Can I just say..

Dude, Walt Mossberg is the man.

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  1. LOL That’s a good read. I love his first response back too lol. Way to be blunt about it…

  2. Who’s the Kingliest Kingmaker in between the Valley and the Alley:

    [ ] Matt Cutts
    [ ] Walt Mossberg

    (desperately digging through Google Image Search and Flikr for hotornotesque photos)

  3. That was an interesting read. I know Steve Jobs loves to quote him, but I didn’t realize how influential and respected he is. I always assumed Jobs was just playing the “Mossberg card”.

  4. Ha Ha 🙂 good one

  5. “Mossberg even tried to exchange text messages with Journal colleague Rich Jaroslovsky on 300-baud modems before the advent of online services.”

    EXCUSE ME? “TRIED”??? How hard is that?? ATA + chat. Where do you need rocket science to “exchange text messages” with a modem-modem connection? [oops, giving away my age]

    But other than that, an interesting read 🙂

  6. Hmm online services have been a round for a long while

    Prestel was 70’s though ime not sure if the USA had a similar service canada did.

    Fido net was 1984 and BBS’s where around long before that, and the us had comercial services like cix and dialcom well before that – thats wher my name comes from BTW

    And Mckraken mentions dial up services using a asr33 and that must have been late 60’s

  7. Mossberg has a good suck meter, there are very few who can look at something and tell you its future, it is also a skill that can not be learned or taught, you either have the meter or you do not.

    Interesting guy, thanks for the introduction Matt.

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  9. JohnMu, do you remember 300 baud modems? They suuuuuuucked. I could actually get ahead of the modem as I typed. 🙂

  10. Great reading! Just because of his review of the Treo, I went out and ditched my fliptop cell for that phone. Glad I did it too! But it really didn’t make me anymore organized… now where the hell is my phone…

  11. @Matt,

    “300 Baud ” just gave me flashbacks to “Ye ole computers” circa 1983 LOL You remember those Sinclair, Commodore, Tandy powerhouses of computing might dont you?

    My first geekware:

    Thats right I had it “fully loaded” with that massive and much sought after 16K Ram Cartridge. Hmnnn exactly how many of these bad boys would be required at the GooglePlex to carry out a days work? LMAO

  12. Very funny! Hehe… 😀

  13. Codin’ Basic on the Timex Sinclair. Ahhhh. Play a casette tape into it for a half an hour and you’ve got Frogger, if your lucky.

    Speaking of Suck Meter, you gonna comment on the new Yahoo home page? I was skeptical but I’m impressed. It is mostly cosmetic, but in a nice warm subtle, bring it all togther, happy user experience kinda way. Plus video integration. Very appealing. I have issues with some things but I think they pulled it off. Look out.

  14. Mos is truely paving the way for the voice of the consumer. The ability to affect corporations by speaking the truth and actually being heard is what is really needed in this world.

    Just like Mos and technology, his story reminds me that everyone has the power to create change, large or small.

    – This was broght to you by an Oprah Moment 🙂

  15. Marc, I almost never go to the Yahoo home page. It seemed fine though on my PC. Let’s try on my Linux desktop.


    Doh! Denied at Yahoo!

    But I am using Firefox! 🙁

  16. [quote]
    Mossberg even forced Microsoft to scrap Smart Tags, which would have hijacked millions of Web sites by inserting unwanted links to advertisers’ sites.

    ^^^From the article at wired…. I wonder if other large web based businesses in the Valley could learn from his advice?

  17. Yea this Mossberg guy is pretty cool , I am glad that he is speaking out about bad products, and something is actually being done about the products afterwards, I to have seen the Yahoo new homepage but did not get the same message as you even though I surfed it with Firefox, was wondering if Google plans on making a new web standards complinat website anytime soon, it is not like you have much content on the front page to make compliant ! Right now via this link it shows you have 47 errors and was wondering why Google does not do more to help the disabled websurfers, you have like a gazzillion dollars.

  18. Couldn’t agree more! One really impressive person! 🙂

  19. > Britney quoted: was wondering if Google plans on making a new web standards compliant website anytime soon

    Google is accessible to people with disabilities. It’s actually the search engine of choice. What I would like to see to drive web standards is Google rewarding sites using validated code and higher content to markup ratios. Businesses want rank which means they pay for what works. WaSP, Web Standards Group et all are great sound boards for the industry but they don’t address things were it hurts, and that’s commerce.

    Google has more power to change things with respect to web standards than WaSP and W3 put together.

  20. Yes – the PERSON

  21. I could not agree more with Matt. Yahoo indexing is getting out of control as well. My ranking just dropped from 3rd page to 11th page. I did not change anything at all………..

  22. Totally agreed with Britney above…..

  23. Google really promotes good quality sites, Yahoo results are no way close to those of Google’s.