Christian Laettner unloved in Kentucky

Speaking of Kentucky, if you’re a Wildcat basketball fan, you’ll get a kick out of this. Remember Christian Laettner? He’s the guy that played basketball for Duke and stepped on a Kentucky player during the 1992 NCAA regional finals. That game broke the hearts of a lot of Kentuckians.

It sounds like Laettner took out a $375,000 loan from a company based in Lexington, KY. Big mistake. Laettner missed the first payment, and now the company is taking Laettner to court to get its money back. Something tells me that Laettner isn’t going to get a lot of leeway in repaying his debts. 🙂

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  1. Hi Matt

    Christian Laettner sounds like a Danish name: Christian Lættner!

    Just wonder how that Viking ended in Kentucky 🙂

  2. Didn’t you hear? A viking discovered America 😉

  3. He’s is probably one of the least liked players on the planet, and even though he was a one-time piston, I still can’t stand the guy.

    Ya gotta admit though…it was a nice shot;)

    …speaking of Kentucky…
    Very nice segue. I think that should be your new default answer for foolish algo questions that people think you might somehow slip and answer.

    Q: If I link to three pages on my site and use h1’s, h2’s, and h3’s with long titles and hidden divs will Google’s algorithm detect that?
    A: …speaking of kentucky…I’m not a huge bluegrass fan myself

    Q: Can you tell me how long the aging filter lasts and the best way to beat it?
    A: …speaking of kentucky…I remember the glory days of Rick Pitino coaching the untouchables and the comecat cats…boy they used to reign down the three’s.

  4. What many ppl don’t remember is that he did the same thing to Uconn in the elite 8.

    He was also a big mouth saying things to crank up the Uconn players and get them penalized throughout the game.

    Look who’s number 1 again now Dukies!

  5. The Timberwolves (my favorite NBA team) were the ones to draft this man. Let’s just say it was a continuation of a legacy of very poor draft pics.

    I was wondering just the other day what happened to him…now I know. 🙂

  6. I concur. Enough about Laettner. Where is Bobby Hurley?

  7. Kentucky Redneck


    I remember that game well. I went and drowned my sorrows in Ale8. Anyway BigDaddy rocks!!!!

  8. obligatory farkism: Duke Sucks.

  9. >>…speaking of Kentucky…

    Good one Todd!

    Matt I’m still trying to figure out your “Elvis vs Beatles” continuum.
    Do you just mean age?

  10. Matt, lets be honest here. I grew up in ACC country and lived in south west Ohio for about a decade; I understand the religion of college basketball.

    No one hate’s Laetner for stepping on an opposing player. If Laetner had missed the shot, no one in Kentucky would care if he proceeded to pummel all the cheerleaders on the Kentucky sideline.

    We hate him because he made the (@#^**@ unbelievable!) shot.

  11. Matt, I was a senior in HS for that game, but my freshman year (92) at UK I was blown away at the hatred that existed all year. It’s all people talked about for the entire year. I don’t think UK fans got over that Duke v. UK ’92 game until ’96 when we won it all !! And, Fayette Co. courts probably still have a spot in their hart for that idiot.

    …had Laettner been toasted out of the game for the Aminu Timberlake stomp, history would be a lot different.

    And Matt, what’s with this Justin getting more relevance for “Timberlake” than Aminu??

    Long live Aminu!

  12. He should move for a change of venue! Kentucky basketball is beyond a religion-there is no word to describe it unless you are a Big Blue fan. That shot has been replayed millions of times in our minds-but the result is always the same. The Cats are revered in KY so he can expect no sympathy. We have long memories here.

  13. I remember that Uconn game well(I’m an alum). I believe he stepped on Donny Marshall..intentionally. Doesn’t surprise me what’s happening to him..what goes around comes around.

    Somewhere, far away..Cherokee Parks is chuckling to himself..

  14. Matt,

    I grew up in Owensboro and am a long time UK fan. I remember the cursed Laettner shot. I can’t take any thing away from Duke as they are a very good team. My 14 year old daughter has even attended the Duke University Academic Talent Search. I would not mind if she went to duke.

    Bad thing for Laettner is that in Eastern Kentucky, people actually do bleed blue.


    I think the only reason Tubby and the Cats won it all in 96 was because he was using left over Pitino boys. RP has certainly done a number with UofL, and as much as people aroung here (Madisonville, KY) hate to admit it, Pitino is one heck of a coach.

    Go Cardinals, Go Cats, It’s all Kentucky to me 🙂

  15. I actually had the occasion to go to a basketball game in Portland, Oregon when the Trailblazers were playing the Mavericks. People in Portland don’t like Laetner at all. I don’t know why…but he received BOO’s fromt he crowd the second he was introduced.

    So, it would seem that he has a following from Kentucky that hate him!


    Mary Stevens

  16. Jeff (aka DAMAN)

    Ale81 FTW

    Laettner FTL

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  18. I think you need a break from Google Matt as your blog titles are starting to look a little like search phrases. You wouldn’t be doing a bit of SEO by any chance would you? 🙂

  19. DUKE SUCKS! That shot was sick and I wanted to cry watching it. And I dont even like KY, I just hate Duke that much.

    Oh, Matt. Not sure if you’ve seen it but you’ve been featured in a funny cartoon. Here’s the link:

  20. What is that saying…the bigger you are the harder you fall!

  21. The chicks say Laettner has a big Hog, though. /shrug

  22. We had Christian Laettner on the Pistons for awhile. Not a good player. I think he was brought to the Pistons because he was a friend on Grant Hill. I am surprised that he has made it in the NBA for as long as he has. He is one of the “great talent” players that never really live up to expectations.

  23. All I am saying, is go wildcats! OK, give them time.. you will see.


  24. great info

  25. LOL, I live in the Ral/Dur area. In my neighborhood is a lady who drives a “royal” blue pt cruiser, also a die hard Kentucky fan, I put a sticker on her car that read GO DUKE….ROTFL moral of story DO NOT COME TO NC WITH YOUR ROYAL BLUE CAR!!!! DukeDvlsnum1 still laughing about that one..

  26. I grew up in Las Vegas when “Tark the Shark” ran the city. Nobody cared that his players couldn’t read or speak intelligently or even that the locals gave them cars, strippers, and good meals, as long as they won. We figured all colleges did the same, but with money not perks since other places don’t have to offer what we have here in Vegas. Anyway, for some reason, people in Vegas don’t like Duke either. Maybe because they beat our undefeated team that one year, maybe because we’re jealous they never get sanctions and fall off the wagon like we did for 10 plus years. Personally, I like college sports as my favorite distraction (entertainment) when I’m not working which is 100 plus hours a week. Much more exiting that the pro’s. Kinda like the difference between going on a date with a hot chick you met at the supermarket vs. a hot chick that’s a “pro”, lol.

  27. Hi Matt,
    Its nice you show some interest in sports people too

  28. In Kentucky basketball is religion. Laettner has a strong sense of self I suppose. But in reality was a jerk for stepping on Donny Marshall, even though he was already on the ground. Lucky for Laettner the Timberwolves have his back.