Chrome marketshare for March 2009

Google Chrome continued its upward marketshare march in March. I was looking at my browser breakdown tonight. Here’s what I’ve got from the last 30 days in Google Analytics:

Browser breakdown for March 2009

Some different browser marketshare numbers:

Net Applications says that Chrome went from 1.15% to 1.23% in the last ~30 days.

StatCounter says that Chrome topped 2% recently. Click through to see fewer people using Internet Explorer and more people using Firefox and Chrome over the weekends. StatCounter provides CSV export, so I made a separate chart for Chrome:

Chrome usage in the last month

Clicky says that in the last 60 days, Chrome has gone from 2.099% to 2.479%

Browser breakdown for March 2009

Not shabby for a little over six months since Chrome was released. My favorite Chrome links recently are:

– The dev channel switcher to get the latest/greatest features in Chrome. For example, the dev channel uses the F11 key to switch to full-screen mode. You can also delete auto-form-fill suggestions by cursoring down to them and hitting the “Delete” key.

– The Chrome Experiments site demonstrates how well Chrome handles JavaScript. My favorite demos are Browser Ball, Ball Pool, Wavy Scrollbars, and the bizarrely addictive Twitch.

How do the browser stats look for your site(s)? And does anyone know of other sources for browser marketshare?

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  1. Swedish blog about Google, Internet, blogs and SEO. IE still no 1.

    1. Internet Explorer 83.24%
    2. Firefox 11.12%
    3. Safari 1.84%
    4. Playstation 1.46%
    5. Opera 1.20%
    6. Chrome 0.83%
    7. Mozilla 0.20%
    8. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.03%
    9. NetFront 0.02%
    10.Netscape 0.02%

  2. Interesting… but it would seem that Chrome is taking up some of the Firefox market share. Gotta feel for them at this time.

  3. Hi Matt,

    As you know only too well, the type of visitors to your blog will give Chrome an edge. This is to a travel site, with 100,000 visitors per month:-

    I.Explorer – 66%
    Firefox – 23%
    Safari – 7.58%
    Chrome – 1.28%
    then the rest.

  4. Out of 11437 visitors, only 2,70% uses Chrome, based on my Analytics.

  5. Mine is showing Chrome as being used by 3.7% of my visitors. Firefox still dominated mine with IE a little ways behind.

  6. I wish everyone’s browser breakdown was like that then we could afford to be a little more blase about supporting IE6.

    I had a VERY major issue with Chrome yesterday – it won’t display the “tick” / “check” character reference (✓). No wonder it’s not beating IE and Firefox yet! πŸ˜‰

  7. I have used Chrome on my PC and i hear the security is excellent, are we going to see a Mac version any time soon as last time i checked it was a beta version for windows OS?

  8. Your users are not typical Matt. As my site is probably at the other extreme in regards to user types, mine love there internet explorer 63.27%, are learning about FireFox 24.36%, and think Chrome is something on a 57 Chevy 0.78%. Artsy types also seem to enjoy their Apples as well with 10.74%.

  9. Google’s streamlined and speedy browser offers strong integrated search and an intriguing alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.Google has produced an excellent browser that is friendly enough to handle average browsing activities without complicating the tasks, but at the same time is powerful enough to meet the needs of more-advanced users.

  10. Browser demographics vary hugely by site type.

    Looking at three sites where I have good statistics:

    CONTENT: IE, FF, Opera, Safari, Chrome
    Gadgets: 38.2%, 47.3%, 5.9%, 4.0%, 3.7%
    General/tech: 63.7%, 27.0%, 1.2%, 4.7%, 1.2%
    Humor: 70.2%, 22.2%, 1.2%, 4.6%, 0.9%

    (It’s difficult to make a readable table).

    Those Chrome figures don’t look particularly impressive, but penetration is certainly around the same as Opera.

  11. just checked it for a site I’m running, and for the last week I’ve got 6.45%, with Opera at 11%, IE at 24% and Firefox at 53%

  12. Please forgive my adding two comments but it suddenly struck me that Google is uniquely placed – with the relative ubiquity of GA – to give probably the most accurate and comprehensive browser stats on the planet.

    I’m sure there’s a sound business reason why these aren’t published but I can’t think what it would be.

  13. Stats for the last 30 days for one of my sites have Chrome listed at 2.99% in Analytics (that’s from 73,577 visits).

    A breakdown of the top 5 browsers:
    Firefox: 50.92%
    IE: 34.66%
    Opera: 5.81%
    Safari: 3.47%
    Chrome: 2.99%

  14. Why do you print visits to your own site big & first, where’s the particular relevance in that to Chrome’s market share? Or what do the top numbers show?

  15. I would presume most people visiting your site/blog will be more tech orientated then the average user so would maybe expect Chrome to be more prevalent in the stats. Would be interesting to see the stats for a site like BBC News or similar.

  16. himynameis john

    Past 30 Days:

    – Luxury Holiday Company (UK based)

    – Outdoor Leisure Company (UK based)

    – Catalogue Clothing Company (UK Based)

    Interestingly, the luxury holiday company, Chrome users converted the most. But I guess the traffic volumes are a bit low to assume much from that to be honest…

  17. Would it not likely to be that you have a lot of the chaps at the plex reading your blog Matt.

    That would skew the results as I would suspect that a lot of the folks actually at the plex would be using Chrome.

    Did you remove your own range of IP’s from the mix?

  18. Chrome is popular because of Google Authority …It’s still a Baby Browser but going into the correct way …..anyway , Matt do you know when Chrome will be able to read RSS Feeds ?

  19. > And does anyone know of other sources for browser marketshare?

  20. Chrome always gets bad press, not sure why. Personally I find it quicker than most browsers, it’s penetration in terms of timescale is impressive by any standards.

  21. Here are the stats of my company over the last month.

    Out of 100,000 visits:
    Internet Explorer: 80.51%
    Firefox: 13.59%
    Safari: 4.63%
    Chrome: 0.66%

  22. Chrome definitely has some issues to work out. Too bad Google didn’t focus on promoting FireFox a little longer. It would be nice if more people would move away from IE.
    My websites stats from Analytics:
    Internet Explorer – 63.89%
    Firefox – 25.27%
    Safari – 7.41%
    Chrome – 1.86%
    Opera – 0.71%
    I cringe every time I see how many people are showing up on IE. Of course, everyone with a PC has it. It would be like when you got your drivers license it comes with a Ford. Man, that rubs my rhubarb the wrong way!!

  23. It appears that these stats are from Matt’s own blog, not Google itself. That would give a very different picture of usage — readers of this blog are a completely different demographic than the broader internet.
    Our stats from a consumer-oriented site show IE still has 75% share, FireFox 14%, and with Chrome not even registering (at 0%).

  24. Here’s the top 5 from personal blog (GA):
    61.82% FF
    22.65% ie
    6.4% Chrome
    5.33% Safari
    2.20% Opera

    Omniture stats from
    50.1% ie7
    21.6% ie6
    15.6% ff3
    3.3% none
    2.8% safari 3.2.1
    1.0% safari 3.1.2
    0.9% ff
    0.9% chrome

    Interesting to see the flip flop between ie and ff on the two sites.

  25. Service provider website
    Visits: 157.484 in 30 days
    Visitor profile is average surfer, not too tech savvy.

    1. Internet Explorer 83,45%
    2. Firefox 12,83%
    3. Safari 2,16%
    4. Chrome 0,91%
    5. Opera 0,46%

    I’ve been doing some cross browser testing and Chrome seems to be ridiculously fast. Think I might give it a go as my standard browser at home and see how it goes.

  26. Majority of my users have explorer as well although I never use it. I prefer Mozilla

  27. Women’s sports apparel site: 1.2%

  28. By the Way John Resig (Jquery) wrote a related article about that :

  29. I bet the number jumps quite a bit once more and more addons are created for Chrome. I’m jumping the firefox ship as soon as the following addons get ported over.

    SEO Book Toolbar (or SEOquake)
    Web Developer
    Link Diagnosis

    Even if they never do, I can settle for either of the SEO toolbars on my main browser and open up FF when I need the additional info.

    Let’s go addon developers!

  30. Internet Explorer
    94,828 75.36%

    23,713 18.84%

    4,485 3.56%

    1,148 0.91%

    843 0.67%

    519 0.41%

    57 0.05%

    30 0.02%

    Mozilla Compatible Agent
    29 0.02%

    28 0.02%

  31. e-commerce site > 600,000 visitors
    March 2009

    IE 56.54%
    FF 32.98%
    Safari 6.12%
    Chrome 2.16%
    Opera 1.33%

  32. own my opinion i think so 2.1 use chrome anther wise majorities is
    ff is 70% other use differ browser most common this boths
    store my link

  33. Dave (original)

    With such wild differences between Browser stats & site flavors, I think we can safely assume nobody has a clue. For example, Chrome isn’t even on the Radar on my site with close to 60,000 unique visits a day.

    Matt, surely Google keeps count of Chrome downloads and the ratio of those who actually use it as their *default* Browser?

  34. On – website for german journalists – I have a marketshare of 0,7 percent for Chrome. 44 percent uses Firefox, 39 IE and 13 percent Safari.

    I still believe that you, Mate, will have more Chrome User then a normal site. πŸ™‚

  35. On – website for german journalists – I have a marketshare of 0,7 percent for Chrome. 44 percent uses Firefox, 39 IE and 13 percent Safari.

    I still believe that you, Mate, will have more Chrome User then a normal site. πŸ™‚

  36. This is very interesting data about Chrome!

    It is very surprising to see that based on the past 30 days that 53.3% of visitors used Chrome through Firefox. I think this may just fit into the typical demographic of Firefox users (typically a more tech savvy audience)…

    I would love to see Chrome knock down IE and that the 2.479% can get to a 30 or 40%+ market share.

  37. Hello Matt,

    I also see Chrome users to rise up for my sites.
    Here are my stats:

    1. Internet Explorer 63.48%
    2. Firefox 29.20%
    3. Opera 2.86%
    4. Chrome 2.23%
    5. Safari 1.60%
    6. Mozilla 0.21%


  38. Marketers stats are going to be skewed especially yours Matt.

    You wish Chrome had a 7% overall market share.

    I see anywhere between 1 and 3% for chrome on my sites.

    People who are technical are adopting it and those that are not technical could care less. As long as they can get on the Internet, there happy.

    I tried Chrome and didn’t like it.

    I do like IE8 and use it most often. For me, it actually seems faster than Firefox.

    Chrome will never knock IE off it’s perch. It will be another Firefox at best and the only people who use it will the tech crowd.

    Just because Google created it, doesn’t make it the greatest thing since sliced bread. Google has problems and just like the Bush administration did, they fail to admit those problems and pretend they don’t exist. That’s the product of having to many PHD holders in the same room together.

    The do no evil days of Google ended the day you went public.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love Google, but loved them more back in the day the elusive Googleguy (wink,wink) would post on Webmaster World and actually interact with Webmasters.

    Now, there are so many so called SEO and marketing experts it’s getting ridiculous.

  39. Dave (original)

    If use Chrome, you’re automatically “SEO expert”, just like Firefox. If you use IE, you’re just a Pleb πŸ˜‰

    Don’t you just love the fact that Google wont share any meaningful stats with the very same people they get them from. I.e its users.

  40. Here in Spain from a site filled mainly with laws:

    1. Internet Explorer 2.133.620 84,45%
    2. Firefox 337.190 13,35%
    3. Safari 22.583 0,89%
    4. Chrome 18.339 0,73%
    5. Opera 9.301 0,37%
    6. Mozilla 3.135 0,12%
    7. Netscape 540 0,02%
    8. SeaMonkey 337 0,01%
    9. Konqueror 289 0,01%
    10. Camino 170 0,01%

  41. Matt,

    Your stats are going to be skewed due to your audience having a strong amount of search marketers, tech savvy users and Googlers. No doubt Chrome is blowing up, but the largest rate of adoption will be with tech savvy users, early adopters, people on the cutting edge, those unrestricted by Corporate IT.

    Here’s stats from last month on a music / entertainment brand site with around 700,000 visitors (general audience, slightly tech savvy, hip crowd):
    1. Firefox – 39.27%
    2. Internet Explorer – 38.56%
    3. Safari – 19.13%
    4. Chrome – 1.61%
    5. Opera – 0.67%

    Fortune 500 B2B brand (audience of major corporations, engineers, industrial audience base):

    1. Internet Explorer – 87.79%
    2. Firefox – 9.59%
    3. Safari – 1.24%
    4. Opera – 0.60%
    5. Chrome – 0.56%

    A well known family destination (parents, kids, tourists):

    1. Internet Explorer – 67.23%
    2. Firefox – 20.96%
    3. Safari – 10.00%
    4. Chrome – 0.96%
    5. Mozilla – 0.27%

  42. Federico Munoa

    I guess it depends on the market you are aiming. In my case the percentages for March are much as the same as always:

    Internet Explorer – 59.85%
    Firefox – 29.31%
    Safari – 7.19%
    Chrome – 1.44%
    Opera – 1.37%

    For more tech savvy sites like yours I think percentages might be different.

  43. Dave (original)

    Percentages mean zip with the number of visits. I bet some of these sites are very low in traffic and so the percentages are skewed.

    Alexa, anyone?

  44. Dave (original)

    “with the number of visits” should be: without the number of visits

  45. These are mine for the past month according to Google Analytics:

    Internet Explorer
    12,236 65.03%
    5,211 27.69%
    695 3.69%
    386 2.05%
    202 1.07%
    51 0.27%
    8 0.04%
    8 0.04%
    5 0.03%
    3 0.02%

  46. Contrary to the initial opinions, Chrome seems to be grabbing a bigger share of the browser pie, slowly but surely. Looking forward to some more plugins πŸ™‚

  47. I still dont like Chrome. I am really trying hard Matt!

  48. Dave (original)

    Pragmites, when you start from 0% you can ONLY increase your market share.

    IMO, Chrome is not needed or wanted for 90%+ of users who JUST want to surf the Web.

  49. Hi Matt,

    I believe I already gave you this like via Twitter a few weeks ago: here’s a trustworthy source for browers market share (and many other intersting surveys re. online stuff : Internet users behavior, equipment, web marketing stakes,…).
    You can read browser market share studies from the AT Internet Institute here :
    This source is widely used here in Europe.
    Also, I believe a new browser market study should be up soon πŸ™‚

    You can read more about the AT Internet Institute here

  50. Hi Matt πŸ™‚

    I think your visitors are all happy Googlers, so they are using Firefox and testing Chrome πŸ˜‰ (like me now)

    I find chrome faster, but I still have problems in interface customization and plugins development.

    For general websites I still getting big trafic from IExplorer users.

  51. Maybe your traffic profile cannot be generally extrapolated to represent the universe..think about it.

  52. Hi Matt,

    I published 2 weeks ago on my blog the marketshare of browsers and OS used by the visitors of my sites (developers sites)

    Chrome has +2% and since this week end (since you started your “campaign” on the google homepage), it’s now +2.5%

  53. I guess my previous comment was stuck on your old server or I am banned to express my thoughts on your blog. I just wanted to make one point here. You guys, as Google, have by far the most accurate data on browser statistics. Why are you bothering with your website and couple of website owner’s statistics? You can just look at from Google’s own statistics and tell us the most accurate number on which browser is winning the game. Why all this fuss?

  54. Hi guys,

    I also want to share the results from my personal blog:

    1. Firefox: 65,06 %
    2. Internet explorer 29,52 %
    3. Safari 3,01 %
    4. Chrome 1,20 %
    5. Opera 1,20 %

    My personal opinion: I have tested chrome for about 2 days but I really like Firefox


  55. My stat from Argentina:

    IE 58%
    FF 33%
    Chrome 4.5%
    Safari 2%


  56. I downloaded Chrome early on, but must admit I didn’t really like it and went back to IE7, however since downloading IE8, I’ve actually moved over to Firefox, IE8 has been a real pain and doesn’t work with certain sites. Perhaps I ought to take another look at Chrome though.

  57. Some stats for my web site especialy visited in france according to Google Analytics:

    IE 65,67 %
    Firefox 28,12 %
    Safari 4,07 %
    Chrome 1,40 %
    Opera 0,33 %


  58. Checked a bunch of websites i am managing – 80,000 visits, us based. here are the average by business type:

    B2B –> IE – 69.2%, FF – 18.5%, Safari – 6.8%, Chrome 4.1%
    B2C –> IE – 68.4%, FF – 14.8%, Safari – 13.8%, Chrome – 2.5%

    ONe thing I have checked though is that in Luxury B2C industries Safari was way higher than normal B2C… Do rich people like Apple? do you see the same?

  59. Ahh i do not like I.E at all its a real pain to work on IE.. its too slow IE sleeps in middle leaving us irritated.. The best of browser is Firefox as it supports many SEO plugins and is quiet user friendly.. Chrome is just started but trust me it has a long way the browser is really fast what the most i miss in chrome is PR toolbar and the plugins.. so for me its Firefox

  60. I’m going to go with Chrome surpassing Firefox. It already is faster. Give Google some time to build up some great addons and a few more versions. I believe that Google will do an excellent job developing Chrome.

    Right now, I use Firefox and I’m in love with it. It’s great. But I’m look forward to seeing what Chrome will become in the near future.


    PS. When will people get over IE? It’s the worst, most-popular browser ever made.

  61. Hi Guys

    As per our site stats visits are mostly from Firefox …..more than 50% ….
    secondly from Chrome ….IE …the third ……

    We are quite familiar with firefox, find it userfriendly and little with IE when it comes to testing….