Couple fun ones

A couple fun things that I saw first on Google Operating System:
– the ability to mark labels in Google Video as spam. I went through and cleaned a few of my videos (not sure how long it takes for labels to go away, or whether they do).
– the ability to put Google Gadgets on to any webpage. Could be an easy way to include spiffy content on a web site easily. Also, creating a Google Gadget sounds like a good way to get your name out there.

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  1. Thanks for the links, I like hearing about new things like these.

  2. Thanks for the links,

    Comments on the videos are starting to become a problem. A few people spam the comments on almost every video. Sometimes it’s all spam and no opinions.

  3. Matt, don’t tell us that you were not aware about that things before Google Operating System?!?

    BTW, good ad for Ionut’s blog πŸ™‚

  4. Ionut rocks without Matt’s link anyway πŸ˜‰

  5. This all sounds real fun, but what is being done to prevent spam comments to videos. I really want to find a stable place to upload and share videos with my friends and family. I was using coppermine hosted on one of my sites to hold tons of photos and videos, but I had a some issues with its security. I haven’t really given Google Video a full run yet, but is there a way to make it so that the video can only been seen by people you want instead of everyone publically?

    I was interested in using and have a few videos up there, but I am really looking for something a little more less trendy. I enjoy and I am sure that Google video is great too… but is there a better place to upload your pictures and video to… without having to worry about then being deleted, limited, and subject to view by general public, and subject to spam comments?

  6. TOMHTML, I knew the “mark labels as spam” feature was launching in Google Video, but I didn’t know when. So it’s nice to see it go live. πŸ™‚

  7. That’s nice…but who’s clearing the spam videos? Just a quick example and I bet there hundreds similar:

    There are some rock bands that put some crappy music videos and in description they add huge lists with other bands names in order to appear when people are looking for them. That’s the most annoying thing I’ve seen. I’ve tried labeling them as spam/spammers but…nobody cares πŸ™‚

  8. Dear Matt,

    I found your information very interesting. Just one question. I we will include gadgets on our pages (every page) we will be not accused of duplicate content?

  9. Hello,

    about Google Video, I’ve been trying to install it a few times, but it doesn’t work for me, my PC is less then 1 year old and I kept him very clean, no other bugs, I do use Firefox.

    Any suggestions?

  10. Hello,

    I found the Firefox video extension and it’s working now …


  11. Sounds like Adam Sah’s dream has come true! He’s a great fellow and GoogleAmbassador – glad to see gadgets taking off like this.

  12. Speaking of Google gadgets…I have a question pertaining to the Google Toolbar.

    Today I discovered an obscure Google toolbar bug related to the popup and Microsoft CRM v. 3.0 and came up with a workaround. The “authorized Microsoft representative” said there wasn’t one, because MS and Google don’t like each other (her words), but there is something users can do (although it requires split second timing and some rather deft fingerwork.)

    I was just wondering where I could report the issue and the workaround. Thanks.

  13. the ability to mark labels, is a great help … will greatly cut down on the spam results that might turn up with a video search ! Google OS (have ppl already started calling it GOS?) seems really cool !

  14. I have had a problem with embedding Google gadgets on my webpage and was wondering if any one else experienced the same. I tried to include several games on my webpage, but could not make the box they appeared in large enough, scroll bars kept coming up making the games unplayable. I tried changing the dimensions in the google gadget editor and the .xml itself, no dice.

    Any one have a fix to this?

  15. Google Operating System!! Yikes! WHat happens when the internet connection goes down?

  16. Spammers

    Mat, why did you put the tag “external nofollow” in the links of the commenters? Ah? πŸ™‚