Dropping Valleywag

I’m dropping Valleywag from my daily RSS reading. It’s not you Nick, it’s me: I have too much snark in my life already. I think Russell Beattie nailed the trend a couple months ago. But keep fighting the gossipy fight, and maybe I’ll find my way back eventually.

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  1. The Digg concept is just a spam dump waiting to happen (and it’s already started.)

    I’ve had comments I wrote on a message board end up being “Dugg” as an actual article piece. Didn’t submit it, didn’t know about it, didn’t have anything to do with it. They just showed up.

  2. I have played around with Digg and it does have some nice stories it could do with a undigthis.

    How old is Russell obviously he neaver hung out on usenet if he thinks a few exclamation points are the end of the internet as we know it 😉

    Dignation is a nice plugin for wordpress if you want to add a diig this button to a post.

  3. Does this have something to do with *those* photos that continually end up in the blog (at least recently)? Just wondering — I’m not connected to VW in any way.

  4. “It’s not you Nick, it’s me”

    We all know what that means, hope Nick can take this breakup, poor fellah.

  5. valleywag never made my daily-read list, but i also dropped rubel over a year ago, beattie about 8 or 9 months ago, and scoble about 6 months ago. i’ve found that if you read deeply enough in the secondary blogs and forums most truly epiphanic musings -snarky or otherwise- about the industry float up anyway. let others be your clipping service.

  6. Cant say I blame you for dropping it after reading Valleywags “Google wants everything and a pony” (
    http://www.valleywag.com/tech/google/google-wants-everything-and-a-pony-164059.php) article.. was just a chance to have a dig at Google I think… go figure! When you get big, people want to see you fall

  7. valleywag is a pointless site IMO. I don’t see how such nonesense would interest anyone, except perhaps some wannabe bloggers/tech people. And no smart company would ever advertise with a site like that.

  8. If we’re breaking up, can we still make out on weekends?

  9. I don’t think Matt is a casual hookup kind of guy. He’s a commitment surfer.

  10. Wow! Some personal comments on this one…..

  11. So Digg was like Cheaters television show but only on the web ?

  12. Did someone try to stop Digg at all ?