Good workout music?

Okay, so I registered for a sprint triathlon (400m swim, 11 mile bike, 3.1 mile run) in August. Maybe that will turn out to be a really stupid idea, but I’m going to see if I can at least finish. πŸ™‚

So I need some good workout music, because my current tunes are getting tired. What songs get you pumped up when you’re exercising? Here’s some tunes that work for me:
Blink 182
– music from the Mortal Kombat soundtrack (hey, don’t mock it until you try it!)
– “Ready Steady Go” by The Meices
The Mountain Goats
Foo Fighters
The Killers
– sometimes the Pixies or the Ramones

How about you? What workout music goes into your playlist mix and gets you ready to exercise?

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  1. Mortal combat soundtrack “and now a taste of things to come”
    Spawn soundtrack
    Queen “Highlander soundtrack”

  2. So proud of you, Matt!

    Download any songs by Tiesto, Kaskade, and Fallout Boy. Most have great running beats. Also Let’s Dance by Lady Gaga is a good beat for a run, and some songs by Kings of Leon. Good luck in training!!

  3. Eye of the Tiger, Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold, Thunderstruck – AC/DC, Ecstacy of Gold (great classical piece that builds and builds, there is a metallica version too), Rock Superstar – Cypress Hill

  4. Anything with a really solid beat works well for me, but then again I only ever run on a treadmill. I actually really like the music from GTA Vice City for my treadmill time, so I can see why Mortal Kombat might work. πŸ™‚

    One tool that might help is Just set the mood somewhere between “Positive” and “Energetic” and unclick all the music genres you know you don’t like. The only downside is the audio from that site is a little tinny for some reason.

  5. Hey Matt, I also work out every week and when I’m not attending group lessons this is some of what I’m listening to to pump myself out:

    – The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die
    – Buraka Som Sistema – Black Diamond
    – CSS
    – Anything by Daft Punk πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Matt,

    I’m sure this will turn out to be one experience you look back on with pride for your entire life.

    OK, best workout song in definitely “All Out Of Love” by Air Supply.

    No, seriously… Anything by the Chili Peppers should get your blood pumping. Also, if it’s your thing, Go ’80s MegaMix!


  7. Silversun Pickups, Panic Switch. It kept me running this morning when I wanted to quit. Good luck to you!

  8. I’m thinking the music mr softee or the good humor man plays from the truck when he drives down the street πŸ˜‰

  9. Good luck, Matt. I used to be into all things running and ran a few half Marathons with some pretty decent times (73mins). Sadly, those days are behind me πŸ™ Careful, it IS addictive.

    For me, it had to any hard ‘n’ heavy, AC/DC are always great for a workout.

  10. The Mortal Kombat soundtrack is one of my favorites! I actually put together two workout music lists about two weeks ago. I’m sure you’ll find some good ones on there. Good luck with the sprint tri!

    The Ultimate Workout Music List – Part 1 and Part 2

  11. I waddle along to Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to work I go!

  12. “Cartoon Heroes” by Aqua, that’s a good one on many levels.

  13. Get some soul Matt…Cameo will turn you into a brick house..

  14. Matt…Live Allman Brothers Band sets a pace that is hard to keep up with. Go with “Live at the Fillmore” and “An Evening With The Allman Brothers” to start with. Lace ’em up tight and take a deep breath…

  15. These always get me going:

    Rage against the Machine
    Sublime (the faster songs)
    Led Zeppelin
    The Raconteurs

    Hope those help Matt.

  16. “Pink Cadillac”, The Clash
    “When Love Comes to Town”, U2 & B.B. King
    “Season of the Witch”, Donovan
    “Loser”, Beck

  17. “Dude looks like a lady” (Aerosmith) is guaranteed to get me moving even on my most sluggish days.

  18. RUSH!!!

  19. Limp Bizkit, Kings of Leon, Nickelback, and Seether are some of my favorites. There also is a Dutch Techno by Ben Liebrand that remixes English music and puts it more upbeat. His songs are about 1 hr long per song. Good luck w/ the compilation of workout music, and when you get done…share your list.

  20. Relationship of Command by At the Drive-In.

  21. Hey I salute you and will use you as inspiration to get to the gym more. πŸ™‚

    Right now I am listening to Armin van Buuren when I work out – this 12 hour set he did in the Hague a few years ago.

    I hear you on the no mockery til you try it – I had a friend who practiced his martial arts workout to Mortal Kombat I soundtrack – it worked for him.

    Cheers and good luck to ya,


  22. β€œBaba O’Riley” – The Who

    β€œMy Thing” – Jeff Beck

    β€œIf You’re Gonna…” – Natasha Bedingfield

    Of course, this is all very subjective, but these songs always seem to motivate me.

    I hope you do well!

  23. Chemical Brothers ‘Galvanize’ for sure

  24. Haha, did a post about this already actually. Hope you can get some good ones from this list!

  25. I did the Solana Beach Triathlon last year as part of the Active Network.

    It is a GREAT motivator for your workouts.

    Figure you would HAVE to include on your playlist ON! ON! U of K!

    ,Michael Martin

  26. Rock on! These are great suggestions; thanks everyone! Kate Morris, great post with songs too. Pratt, also a great list–much appreciated.

    Joshua, let’s see if I finish first, but I’m excited to be trying1

  27. Eye of the Tiger. The intro itself makes me wanna run without any stop

  28. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Okay, it doesn’t get me pumped up, but it makes me feel like my workout isn’t a complete intellectual waste and, most of all, it occupies my brain so it doesn’t think about how painful whatever I’m doing is.

  29. lets get it started by black eye pea.
    Feature in the 2006 ironman

  30. You really should try
    white lies – death / fairwell to the fairgrounds

  31. Eye of the Tiger – Journey
    Any Blink 182 songs.

  32. seconding Eye of the Tiger … “The Burning Heart” is also great (also from the band Survivor)

  33. Try this file by DJ Trevor Nygaard. Hope you don’t have to suffer too much with the free file hosting service.

  34. I am usually listening to rock music, but when jogging electronic music fits best, i think. I would suggest The prodigy or overseer.

  35. i like Avril Lavigne’s music,something like rock,it’s full of energement and passion,nice for take exercise!

  36. i prefer listen rap) Spice, Jayz, eminem=)

  37. Silversun Pickups, Scratch Perverts Fabric Live mixtape and High Contrasts Fabric Live mixtape. Nice mix of rock, hip hop and drum and bass. πŸ˜‰

  38. Hi, Matt, this is the ‘SelecciΓ³n del Tio Miguel’

    Dusty Springfield – Son of a Preacher Man
    Randy Crawdford – Street Life
    Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right now
    Franz Ferdinand – Take me out
    Gary Glitter – Rock and Roll
    Muse – Knight of Cydonia

    Remember to make a correct warm up.

  39. Rise Against, the ting tings, lupe Fiasco for just a few. Good luck Matt!

  40. “it’s raining men”

    never fails to get me on the mood to blog!


  41. Kasabian … any song. But their new one “Underdog” makes you run 10 seconds faster per kilometer πŸ˜‰

  42. Nujabes is nice for running
    Fall Out Boy last two albums also good rhythm and power songs
    Basically all Nike running mixes

  43. Hey Matt,

    Props for listening to Mortal combat soundtrack during workout!

  44. Has to be Rage Against the Machine – bulls on parade, killing in the name of, renegades of funk, the list goes on… πŸ™‚

  45. Girl Talk.

  46. It’s all about the Rocky IV soundtrack, watch the film too to remind yourself of the struggle and pain you are going to go through!!! Hope it goes well. πŸ™‚

  47. 2 Michael S: +1

    try to add to your playlist:

    1. The Hives
    2. GreenDay
    3. Raconteurs

  48. Mortal Kombat…repeat mode..! πŸ™‚

  49. You can’t go wrong with theese albums:
    – Pantera: Far beyond driven
    – Sepultura: Arise
    – Squarepusher: Selection Sixteen
    – Wolfmother: Wolfmother
    – At the Drive-In: Relationship of Command

  50. Hey Matt ! Here is songs that work with me :

    Sporto Kantes – Impressed / Heart
    The Horrors – Count in fives
    Eagles of death metals – Wannabe in LA/ speaking in tongues
    Radiohead – Idiotheque
    Aphex Twin – Boy/girl song

  51. YMCA, Disco Duck, Olympic Theme Music, What a Feeling from Flashdance, Techno music, Yodel music, Theme from Six Million Dollar Man

  52. Hi
    Paul Oakenfold live from Havana – its a BBC radio recording hosted by Pete Tong, widely available to download and I think its on the Global Underground label – it will have you waving your arms in the air (figuratively I hope) and lasts about an hour and a half, Insomnia by Faithless is a classic to pound the roads to as is Leftism by Leftfield, Cowgirl, Big Train – in fact anything by Underworld. Weapon of Choice, Bird of Prey, Praise You by Fat Boy Slim, Daft Punk and I used to like a lot of the Hed Kandi Twisted Disco and and World Series compilations. Best of luck!

  53. Any hard house or hard dance is great for working out to – steady beat but fast and relentless too.

  54. KinoSport makes some really great mixes, especially Music for Running which lasts 63 minutes. And here are some of his other mixes.

  55. Funny, I was just thinking I need to start running in the mornings again.

    Spent far to much time behind the PC recently so these sugestions would be handy for an ipod update session (well some of them lol)

    Good luck!

  56. Nice shout out to the Mountain Goats, I love John Darnielle. If you havent seen them live you should definitely make an effort to do so next time they are in your area

  57. The album Smash by The Offspring has some good upbeat songs that always get me pumped up πŸ™‚

  58. I like to like to listen to Java podcasts (Javaposse, Javahispano) while I’m running.

    If I have to concentrate to listen to the conversations, I sometime forget that I’m running and times flies by.

  59. Hmm, workout music. Not to be too “granola” here but, have you tried no music? Just your own thoughts and the sights around you. For starters music only has a chance for the running part, it’s really not a good idea on a bike and a bit tricky for the swim.

    Give it a whirl, you’ll be quite pleased at the “entertainment” of the sights and sounds around you. In the long run your better off as you’ll come to enjoy exercise better for the pure exercise part.

  60. Anything off the Rocky soundtracks, especially Training Montage.

  61. “Montage” from the Team America soundtrack.

  62. Me I’m stuck in the 80’s & 90’s when it comes to music…
    Like the “classics” from Depeche Mode: Everything counts, I just can’t get enough, People are people, Master and servant, Personal Jesus,…
    Dead or alive’s You spin me round (like a record) or Transvision Vamp: I want your love.
    If you want something faster (up to 190 beats per min ), go for German techno like Scooter – Hyper hyper or Move your ass for example; most any of their songs will do πŸ™‚ or U96’s Love Sees No Colour, Love Religion or the classic Das Boot…

  63. For those who said eye of the tiger, you should try At Vance’s Eye of The Tiger – rocks much more! πŸ˜‰

    Right now i’d recommend full throttle, a song by Dr. Sin – I guess you’ll need to be at full throttle by these days!

    Good luck! Don’t get hurt! Or spam will win! =P

  64. Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx, Groove Armdada, and Kanye West feature quite prominently on my running list.

  65. when i used to do a 7mile comute I found that full on high tempo Northern Soul dance tracks like “Heatwave” worked well.

    I bet stuf like Cliff Nobels “The Horse” would work well

    and for inspiration when your hitting the wall ” to dream the imposible dream” and “the harder they come” by Jimmy Cliff.

  66. Podrunner – by far the most motivating workout music, it’s a techno mix at a different BPM each week, helps you keep a rhythm up. Way better than any one song πŸ™‚ This DJ’s podcast got me from not being able to run a mile to a half marathon a year later.

  67. Depeche Mode, INXS, New Order, REM seem to work well…though be careful when you listen to your iPOD while swimming :.)

  68. how about chemical brothers?

  69. A classic and one that works for me is “Lunatic Fringe” by Red Ryder.
    “The Kill” by 30 seconds to Mars.

    Then I fall back to my 80’s and 90’s stuff: Entire Firehouse discs work great. Early Warrant stuff. Most Iron Maiden. AC/DC of course.

    For long bike rides I like to go with entire Rush or Dream Theater albums and try to pace by what’s playing to keep my tempo a bit variable.

  70. My wife and I were just talking about this today. Some of our favorites: Night Fever (Bee Gees), Who Made Who (AC/DC), Rush Hour (Jane Wiedlin), Awful (Hole), Blame It On the Boogie (The Jacksons), Ebony Eyes (Bob Welch), Something About You (Boston), Between Planets (Jesus & Mary Chain), Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken (Camera Obscura), She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult), Did It In a Minute (Hall & Oates), Just Like Paradise (David Lee Roth), Already Gone (Eagles), Crybaby (Utopia), Change of Heart (Tom Petty), Back on the Chain Gang (Pretenders), Ghettomusick (Outkast), I Can’t hold Back (Survivor), Vacation (Go Gos), What is Life (George Harrison), and of course Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

  71. You can finish a sprint tri. C’mon. One thing I tell beginners is once you see the wide variety of folks crossing that finish line, you’ll say, “If they can finish…”

    The song “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. I listened to it a half-dozen times back-to-back and it got me running to the finish in a 100-miler. This year I’m loading up the iPod with the Dirt Bombs, especially their “Ultraglide in Black” album — rough yet soulful Detroit rock with a driving beat that keeps your legs moving.

    I look forward to reading about your finish!

  72. Hey Matt, have you tried the series of music that Nike released some time ago?
    (They’re available in iTunes) they’re designed to ease the workout and does the trick for me !

  73. If you like Blink 182 for working out you’ll probably like Angels and Airwaves as well. It is Tom DeLonge’s newer band.

  74. Based on your tastes I believe you’ll enjoy The Strokes “First Impressions of Earth”. The song ‘heart in a cage’ always pumps me up. Great beat perfect for something like jump rope.

  75. I wake up early in the AM and I need something to get me moving. Now when I say hard and heavy, I *mean* hard and heavy. You ever bench 300 pounds or run 30 miles? Put these on your iPizzle and you’ll be doing that, plus punching your in-laws in the face.

    Hatebreed – Doomsayer
    As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left
    Hatebreed – To the Threshold
    Soilwork – Exile
    Nonpoint – The Truth
    Killswitch Engage – Bid Farewell
    Hatebreed – Defeatist
    Slipknot – Psychosocial
    Hatebreed – Beholder of Justice
    Spineshank – Smothered
    Stone Sour – Reborn
    Novus Dae – Walk Forward
    Hatebreed – Destroy Everything
    Throwdown – Holy Roller
    36 Crazy Fists – Bloodwork
    Stone Sour – Get Inside
    Soilwork – Nerve
    Nonpoint – Alive and Kicking
    Sevendust – Driven
    Seether – F___ It
    Reveille – Inside Out
    Killswitch Engage – When Darkness Falls
    Godsmack – I F____n Hate You
    Deftones – My Own Summer
    Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade
    Nonpoint – Bullet with a Name
    Drowning Pool – Bodies
    Spineshank – Asthmatic


  76. Coral Fang by Distillers

  77. Matt,

    Categorize this in the “Dont knock it until you try it” category. I started working out everyday this year – and made really good headway listening to “chick punk bands”. For a good sampling put in “the donnas” into pandora…

    Best of luck!

  78. I like to listen to metal or some good electronica, but my girlfriend tells me she loves Linkin Park while she’s working out.

  79. try
    4633. La new crew – Shamanes (3:34)
    4634. Arcangel & De La Gheto feat. Zion – Dale mami ven sienteme (3:55)
    4635. Reggeton Boys – modelo underground (3:00)
    4636. Alexis & Fido – Ojos Que No Ven(Original) (3:13)
    4637. Daddy Yankee con Jowell y Randy – Bailando Fue (4:21)
    4638. Daddy Yankee – ΒΏQuΓ© Tengo Que Hacer? (3:38)

  80. My workout music

    1. How far we come- matchbox 20
    2. faint – linken park
    3. murder of one- counting crows
    4. Freedom- Rage against the machine
    5. It’s my life- bon jovi
    6. summer of ’69

  81. Good luck Matt! I’ve been doing triathlons for five years now and usually get in about six or so races each summer. They are a blast.

    If you like a little techno/electronic beat, then I suggest you check out the “Podrunner” podcast by DJ Steveboy. He does a good job of injecting variety into his mixes and the tempo is perfect for running (go figure).


  82. For me its:

    Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory or Road to Revolution
    Metallica, The Black Album
    Guns n Roses, Appetite for Destruction.

    Generally the heavier it is the better.

    Good luck,


  83. Check out this mix, I always bump this when I’m working out…Some Juke music straight from Chicago…

  84. How about customizing it for the different stages of the workout…long stretch vs final sprint, different beats help you change the pace,7889,s6-240-466-0-0,00.html

  85. Find songs with beats/tempos that match your desired stride. Put them at the point in your playlist where you typically falter or assess yourself for pace. Zone out to your feet hitting the pavement while your mind syncs with the pump-up message of the song. Good luck!

  86. My MP3 player broke and I’m too cheap to buy another one so I just exercise with my thoughts. It’s a good time to work out issues and thing things through.

  87. Just head to which has tons of workout playlists. Organized by music & exercise type.

  88. I’m a huge Pixies fan so I would also recommend The Breeders. I really like a band called “A”, it’s just full of energy. The “Yeah Yeah Yeahs”, and an Ozzy band called Spiderbait πŸ™‚

  89. I workout to the songs from the montage scenes of Rocky. As I run and listen to the Rocky workout music, I also say “No Pain, No Pain” just like Mick in Rocky 1.

  90. Anything Jungle/Drum N Bass will do…Lynx, Electrosoul System, Ed Rush & Optical to name a few. Tons of mixtapes that are free online too…(dubplatedigest dot net).

  91. My Nike Plus Power Song has always been “Hyper Enough” by Superchunk. The driving rhythm is perfect for running. Plus, you have to show some love to Chapel Hill bands.

  92. I enjoy the Mortal Kombat soundtrack as well. Some of my other workout faves include
    A*Teens – just about anything
    Jennifer Lopez – Let’s get Loud
    Aqua – Dr. Jones
    Republica – Ready To Go
    Meat Puppets – Backwater
    Partridge Family – I think I love you
    Shakira – because I KNOW she will notice my triceps and demand that we become one in matrimony if we ever meet by chance.

  93. From all of my playlist, Fu Manchu is the best for me; seriously, try it. I also recommend any 80’s music — the time just goes by!

  94. Leave the iPod at home, it’s a crutch that you don’t need. Savor the boredom – use the training time to go places that recorded music can’t take you. The race will have a live soundtrack and the best way to prepare for it is to mimic the race conditions as closely as possible.

  95. Wow, so many terrible suggestions!!

    Rage Against the Machine (just about any song)
    Audioslave (just about any song)
    KoRn (a few songs)
    Nirvana (a few songs)
    311 (a few songs)
    Pearl Jam (a few songs)
    Stone Temple Pilots (a few songs)

    Good luck!!

  96. Heavy Metal – Nothing pumps you up like soe shredding guitar rifs and double kick drumming. A really great album to work out to is MegaDeths’ Rust In Peace. Seriously, if youwant something to (slapping hands together and in my best Hans & Frans) “Pump You Up!” then metal like early Judas Priest or Iron Maiden certainly will do that.

  97. Anything by the Rolling Stones would be good…how about Start Me Up?

  98. IMO, Godsmack is a must-have if you want the best workout of your life. “Whatever” and “Keep Away” are two songs I could repeatedly listen to (and have, many times!) to stay strong during long workouts.

    Oh, and for some odd reason, Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” has been known to get me through the those last couple of miles during a long run.

    Looking forward to reading more about the triathlon. Here’s to staying injury free! *raises glass of electrolyte-enhanced drink*

  99. 2 of my favorites to run to:

    Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider

    Sirius by alan parsons projects

  100. Jai Ho! The drumming and energy will power you through.

    Sometimes a little Jimmy Cliff helps too: You Can Get It If You Really Want

  101. Yay Matt!

    I’ve done a few triathlons in a long ago previous life… Esprit, Great Floridian, and Sunapee Endurance… different legs of the race require different tunes because the rhythm of running is different from biking – terrain is also an enormous factor with the long demanding climb needing different tunes than the long flat hammer. The length of the race, how competitive you are and how aggressive of music your body can keep up with are other factors.

    Jimi Hendrix and the Pointer Sisters played plenty in my head… but visualizations are great too… for the long run nothing beats a visualization of the great Abebe Bikila

  102. *raises glass of electrolyte-enhanced drink*

    Brawndo? It’s got what plants crave!

  103. Two recent favorities:
    – “Buffalo Stance” by Neneh Cherry
    -“Firestarter” by The Prodigy.

  104. Rage Against The Machine is great to get you moving in the morning.

    “Bandages” by Hot Hot Heat helped me when I was training for a marathon a few years ago.

  105. Kudos for jumping head-on into the world of triathlons! Looks like you’ve gotten LOTS of music recommendations so may I offer a different tidbit?

    Get into the water NOW and start swimming, even if it’s a pool and you’re doing open water. Gotta get those muscles thinking like fish! When you do the tri, be the LAST one in the water so you don’t get swum over, kicked in the head, etc. and just swim at your own pace. Float on your back to get a rest and keep an eye out for your directional buoys and the errant swimmer.


  106. See as you seem to prefer uptempo rock music how about:
    Arctic Monkeys
    Kaiser Chiefs
    The Shins

  107. Anything by Killing Joke works for me (particularly their recent self-titled album – the one with Foo Fighter Dave Grohl on drums).

    Other gym fave’s are:

    Police – Next to You
    Queens of the Stoenage – Little Sister
    Ministry – New World Order
    Sugar – The Act We Act

  108. 1. “Simply the best” by Tina Turner
    2. “Jump” by van Halen – was good for my skydiving-course πŸ˜‰

  109. Mortal combat soundtrack is okay, don’t know the others.. But then again, i don’t really listen to music that often, when i’m working out.

    Nice to hear that you are getting some exercise!

  110. G Love and Special Sauce!

  111. Anything by the Sisters of Mercy I find really good. Their songs have a good, regular bpm (drum machines) but are also pretty aggressive.

  112. I am training for a half marathon right now and listen to Jock Jams it’s old but good- gets you going. A sprint is on my goal list – good luck Matt.

  113. Monty Winters

    Van Halen, AC/DC, Aerosmith, for funk, The Gap Band, Cameo, Collective Soul. One of my latest favorites is Chickenfoot… new band with Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Great workout music!

  114. A good variety helps me.
    Snoop Dog
    Pearl Jam
    Check most popular hip hop
    a little techno

  115. I usually go for soul and funk whenever I want to sweat it off. I listen to Jamiroquai (especially “Cosmic Girl”) and early Red Hot Chili Peppers material (“Subway to Venus” and “Sexy Mexican Maid”). A bit of James Brown gets me going, as well.

  116. 50 cent gets you really fired up if you like that sort of thing.

  117. First, congratulations on your endeavour.
    Second, a quick scroll through the comments indicates that no-one thinks classical music is good to exercise to. Try some Strauss waltzes or polkas – they’re awesome!

  118. Pendulum – Slam / The Tempest / Propane Nightmares
    Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills (Must have πŸ˜‰ or anything from the A Matter Of Life And Death Album
    Machinae Supremacy (special taste)
    Classic: Chopin
    Rap: Fort Minor

  119. Voltaic by Bjork. Incredible – will keep you running and running…

  120. I like to work out with the oldies – Sound Track to “Saturday Night Fever” works. Old Bee Gees. James Brown “I Feel Good”, Wild Cherry “Play that Funky Music.”

  121. One word – Metallica!

  122. I listened to Muse to prepare for my IronMan triathlon (a very long day).
    – Absolution
    – Black Holes & Revelations

    Good luck on your first triathlon!!!


  123. Lady GaGa

  124. Rage against the machine!!!!

  125. If you’re on the treadmill or stationary bike, pretty much any type of heavy metal with a constant throbbing sound, with some thrash metal for intervals.

    If you’re on the road doing real running or biking, then absolutely nothing! Besides being illegal in most areas, jogging/biking with headphones/ear buds is simply unsafe and incredibly stupid. At those times, keep the music *IN* your head, not ON it.

  126. euphoria

  127. “What songs get you pumped up”

    Here is what works for me: its little old, but is Gold:

    PUMP IT – Fergie [Black Eyed Peas]

  128. SOULFLY

  129. True Nature – Jane’s Addiction
    Unsung – Helmut
    Bad Blood – Ministry
    Look Around You – Jim Noir
    When Worlds Collide – Powerman 5000

    That’ll get you goin…

  130. try :
    prodigy | beastie boys

  131. The Pixies…good for you! πŸ™‚

    how about…
    The Arcade Fire’s – Neighborhood #3
    Basement Jaxx’s – Where’s Your Head At
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Stop
    Brian Eno – The Big Ship
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
    The Crystal Method – Busy Child + Keep Hope Alive
    Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
    Iggy Pop – Lust for Life
    Junkie XL – Perfect Blue Sky
    Kasabian – Club Foot
    Matt & Kim – Daylight
    The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
    Sigur RΓ³s – GlΓ³sΓ³li
    Sixtoo – Boxcutter Emporium
    Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock
    Telepopmusik – Breathe
    The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
    The Who – Baba O’Riley
    + am a big fan of Radiohead & Red Hot Chili Peppers

  132. also forgot…
    The Strokes – Last Night + Sometimes + Hard to Explain

  133. Anything Metallica can get my blood pumping and provide much needed motivation. My secret motivational music is definitely Sum 41. Love those guys.

  134. The Libertines…the most influential band of the decade.

    Triathlon Tip: Apply vasaline to thighs and nipples – chaffing is a killer!

  135. Hi Matt,

    Good luck – I recently did my first half marathon and also needed a killer playlist.
    My best songs for running were from Rage against the machine, especially ‘know your enemy’.
    Was never the biggest fan, but made me run harder!


  136. Joe Brammeier

    Natural High- Union Underground is the best workout song of all time

  137. Definitely anything from Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and similar πŸ™‚ I would also recommend Matrix soundtrack (the first movie :)))) also Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, not all of their music is moving but most of it can be used πŸ™‚

  138. If you like Blink, you’ll enjoy Angels and Airwaves…which has Tom from blink 182 as the lead singer. The acoustics are powerful…and they also have other special music effects which should pump you up. By the way, Blink 182 is back together and will be touring for this whole year…you should look into their tour dates!

  139. There’s some good stuff on here, but I recently got into the new Black Eyed Peas album, The E.N.D (Energy Never Dies). All the tracks have a beats that keep you going, especially if you’re training for triathlon. It’s non-stop and will pump you up! Best of luck- enjoy

  140. You gotta get Darude’s Sandstorm on their. It’s that dance beat w/ no name. You’ve heard it before but didn’t know its name.

    Put that song last right when you’re hitting your high point.

  141. “their” fail. THERE.

  142. Oh, hands down Linkin Park. Matt, when are we going to hear your take on the Microsoft/Yahoo deal? What is Google going to do to combat this (besides the upcoming free OS)?

  143. Matt – Run to my Beats! Here’s my 20 Running songs!

  144. Best work out music has to be the constantly updated workout stream right??

  145. Hey Matt, I’m stoked that you listed Foo! (I’m a huge, huge Foo Fighters fan.) Based upon your above tastes, here’s some of my Foo workout favs I think you’ll enjoy too…

    Common singles:
    This Is A Call, My Hero, Breakout, Monkey Wrench

    Less common but awesome:
    Wind Up, The Colour and the Shape (song), Come Back (epic), Stacked Actors, Walkin’ A Line (awesome b-side), FFL (super explosive hard b-side), A320

    Have A Cigar, Iron and Stone, Darling Nikki

    Note that some of these are a little harder than punk-y, but they rock for workouts. πŸ™‚

  146. Scotty Doesn’t Know By Lustra

    Its the song I play when I need a pick me up.

  147. The Rocky Theme!

  148. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Presidents of the United States of America
    The White Stripes

  149. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! This is really great stuff. One other person sent me a list that I’m going to copy/paste:

    50 Cent – If I Can’t
    AC/DC – Hells Bells
    AC/DC – Thunderstruck
    AC/DC – TNT
    Beastie Boys – Sabotage
    Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now
    Black Sabbath – Iron Man
    Bush – Machinehead
    Clint Mansell – Lux Aeterna
    Eminem – Lose Yourself
    Eminem – The Way I Am
    Eminem – Till I Collapse
    Ennio Morricone – The Ecstacy of Gold
    Foo Fighters – All My Life
    Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City
    House of Pain – Jump Around
    Kanye West – Stronger
    Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
    Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way
    Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away
    Metallica – Enter Sandman
    Moby – Extreme Ways
    Moby – James Bond
    Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
    Queen – We Will Rock You
    Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade
    Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name Of
    Rage Against the Machine – Sleep Now in the Fire
    The Aliens – I Am The Unknown
    The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin Beats
    The Prodigy – Breathe
    The Prodigy – Smack my B#tch Up
    The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

  150. I see I’m a little late on this one, but I love to rock out to the Black Eyed Peas. And runnin’ runnin’…

  151. Yes Darya, You’re right!!!! Runnin’ runnin’ with Black Eyed Peas… I would add that band of young boys, mmm, what’s the name?? Oh, yes, the ROLLING STONES with 40 licks!!!

  152. I really like things with good drums.

    Talib Kweli – Get By (one of the best songs to workout to)
    The Hospital Records Podcast (Drum & Bass)
    MIA – Paper Planes, Hombre and more…
    Wolf Like Me – TV On the Radio
    Sparta 2XX – The Fall
    Check The Rhime – Tribe Called Quest
    Damaged Goods – Gang of Four
    Ever Fallen In Love – The Buzzcocks

    to name a few… good luck!

  153. Hey Matt, I did my first two tri’s this summer – and I’d recommend doing some of your training without music – most tri’s won’t let participants use MP3 players because it poses a safety hazard. A few other tips: wear your goggles inside your swim cap so if they get knocked off your head you don’t lose them. Get used to the energy bar or gel you’re going to use in the race ahead of time – I recommend using electrical tape to attach a gel to the main frame of your bike so you can easily rip it off while you’re biking. When you set up your bike in your transition area, walk up to it from both ways so you don’t get confused during the race – it looks different from different directions! And I highly recommend doing some open water swimming before the race so you know what to expect and don’t panic. Hope this helps, have a good race!

  154. Rage Against the machina
    Kool & the gang
    Foo FIghters is soooo great for a bike ride, especially “everlong”, check this:

  155. I have raced in triathlon for over 10 years, completed the Ford Iron Man Lake Placid 2008, and will be in the Beach To Battleship 140.6 this November. Don’t listen to any music; listen to your body. Teach your mind to react to what the body is telling it. Regulate your breathing to match your desired performance. For more about this read, “Body, Mind and Sport” by Dr. John Douillard. I wish I had read it a long time ago.

    Be well, and fun, and be prepared to have one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life.

  156. Hi Matt,

    Here’s my usual rotation (artists only). Some of these responses are disturbing πŸ˜‰
    But hey, to each his own right?

    David Bowie
    Dandy Warhols
    David Byrne / Talking Heads
    Dire Straits
    Grateful Dead – Live!
    J.J. Cale
    Jurassic 5
    The Kinks
    Led Zeppelin
    Lou Reed
    New Order
    Peter Tosh
    The Pixies
    The Police
    The Ramones
    The Rolling Stones
    The Sex Pistols
    Social Distortion
    Tom Petty
    The Who

  157. “Fight the Power” – Public Enemy

    Prodigy is fabulous for the final kick (or any other time you want to really pick up the pace – just be careful you don’t overdo Prodigy or you will crash and burn before the finish).

  158. Dude, the Run Lola Run soundtrack.

    It’s so damn literal!

    Also good for:
    * Driving really fast.
    * Annoying your neighbors at 3 in the morning.

  159. If you listen to Blink you should download the Pandora radio app on the Iphone. Listen to the Fenix TX station, it’s the only thing I listen to when I work out.

  160. You go Matt! Good Luck

    Katrina & the Waves – Walking on Sunshine
    Republica – Ready to Go
    Tina Cousins
    Paula Abdul – Rock House, U, Vibeology
    A Knights Tale sound track
    Batman Forever sound track
    Van Halen – Humans Being
    Gavin DeGraw – I don’t want to be
    Lenny Kravitz – American Woman
    Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe
    Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground
    Toadies – Possum Kingdom
    Audio Adrenaline – Good Life
    Little Big Town – Boondocks
    Eiffel 65- Blue
    Everclear – Santa Monica
    Pink – Get the party started
    Gingham Shmuz – Fallen

  161. Hello Mat! This is my top 5. I`m sure it will be good to You too.

    1. Metallica – Don`t tread on me
    2. Metallica – Battery
    3. Slayer – Reign in blood
    4. Slayer – Angel of death
    5. AC/DC – Thunder

  162. Hey Matt,
    I noticed some old school punk in there. RANCID has a new album out and one of the sets includes an acoustic set. You guys can laugh all you want but it is definitely a cool sound. I just had a 3.5 hour car ride and jammed to it the majority of the way.

    The new album is called “Let the dominoes fall”

    Never underestimate the power of Rage Against the Machine for an extra boost as well.

  163. Mortal Combat is right on!

    I also find NickelBack to be quite suitable.


  164. I like incubus and 311. But sometimes you need some rap like 50 cent or eminem.

  165. Rammstein! especially two albums – “Mutter” and “Reise reise”
    Both are quite powerful and monotonous to keep you concentrating on your workout rather than on music =)

    Alex / Toronto Web Design & SEO

  166. Matt,

    I am 16 years old and I just did my first triathalon (sprint) this summer.
    I had lots of fun training up for it and then actually getting 3rd place for the 19 and under age group.

    –Beware of the swim however, that was the one part I should have trained for more.

    As for some good music I always run to some upbeat electronic like Infected Mushroom perhaps.

    Best wishes in your race!
    -Andrew Commander

  167. Old school Technotronic – Pump Up The Jamm!

  168. “The Little Things” from the “Wanted” soundtrack, definitely. Great workout song.

  169. SuperChunk. Any album will get you moving.

  170. Rammstein for sure, but I’d recommend Sehnschut instead of Reise Reise, it hits much harder. I’d also recommend Mudvayne, Rage Against the Machine, Rob/White Zombie, Iron Maiden, Sevendust, and Disturbed. That’s what I workout to anyway.

  171. Three Days Grace is a favorite of mine.

  172. Rammstein also gets my vote for great workout music.
    Also Tangerine Dream.


  173. I’ll show my age here but pick up an old Culture Beat CD – Serenity – got some good old school hybrid techno on there…. hahaha

    I’ve done many a 10K – good luck with your Sprint Tri – you do have a road bike right? I once attempted a ST using a mountain bike with big old tires on it – bad choice!

    can’t wait to hear your results – have you been running a lot?

  174. Hey Matt, you can do this…..I’m 59 and doing my first sprint TRI in 4 weeks…My son does Ironmans and have to prove I’m NOT quite that old yet…..good Luck

  175. The Mountain Goats are great. Very Classy. Go see them live. J Ro

  176. my favorites to work out to are:

    Anthem Of THe Underdog- 12 Stones
    False Pretense- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

  177. listen to zach nelson drums.
    it will pump you up!
    good luck on the race
    <3 Rafee

  178. Trust Company – downfall
    Tool – Jambi
    Relient K – I need you
    Evans Blue – the pursuit
    Audioslave – be yourself
    Sevendust – driven
    Avenged Sevenfold – almost easy

  179. My favs are:
    Rage Against the machine

  180. Good Luck Matt!!
    I always suggest a bit of electro like Sabrepulse

    Try their songs like Lightspeed Disco, Star Romance and Twin Chevron Remix

    Have fun training!

  181. Hi.
    I’d recommend 45:33, a great track produced by LCD Soundsystem on behalf of Nike for runners. As the title suggests, its 45 mins and 33 secs long, so ideal if you’re heading out for a decent run.

    Greetings from Mexico

  182. oooh I forgot, talking about games, you should listen the OST of “Shadow of the Colossus” by Koh Ohtani, it’s an awesome piece of art.

    Good luck

  183. Lux Aeterna – I’ve heard of soldiers in Iraq using that it gets them so pumped up…

  184. just bumped onto this page re: workout music and thought you enjoy this if you haven’t already.

  185. Without a Doubt… Stronger by Kanye West.
    Then a few other songs would be:
    Pump it up – Joe Buddens
    Wolf like me – TV on the Radio
    Crank that (Soulja Boy) (Travis Barker Remix)
    False pretense – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    Under the Knife – Rise Against
    Someday – Flypside
    Just to name a few… That’s the kinda workout music I listen to. Good Luck.

  186. Roxanne or Walking on the moon is suitable 4 other physical exploits lol

  187. I listen to As blood Runs Black, Protest the Hero, Bring Me The Horizon, and some streight up heavy rap beats

  188. Daughtry, Seether, Kanye West, Fergie, and Motown get me mooving and grooving.

  189. So Matt – how did you fare in the sprint triathlon? I am a triathlete too. That’s how I started Techno Sweat – I needed music to train with. So, I know I’m biased, but try us out – We have great pre-made workout albums in 4 music styles and at different speeds for different sports. We’ll also make custom albums at our site and our sister platform,

    Keep up with the triathlons. A great way to stay young. Rick Frimmer

  190. Dropkick murphys always gets me pumped πŸ˜€

  191. I agree with Josh, many of the songs I listen to are on the Never Back Down soundtrack.

  192. Hey Matt, I prefer hip hop oddly. Eminem songs usually get me going. His old songs have a lot of intensity and anger that usually get me pumped for a workout. I made a site for all of my favorites. I’m still working on it, but it’s getting there!

    My all time best workout song would have to be Fort Minor – Remember The Name … Give it a listen.

  193. Posted a list of my home-grown bike cardio-training on my blog. Just a few of them “Never Walk Away” (Journey), “Get Over It” (Eagles), “Steve McQueen” (Cheryl Crowe), of course “Eye of the Tiger” (Survivor). The album has a lot of Journey on it, but they’ve got a lot of songs that are good for pacing. I’ve also found that Van Halen has a good cache of BT the W songs!

  194. Try:

    Complete & Total Asskicking Music, at

    Hundreds of perfect workout songs. The name of the site pretty much says it all . . .

  195. Check out “FIRE” and others from “Scooter” Polish Group – mostly hard and fast songs.

  196. My favorites are:
    Lady Gaga
    Justin Timberlake
    Depeche Mode

  197. I listen to all kinds of music but for working out you need metal.

  198. She said go, by the private dicks

  199. was really interesting to see the variance in genres, im doin a study at the moment as to waht is the best music to train/ perform to thanks for the insight.

  200. yo, im loving bloody beetroots and far east movement on my workout playlist at the moment! also a bit of dick johnson(nz dj) they’re prty sick beats to get me goin when im doin a hard workout in th morning!

  201. Seriously, Mighty Wings with Cheap Trick, you’re gonna lift weights you never even imagined to touch

  202. Hey Matt, you never told us how was the competition, did you finished it? πŸ˜›
    I don’t recommend catchy music… when i workout at the gym i listen to house music, electro, something like that, the bpm should be high. if you listen to catchy tunes you actually listen the lyrics and you lose your concentration. I also enjoy, Black eyed peas, their music is repetitive and that’s a good thing at the gym, maybe rihanna with pon de replay, sos or, Fort Minor – remember the name.

  203. Try some AC/DC great for punch bag work !

  204. You have got to go for a run listening to “Move” by Thousand Foot Krutch. Then Rawk Fist, Step to Me, I climb.. All those are very motivating songs with a limp bizkit type feel.

  205. Europe, The Final Countdown! enough said

  206. Dig into some old school metal like Pantera and maybe some fresh head-banging music like Soulfly

  207. Anything by John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen.
    I reccommend Rain on the Scarecrow (personal favorite), Peaceful World, Martha Say, Hurts so Good, $ Jack and Diane from Mellencamp. Born in the U.S.A, Radio Nowhere (Best to workout to), Born to Run, The Promised Land, Mary’s Place, and The Rising by Springsteen. I also reccommend The River by Bruce simply because it’s one of the greatest songs ever written. =]

  208. i like 160 bpm from Marinaonline

  209. any tupac

  210. I’m visiting gym 3- times a week, and sometimes I need to hear some really explosive sound in my ears! I like Lamb of God a lot! especially More Time to Kill, Beating on Death’s Door, Laid to Rest and other songs. i think this music helps to provoke testosterone release and gain more power and muscles to lift more heavy weights in gym. Try it)

  211. Wish I had an angel ~nightwish My cheer-up tune and workout theme!

  212. Happy memorial Day everyone!

  213. Watch your portions!!!!!


  214. 3 words – Metallica “Black” album.

  215. I have a play list that goes through:

    Candi Rain – You got the Love
    Kanya West – Stronger
    Jay Z vs Linkin Park – Encore and Numb
    Arctic Monkeys – You Look Good On the Dance Floor

    It’s all about high impact and energy songs to push me through a hard 15-20 min work out.

  216. Here are a few songs from my “amped workout” playlist..

    Pantera – “Domination” & “A New Level”
    Bad Brains – “Sailin’ On”
    Thin Lizzy – “Emerald”
    Amebix – “Arise”
    Iron Maiden – “Running Free”
    Sepultura – “Inner Self”

    Yeah, a little on the heavy side, but i like that energy to get me amped and motivated.

  217. I am totally amazed at the lack of any Fear Factory mentioned. Get a hold of the song Body Hammer and profit!!

  218. Iron Maiden- Run To The Hills

    πŸ˜€ Beast song to workout to!

  219. good ones for running are;

    “Come with me” by Puff Daddy,
    “Lose Yourself” Eminem
    “thunderstruck” acdc

  220. I love the Pixies, but not for working out. Generally I’ll go for long mixtapes of electro, drum and bass etc, someting with repetitive beats that focuses the mind away from the actual workout…

    Try goinng on and searching for mixtape + genre and that should usually get some results.



  221. Today I Believe – by Marina Kamen

  222. some of korns heavier stuff,slayer,ac/dc,disturbed,some anthrax,slipknot,black label society,pantera dethklok.

  223. Do you know the ‘Ego Workout’ Compilations?
    I reccommend these!!;-)

  224. has a ton of workout music, and it can give you songs that match your pace perfectly.

  225. Paint It Black – Rolling Stones
    Break Ya Neck – Busta Rhymes
    Kids – MGMT
    Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
    LA Woman – The Doors
    BOB – Outkast
    American Jesus – Bad Religion
    Beat It – Michael Jackson

    Just a few on the list right now…

  226. The music plays a big part in our workout. Where I go any gym, the music is played from the radio and there is not any good music played from that. It can happen that I get in to the rhythm and just sit by the machines.
    This playlist has around 4h of music and it contains mixed rock music which will give you the adrenaline pump you need. And you will go out the gym sweetie and tierd.
    So i’m going to link it here (Btw it will throw you to spotify so makesure you have spotify) πŸ™‚
    Share it, reply it and be lovly on rating it ;)!

  227. I’m putting some workout music together myself and have three chemical brothers songs I haven’t worked out to yet. The one that gets a pep in my step no matter how tired I am is “That’s not my name” by the Ting Tings.


  228. Hollywood Undead – Undead
    Static-X – Push It
    Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name of
    Drowning Pool – Bodies (Let The Bodies Hit The Floor)
    Clawfinger – Biggest & The Best
    Kanye West – Stronger
    Eminem – Lose Yourself
    Fort Minor – Remember the Name
    The Mighty Underdogs – War Walk
    Roy Jones – Can’t Be Touched

    I run a workout music website and this thread and its posts are a gold mine for me. πŸ™‚


    Great site for workout music.

  230. Hey,

    I prefer listening to electronic and rock music when I am working out. Some of my favorite bands include Eminem, Metallica, and Wolfmother. I have a lot of other favorites too, here’s an article I wrote with the my top favorite 100 artists to listen to while I workout:

  231. The Killers is an exelent choice. I like Simple Plan or maby some Good Charlotte. If you like to travel, and have jet lag on your mind, you could check out Simple Plan’s new song Jet Lag.

  232. Motorhead – Ace of Spades
    T-rex – Children of the revolution

  233. I workout (run) with AC/DC “You Shook Me All Night Long”, AC/DC “There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin”, Status Quo “Whatever You Want”, Mike Candys “Insomnia”.

  234. Thanks for the list, my gym playlist looks better now. πŸ™‚

  235. Skillet is the best if you like 80 type guitar music.