One million video views!

This year we’ve been making and posting videos on an official webmaster video channel, and earlier today we hit our one millionth video view. Making these little movies has been a ton of fun and we’ve covered dozens of topics for site owners.

We decided to celebrate in a couple ways. First, we added captions to all 150+ videos (over 11 hours of information). That’s important because for movies with captions, you can translate the captions into different languages. Now if you want to watch my videos but see the captions in Portuguese or German or Turkish, you can!

The second way we celebrated is with a fun video. As you may know, I recently lost a bet with my team and they shaved off all my hair. Click to see the 30 second explanation of why I’m bald. But you may not know that my team recorded a video as I lost my hair. Now you can watch and laugh along too:

I hope that you enjoy the video! You may want to subscribe to the webmaster video channel to see more free webmaster videos in the future.

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  1. Doesn’t anyone do any work while at Googleplex? 🙂

  2. Ahhh ha ha! That’s awesome. I saw the tweet, had to come see if you had posted the video, and you HAD. It doesn’t look too bad, and I’m sure it feels quite different. You’re a braver man than I, though, to bet your hair. Impressive that you followed through. I’m sure your team loved you all the more for it.

  3. Great hair cut Matt. I’ve shaved my head many times over the years and find it quite liberating… unlike Samson I find a close shave seems to give me more energy and a new lease of life! Enjoy.

  4. Al good fun , looks like you have a great team around you! Letting all those people cut your hair, you’re a brave man LOL!

  5. Always fun to bet your hair. I did that 15 years ago, and I have had that same close cut, as you have now, ever since.

  6. You Rock Matt!!

  7. So what was the milestone?

  8. Yep, I second SEO Doc’s question – what was the milestone?

  9. Good one, lost hair in a Bet…. interesting
    “The secret story behind Googles Matt Cutts new haircut”

  10. Hi Matt, I have a small question for you, I would like to know that when the Google caffeine updates would be implemented in real time search? I asked this question several times in seo forums, but didnt get the proper reply, some people says its already implemented in real search and some said they do not have any idea about it. I hope you are the best person to answer this question

  11. Great work on the videos, Matt, and thanks for a good laugh!

    You are a brave man, just be careful with the sun the first weeks… 😉

  12. Great video. My favorite part was when someone said, “Oh wow, that is really simple” around 1:03. 😀

  13. So Cutts got a Haircut! 😉

    Hey guys I really enjoy the videos and in fact I think that’s something we can emulate at my company, it would be interesting that you share your process to make this videos.

    Thanks a lot!

  14. Matt, you are a good sport. Bald looks good on you.
    I did not know about the webmaster channel and I just checked out a couple videos, very helpful. Will be spending some time there. Thanks!

  15. A buzz cut? Weak. Could’ve been much more creative.

  16. Congrats! Matt. I’m elated with your team achievement. May tomorrow life much better than today. I am very thankful to Google Team for tips given on internet, all are very useful.

    The Little Me,

  17. I’m jealous!!! You had a LOT more fun shaving yours the first time than I did on my first.

    It looks good on you, too. Congrats on being 1) a good sport, and 2) a boss that people enjoy working with.

  18. dood – that rocks!

    You’re going to enjoy the buzz, wait and see.

  19. So what was the milestone?

    It’s hidden in the BIG BOLD TITLE 🙂

  20. Thats great! I think it would have been better if they had left it with the male pattern baldness look…at least for a day or two!

  21. Actually Matt, you look pretty good.
    Last year I shaved my head (in support of a friend who was going through Chemo) and the consensus was that I looked like crap – I’d do it again for the same reason though.
    I always enjoy your blog

  22. Matt, I say we get you boy jonah hill to co-star with you in the next Goog video and you may get to the 2MM mark much more quickly

  23. You are definitely a good sport 🙂

  24. The spam will grow back. err, I meant the hair. 🙂

  25. If Jonah Hill showed up, our videos would get a lot more views. I doubt he would want to talk about robots.txt though. 🙂

  26. ha ha

    congrats Matt on your new hair cut :))) looks great, just like mine … ha ha

  27. Matt, IMHO you look waaay better bald.

  28. Your wife is going to hate it!

  29. hahaha I remember doing the same thing….back in college over a few beers with some buddies. Really It doesn’t look to bad on you. I’m sure u feel the same way I did when I got my head shaved, no more wasting time styling hair! Hey I wonder if u can get some carbon credits with amount of hot water you will be saving by cutting ur shower time?

  30. @ Matt, yeah Jonah Hill would help but I have seen a few of your videos and I think you are good at those, easy going and informative!
    OK you might get more views for “Matt Cutts and the Robots,” but ” Matt Cutts and the Robots.txt ” just doesn’t have the same sense of drama and excitement LOL!!

  31. It really depends on your head type. Matt has a round, fairly circular head shape and he didn’t go fully bald (looks like about a #1-#2 on the surface) so it works for him. It doesn’t work for everyone, though.

    Matt, you’re lucky someone like me didn’t do it. I would have shaved the Yahoo! logo into your hair and made you walk around like that. 😉

  32. What a great thing to do for your team. Appreciation always makes the staff work harder.

  33. It does look good on you. Fortunately for you, your head is not warped! Also be prepared to have women rub that shaved head almost everywhere you go! I must agree with a previous comment, you must be a great boss to work for.

  34. Congratualtions!You post good video in webmaster channel.:)

  35. Just discovered you Matt. Actually I knew about you but never took the time to read or watch. What a great resource you are. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and I will be all over the video channel. Just posted your article on keyword tags to our subscribers.

  36. Are you going to keep the clean look? If you do I’d definitely recommend growing out the chin hairs to boot. 🙂

    I still think the I <3 Y! shaved into your head would have rocked.

  37. When I shaved my hair last time, there was no online video to show off. Good for you.

    Everybody says,”Videos rock the search world!” Your story and the number of enthusiasts in this topic shows how much true it is!

  38. Coudl have been worse the Pink double bunches hair do that some female gonmes have in WOW comes to mind 🙂

    So whats your halloween constume for 2009

  39. Uncle Fester, perhaps 🙂

  40. 1. I’d like to automatically add captions to my 500 Youtube videos. Wouldn’t that improve video seach significantly? Why doesn’t Google offer to automatically generate captions based on voice recognition and a wiki type of collaborative manual caption correction when speech recognition is not yet good enough? Are there any third party apps available to automatically generate the. srt file to a Youtube video that one can then upload?

    2. My technology related Youtube videos have received more than 2.5 million views, yet I still am not able to apply to become a Youtube partner to display overlay advertising just because I am a Danish resident. Is that normal?

  41. hey Matt,
    1 million video view not bad eh? but I was expecting something more funny with your hair 😛

  42. You look better bald… probably not what you wanted to hear huh?

  43. Another great video added to your collection! Enjoy the haircut–looks like your co-workers thoroughly enjoyed the moment!

  44. Matt you look fasanting with blad head 😛 keep this hair cut for some time you look handsome

  45. he he… Matt, you are a good sport 🙂

    Congratulations to the team!

  46. Woah!!…Nice going team of Matt. You sure had fun celebrating your victory!hehe..Being bald kinda suit you Matt. Give it a week and your fans would be shaving their heads On a side note, I came across this site –

    How true is this? I heard this is a scam though, when I click on sub link, it redirects me to a site with language I’m not familiar of, but I sure am intrigued about it. Please confirm. Thanks. 🙂

  47. I did watched the videos by WFO regarding Youtube viewers donations to the WFD and impressive to the achievements that could provide food for 140,000 school children. It is great campaign.

  48. Haha….Matt,thanks for a good laugh

  49. That was so cool of you. At first, it looked like you were going to wind up looking like a recovering chemo patient. Fortunately, it ended up looking pretty darn good!

  50. Mani Maran Ramalingam

    Best way to get what you want from your team and a free hair cut. Your team did a good job on the haircut as well 🙂



  51. Good to see the change Matt. Old style far to Techie and Wild!!!

  52. Matt, you look a million times better with a bald head anyway, a bit like Vinny Jones. I lost a bet and had my hair shaved, wasn’t on my head though!

    Sorry for being a bit dumb but UK holidays are different to the USA, will caffeine be rolled out over xmas? I get my clients to continuously develop their sites so I think that it would be a great thing!

  53. I think you look way better shaved than you do with hair! ;o)

  54. It suits u!