..

    – People love to cook, discuss and share recipes with their friends and so adding recipe functionality into Google+ would only enhance this experience, as well as boost the options for interaction on G+. Tie in hangouts and slaving away in the kitchen just became much more sociable. Following a celebrity chef would take on new meaning, as they would be able to easily share recipes and techniques as well as their more normal status updates. Recipes highly rated by people you know and trust are also likely to be more useful than those recommended by those outside your circles.

    Also, if the system is set up right, there’s also an opportunity for a recipe marketplace similar to those for mobile apps or the kindle – I am sure people would be willing to pay a few cents for a celebrity chef’s recipe (even if most of the rest of the recipes on the product are free)

  335. Matt – I much enjoy the enthusiasm you exhibit in meeting the ongoing challenge of innovation and achieving excellence at Google. Personally I’d like for Google to concentrate on implementing improved search results post-Panda. If there was a “cool new feature” added, I’d like to see tools that promote a bidirectional flow of information between webmasters and Google. The tools would (i) enable webmasters to report anomalies directly to Google that are clearly undesirable and (ii) enable webmasters to better identify what are acceptable and clearly not acceptable practices as well as providing for a better understanding of search results.

    I spent a great deal of time on the webmasters forum to discover that the Forums were of extremely limited use. Advice given is too frequently not useful or accurate, even from experts. I’ve also found that the experience can lead to several highly undesirable side effects, which is why I’ll be avoiding the Forum moving forward. Some exchanges are best handled with more appropriate tools, an area that I’ve given a great deal of thought.

  336. I would like to have more sophisticated tools for checking up financial ratios from different companies and central banks.

  337. i am interested to know why google remembers my searches. I clear my cache & cookies evbery day but google still remembers my search keywords for my business etc. if i type in hunter valley accommodation self contained (as an example) my computer shows this on page 1 or 2 but another computer in the house may show it on page. I have a small business which includes optimisation, these results are misleading & make me think i am really clever when perhaps i am not as clever as i think. Kind Regards Robyn

  338. It would be nice to see in addition to web, images, video in top menu to include Docs, basically allowing the search results only to contain.. for example PDF’s, Word docs, etc etc, not web pages but search results that link to an actual document as such that contains the content being searched for. Also it could contain a sub link to the site the document is published on.

    For myself, when doing research and looking for documents, I find it very troubling to search through the current results and opening web sites seeing if its a pdf or word doc. So be nice it the search results could be filtered as such with videos, images to just include labels or title to actual pdf or word doc files.

  339. Heya Matt, I think it would be neat to see searches that are able differentiate journalistic integrety/credibility from a blogs that simply happen to be popular

  340. Panda was not bad, but Spam detection is not working.

    Check this out: snookfrankfurt.com using one of the biggest Word Press Link Fram Networks for “werbung” “werbeagentur” and “werbeagenturen” – an it works.


    Please correct me, but think that is easy to detect, that Word Press root domains form UK and com in that quantity are not organic – and as a conclusion 100% blackhat. So what did you think about spam detection in Panda now?


  341. Some kind of site explorer to see some of the links of any website.

  342. Bonjour Matt,

    J’aimerais que google pense à ma place.
    I would like, Google think in my place.

    je ne veux plus chercher, je veux tapé une phrase et google me donne un seul produit, et non pas une page de résultat.
    I do not want to look, I would like type a sentence and google gives me a single product, not a page of results.


  343. I’m looking forward to jive with whatever websearch idea may come up by the Google management. But the recent commenter’s here in this post really had a cool ideas. I hope Google find a way to listen to it’s avid users suggestion.

  344. I would like to see Google enriching the user experience by offering search options on different categories of websites. Not all searches are looking for services/products, not all searches are looking for information, not all searches are looking for events. However, when one places a key search term on Google they are shown results that might not be what they are looking for. Just like we have the EVerything, News, Blogs like tabs, I think we must have tabs for business websites, information/content, educational websites. It’s like browsing through TV channels and looking for specific items in searches.

  345. Context buttons on a Google toolbar. Users can “tag” sites as information site, sales site, spam site.

    So kind of an evolution of Wikipedia’s idea of are you an authority in this subject…users can inject a value layer into the algorithm as it tries to essentially preempt a searcher’s ideal destination.

  346. Hello Matt,

    I think google should start free SMS service world wide with all language available ..
    people will love it..

  347. Hello Matt,
    The fact that all the search results are no longer direct links to the site, but are redirected through google is bit of a problem. When I copy the link location by right clicking on the result, I get a long, complex goolgle.com URL which in turn redirects me to the concerned site. This is really annoying as I can’t directly copy paste a URL without actually visiting the site.

    Karthik Balakrishnan

  348. I would suggest never defaulting SSL for logged-in users so it blocked organic keyword data in Google Analytics.

  349. I would like to see offline signals affect rankings. This could take the form of:

    – Performance reports: so if a transport service is consistently graded to be late (perhaps with GPS tracking), if a private school is judged to be poor (by someone like OFSTED in the UK) and so on, the rankings would reflect this.

    – Popularity: if a show is consistently selling well at the box office, if a restaurant is consistently fully booked this must be an indication that it is doing something right. Bump these up in the rankings!

    I am guessing these ideas would need some kind of real world, big brother monitoring which may be a longer way off than 2012, but what the hey!

  350. Improve geographic targeting in sites Multiregion (sites for different countries but contentn in same language).


  351. Dear Matt, I’d love to be able to choose a truly naked search. A choice where nothing from google remembers me or my previous search habits.

    Connor MacIvor

  352. Matt,

    Google and other SE are getting better at deciphering videos, adobe flash, text off of images, goggles, etc; however, to my knowledge there’s no recognition of music?
    Many users have at least some basic knowledge of musical notations and scores, and are able to play some simple tune on a keyboard of some kind. However, as a searcher, it would be really useful if Google had search through virtual musical keyboard; and just like Google has instant search, as one plays musical tune he/she would have SERPs of musical results (scores or audio of musical composition samples) of where that particular musical fragment was found.
    I’m open for discussion if interested.


  353. I believe that the results already visited sites should be bold or different color, not red whit blue. There are people who do not see well, it would help a lot. It is only my opinion, thanks!

  354. Dear Matt Cutt,
    Hope your doing good i have some doubt in URL i am wording where to ask about this to you. I need a help my website URL i.e http://www.example.com/sample.php
    sample.php is a web page
    similarly sample2.php is a web page
    http://www.example.com/sample.php/sample2.php web page opens with design crash due to CCS not applied.i dint call any where like above like so i thought to rewrite is it ok if i rewrite like this http://www.example.com/sample.php/sample2.php to http://www.example.com/sample.php please let me know you review thanks in advance

  355. I wish the voice search gets more refined and accurate to understand different accents.
    Second, I wish Google leaves giving too much importance to links with accurate anchor text. Instead It should focus on quality.
    I wish Google could understand the audio of a video and It could show snippets of transcripts in search.

  356. A resume search and standardized format service.
    (I may try to do something too – let me know if you want to work together on this)

    Resumes are the most variable and non-standardized documents in existence. Google could standardize the format to be used across all job sites and allow those resumes to be searched from Google search.

    This could be executed with formatting tags like HTML or some other meta that allowed both job sites and Google to leverage the data.

    I think this is better than a jobs bill (said the duck). Okay, one more – put the job on my bill!

  357. When using Google maps while driving, and I search for a particular chain of restaurants or stores. I would like it to tell me where the nearest one is ALONG MY ROUTE in the direction in which I’m driving. I would rather wait until 20 miles down the road and find a Panera Bread that is right next to the highway than to turn around and drive 3 miles in the wrong direction through city traffic.

  358. Before new websearch ideas, i think Google should try working harder on the SE algorithm, with it`s latest Panda update, everything is messed up. I`ve seen expired domains ranking #1 on important keywords, and the so called semi-spam websites are now ranking way better than before.


    Anyone tried Bing? Well, it`s hard to say this, but you should. Maybe Bing steals from Google, but… try it…

    Again. Please Matt, you should consider taking down those semi-spam websites. It`s ok to go against spam, but, hey… there is also semi-spam! Those websites that crawl content (products, product images, description) from not one, but from many websites, and then they are displaying those products for comparison. And boy… there are many. And yes! They are crappy!

    Again, please work to make Google Search Results better! If you don`t know what i mean by semi-spam, i can assist you in identifying them. I can give you plenty of examples, and then you`ll perfectly understand.

  359. Hi Matt

    I would love to see a search by image feature that ties into Google street view to tell me where I am and show any search results relevant to that location like a virtual tourguide.

    I’d also like to see a better podcast search and client Listen is hopeless. Ideally something which could do a speech recognition analysis of the content rather than just the Meta tags

    Nothing to complex Matt, just some augmented reality 🙂

  360. I would like to see the day when Google’s search engine stops demote or promote sites that rely on useless links and devalue those links completely. in my native language, If we take a word which is a synonym to “SEO” , you may see that most sites are divided to two camps; The ones that where Google Bombed with strange anchor text and suddenly got demoted VS the ones which obviously used some kind of automatic link building but in a way which gives them actually some edge, at least for a while. It looks like the wild west if you ask me, not something I would call a quality choice.
    I know that they were quite a few times in which we where told that link bombing get defused but I do not see that happening in reality.

  361. I think like rest way back be good but should thing about site valua

  362. I think, Webmaster would get a Google email alert in which he would know when their site may be effect by Google dance 😀

  363. Hi matt
    I have a simple idea people use so many keywords for search depending upon the keyword they can get results. Among these results they can get related url if they get related url they go for bookmark that url bcz they don’t want to go for search next time when they want that url for same keyword. If they format there system they did not get those saved bookmarks, even there is no guaranty they can get the same url which they saved before. So i think it is better to provide an account for the users to bookmark their mostly visited urls in that account automatically it will help the people those who visit the same url for several times and those who lost there bookmarks. I hope it will helpful…

  364. I would like to see the view preview a bit larger than it really is in the search page. If the preview gets slightly bigger when i hover my mouse over it, it would be better. And i would also love to see “instant preview” in videos – i mean when i hover my mouse over the video, why not show some snapshots from the middle of the video to give a little preview of what i will really see in the video.

  365. I would like to see quality search return to Google.

    Google’s results are filled with spam and pages that are relevant to the queries.

    Are you googlers too busy with all this other irrelevant crap to focus on Search?

    Do us all a favor and fix your search.

  366. I would like to see quality search return to Google.

    Google’s results are filled with spam and pages that are NOT relevant to the queries.

    Are you googlers too busy with all this other irrelevant crap to focus on Search?

    Do us all a favor and fix your search.

    Sorry a typo that changed the meaning of the post so I had to repeat the post…

  367. Hi Matt,

    I think it could be nice to have a “-1 button” in the result, you can penalize pages you don’t want to see with your personnal account, it’s definitely a way to see what site is with good content (+1) or site with no interest (-1).

  368. I simply don’t understand why Google is mainly emphasis on Search speed rather than accurate and to the point results. To be honest i don’t like Google Instant and rather than having result instantly i would prefer if Google search me accurate(spam free) result in one minute.

  369. A clear warning on sites that contain adult material within the SERPS. Easier/clearer instructions for parents to enable “Safe Search”.

  370. Hi Matt! Maybe Google should be more strict with the duplicate content issues. When I’m searching, I still see duplicate sites ranking at the top. Another one, I think Google should improve the way they provide image search results. The recent update you all did to the product search results was so cool. It would be worth to try it as well to image results.

  371. How about having #siri or something similiar for google search? Having google indexing robot talking and performing interactive search.

  372. Hi Matt,
    I would love to see a picture-association based search engine.

  373. I’m loving G+ search, especially for new music. The genres I enjoy are not well covered by blogs and the mainstream music sites. iTunes genres are so inaccurate its frustrating. However, when I search the genre in G+ I see posts of videos of music that is worth sharing. I can’t wait to see what kind of G+ music integration Google is prepping! It doesn’t work for me on Facebook/Spotify because I don’t like the music my friends listen too 🙁

  374. It would be nice for google to re-do their places search results. I live in a competitive market and would be top of page one if it werent for google places. There has to be a better way to involve these and also make it fair for the organic search results.

  375. I don’t like how Google caches and adjusts m searches based on my search history. As an online IM, I am forced to use other methods and search tools to adequately gauge my SE ranking because if I use Google they are skewed. For example, the other day I was rank #4 for a very competitive term that I search for often. But I knew it was bogus, so I used startpage.com which is basically private browsing and I wasn’t even on page one.

  376. I would like to see a much easier way to search using the Google search tools like ‘site:’. As far as l know you just need to know what these are and how to use them where as Google could suggest them or have quick links to them from the Google search page.

  377. I would like 1 thing:
    Spam Virus free results

  378. Advanced search based on published date would be good. I often need to lookup details relating to our server only to find that the post or article was written in 2005 and has no relevance anymore. There are a great many topics in which I would only be interested in seeing results from the current year.

  379. Hi Matt,

    I urgently need to report a bug in a combination of some of the current websearch features but there’s nowhere to get this listened to. Keyword suggestions when coupled with Google instant is resulting in big problems for webmasters and search users. There’s a discussion of this on Webmasterworld just look for “Low Quality Traffic After The October 14 Panda Tweak?”

    If you have someone who would like to see my data you have my email address.

    Cheers Phil

  380. I am webmaster I am always search in Google to find any of my web solution. I would like to have something there if any of the search result I found interesting or that is related to my work and I need to keep this remember. I would like to mark the result to my gmail email / add to gmail task directly for read it later.

  381. Matt,

    I think that there should be a tv guide type listings search. You shoudl be able to search by actor, director, film location, soundtrack etc. The results can bring you to the exact location of an episode or official hosted movie site (maybe an idea for Google+).

  382. I’ve enjoyed reading through people’s ideas here. This is not really a crazy idea but I would like it if personalized results were easier to switch off on Google. I’ve found it pretty tricky sometimes trying to explain to clients over the phone how they can do this!

  383. Search by ACTUAL RELEVANCY, not backlink popularity.

  384. I would love to see more content related websites. I see alot of
    one page optimized websites hitting the top ranks.

    Maybe like, a full content related site that has regular updated
    content hitting top ranks.


  385. I believe that results are improving overall. However, I still see old outdated sites from the 90’s coming up first in the index for certain highly competitive queries. These old dinosaur websites have extremely old domains and strong backlinks from edu and gov domains because they were the only sites out there in the 90’s and the links still remain from back then. That is all they have. They are not very user friendly. There are many new sites that are more relevant to the user’s queries and are optimized much better but they still often do not show up on page 1 of the index because of these old dinosaur sites and their old domain age / edu and gov links.

    Also, many of edu and gov sites that show first in the index are really outdated and don’t really have what I am looking for. In other words, I think .edu and .gov sites sometimes have too much credibility, and they get in the way of what I am searching for. If I need to visit a .gov site, I know to search for that agency. Most .gov sites are pretty lousy so I am looking for something other than what they publish.

    And that is all I have to say about that… hope this helps!!

    Thanks for letting us offer our input on your blog Matt. I still think Google & Chrome is the best! Sorry Google haters…

  386. I think it would be best if Google launched something at par or superior to Siri. I’m using Android OS right now, it’s great! But the voice search isn’t anywhere as good to Siri.

  387. I’m a big fan of the latest Panda update. I think Google really made some good decisions and helped reduce the number of spammy Page 1 results.

    I think using the Google+1 results in your ranking algorithm would be a smart next move.

  388. I find that Google search results in some countries and cities have too many classified sites and sites with low relevance showing up. There are low quality classified sites (e.g in property) whose results show up when a search is performed. The actual sites with the relevant information are often buried lower down because they are newer or the owners have not bothered to optimise them as well as the low quality sites. Google should refine it’s algorithm to categorise results so that the user can choose between classified sites, comparison sites and the actual providers.

  389. I wish in next year Google will improve search result quality because still found many sites in which all the content is totally coped from other sites. Especially in search of any used vehicle.

  390. Hi Matt,
    what I wish for? Better Results… simple better Results. I my opinion Googles Spam prefention ist going bader and bader. Google is not able to see Link Farm Evolution Blog Farms, big ones that are search engine scam. Also it´s not seeing websites with links from foreign countrys (example cheap links from china, russia etc.) that are reselling cheap footer links. And Panda is not so good, as promised. It could not really detect the quality of a website. For the last month in germany after the panda update, self protecting algorithms of google fail. The whole website trashcan was pumped up in the serps, sites with zero quality, zero reputation or reputation links.

    for example:
    A Link Farm Evolution Blog one of tousands of spam blocks, with no sense.

    Google is ranking the clients… why?
    What makes it so difficult to detect such SEO Trash? Please and I mean really please – update the own protection and detection algorithms to get quality back in the serps and trash out.

    Thanks a lot – hopefull you post this comment or answer to it.
    Do delete this comment, is NO solution to the problem.

  391. Hi

    First of all i think Google search is great it wins by a mile but how could it be improved well the only area that i think that needs correcting quickly is Google Places as you normally see small cowboy outfits ranking high in Google Places when much larger well run companies seem to be much lower and i would say in lots of results there are unrelated. But apart from that you guys are doing well.



  392. Hi Matt. I just want to thank you guys so much. I have a personal hobby blog in other language and since you guys launched Panda Updates, I keep getting about 5-20% permanent traffic increase. I see a lot of spam websites dropping from search results above my website. But last freshness update was awesome. since then, I got almost 30% traffic increase. Thanks you guys helping real bloggers with real content. you guys are the best!!!

  393. I would loved if Google shows a better result when searching for a particular terms/words. Its better if Google results are based on importance and not in popularity.

  394. Hi Matt Happy Christmas and New Year, I have Something new which I have recently experienced and cannot find a solution to. Here goes.

    I have designed and own the copyright to a website which remains on the same hosting but now under a new domain name (hairlossleeds.co.uk) due to a split with with a partner. The problem is he owns the original domain but not the content and has decided to cut off all lines of communication. This has left me with a problem when it comes to telling Google about a website change of domain.

    My new domain hairlossleeds.co.uk has the original content on it and the old domain totalhairlosssolutions .com is now just a holding page. However I fear that there will be a dupe content issue if he is to steal any of the content from the original website (due to the urls listed as having the old domain on it) which he has already tried on http://d2business.co.uk/wordpress2/.

    I have no way of being able to do 301s as a result and as it stands it is likely I will get a dupe content penalty on hairlossleeds but the content is mine, just the domain has changed and i have no way of being able to let google know that the content is in the same place just the domain has changed.

    It would be really helpful, if there was another way of being able to go about things for people who find themselves in this position. Maybe that might be something to look at in 2012. I know we might be straying into good old chicken and egg problems to solve it, but there must be some alternative idea.

  395. Equalizer Search – A search with volume levels (not sure what they are called), like an old equalizer at the top. Searches change underneath based on the Volume levels from none to high. One could be Years in Business – it would have to use the age of the website if no age for the company could be found. With equalizer on top of the page only side bar ads would be there and they would change also as the equalizer changed.

    I’d like to see a two column search with a short version of the basic search and a photo from the website in the column next to it – not a screen shot but an actual photo from the homepage or another page. A combo regular search with picture search.

  396. I would love to see more content related websites. I see alot of
    one page optimized websites hitting the top ranks.

    Silviu Matei