What Gmail feature do you want the most?

I really like Gmail because it makes email much less annoying. But I’ve been thinking about a feature that I really want in Gmail: I want the ability to delay sending replies/emails until a certain time or date. As a computer science person, here’s how I’d turn that one feature into three features:

  • The “Oops” filter. Have you ever hit send on an email at the exact same time that you noticed a typo? Or did you ever get “emailer’s regret” because you sent a snarky or angry email instead of polite one? The “oops” filter would let you delay sending email for a short while (two minutes if you suffer from typo-itis, longer if you tend to flame in emails) until you’re sure you want to send that email.
  • Slow down a conversation. If you’re like me, you treat your inbox as a to-do list. And if I can deal with an email in a minute or two, I often do. Then the other person writes back quickly. Then I write back quickly. Before you know it, you’ve traded several emails that you didn’t need to. If someone emails me a non-critical email, sometimes it would be nice to write a reply immediately, but set the email to wait for a few hours before heading to the other person.
  • Periodic events. If I know that I’m going to need to collect data from someone at the end of the week or quarter, why can’t I write the email now and set it to ping them when the time is up? If someone says “this bug will be fixed in three weeks,” it would be great to write a “Hey, how’s that bug going?” email and set it to tickle or ping them in three weeks.

Part of me wonders whether the Greasemonkey API for Gmail could do something like this, maybe by storing the date to send an email as some sort of special tag. Part of me wonders whether someone has already created something like this for Gmail.

And part of me wonders: what feature would you like to see in Gmail? Now that Gmail has free POP, IMAP, and an iPhone version, what do you want to see next from Gmail?

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  1. It would be nice to have a setting for pop3 that would allow you to have it automatically check for new messages every X amount of minutes. I frequently have to go and force it to update and it lists 30+ minutes since its last checked for new messages on my pop3 accounts.

  2. I’m sure the Greasemonkey API might be a great way to implement that, but your post tonight is a bit of poor timing, since it appears that possibly some API changes have broken the Remember the Milk firefox extension (as well as at least one other script).

  3. I’d love a way to filter out emails that I want, but don’t want to see more than once or twice. Either be able to stick them in a separate section or have them automatically delete after a while.

    About 1/3 of my emails are from NetFlix. I like to know that they sent my next movie and when it’ll get to me, but I hate having all of them cluttering up my inbox. Right now I give them a tag, which makes them easier to ignore, but they’re still in the way and explicitly deleting them is tedious.

  4. A more streamlined ‘oops’ filter will work, for example if a person send an e-mail andif the person who sends it regrets sending they can lock the contents of it until they want to release it.

    I think something like the ‘oops’ filter is very commercial and a lot of people would use it unlike slowing a conversation down part. There are programs out there that can ‘retrieve’ an e-mail, but the average person will not be able to understand those kind of applications. Simple is Genius.

  5. I’d just about toss hookers and blow through your window to postdate messages like that. Seriously…

    At my office gig I have reports that need to go out in the morning and afternoon to a Group I have setup. The content of the reports can change at any moment – only with my involvement though. Sending out reports with info that’s hours stale for me is a pain.

  6. Matt,

    Have you started posting those unfinished draft blog posts ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Spell suggestions in search.

  8. I’m sure that TSA will see those and even update the state. Indeed gmail will advance in short time an even pass by his competitors.

  9. I could definitely go for “send later” functionality. I’ve been wishing it would happen for a long time. Pretty much exactly your ideas. Scheduled sending, delays (which could be overridden on specific messages with a checkbox or another button), etc.

    Besides that, I’d really like the ability to enter an HTML signature. I want to include a link to my blog in my signature, but Gmail won’t let me do that, and the userscript I used to use no longer works in the new version of Gmail.

    @Aaron: No kidding they broke stuff! RTM and Gmail Macros are both practically non-functional now. Awaiting updates from both RTM and Brent Nef… I’m sure many others are doing the same.

  10. I’d love to see a to-do list that lets me associate things with specific emails. I get a lot of ‘turn in this form by this date’ or ‘sign up for this’ emails, and a to-do list would be great.

    Also, a more streamlined Google Calendar integration would be nice, especially if it lets me quick add directly from the email without opening up Calendar.

    Crazy feature: I’d like to be able to have an easy way to migrate my entire Google account to a different gmail address, because I can’t find a step-by-step guide or anything to help me switch emails without losing various things.

  11. Hierarchical tags/folders with the ability to expand or collapse individual trees in the hierarchy, show number of new messages in collapsed trees totalled up, and save settings for what’s collapsed and what isn’t.

  12. Matt,
    i would love to integrate my google apps account with my default gmail account. Although rite now google allows to associate email address there is no way to integrate or link two google accounts (say one @gmail.com and another yourdomain.com powered by google apps).

    Rite now the only solution is to forward mails from one box to another! If google makes integration possible we can use a single inbox to check mails from all those email address and also i wanted google to support HTML Signatures + Good colour scheme for gmail Gui. Bored of that classic blue color..

  13. I’d like to be able to grab a set of emails via a search and then archive them all at once. Its not clear why the Archive button disappears when you use search. That would make it far easier to clear my inbox (or process to zero, to use the GTD term).

  14. An variation of “Slow down a conversation” – Every additional mail sent to the same email address on the same day should get delayed by the “count number of minutes”

  15. Well, since you asked.

    1. I do like your suggestions – would definitely be a cool feature.
    2. Integration of GrandCentral. One Inbox to rule them all!
    3. Better Contact Management – they made some improvements, but have a ways to go. Especially birthdays that could be integrated with Google Calendar.
    4. I want to be able to label messages when I create/send them.
    5. A notes feature. I would like to be able to attach a note to an email that I can use to remind myself about something in the email, or action that I may need to take on the email.
    6. Nested Labels/Sub labels. I suspect that they are already working on this from a hint posted in the Gmail blog late last year.

    That’s about all I can think of at the moment.

  16. Matt,

    The latter two “features” I think are one: a “make this e-mail go away for some time” button. Maybe add a “display date” variable for a message that is normally the time the message was sent, but if this “display date” is set, then normally don’t display that message if it is in the future.

    “oops” is another time skew . . . similar idea . . . set all e-mails you write to be sent a few minutes in the future . . . they don’t really exist anywhere until their time has come . . .

    And then, of course, some button to “display the future” Wooo!

  17. … ๐Ÿ˜€ The ability to open Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF without going to another page and using another software

    … :-DIn other words, having the option of gmail opening a replication of the page with the layout inside gmail. It could be an html reproduction

    … ๐Ÿ˜€ Also an HTML editor and FTP program that would allow site editing and uploading from gmail to a Website or blog

    … ๐Ÿ˜€ AJAX mail would be another option. Yahoo is offering it as an alternative. Similar the the outlook preview feature – that allows an iframe to preview or view the entire email from one page without having to click and enter another page to read the email

    … ๐Ÿ˜€ More customization of the layout. As it stands now, it is plain and homely. Allow aesthetic customizable touches and themes

    If any of these suggestions are taken – credit SearchEnginesWeb, this time

  18. I’d like a really simple feature. When I POP mail down to my server, I’d like the option to have my messages really deleted, not merely moved to the trash.

  19. I love Gmail too. However some features irritates me a lot..I can’t open any email in new window… like yahoo ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, i love have a feature which makes it possible to send an email on particular date automatically..this means i write the email in advance and will set date and time, so Gmail will send it on that particular time.. it will hopefully make life easier..

    There should a folder option to manage email more effectively rather than labeling them. Also this ask for drag-n-drop option.

    Feature like google reader, just click on email and it will show it’s content (expand it) will be more useful…

    Hope to see them all in near future ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Two things, please!
    When I’m using the Send from an alternative email address – I’d love the ‘sent on behalf of …’ to be removed.
    When adding an attachment it would be great if I could copy the file and then paste it (like Outlook, but there’s not much else I like about Outlook) onto the page and it be automatically added as an attachment.
    I guess I’d like to be able to throw away outlook and have everything forwarded to my gmail account so I can use it for all work and private email…

  21. I’d like to see some multi-user functionality for collaboration.

    Under accounts settings it is possible to define a mail address that more than one Gmail user is assigned to. If a mail arrives on this address it should show up in all Gmail accounts, assigend to this address. Nothing special so far if configured this way.

    But now: if one Gmail users opens that mail all others will see a little indicator showing that one is reading this mail. If the other person replies it should also show an indicator. And of course the reply is available to all Gmail accouts associated with this address in the sent folder.

  22. Mail Delivery receipts would be nice to have… ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. A better mobile client (one where I can label messages, and thus be able un archive them) would be nice. As it is now, I can use it un check my mail, but all the clutter is still there when I’m back at the computer…

  24. If I may digress for a moment.

    Attn: Search Engines Web

    As a frequenter of this blog, who usually reads almost all the comments, I would like to personally thank SearchEnginesWeb for writing posts that
    – have readable grammer,
    – are positive in their outlook, and
    – are humble in their presentation.

    They make a much stronger contribution to this community, and make me want to read your comments and learn more about who you are.

    My wife, who needs to do extensive searching of previous e-mails, says she would like better search functions in g-mail, similar to those available in the search engine. (unless these already exist and she is unaware of them)


  25. I would like to have a feature for inserting prepared text blocks, so I dont have to write some things over and over again.

  26. Hi Matt, here is my input

    – See the emails not sorted as conversation (optional)
    – Periodic events… super useful, really
    – Mark email as urgent or nor with 5 levels of emergency
    – Oops filter would be great…
    – Ability to hide the boxes on the left (give gmail, chat, labels)
    – Add “due date/completion date” when I read email
    – Accept background colors for e-mails
    – Joint several gmail accounts into one (you have 2 different accounts, you want to merge them into one account)

    Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I’d like the abilityto reply to someone WITHOUT them being auto-added to my contacts list.

    At the moment, it’s just annoying and time wasting having to regularly delete non-contacts from my contacts list. But as gmail gets more and more ‘sharey’ (ecch!), there’s a real risk of accidently sharing things with people *I* didn’t add to my contacts list.

  28. I would really like to see a “reply and archive” feature, where I can hit one shortcut key/button which sends my reply, at the same time as archiving the conversation. Saves just a little time for each conversation thread, but saves a lot of time when there’s many threads I want to take both actions on.

  29. I use Gmail as main email, and it’s not obviously lacking anything.

    One thing that’s critical for me is Reader integration not working with Google Apps for Your Domain. I use Reader and App for Your Domain. I want Reader to show my stuff to my friends. It doesn’t, because it insists on using my main Gmail contact list (which has about three people in it).

    Incremental search (a la Apple Mail or C-s in Emacs) would be great.

    More sort options would be nice to have.

  30. What I want the most is full Opera-support. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. More support for standards!

  32. Yesterday I needed to find a certain mail from way back. It was an order confirmation from a web shop (let’s call it the foobarshop) and I didn’t remember the name of the sender, the title nor the contents well enough to find it based on that. But I knew the domain name of the sender (foobarshop.com). Searching for that turned up nothing. I fired up Thunderbird and searched for Sender, contains, foobarshop.com and bingo, the first hit was what I was looking for.

    Please change the search function in gmail to also search the adress of the sender.

  33. I’ve been reminded of a couple other features I forgot about:

    * Integrate Gmail Macros-like functionality, preferably cloning Brent Nef’s (currently broken due to the code change) version. They’re so incredibly convenient, you don’t know what you’re missing!
    * Return receipt support, incoming and outgoing
    * Labeling or starring emails that are in the Drafts folder and having those labels/stars stick around after the messages are sent
    * Put back features from the old contact manager, like the custom field labels

    Also, a few things I would *not* like to see show up in Gmail:

    * Folders. Labels are FAR superior to folders. If you don’t like labels, just use them like folders, one label to each conversation. There doesn’t have to be a metaphor change in the interface and documentation for that.
    * A “preview pane”. I much prefer specifically opening messages, not just selecting them and having them open in half a window. Leave it as-is and keep the full window for the email.
    * Drag-and-drop. Why is everyone so obsessed with adding drag-and-drop support to everything? Google Reader got it and I haven’t touched the feature after the first five minutes or so when I was playing with it. Just integrate Gmail Macros’ very useful shortcuts, as mentioned above.

    I’m up to nine items now; better stop before I hit a dime… ๐Ÿ˜› (Nine including my first comment, above.)

  34. I’d like third feature! It will be great!
    And as garethjax said: mail delivery receipts ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Giovanni Gentili

    missing features in gmail:

    1) renaming of the title of emails/threads
    (and, doing so, the ability to recompose threads)

    2) put labels on messages during creation

    3) create a to-do from emails,
    adding due date, status, notes, ecc

    4) send a to-do along with an email
    (the person that receive the email
    in gmail could opt to get the to-dos
    from you automatically or one-by-one)

    5) get by email an automated feedback
    that show on my “sent “to-dos
    when the other user accept the to-do
    or modify the status on his to-dos (here we
    are going toward “workflow” by email).

    6) manage to-dos list like emails,
    with archive, stars, labels, and
    the possibility to postpone
    the “due date” (without
    recurring to calendar)

  36. Gmail is really good, i have 2 gmail accounts. I do not need any new feature from gmail, but i want to gmail to improve the download speeding, it will take 5-10 mins to download a 1Mb email sometimes, not always. i know lots of people report the speed slow issue on gmail group, not only me.

  37. Thumbs up on all three of those suggestions!

  38. I just published “Twelve or more things I still want in Gmail” a few days ago:

    I want all of those and more, but the one I want the most is Templates. I have several “form” emails I send out for various purposes ( responses to certain types of inquiries). I keep them in Drafts now and cut and paste, but a template would be better.

  39. The ability to mark something as NOT spam through a filter. If I’m using a filter to whisk a set of messages to a label, it would make sense for Gmail to assume it’s not spam; if that’s not possible, then I’d at least like to mark it as not spam as part of the filter.

  40. Much better support for multiple accounts, please!

  41. Hi Matt,

    the idea of delaying E-Mails sound good! I have to more requests:

    1) The ability to use saved Textblocks within gmail
    2) The ability to pause pop3 accounts you access through gmail (right now you can just delete them and have to enter the whole data again next time)

    Keep up the great Blog!


  42. The ability to create email templates to send to customers.

    Say you always get the same question over and over or if you want to send a reminder to them occasionally for action on their end.

    You can do this in Thunderbird by saving a Draft email with no recipient and then click Edit as New so it stays in the Draft Folder after you send it.

  43. Hi Matt, thanks for giving us the ability to throw ideas

    Here’s my list :

    * Emails :

    – a “size” column.. I just want to know how big some emails are without opening them and checking the attachments

    I know it’s a bit of a challenge given the threaded conversation..

    – ability to sort by size.. this is the point.. I want to be able to spot big and useless emails filling my account. Even if I get 6GB+ in Gmail, I consider something useless as something that must be deleted.

    – As Gideon said : “When Iโ€™m using the Send from an alternative email address – Iโ€™d love the โ€™sent on behalf of โ€ฆโ€™ to be removed.”

    – Ability to apply a label to a new email you are composing

    * Labels :

    – built-in folders4gmail

    * Contact manager :

    – improved contact manager, it’s slow.. really

    – ability to “merge” two contacts… I often find myself having 2 or more copies of the same contact.. with one with the email address while the other contact contains all the address info I input even before exchanging emails with that person.

    How about a tool “ร  la diff”… Check out “meld” in the Ubuntu repositories if you want to get an idea of how I’d like to be able to merge contacts ( http://meld.sourceforge.net/meld_file1.png )

    – I liked in the previous contact manager how you could see the conversations you had with the contact right from the contact manager.. now I need to click on “recent conversation : show”.. It’s lousy
    The previous contact manager was easier to manage contacts.. Since contacts get added automatically.. every now and then I was browsing my contacts and I could quickly see the ones I would not ever exchange emails with.

    – This brings us to the next point : I don’t want people to be automatically added to my contact manager when I reply to them.. This adds clutter in my contacts. Give us the choice in the settings

    Thanks a lot

  44. Two things.
    1) to ungroup/unthread the entire inbox or just certain threads. Some things get threaded, which I just wish were not.

    2) The ability to change the e-mail address and keep the account and all of its associations. Stupidly I published my gmail address on the internet. My account gets hammered with SPAM. GMAIL does handle the spam well. But not as well as simply not getting spam. On my work accounts I was getting upwards of 2,000 spam messages a day. Although I had a good filter, it was causing me unnecessary work. I dropped the old accounts, and got new ones which I will not publish on the internet. And guess what?! I don’t get spam any more.

  45. I see a lot of good suggestions here… but there is something that is much more basic that I would like to see ….

    When you delete or label a message, I would like the screen to move the the NEXT message in the queue, instead of taking me back to the main message list. Using gmail would be much faster and a lot less frustrating for me if this was possible.

    (Maybe it is possible and someone can tell me what I need to know… I am surprised that dozens of people are not barking for this in these comments.)

  46. I’d love the features from Better Gmail 2 and Remember the Milk integrated natively.

    Of course doing a better job communicating major code changes that break a lot of the plugin/enhancements would be nice too


  47. Forgot scheduled email would be nice, as would emailing just a link from google reader, instead of only the entire story from google reader would be cool too.

  48. I second what PhotoTiki Chris said, templates! I too run a business and use gmail as my email manager, and templates would save me hours of time a day.

  49. Defenitely – ability to remove threading.

  50. I did not read all of the other comments so I apologize if these are not duplicates.

    (1) Signatures – Please make the email signature appear at the bottom of my response and NOT at the very bottom of the response/forwarded message. argh!

    (2 Settings POP Download – Add feature that allows for “Enable POP for mail that arrived since a specified date.” FYI-my Treo will only download two weeks worth of messages. Once I realize the two week mark has passed, I have to go tell Gmail to “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on” and I end up missing a few messages that I wanted on my Treo that may have come in earlier that day.

    (3) In response to number 2. Do some testing with handhelds like the Treo with Versa Mail to see what causes this weird two week download limit. No changes on the Treo seem to affect the problem.

    Hank O

  51. In some cases I can not delete an email while I am viewing it and find myself having to go back to the inbox view in order to delete it since the delete button is nowhere to be found. It’s a hassle.

  52. How about being able to set outgoing font and style choices as a default. Every email I send I must change the font and size, as well as format my saved signature (italics and color).

    Great post!

  53. Matt, something I’d like to see (and I know you’ve already said you’d try and mention it) is better support for CSS / standards – http://www.email-standards.org/clients/gmail/

  54. HTML signature
    work better with plaxo

  55. I want to be able to delete from the Gtalk pop-up in the bottom right corner of the screen like you can with outlook.

    If I click on the popup to view the email, I want to be able to delete or archive from that screen. I hate how I have to go to my “inbox” to delete or archive from there.

    Gmail needs to remove this tedious step.

  56. SyncML support!

  57. What about just the simple shortcut/button to have it delete a message and go to the next. They have archive and next, but not delete and next. I don’t need to archive things like blog comments, but I do like to get them in my email so I know what people have written.

  58. I’d like Google to fix the font issue on the new version. (Plain text comes through as tiny font that’s barely readable). http://mail.google.com/support/bin/search.py?query=font+too+small&Action.Search=Search&type=f&lr=lang_en&ctx=en%3Asearchbox

    Templates would be nice too, though.

  59. First, thanks for an awesome email!

    I use gmail a lot – whenever I’m on computer or on the go with my iPhone. Since i can’t receive my work emails on iPhone, I set all the messages to forward to my personal gmail, where I have bunch of filters.
    Now, whenever I’m at the meeting, I’d like to answer to a person, but “from” field would always be my personal email. It would be cool to be able to switch the “from” field, so it looks like I’m emailing from a corporate email.
    And, I got to add, the pre-selected template or a signature for particular account you’re emailing from would be great.

  60. well, most of the suggestion in here are very good, but we are forgetting something in here, that most of these features could complicate the simplicity and streamlined experience of gmail (remember that it’s based on different methodolgies other than the other communication systems, eg. zero inbox and tags)

    for myself, i would like integration of systems, and adding social aspects to the game (like google reader’s shared items)

    .: i dunnow what is the best approach to follow in here, but i would appreciate a central and streamlined location for Gmail, reader, calender, To-Do, talk, docs, drive, notebook and albums

  61. Like EGOL said, I’d like to see a “delete/go to next message” button. Or a preview pane would be even better.

  62. 1. The ability to make and send custom made templates.
    2. A USB breathalyzer kit for a friend who forgets how embarrassing her e-mails are when she gets drunk. The e-mails could be delayed until she provides a negative sample.

  63. Apart from the Ooops! filter (that I would surely love), what about having a ‘Bounce’ option to bounce back unwanted e-mails so it looks as if your email address is not valid? I believe Mailwasher has such an option, and it would come handy on my Gmail account, too…

  64. I love gMail too, but the thing that drives me crazy is the spam folder. The filter is very good and it’s rare that there is a false positive, but I still sift through the spam folder before deleting it just in case. And that is sifting through a lot. I wish there were a way to have the most obvious spam not get sent to the spam folder but get deleted outright. Also, it seems that spam is unsearchable. I wish I could kill off the tons of duplicate spam I get in one go so as to make the sorting through a little easier
    Maybe I am just paranoid because one of the few false positives I have ever had was a very important email.

  65. one thing and only one thing kills gmail for me and that is conversation mode. Why in the world they do not have this as a feature you could turn off ? I HATE having my mail threaded by conversation – I want my messages in chronological order not clumped together.

    If they did just that it would be hard not to use it… but they don’t so I use it as a spam filter box.

    Yea I could use Imap or POP buy I run all my own servers for that.

    Please GMAIL team make conversation mode an OPTION – it really is not that cool.

  66. I would like an autoreply feature for specific ‘sub-addresses.’ Gmail supports “address+subaddress@gmail,” I would like to set up an auto reply for only messages sent to a particular sub-address, opposed to the current ‘vacation reply’ that they have now.

  67. Number 1 feature for Google in general (and Gmail in particular): temporary email addresses. I should be able to request a temporary email address that lives from datetime1 to datetime2. It should look something like “Readable Name “. A filter should be setup automagically that directs all mail coming in on that address to a label “Readable Name”. After the time period expires all email to that account should bounce unless I reactivate it.

    Number 2 feature for Google (Reader in this case): the ability to view authenticated feeds (like Gmail’s).

    Number 3 feature for Google: make me a sandwich.

  68. I’d like a simple button that “marks all unread as read” instead of the two actions required at the moment.

  69. Hi Matt,

    How about an Ajax dropdown on the “search mail” within Googlemail.

    Gets frustrating when your searching for mail and return 0 results.

    Shahid ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Mass delete of attachments, please. I’d like to be able to select a pile of old messages, and strip out all the attachments. This would allow me to save messages longer without going over the disk quota.

  71. Paste inline images into messages. When I grab a piece of the screen to show somebody, I want to be able to paste it into the message, they way I can with Thunderbird.

  72. Please, please add delayed send.
    I tried out Mailmelater.com and loved the way my blog automatically updated at the exact date and time that it was supposed to.

    Is it possible for me to love gmail any more than I already do? YES.

    I love the idea of being on the golf course and sending out a well-timed response to a client.

  73. 1. The ability to rename special directories (INBOX, Sent Mail, etc.) to make [Gmail] irrelevant in IMAP. It really makes the service a drag. Let it be easier to truly keep IMAP clients and gmail in sync.

    2. S/MIME support, PGP support

    3. Ability to subscribe to only certain dir’s via IMAP

  74. Good question, Matt. I’d love to be able to resize the email composition box on the default page – so instead of having to click the icon to open the whole draft in a new resizable window, I’d be able to click and drag to make the draft box bigger (especially vertically). Hope that makes sense.

  75. Aaron B. Hockley and graywolf, it looks like Remember the Milk has a fix now. From http://www.anotherblogger.com/2008/01/25/remember-the-milk-gmail/ I see:

    update 1/26: the folks at Remember the Milk have released an updated extension (1.0.1) which fixes the problem. In Firefox, go to Tools -> Add Ons and click โ€œFind Updatesโ€ which should catch the new version.

  76. Integration of Grand Central. I never use this service even though I have it. I would use it more if it were integrated into Gmail.

  77. I second the delaying email idea. For me, sometimes I work best at night and write emails at 3 am. However, I’m too embarrassed to actually send at that time, so I’d like to be able to delay them until 8 am so it looks like I keep more normal hours.

    Also, agree about the combining a @gmail and @yourdomain … not sure how this would work any better than forwarding one to the other though.

  78. The Gmail feature that I think would be great would be the ability to import contacts directly into a current or existing group. Currently when importing, the contacts go directly into all contacts, but this could be very time consuming when importing a good amount of contacts that belong into a specific group. I would love to see this added!

  79. Matt, I like Gmail and use it faithfully. My add-on feature is more like an add-on product, but I would like to see Gmail have a “for webmasteres” piece to Gmail, something of an email campaign management system, whereas you can create newsletters and use multiple auto-responders to schedule and manage newsletters, something sorta like a free stripped down or watered down version of GetResponse or AWebber. With the ability to create custom forms to place on the webmaster website.

  80. A few feature requests I would like to see are as follows: 1.) The ability to not crash my FireFox when I do a search. 2.) A sort that would allow for my unread messages to be a the top. 3.) An option for threaded messages that display indented beneath the previous message.

    The latter two are features was I use to using in other products. I think they would make for some popular features.

    BTW, Gmail’s spam detection is the best thing since canned beer. I rarely recieve spam in my inbox. My other email service has a spam appliance and messages slip through in the scores.

  81. Quoted above – “Matt,
    i would love to integrate my google apps account with my default gmail account. Although rite now google allows to associate email address there is no way to integrate or link two google accounts (say one @gmail.com and another yourdomain.com powered by google apps).”

    I too use Google Apps (paid for version) and would really like to have my GMail account and Apps account morphed somehow.

    Also with apps I have to log in to email, docs and spreadsheets separately at times which is frustrating – I just can’t wait for JotSpot to be available.

    All in all I’m happy with Gmail – spam filter is about the best

    Need Jotspot now though to manage biz…….. Free invite which I will pay for …….

  82. Really simple one from me: when I click on the “Inbox” link from my Google Personalized Homepage, gmail loads up like I would expect. However, if I click directly on a message from the mini-view of my inbox, or if I click on “compose message”, only that portion of Gmail loads up (i.e. the one message I clicked on, or the compose screen, without the top and left menus). I’m sure this is by design, but I find it really annoying, as it means closing gmail and opening it again if, say, an email I just clicked on prompts me to want to search for an older message.

    So, can we have the option to load the full Gmail interface when clicking a link from the personalized homepage? Cheers!

  83. I think the ability to open emails in new windows would be great – it would help those users who are always multi-tasking. If you are in the middle of doing 3-4 things in parallel, having a single Gmail window can be a bottleneck.

    I was a bit surprised that Gmail was designed with a “single-window” approach given that web browsing is multi-tab and multi-window.

  84. I’m with Andrew Heenan… I want to be able to specify who my contacts are, not have Google decide them for me.

  85. I use Google Apps (paid) and would greatly appreciate better Blackberry integration.

  86. I want an “autoping” checkbox. When you send a mail, it would say “ping me in 1/5/10 days if there’s no reply”. If you’re reading a mail, it would say “ping me in 1/5/10 days if I don’t reply to this”. Also known as the don’t-fall-though-the-cracks checkbox.

  87. I also use my GMail as a to-do list of sorts. I have labels for “Today”, “This Week” and “This Month”. That said, I think it would be really helpful if I could order the emails in a fashion other than by date from within these labels. I don’t know the best way to make this work, perhaps assigning an importance number?

    Maybe the best way here is for me to have labels for “Today: 1”, “Today: 2” and “Today: 3” as a measure of importance. Seems messy though.

  88. Please remove Sender header.

    About sender header

  89. My company migrated to gmail a few months ago the following are three areas where we feel some pain when using it.

    One address book, most likely through LDAP. I’d like my address book.app and mail.app programs to be connected to my gmail address book.

    Hide Labels. I began to apply labels to projects at our company but there got to be so many labels that it became a pain to add them in the dropdown box. I’d like to have a settings dialog where I can select which are active and which are not.

    Notification on delivery. Read receipts probably aren’t the answer, but to be able to insert a link at the top of the message where the reader can confirm they’ve received it would be a great help for tracking projects.

  90. I want RTL.

  91. I would like to 3rd the removal of the “sent on behalf of” tag line.

    I manage multiple domains and pull them all into my gmail. I like to send on behalf of each of those domains, but the “sent on behalf of” completely undermines that for me.

    I know I can get Google Apps to eliminate this, but not for MULTIPLE domains.

    It is much better for me to pull all email into one place and then send the same.

    Please please please GMail team… remove the “sent on behalf of” tag!!

    (I would even be willing to pay a small fee for this option – unlimited accounts sending as themselves and not on behalf of).

  92. I’d like a few more keyboard shortcuts. I can drive quite a bit og GMail from the keyboard. But some things still need shortcuts. For example; I’m composing a new email but I want to enter recipients in the CC or BCC fields, I then have to revert back to the mouse to click on the links. A small thing, I know, but it breaks the flow when working with the keyboard.

    A shortcut to take me to the Spam forlder.

    Being able to place the signature above the reply.

    I don’t know if this would be possible, but how about, when clicking on the compose link (or reply etc) if I hold some key as I click on Compose, it opens the new email in its own window? Same thing could go for Replies etc.

    Introduce folders. For those that prefer them. (I know, this is almost a religious issue).

    HTML signatures.

    Hide the Chat box permanently.

  93. Actually that is a needed feature.. delayed emails..
    But what MOST wanted in Gmail is the rich text signature. I have a great signature with my company Logo and would like to attach it with every email i send , why cant i ?


  94. The ability to merge contacts.

  95. The ability to report link exchange and SEO spammers who insist on using GMail now. Better yet, a means of automatically detecting the spammers by reading the emails and penalizing accordingly (although the anti-privacy crowd would hate it, I’d just love to see someone open up a can of whoopass on these SEdiots.)

  96. Something I’ve always wanted is an Archive function in the dropdown menu of the message. I do a lot of email-accessing from my widget in iGoogle, and while I can read and reply, I cannot archive a message until I load gMail proper.

  97. I saw a few other things I’d like to second:

    * Size column
    * Sort by size
    * Split and join conversations, as there are occasional threading mistakes

    There are probably more, but I can’t keep track of all the good ideas that I’ve had also and forgotten about.

    Oh, and if the color scheme is going to change, please make it an option, like the iGoogle themes. I personally like the blue.

    What am I up to, $0.12?

  98. Cyrillic spam filter. I’d like to designate any message containing cyrillic characters as spam.

    I’ve been using Internet email since it was DARPAnet and have yet to receive one legitimate email containing cyrillic (or Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) characters.

    I’ll take my chances with missing a message where I win the Moscow lottery, thankyouverymuch.

  99. Hey Matt, here’s my wishlist:

    – Multiple Signatures: So if I have multiple accounts all merged into Gmail, I can also send each one with it’s own personality

    – HTML Signatures: To be able to add colors, images, whatever

    – Privacy options: I hate when someone sends me an email with a read receipt, and gmail sends a reply back. I’d like the ability to block this.

    – Whitelist Senders: So that the spam filter doesn’t catch/process those I trust

    – Sorting columns: Specially for the SPAM folder, so that its easier to go through the 100+ messages a day to see if any false positives ended there


  100. One more:

    Contacts Syncronization: Not just import/export, but be able to download a software to sync your contacts with Thunderbird / Outlook / Palm / etc (Yahoo has this)


  101. I still like the idea of sorting once in while. The other day I was looking for an email and I know the sender but I didn’t know how to find the particualr email. I searched for his name but a bunch of random emails came up. I wish I could also have the capability to sort and go through senders emails if I don’t know what I am searching for.

    I know gmail is thread based but still if I could sort by original sender that would make like so much easier.

  102. Dave (original)

    How about a simple test BEFORE users can get a gmail account. I’m tired of people who email and ass-u-me I know what they are talking about like we are having face-to-face verbal conversation. Or, those who use acronyms and pet names.

    A “stupid user” filter ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. I want you to make gmail stop crashing firefox. Maybe you have, as it hasn’t crashed in the past few days, but it (and only it) have been really crashing my firefox since the “new version” rolled out.

    beyond that, having a way to “star” something with things other than just “stars” would be good. that, or the ability to “star” something and write a note to myself that says what to do with that email. ie, i write a little note that says, “pay bill on 1/30/08”

  104. ah Matt, what a sucker question, but I’ll take the bait.

    Like you, I use my email as a kind of todo list. There is one serious flaw with this – sending the email and never getting a response. Once it is gone if the person doesn’t respond that item will die.

    A feature I bet a ton of people would use is “Remind if no reply.”

    Basically for certain conversations if more than a week goes by and they have not replied, ping me to remind me so I can take action. A simple “You have not recieved a reply to your email, subject: Matt where’s my pet feature.”

    It would be unorthodox for google to implement, but innovative and universally helpful.


  105. This “Oops” filter would be a fantastic addition. I am a fairly heavy user of gmail, receiving, tagging, reading & replying to thousands of emails every month, i`ve made my share of mistakes or accidentally sent messages I wished I hadn’t. Gmail is definitely a very large part of my life, and this would be a handy feature. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  106. In addition to the yellow star, I would also like a red star. Two stars, red and yellow, from which to choose.

  107. Matt-
    Thanks for soliciting feedback. All these responses should confirm how loved Gmail is.

    How are you going to organize these? Can I help?

    I would love to see
    -Contacts++ Tighter synch w/MS Outlook (field mapping!), Merging
    -GrandCentral integration, including call Contact
    -Responsive Spamkilling. Reporting a phisher took three days to stop
    -Easy email size management
    -More keyboard shortcuts!
    -Remove ‘sent on behalf of’


  108. I wish that archiving in Gmail was slightly different. Instead of “archive” meaning “not in:inbox”, I wish there was a separate “magic label” that meant “archived”. I subscribe to a number of high-traffic mailing lists that I don’t want in my inbox, so I have filters set up to make them skip the inbox and instead go into other labels. I’d still like to be able to “archive” these mails, which would make them disappear unless I asked to see archived mail. Right now, Gmail replaces archive with “remove label” when looking at a label. This is unsatisfying, because I want the label to still apply for searches. I just want to get stuff I’ve dealt with out of my default view.

  109. @Rasheed: Switch your interface to a RTL language; it should automatically switch.

    And I’d like to fourth/fifth/twentieth/five-thousandth/whatever the removal of “on behalf of” from messages sent using a custom address.

    Up to $0.13…

  110. Hello,
    even i like the gmail among all the free email providers just for its simplicity and many links that we see along with our mails which may be useful for us.Just today i was checking out the filter process to stop a lot of spam that i have been getting off late.There are many more things yet to explored.


  111. I’d love to be able to automatically delete anything (including spam) that is not in a given language. So I would never see any email, anywhere, that was not in (say) English. And by the looks of my spam folder from day to day, would probably cut 75% or more of the spam that I get.

  112. I would be happy to see implementation of the features you have brainstormed, delivery scheduling is a nice idea. POP3 access will be helpful.

  113. I use gmail both for personal email and work email, I’d like to see a feature where you an have different signatures depending on the email address you’re sending the message from.

  114. I really like your second suggestion, Matt, to slow down conversations.

    Like you, I tend to respond to emails quickly if it saves me having to spend more time re-reading the message at a later point, but for me too, it leads to more than one email exchange in a short period of time.

    I’d like to see GMail let their users know of security issues via email. I receive periodic emails from GMail users who have also found unknown filters in their accounts, even though the issue was resolved months ago.

  115. I would like to see those with Google Apps accounts be able to use all of the same services that a normal Google account provides.

    I know this isn’t a “Gmail” feature, but it’s close.

  116. The delay feature sounds cool. It wouldn’t be turned on by default correct? It is great to see Gmail becoming more extensible as it matures as a product.

  117. I would like to be able to chose between more signatures – and not having gmail placing the signature as a default in the bottom.

    And pretty please, a nicer and more user friendly layout!

  118. Why oh why can’t we have syncml added to contacts (and calendar, too)?

  119. Standard View: Too slow. Too many scripts spoil the blah. Why not a plugin (like Flashplayer) instead?

    Search filters:
    label: none
    From: & To: contains

    Ability to amend and add headers.

    Reply without quoting

    In-line image & sizing

    Drop down menus for some. (eg, labels).

  120. I would very much love the ‘Message Opened’ alerts. There are quite a few ways I can achieve that with Statcounter and stuff..but Gmail should provide a hasslefree way to do that..come on Googlers, it is not that difficult a thing to provide!

  121. How about figuring out what needs to be done to finally get the thing out of beta?

  122. And part of me wonders: what feature would you like to see in Gmail?

    Well, I’d suggest to stop aggressively scanning private emails and give up the data-mining and targeted ads.

    It’s not because it is an automatic process that’s it’s legal or at least ethical.

    But hey, Larry, Sergey and Marissa do not know what ethics is.

    Anyhow, I don’t use Gmail, nor any Google service. ๐Ÿ˜›

  123. Delaying emails would be killer; but I can’t get excited about any new features since I *still* haven’t got the Gmail 2.0 upgrade! I think the feature Gmail most needs is a quick way to rollout changes!

  124. I’d like to see an outgoing mail filter, specifically to automatically set the From: address. I subscribe to different mailing lists from a few different address, and I’m always forgetting to switch to the right alias.

  125. would like a check mail now link on the inbox page to check other pop accounts.

    be able to set the time period for mail checks of other pop accounts

  126. wow so many comments, sure you won’t gave time to read this, but keeping up with Yahoo! And offering push email would tempt A LOT of blackberry exchange users ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  127. Matt try this for sending emails later:

  128. Make it FULLY Opera compatible…

    The posibility to create folders… I dont like labels.

    Whitelist filters… like the actual filters but to create a whitelist.

    Hide labels COMPLETLY if u dont use them (same for chatbox and invites cause I like it simple and clean)

  129. That’s a good feature Matt. I would want it too.

    Maybe also a built-in youtube player where we just insert the video id in a special tag?

  130. Pls add the long-waiting WHITE LIST FOR CONTACTS feature.

    Because Gmail blocks mails from Google.


  131. Matt, I never reallly thought about the delayed send on email, but I have had several times when I hit the send button only to realize it was mis addressed. Simetimes realized I should have waited a couple minutes to send until I cooled off.

    That would be a great feature to have. Write the email and let it know when to send it out.

  132. Easily turn contacts, like a group contact, into a filter.

  133. It may not be very geeky to say, but I love yahoo’s new mail much better than gmail. However, I did switch our business email to gmail ‘ email hosting’ ( https://www.google.com/a/ ) for better spam filtering and to ease server load with our mail server… but only because yahoo doesnt allow partail hosting (with gmail we could just change the MX and CNAME records of the domain)

    If yahoo allowed this, I’d ditch gmail in a heartbeat! However, gmail works good for the business, since it works similar to a ticket system our service folks like better. But for a normal email program, yahoo is way ahead of google.

  134. Here’s my list, compiled after a month of use in lieu of Microsoft Outlook:

    1. I want to be able to paste images into the email.

    2. Ability to paste links into the email and have them format properly (maybe I’m doing something wrong but link pasting is a two step process for me)

    3. Contact synch to Blackberry

    4. Consisten UI for Contacts – if you use IE you get one view (better imho), Firefox gives you a more rudimentary view

    5. Ability to send out update requests to my contacts (ala Plaxo)

    6. Query outside email boxes on a time schedule that I set — not just whenever Gmail feels like it

    7. Ability to turn off the conversation tracking nature of the emails

    8. Beef up Contacts to add minor CRM functionality – notes, tracking of appointments and tasks by contact (this is very close and I’m predicting will be one of the next apps that are improved).

    9. Have a way to save templates in Gmail — I often send the same emails out over and over in response to questions.

    I do think Gmail is a Microsoft Office killer within 3 years.

  135. So it goes without saying that these are great suggestions. Keep the suggestions coming, and I’m going to look at the comments and see if I can suggest shortcuts that can help anyone.

  136. I’d like the ability While Reading an Email to Delete the Email and go to the next email instead of being taken back to the list of emails. It’s the feature I miss most from my yahoo email. I used to keep my inbox clean, but now, it is so hard. I read the email. I don’t want to archive it. I don’t want to keep it, I just want to delete and go to the next email in the list. That sure would be a nice option.

  137. I would like to break apart a conversation, after all we dont keep talking about the same things.

    IE: If I send an email too all the people I supervise then they all reply to just me and I reply back-and-forth to each Gmail keeps them together, I would rather have the choice of breaking them apart as they truly have no relation anymore.

  138. I think the three items you mention could be implemented as a single Eudora-style scheduled send time feature. It could default to +2 minutes from now after pushing the Send button, but you could edit that timestamp, to 6 hours later (for slowing down a conversation), or 3 weeks (for the progress check). Perhaps there could be preferences for user to enter three convenient times which would show in a popup menu.

    This is trivial, but I’d like a single button in the spam mailbox that selects all unread, marks as read, selects none, and perhaps changes to Inbox. Glancing at the unread spam every once in a while is good for fine-tuning it, but then you need to mark them unread and Google remembers that selection. Very minor annoyance, but it bugs me.

  139. For the guy who doesn’t like labels, he doesn’t seem to realize that labels are the same as folders, except that (1) an e-mail can be attached to more than one, and (2) there’s no way to get mail out of the All Mail mailbox, because it’s for, well, _all_ the mail.

    So if you want folders, just make labels for each folder, never give anything more than one label, and ignore the All Mail mailbox. This is exactly, functionally, mathematically mappably equivalent to folders.

  140. I saw something show up in my GMail browser window… one of my wishes is already there…

    “Compose a message in a new window by pressing “Shift” while clicking Compose Mail or Reply.”

  141. Matt, I think you can still do delayed mails if you are using a client such as Outlook.

  142. Hi Matt,

    I reckon you could ‘fix’ both those problems by setting a queue time on the outbox. ie You have a setting where you can specify how long to queue a message before it’s gonna be sent. Also maybe a drop down list on the ‘compose message’ interface to override any of those settings if you’d like to send the message immediately.

    Other stuff…….

    I find Gmail notifier very useful and would really like to see this handy little tool developed more.

  143. The ability to create pre-defined customised email templates in Gmail

  144. Inline images. I find my self “surprised” at least once a week that gmail doesn’t have the feature. Images are VERY IMPORTANT in emails – a picture is worth a thousand words.

  145. is it me or does the pop3 server sometimes stop working when downloading email from gmail.

  146. I wish GMail to wake me up in the morning with a cup of coffee and make my bed when I go to work, buy me a dinner and rent a good movie waiting for me to come back and enjoy.

  147. Hi,

    – I would like to be able to open a message in a new tab. Preferably by a standard Firefox third-button-click.

    – From iGoogle: When you open a message, there is no “archive” or “label” option.

    – I really like the labels, but the function would be even better if I could type the first letter of the label to scroll faster down the list. Alternatively, there could be an input box with autocomplete once I start typing.

    I’m sorry if these suggestions already are functions. In that case, consider this as a feedback to the usability team ๐Ÿ˜‰

  148. I would love to see Gmail have the ability to render Internal CCS HTML stationary/newsletters. External & Internal CSS would really be awsome but I would be satisfied with just Internal CSS support at this point. Gmail is the only popular email program that I can think of that requires inline styles. Obviously inline styles make creating custom stationary a real pain. This is a very longstanding and common complaint among hobby html and pro designers.

  149. How about making Gmail standards compliant?


  150. Omar Yesid Mariรฑo

    I would like to see in Gmail an option to compose an e-mail with images and tables. You can compose an email with different colors or fonts, but sometimes you need to paste an image or table to clarify something. The only option to have this is by copying / pasting from a web page.

  151. HTML signatures would be a huge upgrade. This would help market my web pages a heck of a lot better.

  152. Delivery/read receipts please!?

  153. FOLDERS!!! I hate the labels feature, I want to add a email to a folder and not see it again until I view that folder.

  154. I’d still like to view more than 100 items at a time.

    I’d like to see the Gmail team be forced to use a Windows Mobile device — of which there are more than iPhones out there, to my knowledge — and perhaps show us a tiny bit of respect and write a nice app for it rather than falling back on the “we’ve got a Java version” that doesn’t run.

  155. I want to be able to disable the function that automatically adds contacts to my contact list! I’m at 1000+ contacts on gmail and on my synchronized mobile phone, most of them I don’t even know. Gmail still rocks though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  156. The old gmail was better than the new, slower one. I have bookmarked gmail with ui=1 so it always loads the old one. The newer one is very slow with IE7 and Vista.

    Also, the ability to recover lost gmail accounts would be nice once identity is proven. Hotmail, Yahoo does this Google doesn’t. I have accidentally deleted mine when trying to delete my Orkut and to this day, I was never able to create the old one again and its been more than 2 years now. I check the availability of my old id every couple of days but no luck. Google really blurs the border on this issue. No emails are replied back.

    Your response, Matt?

  157. It would be really great if Gmail could have expanded emails in the same way that Reader has expanded posts. At least 75% of my email can be dealt with by reading and not replying; if I could go to my inbox and be able to read all of the emails without the need to click on each one I could significantly speed up my email time.

  158. Matt,

    I’m definitely on board for getting Gmail Templates added. That’s a feature that has been lacking in Gmail for a long time. It’s time to throw in the towel and just build the function!

  159. Two things I’d REALLY like:

    – Since I also use my inbox as a todo list, I really need some simple way of scheduling a “follow-up” on an email. There are two main scenarios:

    1 – When the ball is in my court and I need to reply, but I won’t have the information I need till 3 days from now. Ideally, I’d like to be able to send a quick reply explaining that I’ll send a detailed answer in 3 days and then get a reminder email attached to the conversation in 3 days (or something like that).

    2 – I need to keep on top of when people owe me an email and how not replied.
    If I send Jim an email, I want to be able to be reminded in 4 days is they have NOT replied.

    I know I could do some of this stuff in my calendar, but I prefer email as my notification mechanism. (also – it’s to many steps to do it in google calendar and there is no easy way to link the conversation to the calendar entry).

    The second thing I want (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE):

    I Want to Send Emails with Inline Images.

    Please add an “insert image” to the rich text editor.


  160. Interesting. One of the very first email systems I ever used was back in the mid-1980’s on our HP 3000 system – it was only for internal use, but THAT had delayed email, and it was wonderful. I could email myself and others with all our marketing deadlines and meeting notifications and everything else, up to a year in advance. Would LOVE to see gmail with this.

    The other thing I have really felt a need for (and didn’t see it listed already, although maybe I missed it) is the ability to turn the Get Mail from Other Accounts on and off without having to enter the information in each time. I have clients who go on the road for a week or two, and they want access to their email (and don’t have a webmail interface for it) – I can have them pull it into GMail, but then when they come back, they have to remove the account, and then when they go back out, enter it all in again. Times that times multiple email accounts (I have like 25 myself) and it’s a pain. If we could just put them in once, and then enable or disable them, that would be killer.

    My two zlotys worth.

  161. I’d like to see a quick way to search contacts from the current Gmail view. Currently you have to click contacts – wait for that window to render then click in the search box, then click search. Maybe a good candidate for keyboard shortcut?

    You’ve also mentioned on numerous occassions using your account as a Todo – list, I do the same – but a simple Todo interface, would make process much easier. There are plugins – but unfortunately they don’t work for Camino.

  162. I want to be able to make a filter that moves email into a folder so it doesnt make a mess of my inbox but I can still view them with 1 click.

  163. @Joe: You can. Use the “Skip Inbox” checkbox in the filter actions and set the “Apply a label”. Bingo!

  164. I’d love the ability to merge conversations.

  165. First, make it easier to “mark as read”. For those daily emails we get but don’t always have to read, I’d like to be able to just click “mark as read” without checking and going to the drop down list etc.
    I also love the idea of integrating your “@gmail” with google domain apps account. Google domain apps doesn’t let you use your account for Google Groups etc. So you have to have an @gmail address anyway. I often use this for mailing lists and monitor all those messages is a pain, not to mention I don’t want them in my IMAP mail because the download process would slow down Eudora/Penelope. However, if they were integrated in some way (I’d rather just be able to use my domain apps for all the google services) it would make switching users and logging in multiple times a thing of the past.

  166. I would like to see the following features:

    – Ability to break/join conversations (sometimes Gmail doesn’t get it right)
    – Ability to be able to use GMail chat on MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and AIM networks.
    – Ability to import old emails via uploading an email client file (.dbx, .pst, .mbox, etc…)


  167. …and one more thing: delayed filters or delayed archive. I like some messages to come into the Inbox (labels applied) but not archived automatically. Make them archive after 2 days or so?

  168. I agree with “Luke Daly”, about needing a folder system. I think that the “Starred” option should evolve!

    Why not allow users to create different stars? Then you could archive the sent email to a starred category. ๐Ÿ˜€ This would utilize an existing feature in a new way that would help us overcome the frustrations of trying to create filters for particular senders. It would also allow you to send emails from several different people to the same location to increase their relevance.

  169. Dude, that is a BRILLIANT feature. I need all three of those all the time.

  170. There’s really only one feature I’ve wanted from Gmail since the addition of Gtalk – give me a way to view only emails!! It’s great that there’s an option to view only chats, but I’m forced to see chats and emails mixed together!

  171. Matt,

    To delay emails, I found this product: http://www.yankback.com/


  172. I’d like Gmail too., but there was still some features which is lack., as the others said.,

  173. It would be nice to not have the Gmail address show up when an email is sent out through a different account set up through Gmail.

    Ex. I have someguy@gmail.com and add an email account (someguy@example.com). Currently, Gmail will show the ‘someguy@gmail.com’ address even if I send out an email through ‘someguy@example.com’.

  174. Ironically enough I just spent about an hour last night searching to see if there was a way to make my signature appear above the message if I am replying or forwarding so that my contact information is easier to find. So – I would like:

    1. The option to move my signature appear above the message when replying or forwarding

    2. Have reader appear as a “folder” along the left hand side (like Yahoo! – this is the only thing I miss!)

    3. Remove the “sent on behalf of” from emails sent from pop accounts

    4. Make it optional to have all addresses that are replied to be added to my contacts.

    5. A to-do list with the possibility to have reminders emailed or texted to a mobile phone (sometimes there isn’t an event that I want to add to my calendar but there is a to-do I must remember)

  175. FOLDERS!!!!!!!!

  176. The ability to save the Gmail view (standard, basic HTML, turn chat on/off) within the account settings so the settings are persisted.

  177. Here is my only needs:

    1. The ability to have favorite labels (kind of like the most popular chat list) so that I can have my favorite 8-10 labels constantly showing instead of all or none.

    2. Remove “on behalf of” This has been suggested already but i want to add my support for it.

    3. Being able to schedule Account Checking (other than the default of 1 hr.)

    4. This is more for the mail for Google Apps. The main reason I haven’t moved our organization to Google Apps is that there is nothing that will mimic Exchange Public Folders. If we could have some sort of Shared Labels for our projects that would be ideal. I have been told to use Groups, but we get dwg files often through email and some of our Project Public Folders are over 1 GB, unfortunately Google Groups max size is 100 MB and not a practical way to keep track of project emails.

  178. The ability to assign unique signatures to different send mail as accounts.

  179. Hey matt.
    I’d LOVE the ability to turn off spam e-mail filtering. I run my own setup for this, and a lot of times gmail catches things that I need to read as spam. And yet, I cannot abandon gmail, since the web interface is oh-so-pretty.
    Any chance of that in the future?

  180. Matt

    Sorry for any duplicates…

    A strong endorsement for Dustin’s commennt. Allowing us to set a time (or max time) on gmail fetcher would be very much appreciated. I would even be willing to pay a little for a subscription version provided I could have more confidence that my mail was collected every 5, 10 or even 15 minutes.

    I have setup gmail to be my default mail handler because of the excellent SPAM filter and because I can IMAP to my Iphone. This morning, I discovered that it hadn’t collected mail from my primary account for 3 days (it was a peaceful weekend).

    A more convenient “check for new mail” button that triggered the POP 3 fetcher would be nice.

    A way to sort messages into my IMAP folders (instead of waiting for my desktop machine to do it). This is really useful when you are away from the office and using an Iphone or other portable IMAP client.

    Kill the ads. I know, Gmail is an advertiser sponsored service, but WTF, does anyone really click on them? Again, I would pay the couple bucks a month just to clean up the interface…and IMAP to a remote device 99% of the time.

  181. Matt

    How about supporting the edit function for comments in your blog. That’s the OOPS feature I need ATM. (I meant to say, I IMAP to a remote device 99% of the time)

  182. Get rid of AdWords surrounding my email. As a business professional I would NEVER recommend g mail to any of my clients, prospects, or associates. It’s a conflict of interest to have competitors advetising around my emails.

  183. Easy – #3 periodic events! We all fight a common enemy: overstimulation of information. This is one way to fill the dead space within our highly communicative lives…

  184. I would definitely take the delayed email feature where you can set it to send at any time you wish. I also suggest having a feature where any mail kept as new stays at the top of your list so that you don’t have to flip through pages looking for messages that you haven’t responded to yet.
    Eddie Krassenstein

  185. Folders would be very useful.

    Being able to sort by different headers/fields.

  186. This is a Google Calendar feature but I would love to have the ability to dismiss or delay a calendar item like in Outlook Calendar.

  187. What I really, really want is a way to write notes to myself about emails I receive. This could either be a “Add Note” feature, where I write a short note to myself that’s added to the conversation in which I write it, or it could be an “Edit Message” feature, where I can open an email that I received and append notes to myself inside of the message.

    I get so much mail that requires some action, but not immediately, and I need to write notes to myself to remind myself what to do with them.

  188. Thanks for stopping by, David. Always good to hear from you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. I’d like to echo those who have asked for the threading conversations feature to be optional. That’s why I can’t use Gmail for both my e-mail app and my e-mail address. Right now I pull them off of Gmail and into Outlook.

    My problem is this: I write pretty simple subject lines. “Look at this” or “Do this” or what have you. I re-use them, too, because they are so simple. So suddenly I’ve got something from way back threaded in with recent stuff and there’s no way to unthread it. Or be able to put parameters on threading. “Any convo where the messages aren’t more than 2 weeks old, thread them unless I manually unthread them.” And if something is threaded wrong, click, “Unthread,” done.

    I know some people love the threading but it just makes me want to kick a puppy.

  190. I would like a good daily/weekly task manager to compliment Gmail. I run about 10 email accounts for various companies I manage and I want a task or simple project manager that integrates with Gmail.

    I have tried an add in to Gmail but it slowed it down so badly and wasnt that smart or easy to use.

  191. An optional automatic daily e-mail that sends you the fresh crop of spam in your Spam folder. Just a list, senders and subjects.

    So you could scan the contents of the folder quickly and find potential false positives even if you hardly ever log in to the online interface of Gmail, just downloading your letters into a mail software.

  192. Well, sometimes a regular server monitoring mail end up in spam (it is full of junk, I can’t blame spam filter:)) although I have a filter and it gets a label, but still end up in junk.

    So my proposal is don’t apply spam filters on message which has been labeled with some filter before that.

  193. Gmail must allow us to define automatic reply based on words contained in the subject, body etc of the incoming message.

    Manual Directory Submission Services
    Directory Maximizer

  194. There are a bunch of additions I’d like to see:

    * Persistent views; I’d like shortcuts to change the view of a label (such as view unread, view starred – available on a single click without having to type (say) label:unread into the search box), and then I’d like gmail to remember my previous view for each label. Thus if I had for example a label called “Project X”, and the last time I viewed it I looked only at the unread messages, then the next time I click on the “Project X” label I want to go straight back to just the unread messages again;

    * Ability to filter on arbitrary header fields;

    * Ability to disable the spam filter in specific incoming mail filters: in other words if this message matches my filter then I know it is OK and so don’t bother running the spam check. I suspect this might be a major architectural change that requires altering the evaluation order for incoming messages, however to my mind it is an essential change to ensure the trustworthiness of gmail: at the moment if you read gmail via POP or by forwarding your messages then a small number of messages end up silently disappearing into the original gmail account’s spam box, with no indication that they’ve gone;

    * Better support for adding inline images when composing messages;

    * One perhaps for the gmail component in Google Apps, but I’d like to be able to share/unshare labels. Shared views would be a starting point, but long term I’d like options such as share read-only vs share full-access, and
    share label x vs never-share label y (so that a message labelled x and y remains private);

    * Finally, and this is not specific to just gmail, I wish all Google applications were cognisant of Google Apps For Your Domain. At the moment, if I’m reading your post in Google Reader (which isn’t part of GAFYD), logged in using my Google Apps e-mail address, and I then trying clicking the Mail (or the Calendar) link at the top of Reader, it takes me to the generic gmail (or gcal) login, rather than to Google Apps mail. This is ridiculous – there’s just a yawning chasm between those application inside and outside of GAFYD. Forget about Don’t Be Evil – how about Don’t Be Disjointed instead ๐Ÿ™‚

  195. I use the gmail notifier on Google Toolbar (I use the Firefox version). When there are new emails, it has a drop-down list of subjects, but when I click on one of the subjects, I get a page with the individual email on, but no “Archive” or “Delete” buttons. Typically after I’ve read an email and optionally replied to it, I want to hit either “Archive” or “Delete”…

  196. Two more suggestions:

    * Label hot-keys; I’d like to be able to associate a keystroke with a label, for example the letter ‘x’ with the label “Project X”, so that if I’m at the top-level gmail view and I type “lx” (for label X) then I’m taken to the view for label Project X. Similarly if I’m reading a message and I type “lx” then gmail should add (or toggle) the label “Project X” on that message;

    * Ability to add labels to messages as they are being composed. I don’t know whether this fits in with the underlying gmail architecture, but what I’d like is the ability to kick off a conversation with the correct labels at the outset, so that the responses also have the right labels.

  197. Hey!
    I have always thought that one very nice function Gmail lacks is the “received-receipt” (is that the name?!). IT would of course be optional and setable, right?

    Oh, and another thing: what if you want to search for a string of text that is not an entire word? I’ve seen that if you search for [“tabl”], those messages containing the word “table” will not be retrieved. Is that so?

    Keep it up!

  198. OK, I was going to wait for this site to pick up the link I made in one of my recent Gmail-related posts, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I guess Matt doesn’t have trackbacks. So I’ll post a link myself:

    The post concerns Gmail’s labels. Several people have expressed here that they want “folders”, but it’s really nothing more than a name change. Labels can be used as folders just fine.


  199. The ability to send more than 500 emails in one day.

  200. There are some excellent suggestions here. I’d like to add my support for merging contacts. Some of my contacts have 3+ email addresses. It would be great to merge them in one contact “item.”

    I would also love to have an email address checklist when sending. The autosense while typing in the “To” box is nice and very useful when sending a message to a few people. There are times, however, when I would love to have a list of contacts where I can check boxes to indicate if they are “To,” “CC,” or “BCC.” Yahoo! has this feature and it’s one of the things they do better than Gmail.

  201. Didn’t read the whole comments to see if someone else asked for this before. I want FOLDERS if possible.

    I know that labels are supposed to do just that, but I still like folders more.

    Also, I’d definitely could use “rules”. I want to be able to label/move to folders automatically emails coming from a certain email address.

    Thanks for you time.

  202. Hi,

    The delayed sending features you describe would be real useful!

    2 other things I would really like is:

    1) The Google Mail App to support multiple gmail accounts and the ability to switch between them easily without logging out and in again.

    2) Some control over the spam filtering – it works great on one of my accounts but on the other it seems way to over-sensitive – any mails I get from someone I havn’t clicked “Not Spam” on before seem to go into Spam.



  203. Hi Matt,

    I have not read all of the comments above, so I apologize if this is redundant. What I would love more than anything is the ability to turn off the filter that lumps all emails deriving from one original email in a conversation thread together. If my friend sends me an email saying come over for dinner, and I forward that email to another friend who then writes back “I hate that person” it gives me an anxiety attack to see these emails listed one after another in the conversation thread. I always have to check to make sure that I have not inadvertantly responded to the wrong person, or forwarded something by accident. A conversation filter that is just between 2 people might be okay, but this multi-person conversation thread almost made me stop using gmail, and still gives me a panic attack periodically, even though I’ve been using gmail for over a year (maybe 2?). I know you guys consider threading a central feature, but I would LOVE to have the ability to turn it on and off.

    Thanks for listening

  204. I would like the ability to mark an email account for someone under 18 or 13. For example, my daughter has a gmail account and she will sometimes get some contextual ads on the side of email that I would rather not have her read that have no relation to the content of the email. So if there was a way to mark an email account as underage so that those types of ads would show up would be great.

  205. Maybe this one is already available and I’ve just missed it, but I’d like the ability to apply labels via keyboard shortcut – similar to how tagging items in Google Reader works.

    With all of the other keyboard shortcuts available, it annoys me that I’m forced to apply labels by selecting them with my mouse.

  206. I’d like to see the ability to completely integrate two inboxes. Right now, I have multiple accounts for different occasions (one professional, one for friends, etc) that simply all forward into my main account.

    There is no reason to physically own multiple accounts though, simply adding 2 or 3 email accounts I can interchange at send time would be much better.

  207. Hi Gmail Lovers…

    I would like to see the following :

    1. More Security.

    2. Folders (but not only folders i would like to have a password protected folder.. that u can password protect it…. so you can set up a different password for a few very important emails).

    3. Ability to export emails to your desktop. so that you can read them offline and plus you can store it or watever u wanna do with it..

    4. HTML Signatures(so that you can add your own graphical sig)

    5. Picasa Web Integration(eg. if someone sends you email with lots of pics .. ability to save’em straight to Picasa Web Albums)

    6. Sub-Labels(ability to create sub-labels)

    7. Drap & Drop Attachments.(i know there are scripts for that but i would rather gmail integrate that into their email system)

  208. I have 6-8 different email accounts for various jobs/responsibilities I carry. So I love Gmail because it gives me a one-stop shop for all my accounts.

    The only draw back is that it only allows one signature. Thats means that if I respond to an email from Account B they see my signature from Account A. Sometimes this is no big deal because the person knows me and knows that I wear several hats. However, for first time contacts this can be confusing.

    I would love to see Gmail offer multiple signatures that are connected to various accounts so that when I respond/send email from one account it automatically gets the signature assigned to that account.

  209. Bogdan Said,
    “Didnโ€™t read the whole comments to see if someone else asked for this before. I want FOLDERS if possible.

    I know that labels are supposed to do just that, but I still like folders more.

    Also, Iโ€™d definitely could use โ€œrulesโ€. I want to be able to label/move to folders automatically emails coming from a certain email address.”

    Bogdan – it has been mentioned above, but you can use labels exactly the same as folders if you want – no difference at all. Read about it in the Gmail help. And there are “rules” that you can use to automatically move emails to a certain label (folder). Go to the Gmail help, it is all there.

  210. I would find it very handy if Gmail offered the option to go to the oldest unread e-mail in an Inbox.

    I subscribe to several electronic newsletters with my Gmail account. Most are deleted, but I save the good ones; the large amount of storage offered by Gmail provides a convenient repository of information whenever I may have to look up an old newsletter/article.

    However, for several months I was busy with other things and did not log into my Gmail account, so the e-mails piled up. I now have (literally) 1500 unread emails in my Inbox. I am slowly working my way through the list, starting with the oldest, but I find it irritating each time I log into my account, to have to click through 30 pages to get to the oldest. The option to simply click a “Go to Oldest Unread” button would be a real time-saver.

  211. i would like to have over the air sync of my google apps/gmail contacts with my blackberry. PLEASE DO THIS!

    i also would like to see the “merge” contacts capability as it’s really annoying to have the same person listed 6 times in my contact list!

  212. As a freelancer, I’d love to see an email queue which lets my nocturnal emails arrive in the morning, rather than at 3:29 a.m. when I send them. It would be simple to make this queue a function of Sent Mail, since it is stored on the server anyway. Any thoughts?

  213. it would be nice if every time i open an attachment, the gmail page DIDN’T go blank and almost irretrievable. i have to hit back back back reload to bring it back, or if i remember, middle click to open it in a new tab (FF). INTENSELY annoying. started happening in the new version, which, btw, they never asked me if i wanted, but thrust it rudely upon me.

  214. Hello Matt,

    I’d like the option of not having the web client wrap email lines at 60 characters.

    I do a lot of blogging via email and the 60 character line wrap (or whatever it is) makes my blogs look “less than optimal”.

    Sub-labels would be nice, too… i.e. having “AdSense” and “AdWords” under “Google”.

    Thanks for asking!

    Best regards,

  215. 1. Ability to label from the keyboard with smart auto-complete.
    2. Ability to un-consolidate a conversation so individual emails can be archived/labeled/downloaded.
    3. Ability to re-direct an errant email (to get emails sent to mis-typed addresses in domains I manage where I’m the catchall to the right person without a regular forward, which means they’ll reply to me, not the original sender).

  216. How bout an ACTUAL todo list app from Google. I’d give over a body part for such a thing. Google, buy somebody and give us an addition to Google Apps. A real todo list manager. It would make Apps the ultimate Outlook killer.

  217. Sorry – commented on the wrong posting. Here again:

    These were some REALLY helpful tips! Thanks a bunch.

    One โ€œmissingโ€ feature which irks me no ends is the inability to delete a message and move to the next one – automatically.

    So, essentially – I have 100 e-mails in my queue that I want to process. I should have a keyboard shortcut to either delete it (or archive it) and then move to the next (or previous) message – just like I can do with Outlook and the CTRL+D option.
    I suggested this to the Google team 3+ years back โ€ฆ still waiting for the day!

  218. One of the most annoying things IMO is that you can’t merge your GMail account with AdSense. I really wonder what the reason is …

  219. I’d like the option to save searches I do. For example, in #2 of this post you gave a search query. http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/9-power-tips-for-gmail/

    It would be much easier clicking a button every time than typing that in. Or perhaps, there could be a listing of the 5 most recent searches and also 5 favourite searches. There was an extension called “persistent searches”, but since gmail upgraded it doesn’t work anymore.

  220. Maybe this one is already available and Iโ€™ve just missed it, but Iโ€™d like the ability to apply labels via keyboard shortcut – similar to how tagging items in Google Reader works.

  221. Hello, I couldn’t find a place where I can tell my wish about Gmail. So I am commenting here. I want all my attachments to be shown, renamed and organized in folders or labels. Still they remain on Gmail Account. As I am using Gmail as my repository for all my data but sometimes I can’t add enough information about files and find it impossible to search thousands of emails and hundreds of attachments.

  222. I would like to have that Google provide an Independent Platform offline email client like Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution etc so that user will need not to care whether they should use windows or linux or some time both.

    While using both system and sharing the same messages data will help a lot to users.

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    Manual Directory Submission Services

  223. Richard Haywood

    I would like a mailing list option so that you can add a label to all the posts to a mailing list and to skip the in box for any threads that you are not participating in, but for the ones you are these stay in your inbox for you to read quicker.

  224. The spam filter sometimes includes up to 0.5% of my real messages (1 in 200). It rarely includes a piece of spam, but it can trash some real messages. I’d rather see a little spam than lose a client message. AFAICS, it doesn’t seem to use email dialogues to create a whitelist, purely examining email content.

    I’d like to aggregate contacts (mentioned by others, above).

    I assume that the spam filter is trained – some kind of bayesian system, or a neural network. How many emails does it need to train? Could I train it for rules, rather than define filters? One mail stream that I get includes real mails and blogspam (think of an Akismet notification stream). If an email includes certain types of content, it is very likely to be a type I don’t care about. But I can’t easily define the words that would be needed for a filter… not without adding to the rule for each evader.

    I could do with sorting/identifying mails by the recipient. I forward a couple of accounts to Gmail. Being able to identify which persona (personal, public, business) received the email would be handy.

    Thanks, JeremyC.

  225. I would like if gmail had smarter “from” assignments for different email accounts. For example, if I open an email from my pop account in gmail and hit a reply, I’d like gmail to automatically send it from the pop account address. Instead, it always defaults to my gmail address such that if I forget to change it (which requires too many clicks in my opinion anyways), the recipient may not acknowledge my message if they are not familiar with my gmail address.

  226. The gmail spam filter needs some work, i feel that for some emails always get through the spam filter, while some important emails do not get through. It needs to be a little more accurate, although that is much easier said then done.

  227. There may already be a way but have the email come up in domain groups. Like how you can have threads all together in to one message. Have domains and which ever domain has the latest email would be top. You could then ignore domains you know you are not wanting to read email from.


  228. I would like the ability to setup certain signatures in my email depending on which email address it comes to. I have my work email forwarded to my gmail account with a filter that will put a work label on it. If an email comes in to that account, I would like a different signature based on my email.

    Also, we have a IT support email list that I receive and I would like to set it up so that if it comes in to that address, when I reply I would like it so my send email address is my work address and not my gmail.

  229. I’ve just read this entry, so forgive me if it’s too late to add useful (or even original) suggestions.

    I would like to see:
    – A Contacts API. Actually, I need a SyncML client but an API would let
    third parties to create such clients.
    – The Full Contact Search Back! It was in the “old version” and now is gone ๐Ÿ™
    – Date Fields in Contact integrated with GCal. For birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
    – Message Size column in the list (don’t know the official name) view.
    – Search by size. I won’t ask “order by size” because I still believe in GMail motto “search don’t sort”.
    – Better algorithm for chosing the “From:” header when replying emails. The current one fails to choose the correct address (always falls back to the default address) when the message is sent by a mailing list. I know that mailing lists don’t include the subscriber address in the headers of their messages but may be a rule or some other mechanism could be devise.
    – Export or backups. I can dowload all the messages by POP and then burn a CD, but that’s bothersome. A better schema could be:
    Click a button,
    confirmation dialog box appears,
    after some time a new message from Google telling me that the
    backup is ready to download from the X URL.
    The url corresponds to a CD/DVD image where messages are in some standard format.
    I would *pay* for a service like that!


  230. Regular expressions in search. I know it puts a load on the server but c’mon, don’t tell me the smart engineers at Google can’t figure it out.

  231. I want RTL support in all interfaces!

    Right now, rtl support (for composing and reading) exists only in the Hebrew and Arabic interface. Gmail really needs to include this support in all interfaces (disabled by default, of course, to prevent clutter, but with an option to turn it on).

    See this petition, and elsewhere on google groups:

  232. They need a registry “hack” to be able to right click on a file on your desktop, in a file folder, etc, and have it say “Send To….New Message in Gmail”

    Send to Gmail is an extension taht is for using gmail as an online drive.

  233. 1001 noisy cameras Said, January 26, 2008 @ 11:36 am
    “..I was a bit surprised that Gmail was designed with a โ€œsingle-windowโ€ approach given that web browsing is multi-tab and multi-window.”


    I get so frustrated by the linear gmail interface. I just want to go right down the inbox and command-click on 5-10 emails. It’ MUCH more productive. It’s the way I read digg, the NYTimes, blogs and every other news and info site.

    Scanning and then reading.

    Not scan, read, scan, read, scan, read.

    Gmails linear workflow model is incredibly tedious!

    I’ve used the the HTML only version of gmail in the past (https://mail.google.com/mail/h/) but it’s so incredibly primitive it negates any advantage.

  234. a simple “Delete and Next” button, please? Or, “Archive and Next” button?

  235. I’m not sure if someone already suggested this as there is quite a few suggestions to go through in order to check.


    I would like to be able to use GMAIL as a mail client for all my mail accounts much in the way that outlook or thunderbird does. Where i can group all my accounts whether they be standard pop accounts, google apps, gmail, or even hotmail etc.. and be able to send and receive and manage email from each of these addresses. Without having to log into to multiple sites or accounts to check/respond to my email.

    I’m not sure but i beleive that currently you can only receive email using a similar method via GMAIL but everything you send still comes from the primary address?


  236. Add these too:

    – Google Gears integration for offline capability.
    – A “X” or a like link near folders like spam, trash… to delete all mails in that folder without getting into that folder.


  237. I have a problem with e-mail that bounces (e.g. because of a typo on my part when I wrote the address) and then ends up in the spam folder. This forces me to look through the spam folder frequently reducing the value of automatic spam filtering.

    Any ideas on this?

  238. I want to be able to view multiple emails in the same window.

    I”m writing an email, and I need info from another. I have to click the inbox to get to the other email, click inbox again and go back to the other that’s 4 whole clicks round trip.

    I’m not feeling the whole multiple window thing. I’ve already got 10 or more open, I don’t want to open another for emails.

    I’m not suggestin an Office style inbox/reading pane, although that would be cool except you’d be ripin on the softee. But maybe a 5 recently viewed link thingee would be nice, cut my number of clicks in half!

  239. Ability to add labels to draft messages – this would be really useful.

    Also better integration with Google Calendar (sometimes it understands Outlook calendar requests, sometimes not).

  240. If adding more features will make it slow down even more, well, we reached the limit of ajax applications…
    Sometimes I’m forced to with to the html-only version to to my task in time.

  241. I was wondering; my friends and I email each other back and forth all day as a way of passing the time while at work, so we’ll have email threads with 100+ emails in them, and my friend wanted me to forward each one to him because he just got a gmail account. I couldn’t find a way to mass forward emails, is there one?

  242. A lot of my friends are still used to sending photos through email. I wish there was a way I could upload those photos directly to my picasa web accout rather than having to download then and then upload again.

  243. I like your 3rd idea, Matt. And I think it would be quite useful.

    And one feature I would really like to see in Gmail (and considering the previous comments, I’m not the only one) is the ability to specify different signatures for the different accounts managed by my Gmail account. I use my account to manage several email addresses and it would be really useful to have it send a different signature according to the email address it’s sent from.

    Oh, and HTML in the signatures would also be great.

  244. I would love to have the ability to create sub-labels (kind of like subfolders in Outlook). That would give me the ability to use more specific labels on my emails without creating a huge list of labels always visible on my gmail main screen. It should have the ability to click on a primary label in order to make the sub-label visible.

  245. Don’t know if this has been mention or is in the pipeline but I would love to be able to upgrade to a “premium” version of Gmail that has no adwords on it? I wouldn’t mind paying for this if it was added. Any idea if it would every be considered ๐Ÿ™‚


  246. Matt,
    I’d like:
    1) to merge and split conversations
    2) to put a conversation in stand-by and have it back in my inbox on a particular date.

  247. 2 features:

    – Find all emails with attachments AND sort by size – so unnecessary large emails can be deleted

    – Reply without “myname@gmail.com on behalf of FName LName [mark@domain.com]”.

    Last feature would eliminate having Microsoft Outlook – at least for me. Otherwise, it’s unprofessional to be working for ABC Marketing, but communicate with clients gMail. Unfortunatelly, not everyone ‘gets it’.

  248. Add the ability to attach photos from Picasa and have those compressed for sending…right now I have to go open up Picasa and do all that from within that program….but I would like to be able to hit reply in Gmail and then designate a picture from a Picasa pop up and have it attached and compressed….

    Hope that makes sense…


  249. 1. i’ll add a vote for tabbed usage. the single window stuff is claustrophobic and restrictive.

    2. also, i’d like to be able to delete just part of a “conversation”. when i hit delete, it deltes the ENTIRE “conversation”. if i email someone, and they reply to me, that’s TWO emails, not one .. why can’t i delete one of them?? the whole “conversation” thing is what i hate most about gmail.

    3. same goes for printing. in a series of send/reply/send/reply i might want to print just one of the emails, but the only option is to “print all”. wtf?

  250. I want the html signatures, More handy filters, folders to segregate mail(Labels wont come handy in all the cases.).

    I used to read unread emails using search “is:unread” Would like to have a link with single click for doing that (Don’t think am Lazy:)

    And I want the google mail to come out of beta ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. What would make me throw away Outlook and MS Word for good is a feature in Gmail that would allow customization of emails to a group of people, i.e. a mail merge feature. It could be tied to Google docs or whatever as the word processor for the e-mail text. I need to start the email text with something like: Dear John Doe instead of Dear customer.
    Maybe it’s already possible, I have not found out how.

  252. i’d like to be able to edit the subject line.

    people mostly suck at giving a suitable subject to their emails, and in my stand-alone client i like being able to edit it so that the subject reflects the content.

  253. Single most annoying thing about gmail – if I delete or archive a message, it shoots me back out to the list of all messages. This is absurd. It should take me to the next message and save me roughly half of my page views. It’s really obscene if you aren’t on the first screen of your messages.

    This is the single reason that I pretty much never use gmail from the web interface – it’s just too painful.

  254. Hi Matt,

    1) “Do Not Mark Starred Messages as Spam”
    2) “Include Spam in search results”

    Lots of good suggestions here – one I didn’t see was the option to prevent starred messages (created automatically on receipt by a filter) being labelled Spam. Also the option for search results to include the Spam folder would be great, in order to root out that message that you KNOW someone sent… but that you never saw.

    I receive mail for some email addresses that I ALWAYS want to see, so I created filters and automatic stars – to no avail! In te words of the song: “Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam”.

    I think the GMail spam filter is great, on the whole, and far better at eliminiting both undesired messages and false-positives than any other I’ve used in Outlook or POP accounts, so it’s a shame that such simple options as “Do Not Mark Starred Messages as Spam” and “Include Spam in search results” are not avaiaible.

    Google’s advice (on Groups) was to include the sender in my contacts list, but this is not an option because these emails are new requests for information from people I do not know.


  255. Say I want to send out the same email to 10 people all from my contacts. How about some sort of mail merge? You put something like {first_name} where you want the first name and then select from your contacts and it automatically inserts the first_name from that contact. That or even use an excel spreadsheet to do mailmerge

  256. I have a lot of pet peeves with gmail — some of which you’ve solved here, so thanks! Here are two more: 1. I wish it had a “send again” feature, for when you want to re-send the same message to someone else or to the same person again but with a “P.S.” at the top or whatever. If you do “forward,” you get those nasty forwarding marks. 2. I wish I would automatically go back to my inbox after I reply to a message. Why would I want to stay on the same message I already replied to? Makes me crazy.

  257. Almost forgot, I also want search/filtering based on punctuation. As it stands now, really simple things, like filtering all messages that have “[foo]” in the subject (including the brackets), can’t be done.

  258. How come nobody mentioned SMS notification (as it already exists in GCal)? With the snippet included – that makes push-mail proprietary solutions a lot less necessary all of a sudden…

  259. I would love to be able to filter using all incoming emails’ header fields, at least create a filter using the message header item: “X-Forwarded-for:”.

    I have an account forwarding to my Gmail, and I want to label _all_ mail that comes in on that account, like this:
    “Has the words:X-Forwarded-for:(other email address), Apply the label: Account2”

    I found that Gmail will filter the header field “listid:”, but this is the only “non-common” one I have had work so far. I’m aware there are other obvious options, but these either fail to catch the bcc: issue, or are too slow.

    1. Filter on “to:______” AND “cc:______”. This misses mail sent with that address in the bcc: field. (It happens frequently with automated emails.)

    2. Use POP to pull these in, and label them then. This only occurs about once an hour. That isn’t conducive to quick replies. Forwarding them in is instant.

  260. – Split and merge conversations
    – Access IMAP mail accounts via gmail.
    – multiple signatures

  261. There have been a lot of comments on contacts. Another one here.

    1) to be able to search (and filter) on a contact rather than just a name or email. Many of my contacts have more than 5 email addresses. Creating a filter for them is excessively cumbersome.

    2) To be able to make filters that are active for emails TO _or_ FROM that match a search string. I have to make 2 identical filters, one for TO and one for FROM my contacts. This becomes more irritating when I have to edit them.

    3) Add a contact field for old (deprecated) email addresses. These would be used in a search on that contact, but not in the auto-addressbook when typing in the to/from fields when composing. This way I can still easily search for emails that my contacts wrote years ago…

  262. I would like to see the ability to create folders in Gmail so that I could sort and save those messages to separate folders… not just “labels” for those emails.


  263. I really would like a notes feature to.

    Just like dave

    5. A notes feature. I would like to be able to attach a note to an email that I can use to remind myself about something in the email, or action that I may need to take on the email.

    and Giovanni

    3) create a to-do from emails,
    adding due date, status, notes, ecc

    and David desJardins

    Is this possible with an extension?

  264. I’d like to add my vote for greater task management, and greater integration with google calendar

  265. I have several email address forward to labels. The mails stay in my inbox and the associated label. If I delete that sender from my inbox it also deletes it from the assigned folder. Is there anyway to avoid this? In Thunderbird every assigned email goes to the proper folder without staying in my inbox.

  266. I would like to see the gdrive or some form of file storage on gmail or google in general. I have a lot of space and would like to use it for other things than just email alone.

  267. I’d like templates, multiple signatures and to be able to set the frequency at which Gmail checks for new email from pop3 accounts.

  268. Being able to set a default font is so fundamental it should be included
    as a matter of general principle and does not need to be elevated
    to a feature that would have to be added by demand.

    Gmail should have included this functionality from the outset.

  269. I would like to see google using page rank to filter out spam. Links do dodgey servers/scams should really be filtered out better. Which would be possiable by reviewing the target of the URL.

  270. I’ve been begging Google for a Snooze function where I can get messages out of my inbox that I don’t want to deal with for a day, a week, a month, etc. I’m completely obsessed with keeping my inbox empty (as it’s my to do list) and I reply to emails that I don’t need to worry about right now. If I could Snooze a message for say a week, then it would disappear from my inbox and magically reappear in a week.

    The GTD people call this a tickler. If you like this idea, please request it in gmail feature request page.

  271. Like Voyagerfan5761 said it might be that labels have also certain advantages like folders but I think you can have a bidirectional mapping between a folder view and the label view. So switching to a folder view should be possible to make people happy who are used to work with folders instead of working with labels…
    I think folders with the option to move items into and out of them with drag and drop make certain things easier. Labels on the other hand may seem good for other use cases, like you can assign more than one category (label) to an item…
    But I prefer the option to switch between views…

  272. i found a workaround, although by no means perfect: access your gmail through an IMAP-capable email client (i use microsoft outlook express).


    voila, unthreaded emails!

  273. Bu what about bigger attachment size ? 20mb is nt enough ๐Ÿ™

  274. @Andrei: Most free webmail providers don’t accept emails bigger than 10 MB, or 20 at the biggest. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’d be limited to sending those huge attachments to other Gmail users.

  275. Then, a lot of people will have to use gmail. If they want to receive emails with big attachements ๐Ÿ˜‰

  276. I store many picture files which I frequently need to send. If there could be a simple way of sending multiple messages to one id, it would make a tremendous saving on my time.(maybe just check/mark those messages and have one send instruction)

  277. With so many emails in my account I used to have trouble sorting them into archive categories. Now I use the GreaseMonkey script Folders4Gmail (available at http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/8810) and I now have folders and subfolders for everything.

    Now, if only Gmail allowed longer labels so I could add further subfolders or, what if Gmail offered subfolders natively?

    – Robin.

  278. @Robin: Er, longer labels? I’ve never run into a length limit. How long are the labels you’re trying to use? The longest label of mine that I can think of is about 30 characters.

  279. Email templates!!!

  280. Matt,

    Google mail would be greatly improved by adding a data line (like address / Phne number) called ‘Header’.
    Every e-mail I send will be starting with that header (if filded out).

    So it could start with; ‘Matt’ or ‘Dear Matt,’ or ‘Dear Mr. Cutts’ and then it would be a real improvement if I could sent an email text to the addresses I want in a separate mode….. soo yes a simple mailmerge system based on my addresses in Gmail.

    All small nonprofits would join Gmail ……

    Thanks, good luck !

  281. I would like Gmail to give us the option of ungrouping messages. Sometimes the conversations get really long and i just want one message out of those 20 grouped messages. Along the lines of that, once we ungroup some messages, it would be great if we could group other messages together when we want, other than labels.

  282. Is there a way to collect all the email addresses in my Google Apps account?

  283. In situations where a contact has multiple email addresses, I would like the ability to add more than one to a group.

  284. I have a number of email addresses all lumped together and forwarded to my main default address. I’d like to be able to see at a glance which email was sent to which address without the need to go to filters etc.

    So I think colour coded messages in my inbox would be great. Assign a colour to each of my addresses and then I’d know without even reading the snippets which of the hundred or so are emails relate to my important account, my shopping account, my social account etc.

  285. 1. Set up a filter to auto-delete after a certain amount of time. I get a lot of junk from FreeCycle and would like it to all go away after two weeks without any intervention from me.

    2. filter for no-label.

    That would do me.

  286. @inkslug, you can just set up a filter that adds a different label to each email address. The email address can be the label. Labels can also be color-coded. Problem solved.

  287. I’m a frequent mail reader and i have many mails where in i just need to read the conversation or sometimes reply to it as well. It’d be nice to have a feature where it opens all the selected mails together in the single go without me filtering them first in order for unread then keep hitting next button. this way i can save bandwidth (i work on gprs) and would give an email client kind of feel where u download all mails u want to read at once..

  288. We are using Gmail a lot, and find it really great for most things.
    The worst thing about email is not having an “UNDO” function – I guess the greatest way to give good user feedback and allow undos could be to open a splash window with a progress bar (when you hit the SEND button). This splash window should show also a message like “Sending to EMAIL@ADDRESS.COM” and a CANCEL button on the right.
    A 4 seconds or configurable wait could make wonders.
    This could also be used for the annoying “Still working…” messages that often pop out and seldom get noticed….

  289. We are thinking about using Gmail, but we’d like to hear your stay on two important topics.
    We currently use yahoo.com mail as ISP, for two reasons. Firstly, it was well accepted so far by other ISPs (with the notable exception of AOL), and secondly because it enable us (by paying a fee) to use it through our default e-mail program, and not via web mail.
    Things worked out well over the years, however recently some ISPs consider also yahoo.com as a source of “spam”, and bounce our e-mails back. Naturally this is a big problems for our travel company, dealing with overseas clients: precious travel arrangements are lost, with all sort of problems (and litigations).
    Our question kindly is: is Gmail well accepted by other ISPs? Can it be used not via web mail but through the default e-mail program (paying a fee would be OK).
    Thanks and regards to all.

  290. I’m SHOCKED that there was only one other person (Elmer) who suggested that they add the ability to pull up your contacts list when you’re in the “compose” screen (whether its a new email, a reply, or a forward). I’m sick of having to first go to Contacts list, then checkbox all the people I want to email, have it get populated in a new message, and THEN copy all the names, cancel that message, go to the email I want to forward to others, and finally PASTE them in the To/Cc fields. Yes, I obviously know about the auto-recognition if you just start typing a character in the To/Cc fields, it provides a short list of matches…..
    Please tell me I’m overlooking something in accomplishing this.
    Otherwise, please just make the word “To:” and “Cc:” a link that pulls up your contact list (probably in a new window), check all the names you want to add, click ADD, and voila….. they populate in the original email you’re forwarding.

    With Gmail being such a kick a$s email app, this seems to be a small feature that should have been added a loooooong time ago.

  291. warning to gmail users.

    so much for privacy. Gmail has a feature where you can send from another address while logged into your primary account is RUBBISH. I get back mail from people ive sent which exposes my REAL address which i dont want to give out for one reason or another eg. spammers and privacy.

    eg. say i have two emails. my gmail in my name .. Johnsmith@gmail.com and i dont want to give this out. I descide to use my second gmail Jo3zla000@gmail.com which i i pesume gives me anonymity etc. etc. well when ive logged into my primary address johnsmith@.. and descide to send a mail from there using my alias jo3zla000… wallah..when the people reply and its fed back through the jo3zla000 it comes back to me saying .. sent to jo3zla000 with primary address johnsmith@gmail.com clearly visible alongside! this is a joke. I thought i was remaining anonymous. the other thing is you can click on view source to backtrack which email the primary address was from via the jo3zla…

  292. Matt, please let us get rid of the โ€œsent on behalf ofโ€ from emails sent from pop accounts…

    As a webmaster who administers numeral domains technically i need a webmaster mail accont on each domain where I am in charge, and central administration of all these different domains are essetial for me to get a decent overview.

    The “sent on behalf of” notice that e.g. is shown in MS Outlook completely undermines the way I would like to be able to use Gmail. I have tried this on our hosted gmail as well as on ordinary gmail account. Same issue…

  293. I would like to have the option to set the priority of outgoing mail? Or is there a way that I am just not aware of? G-mail is an excellent service, thx.

  294. The reason I detest Gmail is that there is no way to display all messages chronologically. It is baffling to me why this has not been made an option. I have a Gmail account, but I never have to log into Gmail – I just use the POP feature and bring the mail into Eudora, where it will display chronologically. This also means I don’t have to see any ads or other gingerbread.

    The “Conversations” feature does not even work well on its own. Quite often, a dialog between two people will involve one or both of them changing the subject from time to time. This creates a new conversation, even though it is really part of the ongoing dialog. The chronology is then lost.

  295. This is DESPERATELY needed feature for Gmail. I used to use this DAILY with MS Outlook, and really miss it in Gmail.

    Thank you,
    Jay Harrison, Producer & Co-Host
    TechWatch Radio

  296. Label induvidual emails

    I would really like to be able to label induvidual emails, not just the whole conversations… A conversation can change to anything and it’s really hard to find that one really important email in a bunch of thank-you and have-a-nice-days…

    Saved searches

    It would be much easier to just have the “from:john-doe -label:chit-chat label:important” saved somewhere and clickable then typing (or copy pasting) it each time

    Grouping labels

    Don’t just list labels alphabeticaly… Allow users to rearange them, and to form, subgroups with tree-like collapse/hide thingies

    “ReDownload email label”

    It would be nice to have a possibility to redownload any email (with POP3), not just “redownload all” or “download email that arrives from now on”… This would be handy with organizing emails on your desktop email client to the same structure that is on the Gmail server (at least to some extent, since no desktop clients have labels)

    Or even better create a Gmail desktop app yourselves… Imagine you could just click the “Organize my localy saved emails like they are organized on the Gmail server” button and it’s all there… …I’ll wake up now (from daydreaming)

    Opera has the Opera Mail feature and since Chrome already copied all of its features from Opera I don’t see why they couldn’t copy this one as well, but make it work with Gmail…

    Another feature: “Preview Post” button on Matt’s blog ๐Ÿ˜›


  297. I didn’t go completely through all of the posts to see if my suggestion was previously mentioned, but here it is anyway.
    I like that finally there have been more fonts added, makes sending an email less “sterile”. But why not let us set our default font, size, color from one session to another ?? seems like an easy one to implement. Right now I copy a few characters in the font/color/size, & repaste when I am editing someone’s reply or creating a new msg.

    You let us personalize everything else, why not the default fonts?

    Thanks for a great product.

  298. Yeah, I would really like the “Send Later” option.

    Often the time I want to send an email is in the wee hours of the morning since that’s when I seem to accomplish the most, but for business purposes that looks awkward. I would rather have the mail stored as a draft until the specified time comes.

  299. HI)

    -Ability to rearrange the order of Labels. I want to move some up and some down, and currently this is not possible.
    -Custom css for themes. I mean some of them are pretty good, but I’d just like to improve them. I.e. steel theme has an orange background in settings and I’d like to change this. Even so, with an ability to create our own templates (+background images), I’d imagine a lot of sites will spawn up, offering cool new themes.
    -Folders!!! Darn it, I just want folders, real folders.
    -Ability to send my comments to somewhere. Google now seems to be a monopolistic inhumane machine. There is no official way to offer your suggestions to gmail/google.

    How about a special site where users can offer what they want and vote on the best suggestions? I mean in this way you would have not only great.. but fantastic product! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you very much for an opportunity to express our wishes.
    I just hope gmail team will consider my ideas (rearrange labes/custom themes/comment|vote site)


  300. (add on: for themes, css or easy to use click-and-point color/gradient selector interface)

  301. Gmail feature I want the most: I’d really like the http://google.com/ig version of Gmail to properly handle the Reply-To header. Right now, it replies to the From header instead. This means that if you try to reply to a mailing list post from the Google Homepage, the message goes to the person rather than the mailing list. Seriously annoying.

  302. I send alot of emails from my gmail to the same people that are essentially a template… they go something like seen below..

    It would be amazing if we could have a COMPOSE NEW EMAIL button that created an email for us with pre configured text.. it would save me typing 5 sentences per day, 5x per day and make my life so much easier!!

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Mark,

    Today we will work on the following tasks.

    1.) ….etc…….

    Please let me know if any questions


  303. The ‘oops’ filter does exist – it’s a feature in google labs (access them in gmail by clicking the little green beaker top right, or by hitting the ‘labs’ tab in settings). There are also a bunch more features in google labs (such as a feature that stops you from drunk emailing) that are definitely worth checking out.

  304. I was a long time Outlook user and my work just switched over to Gmail. I really fought the “no folders” thing, but I understand it now and am OK with not having them. There are a couple of other things I would like to be able to do with Gmail:

    1. Print screen-paste into the body of the email. Through much searching, I have found a workaround to this (put a shortcut to Windows clipboard on Start menu, print screen and save as clp file then convert to pdf. You still have to attach it as a pdf instead of being able to see the screen shot right there in the body of the email. If there is an easier way than this, please let me know! With Outlook, you used to be able to just print screen and paste — it was very handy!

    2. Along the same lines, I would like to be able to copy part of a google docs spreadsheet and paste it directly into an email.

    3. Print tasks. I know that many people want to be completely paperless, but my boss is more of a paper person and would love to be able to use the tasks feature but only if he can print it. Then he can make notes on it when he is not online.

    4. Send and Delete button. I know because we have so much space that you don’t really need to delete, but there are so many things that you KNOW you are not ever going to want to see again once you send your reply and it makes me crazy to have to go into my Sent items and delete these later. Send and Delete (as an enable/disable feature so you wouldn’t have to have it if you didn’t want to) would be great!

    Thanks! :o)

  305. A bit late to this thread, but (for whatever it’s worth) this is what I think is still missing from the gmail interface.
    Delayed/Scheduled send
    What I don’t understand is that for years this request has been submitted/resubmitted/seconded/whatever all over the gmail groups. A deafening silence is all the user base has heard. Instead Labs delivers cutesy ideas that – while definitely cool and interesting – are not core functionality enhancements. I second all other contributors who have suggested this

    Define a label in the composer
    Definitely something that should be in there. Why should it be necessary to go back into Sent and only then have the option of defining labels. Seems a bit counterintuitive somehow.

    De-Thread/Chronological List
    I see this as a fairly important function. When everything is threaded up, it’s a pain to sort through all the threads and try to isolate all inbound traffic that happened between date_a -> date_b. Plus many of my users want a simple chronological display all the time. That option doesn’t exist.

    A rich(er) set of formatting tools
    Even TinyMCE has a richer toolset than GMail. It may not be top of the hit parade, but it is an enhancement that should happen at some point IMO. (Example; where is strikethrough?)

    Just a few thoughts. All constructively meant. Of those, scheduled/delay send is my number one “Gotta Have” because it is – quite honestly – maddening that it doesn’t exist.

    GMail is incredible, I cannot for one moment imagine what I would do without it.

    Regards & Thanks,

  306. First is the ability to insert images into the body of my email.
    If Google just doesn’t want to foot the bill for the added bandwidth that emailing photos would cause, please just tell us.

    The second thing I would like to see is Tabs, so I can have multiple emails open at once, including compositions.

    I see that a few others have asked for the same things, so I would just like to add my voice to the chorus.

    Thank you

  307. I’d like to be able to add a note to an email/conversation. Here’s why:

    I have activated Gmail’s “multiple inbox” feature and now have an inbox dedicated to all my mail that is starred. Usually I star an email to indicate that there is some action that needs to be taken on the email itself or with regards to the email’s content.

    It would be nice to be able to add a personal note so that, at a glance, I would be able to tell exactly what it is that needs to be done with, or in regards to the content of, that email. I imagine that this note would be displayed below the subject line of the email/conversation in the list. This would instantly indicate the importance of the particular email/conversation because of its additional height properties in comparison to those email/conversations without notes.

    I suppose I could use tags but that is assuming that there is a standard set of actions that I need to perform on any given email/conversation. In reality, that is not the case and what I see happening is a surfeit of random tags littering my tag list as each email/conversation gets attached to it, a unique tag that no other email has or will have again.

  308. I’d like the ability to create a filter based on time ie. I could create a filter that would archive and label any email sent to my work address from 6pm to 10am. I check email all the time but don’t even want to see support requests after hours.

    The scheduled send would be great too of course, be great for when a hot girl emails you and you wanna respond right away cuz you’re all excited but you don’t want to seem all eager “delayed send in 3 days” check!

  309. I would like the ability to rearrange the order of the labels.

  310. I want โ€œsend laterโ€

  311. I am very interested in the “Gmail Send later” feature. Can you confirm that it is already in the labs?

  312. Hey Matt —

    We’ve built a Firefox/Chrome plugin with an IMAP backend that does exactly what you want. It lets you send messages later and also lets you take them out of your inbox for a period of time, returning them when you need to be “tickled” to do something.

    You can get it at http://www.baydin.com/boomerang4gmail and just email me or DM me (@awmoore on twitter) for an invitation code.

  313. An arrow, button or some other feature built into the interface, as opposed to only keyboard shortcuts (Like every other email program) to move to the next message in your box instead of always using the “Back to Inbox” link and clicking the next message to open it. It would be nice (and logical) to be able to delete a message and the next message automatically opens, or have arrows next to the message view port to click and automatically open the previous or next message without having to navigate back through the ‘Back to Inbox” link. Of all email clients I would think this would be a given for Gmail.

  314. Can we use gmail with our domain name ? e.g. info@mydomain.gmail.com ?

  315. How about a “Move to Inbox” (a.k.a. un-archive) keyboard shortcut? It seems to be the only action without a shortcut!

  316. Thanks for setting up this line of discussion Matt.

    I love most of the ideas I read here but I don’t know if this one was brought up:
    I wish there was a way to switch the order of emails in a thread so the newest one showed at the top. I get the concept of threaded email having the newest at the bottom but I think it should be an option.

    Another is I don’t understand for the life of me why there isn’t a better task management system within Gmail. I spoke with Peter Norvig at a conference a while back and asked him if a better task implementation was coming and he said he knew of a couple people working on one and he thought it would be coming – he just didn’t know when. All vague understandably but that was almost 2 years ago… and this must be a necessary feature staring the Google Apps team in the face?

    Anyway, that’s my rant for the day ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the Google tools and just want them to get even better, hopefully my thoughts are of some help.

  317. I like most of the features of gmail. How about a video email capability?