Review: Furminator Cat Brush

I really like the Furminator cat brush. My cat Emmy loves it, and it pulls a ton of hair off of her. How much hair? Well, not to be gross, but a lot:

A big hairball avoided

Good stuff, at least with my cat.

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  1. That is all big hairball :).

  2. If we could show you the picture’s we took of brushing our dog with the Furminator, I think you might be a little disgusted.

    However the thing does truly work great.

    Totally a must for anybody who has a pet.

  3. Yeah, works just as well on both our cats and our dogs. Such an amazing little device. πŸ™‚

  4. Kay

    This is one of the few items I’ve bought that works as well as or possibly better than shown in their ads and videos! When Matt Cutts is compelled to blog about the hair pulled from his cat by a product, you know it’s great, LOL.

  5. How does ozzie handle it? I keep loosing our brushes for out cat, darn it…

  6. Hmm, thanks; I’m tired of coughing up hairballs from my cat and this is the time of my that our malamute mix Worf starts tufting and shedding big time. His fur is so thick that he can be out in a steady rain or snow for half and hour until he soaks to the skin, but that’s just that much more hair to fall off around the house.

  7. Yea, that is gross. πŸ™‚

  8. uW

    Wonder if it will ever feature in a lol cat picture – does it really work like the video showS?

  9. Oh so that’s it! πŸ˜€

    You are trying to turn yourself into a brand /icon.

    At first there was something – just something, that could not be explained.

    Why is there a picture of either your face or hand in almost every photo. Your Hand holding or pointing to an object … Your Hand holding an object etc??

    So, you are trying to BRAND yourself – interesting tactic. Where did you learn these tactics from; Are you planning to launch a consultancy sometime in the future?

    You are up to something – please share πŸ™‚

  10. Lindsay

    Did your cat like the metal ones? Cause mine don’t but I can’t even comb them (you know, the black man’s comb) and they don’t like that either but tolerate it more than the brush. The shedding has GOT to stop soon!

  11. addictist

    Matt, what the hell? cough cough…

  12. We bought a Furminator for our dog. Possibly the most expensive pet brush on the planet (about $60) but worth every penny. It does produce some great hairballs. The real benefit is it limits the number of Rottweiler-sized hair tumbleweeds rolling through the house. Nothing like bending over to pick one up and getting taken out by a 90lb puppy who is under the impression that the hairball still belongs to him.

  13. Matt – I can’t resist

    This guy wouldn’t like that!


  14. The Furminator is well worth its pricey price.

    When I was having problems with allergies a year ago I was told that I was very, very allergic to cats. Since my wife had cat from before we met I was told, “The cat is staying!”.

    At least I know where I stand/rank in the house. πŸ™‚

    Bottom line: This device works and works well. It has even helped my cat allergy.

    P.S. I love cats!

  15. Good thing youΒ΄re not in sales Matt,… you should have shown a before and after picture of your cat. πŸ˜‰

  16. Oooohh, that’s just plain bad Matt. I was eating a bagel and lox when I refreshed the page. Yuch.

  17. Harith


    What have you done to Emmy? anything of her left. how does that lovely girl looks like after being Furminatorized πŸ™‚

    I’m sure speedy Oz wouldn’t let you practice that Furminatoring process on him πŸ™‚

  18. Yes indeed, I have that brush and use that brush, it works like a charm to avoid hairballs resulting in me (cuz everyone else doesn’t do the icky house chores) cleaning up piles of cat vomit from the most annoying places.

    Ever notice how cats vomit annoying places like chairs, bathroom tile cracks and the first freakin’ place you step with bare feet in the morning before you had you coffee?!?!

    Great minimal review.

  19. Liz

    I have had one for over a year now and they are amazing at the task designed for. Simplistic easy and the dogs love it.

  20. I passed this onto my husband who passed it onto the in-laws and they tried it on the cat today. Apparently, the cat is a brand new beast now. I’m afraid to go visit. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Matt πŸ™‚

  21. Mikaela

    The Furminator Cat Brush is an excellent tool. It takes so much loose, unwanted hair off my kitties, grooming them to look spic-and-span. I just got it for my cat, Nellie’s adoptiversary, and use it on her and my other cat, Reggie. Although the price of it is high (found it for 21.95, which was actually very good compared to other prices), it will be worth it in the end. Works so much better and efficiently compared to regular cat brushes (and it should for its price)! I would definitely recommend it. I am sure I’ll be using it on my cats for years to come, and we’ll get more than $20 worth out of it!

  22. A friend of mine has a website called which is basically 2 cameras in his where the cat – jeff obviously – likes to lie around the house. About a year ago the local BBC news picked up on it (very slow news day!!) the response was soo big it crashed his hosting! I particularly like the film posters that people have done (jeff/jaws). Just thought you’d like it!

  23. Tim

    I purchased a small furminator as they didn’t have the cat one. Is there a major difference? My cat has long hair?

  24. DeeRich

    I also have the Furminator and it is just about the best . Only one problem–if I use any pressure at all, kitties don’t like that. So be sure to just barely drag it over them…works just as good as using some pressure.

  25. I really rate the Furminator brush. Having used so many different cat brushes before this one is definitely the best!