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“Remind me to write a popular article on the compulsive reading of news. The theme will be that most neuroses and some psychoses can be traced to the unnecessary and unhealthy habit of daily wallowing in the troubles and sins of five billion strangers.” – Jubal Harshaw, Stranger in a Strange Land

Lately I’ve been playing with magazine subscriptions. There’s stuff like Maximum PC, CPU, and Wired, and I’ve also enjoyed Make, the new magazine/book from O’Reilly. But the most fun to read lately are Linux magazines. For some reason, I don’t enjoy the U.S. magazines (Linux Journal and Linux Magazine) quite as much, although they’re quite good. My favorite are the magazines from Europe, which often come with a DVD or CD. They’re just a lot of fun. They range from sassy to opinionated as all hell, and have great features like “software projects on the move” or descriptions of Linux kernel controversies. I’ve subscribed to Linux Pro magazine, Linux Format, and just recently I added Linux User and Developer. Highly recommended.

One magazine has an article on building your own Linux distro. You want to get links? Making your own Linux distribution is a great way to get links. 🙂

P.S. I’m up to 473 comments that I need to approve. Apologies for getting snowed under on that..

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  1. Hi Matt

    Not related Linux Links Generators 🙂

    You have mentioned on 27th Oct. something about a test data center and a possible call for feedback within this week.

    Would you be kind, if possible, to mention the IP of the said test data center.

    Thanks a bunch, Matt.

  2. Hi Matt

    A suggestion!

    You might wish to consider adding a Google Site Search box on your blog.

    Reason is that your blog is growing very fast. The current search box isn’t sharp at all. So I have started using Google when searching about specific materials on your blog:

    keyword1 keyword2

    And I always find what I’m looking for that way 🙂

  3. 473 comments! Ouch. The pain of popularity. Blogging is a great example of how hobbies and work can blur into the grey area of HobbyWork! Good luck!

  4. is the test data center (I think; as I get older, I get worse at IP addresses and phone numbers). If I do put out a call for feedback, the keyword will be bigdaddy, as suggested by Jeff, father of seven (? I think that’s right) from PubCon. 🙂

    I’ll probably do a post in a couple days when we’re ready to receive it; for the next couple days, people will be working off the Thanksgiving backlog of feedback/email.

    Update: Changed the post to reflect that the best way to test Bigdaddy is at .

  5. Ahh Matt, building a linux distro for links! Even old time spammers like me wouldn’t dive so low.

    Or would I 🙂 ?

    In all seriousness it’s a PITA getting it to an industrial enough level for release, as can be seen from the constantly changing release dates – Cest LA Vie, it’ll get there in the end

  6. Thanks Matt for posting the IP of the “test DC”.

    Assure you that you shall get all the feedback you need, once you ask for it 🙂

    Sleep well.

  7. Hey Matt,

    Are you interested in web hosting at all? If you are, I can send you a free copy of our web hosting magazine. (I won’t put the name or link in here, so you don’t think I’m spamming)

  8. Does that mean “bigdaddy” is the name of the update at the DC? I don’t like it if it is. It’s too…GoDaddy sounding.

    I still think we need to fit in a Parrothead reference somewhere. Margaritaville, or Jimmy, or Buffett (I’m partial to Margaritaville just because it would take so long for most people to type that it would minimize the bitching about the algo update.)

  9. If it is Linux you are interested in might I suggest that from time to time you monitor:

    I’d also be wondering about the speed of indexing of that site.

    You see it took a very concerted effort to even get the folks that operate the site to allow Google in.

    I also notice that the link snippers are already trying to prevent placement via the dup chrusher.

    I guess I’ll have to give MathFox a call when the timing is a bit better.

  10. I know I guy who I used to play Quake with late into the night online who makes little cool things out of code that other geeky fellahs enjoy ranting about. He showed me something that my brain just was not capable of absorbing one night that resided on a box he made that he had under his bed for years. The box was a gaming server which was kind of cool but the idea of someone having a website and game server under their bed was pretty cool. I used to also login via FTP and pickup patches for games or look around at what he was up to. I noticed that his geekpage (website with his coded play thingers on it) had an amazing pr7 in googles toolbar. When I asked “Do you know your website has a PR7” he exclaimed, “What is PR”? He was absolutely serious, he had no idea what pr, seo and the rest even is. I miss the days when we were all naive, honest and not competing to be found in search engines. ;-(

  11. links are easy 😉

  12. re: Aaron Pratt

    offer him $40 for his site 😉

    (well, I wouldn’t do that either, but I know a bunch of people that would)

  13. Spider – Yeah hehe, I thought of that but I just don’t have the spine.

    (there is a lesson in this, I was just adding a little story to highlight what matt was talking about – do something cool, offer something new and “backlinks” happen.

  14. Did I say I didn’t have a spine? hmm, maybe this is true, sorry, you know what I meant to say anyhoo… 😀

  15. Matt,

    What is with the different results from these data canter and the ones now? I noticed a lot more results with the new data center

  16. Aother one? Do you know all the data centers we can check. i saw this one in the notes but are there other to check?


  17. I know Its not relate to the topic but Im from israel and im trying to conntect google for some time now
    I have some sort of a patent that can improve googles serves
    Can you please send me a nuber or mail in israel that I could talk to?

    Please dont ignore this message you can not know what can come out of these littel thing…

    Many thanks
    Idan levi

  18. LInux users and developer are the definitely a must have magazine. Great idea on linking from magazine distribution.

  19. Linux I like very much, if it of the interface is better to use

  20. If your into Photography or Photo Editing with Photoshop at all I found a great European Photography Magazine called Digital Camera World. What I really like about this magazine is the amount of detail they include when showing you how to do something in Photoshop. They will give you a before image, final image, and however many steps there are each with a shot of the photo at that point. Granted some would no longer call it a photograph when they’ve done 20+ operations on a photo 🙂

  21. linux forever 😉

  22. Well… I loved those mags with CDs… make me feel that I own more than a paper… but the big issue is… I do not have enoght time to check out all of then… so… I have a big stack of free CDs at my desk… LOL