Digging out from SIGGRAPH and L.A.

I’m up to my ears in email from last week, but I had a great time down in Los Angeles and at SIGGRAPH:

3d duck

I’ll try to write up a little bit about the trip, but for now I’m gearing up for SES San Jose. Places to find me:

– I’ll be on a keynote panel on Tuesday. By the way, I don’t know who put my title as “Software Engineer Guru,” but it wasn’t me. 🙂
– I’ll be at the Google Dance on Tuesday night.
– I’ll be roaming the halls and attending sessions, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you see me, please walk up and say hello! I’d love to hear your thoughts about things that Google should be doing.

By the way, the LED cube in this image is this project.

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  1. Matt,

    Lucky ya. So now you have 3 titles 🙂

    – Head of Google WebSpam Team

    – Head of Google Spam Detection Team

    – Software Engineer Guru

  2. Would love to get some insight on the Google-Digg discussions that went down.

    Any hope of a second attempt at resolving the differences?

    What changes would have been made to their algos to make submissions more fair?

  3. I was gutted enough to miss SIGGRAPH being the wrong side of the water but to miss the opportunity to see Matt do a lil Google Dance? Now I’m just heartbroken…

  4. Harith – you forgot a few more of his job titles:

    – Uber Geek

    – Unofficial Head of Google PR

    – Lord of the Cuttlets

  5. Ian M,

    The right time to list Matt’s official and unofficial multiple titles while he is busy in SES San Jose 🙂 Allow me to summarize:

    – Head of Google WebSpam Team

    – Head of Google Spam Detection Team

    – Google Software Engineer Guru

    – Google Index Guardian Angel

    – Mr. iPhone

    – Uber Geek

    – Unofficial Head of Google PR

    – Lord of the Cuttlets

    Anybody else know of other title(s) 🙂

  6. Enjoying the Monday sessions now – the foreign search – Asia was interesting – comparing Baidu and Google and noting how Google’s technology is dramatically better while Baidu….has most of the market. After visiting China I’m wondering how much the cultural differences are reflected in search preferences. e.g. are Chinese more comfortable having ads planted at top of results, as Baidu do do.

  7. Yeah, I have been DIGGING like crazy and the results show. Would love to hear more about it. Got my Google shirts and hat too. Things are good! Feeling lucky.

  8. I will find you there, as long as you wear guru like clothes 🙂

  9. Joe Hunkins, did they mention the way that Baidu provides MP3s where (until recently) Google didn’t?

    Silicon Valley, stuff like bizdev discussions (e.g. Digg) is almost always outside the scope of my job at Google. 🙂

    Darius Peczek, since my title is Software Engineer, I’ll just wear software engineer clothes. 🙂

  10. Dave (original)

    Matt, off topic……BUT.. 🙂

    Can you ask for the hover over “?” help in the new adsense for feeds to go away, they are serioulsy annoying and often stay open in a locked up state in IE (not sure about other Browsers) when burning feeds. The only way to ulock them is to Refresh or Save and re-enter the page.

    It is near impossible to NOT accidently hover over one when burning feeds.

    Over-all though, another winner from Google IMO.


  11. I so wanted to be at SES San Jose, but I couldn’t swing it, will try for the next one in Chicago or Texas, their program is so exciting!

  12. Could You help me Matt?
    I’ve just bogught this pedometer what You’ve got and when I download the data, the software add one extra zero to it.
    for example if my daily steps was 7567 on may computer shows 70567.
    on the pedometer shows well…
    Do You know why?
    thanx for Your help , arpad
    sorry to disturb You but when I looked for in the google Your blog came out… 🙂
    (is there any chance to use it on Mac?)

  13. I think you forgot

    “Fud can operner hooman” which is your cats job title for you 🙂

  14. Amazing thing in this industry. Just be able to stay up late and listen. You will be amazed what you will hear. Really that simple 🙂

    Looking forward to the dance.

    Really cool event took place tonight, http://www.imcharityparty.com/
    Stuntdubl, Jon Kelly and Lauren raised some tens of thousands of dollars for some great charities, we had great food, and a great time.

    Much Love,

  15. Haha! “Lord of the cuttlets” is the coolest title I’ve ever known! I like it!

  16. I love visiting LA. Such a cool place to hang for a few days. Hope you had fun!

  17. Great to see you today, you around Thursday also?

  18. Wow, you’re very amazing man Matt I Think, with your very crowded activity you still spare your time welcome to every people (I like this, :D). Success for you. I will always waiting for next project and of course your trip too, haha… 😀

  19. Are you sick or something? Where are the new posts?

  20. Dave (original)

    Can’t you see them, they are at least 4.

  21. To be fair, Matt has been busy; traveling and participating in two conferences; SIGGRAPH and SES San Jose.

    However, Matt has been posting remarks and resources on his Twitter page. All are most welcome to follow Matt on Twitter. Its free, you know 🙂

  22. Btw, here is a unique and fresh resource from SES San Jose 🙂

    Matt Cutts on Big Sites and Black Hats


  23. Hey Matt, this year I took 6 employees along with me to the Google Dance. I have to say that you guys really know how to throw a party!

    It’s amazing how Google can be such a huge corporation and still be able to through a party that makes the guests feel like it’s all about them.

    I don’t know how Google could ever come up with a better theme than “glow in the dark” when entertaining geeks like me!

    Kudo’s to those who had the responsibility for planning and pulling off this party.

  24. Harith, that video was taken from really close by. The guy must have been sitting right next to me in the audience. 🙂

    Peter (IMC), I kinda got out of the blogging habit a little bit and now I need to remember how to get back into it.

  25. Oh I know what that is like,.. I have that sometimes with my newsletter. 🙂

    Which reminds me, I need to finish those free site analysis’ that I promised my subscribers. (Why is it that when you promiss something for free people respond by the dozens? :))