Funny article

I thought this picture from was funny:

Matt Cut

Does this mean that I should start talking more about relevance and spam in other languages and countries?

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  1. That is just tooooo funny!

  2. Hehe, I wish I could read the language so I’d be more amused =P

  3. Hi Matt

    Now we know that Matt “Cutts” is equal to Matt “Cut” in spanish. Very interested to see the arabic translation of your name 🙂

  4. In fact, if you translate “Matt Cutts” literally into german, it does mean:
    “Matt is cutting (something)”


  5. Matt

    Come on – you need to get that paper scaned in to Google and then translate it 🙂

    Have a word with the Google Print boys 😉

  6. Inigo Montoya, meet Sr. Cut de Buscador!

  7. Hi there,

    it says you gave them an interview? Would u be available for another one? I may know some reputable news paper or, if preferred, some type of “Diario Micro Tech” over here in “old Europe” where to place that … After all, SEOing seems to become less reliable in these days, so maybe I should intensify my other businesses like journalism or move to that Spanish tax paradise (“paraiso fiscal”). But what about Mr. Quijote, whom they mention? Did u fool us about ur recently shown Zorro costume, but indeed came riding there with Mr. Sancho Pansa (probably aka “GoogleGuy”?)

    P.S.: Not fooling about the interview, could be interesting …

  8. Perhaps my spanish is a little rusty but here’s what I got from it:

    Spain is a paradise for spammers, here they bond !! (OK that’s a terrible translation)

    Then the subtext says something about Matt Cutts being an engineer of a famous search engine and is helping to increase traffic.

    So, how close was I?

  9. I’m from Spain and it’s a joke, because here in Spain there was a SEO Company (Which I don’t know if I can say it’s name here) that use the tag NOSCRIPT in all their works, and Google didn’t hit they until last week (they had been doing that for two years with several SPAM Reports and any action from Google, in forums several people says that they send several SPAM Reports saying that). It’s homepage had a PR7 and several incoming links, most of they from their own clients. And they had a Link network for their own use and for make SPAM. This link network was banned about one month ago and their website the one that I said that have PR7 was banned last week. (But they have other two domains ready for go up with .org and .net this ones without SPAM, NOSCRIPT or DIV tags.,

    Now I think that all have been solved, and there is less SPAM, but the problem continues, for example: (it’s in 10 position)

  10. Very close, Gary 🙂

    Here it is a translation:

    Matt Cut: Spain is a paradise for spammers, everything is valid here!
    One of the engineers of the famous search engine gives hints to gain positions.

    Matt Cut, one of the engineers of the famous searcher, on a interview in our offices said that Spain is like a fiscal paradise for spammers: ‘Here everything is valid, what works best in our search engine are the tags, it’s very easy’ said Mr. Cut.
    “You just have to put this tag, and fill it with all the text you want, the more text and repeated keywords, the better. If we write all El Quijote, when someone searches for Cervantes, it will be the first result in our search engine. It’s wonderful.”
    Matt added that it only happens in Spain, because in other countries, like USA and UK…

  11. Hello Matt.

    In regard to Google’s translation service, when do you think Google will unveil its new statistical translation technology?

  12. The blog ate ‘noscript’ in my translation 🙂

  13. This was not about translation…

    Out of this joke, at the spanish version (, Google SERPS are full of spam.

    For example a week ago a spanich black hat seo was ranking first by searching “posicionamiento en buscadores” (search engine ranking, in english), but he got banned from Google, 7 days later this black hat guys are ranking 5th with a new site.

    There is lots of spam looking into SERPS, and making a report doesn’t help it much, so we think Google doesn’t take the same care with spam in other countries. Several Hispanoamerican SEOs think the same about this.

    Is Google paying low attention to foreign markets ?

  14. Does this mean that I should start talking more about relevance and spam in other languages and countries?

    This means that Google should care a little more about his spanish results, like they (you) have done now baning a well known spanish SEO company that had thousands of rankings by using the noscript and link farms.

    Some spanish SEO’s seem to not happy because while they try to be white, black was working better. And the above newspapers was a funny joke.

  15. Bontar made the right translation.

    In Spain a well-known SEO has been in the first positions of Google during long time using tagspamming (noscript). I suppose you have received thousands of spamreports. We couldn’t understand how this company was not banned.
    By the way, at this time, this company is banned.

    I’m glad to know you have a good humor sense.

  16. how do you cope with spam in other countries? do you find language a big barrier or does the google language machine help a lot?

  17. What is the deal with all of the exclamation points? Are they angry, excited? 😛

  18. It is a little strange, isn’t it? I don’t recall ever saying that Spain was a paradise for spammers. I always thought Florida was the paradise for spammers, because you can’t get your house seized. 😉

  19. And no state income tax. 🙂

  20. Just for the sake of discussion, please understand that it was a funny image. You can make your own.

    Just follow the link in the blog. He also talks about this entry at

  21. Hi Eduardo Maio!

    Ok. Now we need to learn more 🙂

    Would you be kind to translate this one. Thanks!


    “Matt tiene sentido del humor

    4 Noviembre, 2005 | por: Ruben Colomer

    Esta mañana he visto en las estadísticas numerosas visitas del blog de Matt Cutts y concretamente de este post, que hace referencia a un post que escribí hace unos días en clara referencia (en tono de humor) a las primeras posiciones ocupadas por empresas que utilizaban descaradamente el tagspamming con etiquetas noscript

    Me alegro de que Matt tenga buen sentido del humor, como también me alegro de que Google esté trabajando en mejorar para que estas cosas dejen de suceder en España. Como de hecho está ocurriendo. ”


  22. Thanks for the sept22 info.

    Can you say anything more on this Sept 22nd “update” Matt?


  23. Spain is diferent,

    España es diferente. 😉

  24. I’m not Eduardo, but if you want a quick translation…

    “Matt has sense of humor

    This morning I’ve seen in the stats a lot of visitors coming from Matt’s blog, concretely from this post (link to Matt Cutt’s funny article entry), that makes reference to an article that I wrote a few days ago, where, making a joke, I made clear reference to the first positions that some sites obtain using tagspamming with the noscript tag.

    I’m happy that Matt has this sense of humor, as I’m happy too that Google is working to fix those things that happen here in Spain. As it is happening right now.”

  25. Ahhhh, you a veeeery funny man, Mr. Cut!

    Now draw your sword and prepa’ to battle!!


    About spammers~ Last night I noticed that 1/3 of the people searching for a certain retail store are spelling it incorrectly. So, if I was to write up something about this it would surely get a few visits because there is no competition for this phrase. Is becoming the king of mispelled words considered spamming? I could create my own “Did you mean” thinger.

    See what these updates do to those who think too much, I bet this is exactly how a “spammer” starts, with a temptation and a clear path to a few $ to fund his sandboxed sites. ;-(


  26. All the spam I got in my old hotmail account was in Spanish. I live in Ireland, and mysterioulsy all this spam started to appear just after I had visited Spain on holiday. I never gave anyone my email address, but I did check my mail in internet cafes a few times… So my email address was phished or something!

  27. Hi Bontar

    Many thanks for the translation. Much appreciated.

    I wish you and the other “Matt Blog” friends a great weekend, and good luck with Jagger3 Update 🙂

    And wish you a great weekend too, Matt.

  28. This article is a joke made form this website

    But, the content of the article is real. Here in Spain one company,, offers SEO services to a lot of companies like Fujitsu Spain or Vogue Spain. They are very cheap and they are the biggest spammers I have seen. They are well known in Spain also they are a official partner of Microsoft

    Every customer receive a piece of code to insert in their home site. This code has some with links to with the anchor “alta en buscadores” and also links to their own link farms ( they called “popularity circuits”) with hundreds of links to their customer.

    But, good news, from one week ago has dissapeared from google. But they are making the same again from (Matt, take a look)

  29. Re : Does this mean that I should start talking more about relevance and spam in other languages and countries?

    Talking ? no, not really but some action from Google would be much appreciated. 🙂
    If i search or for ‘website optimalisatie’ which means ‘web site optimization’, i find it very difficult to spot 4 spamfree listings in the top 30.
    I see cloacking, abuse of , keyword stuffing and link farming through rotating hidden text links.
    I fear lots of these so called ‘SEO’s’ will think their techniques are working and things will escalate (and in fact that’s what it looks like at the moment)

    Other sites from which i believe some of them were ‘clean’, dropped like a stone in favor of some crapy sites.
    Reporting the latter with the Jagger2 keyword was unsuccessfull.

    Another site which is punished (membership suspended for 6 months) by the IAB Netherlands, an organization aiming for a spamfree internet that also counts Google among their members, dropped from Google for just 1 week. Now they returned and hold the #1 for ‘webdesign’ and #2 for ‘CMS’ eventhough the major part of their clients (including some huge companies) got penalized by Google.
    But why are they still holding those top positions ? There’s no way they were able to remove all those hidden links from their client’s sites that were pointing to their corporate site.
    I believe this is no good exemple for the few white hat SEO’s over here.

    Maybe it would be very interesting to have a Dutch Google engineer who knows stuff like you do, Matt. (I suppose this would also be helpfull for other languages too, yes)
    When one of my clients talked to a Google representative about their Adwords campaigns, she asked about SEO. Unfortunately the poor fellow replied :”huh SEO ? What’s that ?”

    So when will the new Mat Cluts arrive in Amsterdam or Brussels ? I wish he could take a look at all this spam ! 🙂

  30. Take a look of a home of one of the customers o
    and then take a look of the Google Text Cache,GGLD:2004-42,GGLD:en&strip=1

    The customer doesn’t know he is making spam. They only know that webpositer works, they are in first position in Google.

  31. Hi Matt,

    Acording to this article (I know it’s humor) Ruben Colomer on their blog confirm that in Spain you can use the tag with all the keywords to rank well on Google…. bad advice, bad advice….

    Good luck to all with the Jagger 3 !!!!

  32. Oh my! Misspell a word in Google search, instead of clicking on “Did you mean” visit one of the sites below and tell me what you find. For competitive words or should I say competitive “mispelled” words the results are all splogs feeding on Adsense dollars, want to clean the index, there you go! Am I wrong?

    You just have to believe that if you are legit and offer something fresh you will prevail and all this lame spamming will get weak results in future engines.

  33. Just a note from the perspective of a spanish seo — the image was joking with the fact that the non-english results (specifically the results) seems ‘forgotten’ by google as far as culling the spammiest websites go–the google serps for terms where one could expect google to have a look (eg, the spanish translation of ‘search engine optimisation’) have been dominated for a long time by several companies featuring very ‘spam 101’ techniques (eg, ring-like linking structures beteewen a seo site and all of its clients via noscript tags), leaving the seos who’d like to adhere to ‘google preferred practices’ between a rock and a hard place (clients didn’t truly believe that spamming techniques meant a higher risk, since these companies have been at it for years, with no negative outcome, and have had it a lot easier because of it).

    As luck would want it, though, between the time this image was published and the time you’ve seen it, several of these sites have been demoted in the serps, making this criticism pointless. Anyway, if you make avaible a system to communicate spanish-lanaguage-specific spam sites (à la jagger, canonical problems, or other updates) I’m sure many spanish seos and webmasters will provide you with details of other thriving spam sites.

  34. Having 2 languages is good for SEO, you see, we can get double incoming links from spanish and english directories as well a reciprocal links.

    Now here in Mexico we can also be banned by Google. It doesn’t matter where you are, Google is worldwide.

    I have seen Spanish (from Spain) be banned because of non-good SEO tactics.

  35. now i read that, i’m curious about reading the full article….

    and something is funny, spanish ppl are just BAD in english lenguage…. because the spanish translation of Cutts it’s like “cortadas” but only thaking the double t, but their respect for english syntax and that kind of stuff is minimum…

    that joke is a clever way to get a backlink and lots of traffic from this blog… hehehe… nice done!!!!
    (in a couple of weeks we’ll see a lot of graphical humor and stuff related to Matt Cutts waiting for this blog’s backlink … hahaha!)

  36. Hi, Matt, we (spanish) hope for your answer to this:

    Why ” Dissatisfied? Help us improve” is only available for .com and (english)… ?

    Spanish result don’t matter??.


  37. Could you please Matt investigate this Spanish spammer?:

    Thousands of non-content webpages. Full of AdSense 🙁

    I’m fed up of finding their pages within Google results.

  38. Have you contacted the journalist?

  39. Hi Matt

    Hate to disturbe you on a weekend. Never done it before 🙂

    But emergency situation require emergency actions.

    Therefore wish to ask for “an enterim” Jagger3 weather report if possible.


  40. There are 350.000.000 persons who talk spanish language …

    In USA there are 35.000.000 of persons who talk spanish language …

    If google dont take care of this market maybe msn or yahoo does it …

    Angel S.P.

    Post Data
    La lengua española es una de las que más se habla en el mundo y la que más crecimiento puede tener en Internet …

    Internet is not only English Language …

  41. Which editor do you use for editing code files?

  42. Come on Harith, Matt has a life, though I could see him peeking in from his computer at home/road from time to time cuz these blogs are like crack. ;-0

  43. This seems like a “Ask Matt” post, but it isn’t. There is a huge problem with results in other languages and I think the problem in the spanish market is more important than the other (like the .nl petition) since it is the 3º more spoken language. Personally I used to make A LOT of spam in SE, in spanish, french, even italian. And a website of mine has never been banned from Google.

    Google should really take into account other languages NOT for our good, just to improve itself like it does in English.

  44. Matt Cut is not Matt Cutts !
    this is another man.

  45. “Matt Cut” is Iñigo Montoya … 🙂

  46. Who Knows about Diario MicroTech?

    Quien coño ha oído hablar de Diario MicroTech?

  47. Matt, te crees realmente una persona inteligente …. dedicate a mejorar los errores del google y calla …

  48. It says: Spain is a paradise for spammers and everything is worth it there.

  49. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after chinese (cantonés)
    Google, you better take note of that…. 😉

    El español es la segunda lengua más hablada en el mundo después del chino cantonés
    Google mejor te lo apuntes…. 😉

  50. LOL… it so funny, how say Roberto… its a joke… i liked.. so much. but its a real problem hehehe…. i know, the spam in spanish its to much, im from mexico, but its the same think.

    sorry for my english 😛

  51. “Does this mean that I should start talking more about relevance and spam in other languages and countries? ”

    Of course, you should…

    In France, for instance, despite the numerous spam reports, many of us are waiting for an action from google. Not that there are more spammers in our country, but a lot of us think that the spam report in France doesn’t work as easily as eg. in US…


  52. Many websites in Spain are using spam techiques in order to get first positions, mainly in We are waiting for a more focused action from Google Spain.

    Muchos sitios en España están utilizando métodos fraudulentos para conseguir primeras posiciones en resultados de búsqueda de google. A la espera de una reacción por parte de Google España.

  53. i think that we should start reporting about spammers because google is working so hard for us … so i think it’s the time to help them.

  54. Hi,

    Can i write a female webmaster as “Webmistress” ?


  55. I wish I could understand it, anyways can anyone from here post the translation in comments?

  56. i wish i could understand as i am married with a spanish girl you know what i am trying to say but any way i will ask her when ever i get time, its look like spain is paradise for spamers really it that right

  57. Any one can translate to us what this means?!

  58. Spamming is a mess, but there are many ways to control as well. Like plugins in wordpress etc. Spaming in languages, i don’t understand, make me really furious over spammers.

    anyways, its really funny way to discuss it the way has done it in this article.

  59. Its says basically that spain is a paradise for spammers