Get your search fix with two videos

I was going to wait until part 2 was posted, but I’ll point people to part 1 now. The video from the SMX Advanced keynote is now live, so you can watch the first 25 minutes of questions and answers. Read the intro here, or just watch the video:

And Juliane Stiller from Google’s German Webmaster blog stopped by the Googleplex for a more fun interview. Read the intro in English or German or just watch the video below:

Thanks for setting this up, Juliane! Note to self: wear a different shirt for my next SEO video interview. I happened to wear the same polo shirt for both interviews. 🙂

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  1. Matt,

    Great videos. Both entertaining and informative.

    “Note to self: wear a different shirt for my next SEO video interview. I happened to wear the same polo shirt for both interviews.”

    Did you meanThis one 🙂

  2. Harith, now both the green one and the reddish shirts are off bounds! I need more shirts or fewer interviews. 🙂

  3. i’me shokked shocked at this trolling for shirts – if i send you one of our THUK Polos or Footy Boots ones will you wear it for the interview 🙂

    Juliane or her sound guy needs to get a wind shield for her mic the wind noise was a bit distracting when listening on headphones.

  4. Nice insights, Matt, particularly about targeting a niche rather than the big terms. One step at a time.

  5. Thanks for the video.

    There are some usability issues with second video. I thought, OK, I will listen to it while browsing other pages. But hey, there is pause and sudden topic change. So I had to sit and wait to read the question.

    Was it that hard for video maker to read the question?

  6. Maurice, thanks for the offer, but please don’t send me free stuff. We decided that outdoors, even with a little wind, was more interesting visually than being indoors.

    Thanks, David Airey. If you liked that, you might like this related post

  7. Still working on part 2, Matt — sorry! It’s coming…

  8. Matt, I have to say that your taste in golf shirts is pretty boring…might want to wear something with a nice pattern or design to it :.)

  9. I agree Matt, the polo shirts are pretty boring, the good news is that we can sell you a makeover.

  10. It’s funny out nobody has pressured you to remove the comments about “little people” in the first video.

    In reference to the shirt, my brother in law was in a bowling tournament that was filmed for TV, while the actual event only lasted a day the TV station cut the footage and ran it for weeks. In the end it looked like he dressed the same for 4-5 weeks, feel lucky that we know you just wear your clothes for a couple of days!

  11. Matt

    You mentioned in your video that the evidence that that the post about the 13 year old and the credit card was false, therefore you manually removed it from google. I was wondering about why and the number of companies denying statements still ranks very high in the search. I haev read a number of blogs and issues around this site. Any thoughts.

    Here is a post that you might be interested in reading.

    Look forward to you addressing the issue.

  12. Great videos Matt. Harder and harder to get on the first page. Need all the help I can get. Don’t trust webmasters anymore. You fill the gap.

  13. Great videos!
    Thanks for the info. I like the answers that are straight to the point.

  14. Dave (original)

    Matt, nice articulation. However, perhaps you should count the number of times you mention the word “links”. Can’t have the chief spam guy feeding the frenzy.

    IMO, it would a breath of fresh air to have a confenference where the word “link” is banned. Perhaps then you could answer and talk about REAL SEO for USERS?

    BTW, never knew Danny S is so young, which explains his lack of sage.

  15. Dave (original)

    Danny is 42 on his way soon to the 43. That makes Danny 6 years older than Matt 🙂

  16. Dave (original)

    Ok, I take that back. I still have no idea why Danny $ lacks sage. Matt is wise beyond his years and Danny is wise below his years.

  17. It was a great video. As he said search engine indexing and crawling is much difficult now a days and that’s the reason why most of the seo expert is doing the black hat technique like the “spam”. The question is what is real for seo?

    Matt Cutts is the expert in the Internet Marketing industry

  18. For people unable to attend such events is there any way we can send questions for you to answer on such events (and get to know the answer later)?

  19. I don’t get it.

    That first video is loading like it’s hosted on the server in our office. Using the full bandwidth of our internet connection (4 Meg, not huge but it works fine.)

    That second video isn’t loading very well at all. Using not even 5% of available bandwidth.

    I had the same problem yesterday at home, so it’s not our connection.

    They´re both hosted on youtube, aren’t they???

  20. oh they´re not both hosted on youtube,.. lol,.. the slow one is on youtube, the other on Google.

    But Google owns them both, no?

  21. Matt:

    I ran across this link on DIGG. The author states he increased traffic by like 70,000 hits with Google Images. He says it is good to hide your images so people will stay on the page.

    My question is that since it is for traffic instead of Page Rank, is it “evil”

  22. Dave (original)

    Hiding any visible element is downright stupid over “evil”. Imagine YOU are the end user? You find an image on Google image search, go to the site page….and cannot find the image. Would you come back?

    If you have to resort to gamming SE & your own site vistors, you have as much potential as a Moth flying around a light bulb.

  23. @Dave Original: I agree with you. I was just wondering if it is evil?

  24. Dave (original)

    I reserve words like “evil” for Ethnic cleansing etc. IMO, Google was quite wrong to use the motto “do no evil” as it dilutes the true evilness of humanity.

  25. @ Dave Original:

    Yeah I think it is absurd as well, but still, that is how they base whether they will ban you, or rank you. So we need to determine what is “evil” and what isn’t.

    For example, some believe the right to bear arms is evil, some believe homosexuality is evil. Still, others believe other things are or are not evil.

    We need to know how the subjective criteria of “Google evil” is converted into the objective Google algorithms. Anything less is simply evil.

  26. Great stuff! A friend of mine who’s a PPC guru, Todd Miechiels, told me to “check out Matt’s blog”. I’m here and I’m glad. The murky water is clearing…

  27. Dave (original)

    panzermike, the Google Webmaster guidelines define what they consider SE spam, if that’s what you mean.

    Not sure that “do no evil” refers to Webmasters, rather a fanciful standard Google holds themselves to.

  28. Hello Matt,

    Will overcome Google in next few years???