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I changed it so that anyone can follow me on Twitter or FriendFeed. The links to follow me are and .

And of course you can subscribe to my RSS feed if you want. You can subscribe by clicking any of the buttons below:

Subscribe to my feed Subscribe to my feed Subscribe to my feed

Subscribe to my feed Subscribe to my feed Subscribe to my feed

Subscribe to my feed Subscribe to my feed Subscribe to my feed

If aren’t a subscriber yet, let those RSS buttons call to you. πŸ™‚

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  1. ErnestHemingway

    Matt I was wondering if you could have a feature so that some us could sign up through msn email updates. As i dont check my gmail much.


  2. Twitter/mattcutts: Check
    FF/mattcutts: Check
    RSS: Check

    Yup, I’m all connected now. πŸ™‚

  3. Spongebob Squarepants

    Ahem….shouldn’t you be using Jaiku….dogfood is good.

  4. WooHoo! It’s like you are getting OpenSocial. Speaking of which was surprised you didn’t have any post on Friend Connect. I was up late last night watching Mussie Shores intro video and I think it has huge potential for sites missing social components.

  5. Matt on 140Characters… will follow you πŸ™‚

  6. ErnestHemingway, um, I’m not sure how I’d send MSN email updates. Maybe some sort of RSS-to-email thingie? I get almost all my feeds from Google Reader, so I can’t help much with that.

    Michael D, I did watch Scoble’s Qik video while they were introducing Friend Connect at the Campfire. And it looks pretty good to me — for example, participating in the chat doesn’t leak your email address, which I think is nice. I’ve signed up to give it a shot myself.

  7. Same here! Following on Twitter and inserted the feed in my favorite RSS reader. Let’s start to read…

  8. Matt,

    I choose carefully whom I follow. In your case, I’m giving it a shot πŸ™‚

    Looking forwards to some more Emmy-Oz updates on twitter πŸ™‚

  9. Matt surely you can use the Feedburner subscribe by email function to let people subscribe to your blog by email?

    It would seem a good idea for all the webmaster readers who don’t use RSS (about 10% of most blogs readers are email readers).

  10. Hi Matt,

    I’m curious why you don’t direct your RSS feed through a third party, such as Feedburner. Is there a particular reason why you prefer the standard feed address?

  11. @David – He does use feed burner, however he maps his address to the feedburner feed this is to ensure he keeps it as HIS feed.

    E.g, what happens if you have 450k subscribers on feedburner on a feedburner address and they then get sued and need to shutdown (yes i know thats unlikely now that they are owned by Google) then you lose all those subscribers potentially!

  12. hmm.. would be intresting if you told us afterwards which image got the most clicks. Pure web-psychology . πŸ™‚

  13. This is a mashup I made a really long time ago in web time (probably a year ago…) but now you’re tweets are public:

    (I changed the link on my name to link here in case you remove the link from the post)

    … it’s not working great for you’re tweets as most of them are quite long, but that’s something I’ve been meaning to work on – ah if only I had more time.

  14. kind of like the “easy button” for subscribing to your blog – will do!

  15. ErnestHemingway

    Thanks for reply Matt.
    I will use Google Reader..

  16. I don’t know what kind of new drug you’re smoking but those buttons are clearly inspired by some king of illegal substance πŸ˜‰

  17. David Airey, I do use FeedBurner. I use the MyBrand feature to keep the final feed destination under my control though, which I recommend that everyone do. After Google bought FeedBurner, they made the premium MyBrand feature free for everyone. Read this post by Danny to find out how to do it all yourself for free:

    Hmm. Email subscriptions in FeedBurner. Let me go check that out.

    Enter your email address:

    Anyone want to try it and see if it works?

  18. I subscribed successfully via email, just have to wait for you to publish something. Or in their words:

    “A message will be delivered to if the publisher has produced new content on that day. No new content, no email for you.”

  19. Well Matt, . . . I have been following you on Twitter since the day I sign up with it, same with your RSS Feed.

    Thanks for the good tips.

  20. Hum, just tried to follow you on Twitter and it seems borked again … all your fault Matt: you’re driving too much traffic to them.

    Thanks for opening the account up, BTW.

  21. Hmmm. Has Twitter been Matt-dotted?

    Seems to have completely died.

    That, and Sphinn giving me “503 Service Unavailable” all evening.

    Might as well unplug, and, *gasp!* Go Out.

  22. Yeah, I tried to twitter something and it lost *all 140 characters*! I was devastated. πŸ™‚

  23. Your email subscription does work, just in case you haven’t already tested.

    I also set it up for my blog. Good idea. Still haven’t found a way to display its stats, but will figure that part out in good time. It’s a good service to provide for the many who do not want to bother with a reader.

    Lost all 140 chars, huh? I would be devastated, too. πŸ™‚ I do wish the folks at Twitter would get it up and running again. The reliability problems are annoying.

  24. Lastday I was searching for bigtime bloggers and authorities on twitter… am so lucky i found your twitter account πŸ™‚

  25. Dave (Original)

    Matt, if don’t like Google to be seen sponsoring β€˜how to spam us’, why not raise the concern WITH relevant Google department as apposed to removing my link that shows Google sponsor the SMX?

    This is a serious question from a VERY concerened white hat Webmaster.

  26. Hey Matt,

    You should look into adding a twitter feed into your sidebar, so everyone looking at your blog can see your tweets 24/7.

    I’m sure lots more people want to catch up on all things Matt.

  27. No one else has asked, so I will:

    Why the decision to open up?

  28. I am following you on Twitter Matt, I think you should add the twitter plugin to your blog as well.

  29. Twitter crashing? No way!

    I wasn’t following you on Twitter, but that has been fixed now πŸ˜‰

  30. Tim Dineen, I wasn’t going to say anything private or embarrassing on Twitter (or didn’t plan to, at least), so it seemed like a good idea to let more people in to see what I was saying.

  31. Hi Matt,

    I am following you on twitter and closely watching your updates πŸ™‚

    Do you have a fixed time for twitter login?

    Hope this is the right place to ask;)