By the way…

In case you couldn’t tell, my wife has been out of town this week. 🙂 She went back to Omaha to help her sister take care of our new niece. Soon my wife will return and then I’m sure I’ll return to my normal, slower blogging pace. That’ll be okay though, because I’ll sleep more.

Update: I made it a good 8-10 hours without posting! I’ll never know how Barry Schwartz does it..

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  1. Yeah….noticed the flood this week filling up my Google Reader…:)
    (you could have put this in your myth debunking thread, you know, the one about roller hockey taking over your life…)

  2. hehe.. yeah, you were blogging more than me ;). Btw. thanks for the support with the Google Checkout issue. Cheers

  3. Lol, Happy slepping 😀

  4. So how does that work your wife comes back and you get more sleep?

    Thank You

  5. Had I known, Matt, I’d have flown out after the show, and we could have gone bowling.

    All the debunking is fun, though I kind of felt sorry for you on some of these. Often times, I find the best debunking is just to ignore stuff 🙂

  6. Me (and my wife 🙂 ) both got a good laugh from that.

  7. LOL, thank God for your wife Matt or you might let one rip passed your PR dept. and get your “snarky” arse into some serious trouble!

    My wife just took my son out to do a little shopping, you think I would be getting the Xmas chores around the house done. ;-(

    Must….check…..Matts………but……must……….break…………….free…………………………….and do the….chores!

  8. Totally relate, totally enjoyed your fling and totally learned several new and very interesting things about the Google while following along.

  9. Danny, I tend to agree. I think I may ignore rather than debunk some stuff like this in the future.

  10. Hey Matt,

    Thats allot of blogging in a very short amount of time 😀

    Do you write all of your blogs weeks in advance or do you just type as you go. There seems to be allot of research that goes into your blog posts.

    Really enjoyed some of these posts.

  11. hahah.. this explains it then…

    Went away for weekend, come back, and have had to dedicate a good amount of time going through all the new blogs!

  12. Matt, I try not to blog on the weekend. Keeps me sane, I think. 😉

  13. I think I may ignore rather than debunk some stuff like this in the future.

    Dude, noooooooo! Don’t ignore! Debunk! Debunk, damn you!

    Well…at least the conspiracy theory stuff. I love how all the self-righteous types get up on their soapboxes and rant illogically, but emotionally charged enough to get other self-righteous types to believe it. And then you turn and rip ’em all a new one and those of us with a clue get to laugh and avoid watching the idiot box that much more. We can keep it reserved for the important, intellectual stuff…you know, RAW, SmackDown, John Madden on colour commentary, that sort of thing.

    (By the way, that’s my indirect answer to your Youtube suggestion. 😀 )

  14. Hi Matt,

    What is more fun? Ignoring or debunking? Depends on the time of day I guess.

  15. Hahahaha ! 🙂

    Just surfed in.. not surprised this blog is ranked first searching ‘Google blog’ 😉 Best wishes.