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A CNN poll claims Google is most significant thing in the World Wide Web’s history so far. But how can you trust it when they include “Webcams and photo sharing” but not blogging, RSS, XML, AJAX, or of course the Infinite Cat Project.

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  1. Blogs are primarily for spam, rants and whining about stuff.
    RSS is primarily for geeks to ‘get an idea’ for their next whine/rant.
    AJAX is ‘technical’ so it’s irrelevant to most people.

    Things I’m glad (but surprised) not to see on that list:
    – pixel selling
    – bunny’s held hostage
    – myspace
    – firefox
    – anything to do with wikis
    – anything to do with open source

  2. The Modem – the first commercial modem was manufactured in 1962. Most significant event.

  3. AJAX (a great thing) is still a child of much wider javascript. Which is much significant than just AJAX.

  4. I feel cheated!

    When I went to the “Infinite Cat Project” I expected to see a cat the length of the Universe. Or at least one tied into a moebius strip wearing a shirt with the number 42 on it.

    Also, I saw a dog in the loop.

    Is nothing sacred?

  5. Good morning Matt

    “A CNN poll claims Google is most significant thing in the World Wide Web’s history so far.”

    Did you mean::

    A CNN poll claims is most significant thing in the World Wide Web’s history so far. 🙂

    Have a great sunny day.

  6. Compared to WAIS, google is a non-event. Eventually, the entire internet search space will be built on a WAIS-like model. It’s derived from the math underlying Moore’s law. No one company will ever be able to index the entire web of the future. It will require basically infinite resources and infinite bandwidth, of which, even Microsoft does not have access to.

    No, in the future, only a distributed indexing and search model will work. Cooperative, just like the web it aims to represent.

  7. I’d vote for HTML but it isn’t listed either.

  8. I think CNN was looking at it from the view of an average internet user.

    Most users think AJAX is a cleaning product and although they see the nice orange RSS icon on their favorite blogs, they have no idea what to do with it.

    Something can’t be overly “significant” unless people know what it is.

  9. I’m planning on using AJAX to clean my source code…..still dizzy from cats…

  10. Be careful, Matt, or people may believe you’re saying an editorially chosen link isn’t worth the electrons it’s carried on….

  11. haha, you mean AJAX isn’t used for cleaning code? They should make an AJAX cleaner, i’ve seen some of it get pretty messy.

    Seriously, I don’t know what all the buzz is about… AJAX isn’t new, people have been using it for years. Somebody just decided to name it. (and suprisingly there’s no attempted patent… come on amazon or MS, get on that)

  12. Interesting stuff. I started to comment here, but it got so long it became a blog entry 🙂

    The short version: Amazon, Netscape, Javascript, PageMill, ICQ and eBay should all be on that list.


  13. Matt!

    I’m very interested in AJAX technology. I like it very much. I would like to implement it in my e-shop. But when I’m tryeing to view sites using AJAX with for example Lynx – its impossible. So does it means that using AJAX means not to be high on Google’s rankings?

  14. Grzegorz, the main use of ajax I’ve seen is in applications that require a user login, or search features etc.

    The bulk content of your site should still be easily searchable.

  15. Google Adsense has teamed up with Firefox. If someone downloads and installs it Google pays the website owner! Would Google take over the development of Firefox?

  16. Monica Lewinsky?
    Anything AOL?

    Not worth the paper it isn’t written on.