Browser Market Share?

I hadn’t looked at my browser marketshare in a while, so I fired up Google Analytics:

Browser marketshare

Rough browser numbers are

Firefox 57.58%
IE 26.07%
Safari 6.48%
Chrome 5.11%
Opera 2.35%
Mozilla 1.44%
SeaMonkey 0.48%
Mozilla Compatible 0.18%
Konqueror 0.13%
Camino 0.04%

OneStat says that they see 0.54% share for Google Chrome. Net Applications provides an hour-by-hour graph, which is nice, but they hardwired it to look for the string “Chrome 0.2” when Chrome is on version 0.3 or 0.4 by now. Just eyeballing the Chrome 0.3 version stats, it looked like about 0.85% market share according to Net Applications. Hey Net Applications folks, any chance you’d be willing to roll up all the Chrome versions into your hourly report?

I hadn’t realized that Internet Explorer usage had dropped so low for my site (~26%). What does your browser marketshare stats look like for the last month or so for your site(s)?

P.S. Stephen Shankland writes about switching to Google Chrome because of the speed, while ExtremeTech also concluded that Chrome is speedy. And if you haven’t seen it, there’s a new version of Chrome ( that adds a couple nice features:

Bookmark manager with import/export.
Use the ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ (wrench) menu to open the Bookmark manager. You can search bookmarks, create folders, and drag and drop bookmarks to new locations. The Bookmark Manager’s Tools menu lets you export or import bookmarks.

Privacy section in Options.
We grouped together all of the configuration options for features that might send data to another service. Open the wrench menu, click Options, and select the Under the Hood tab.

Personally, I run the dev channel version of Chrome because I like to see what cool features are coming soon. I think the dev channel has averaged weekly updates, which is really nice because you can literally watch plug-in fixes and other improvements arrive every few days. It’s wild to see client software updated that often instead of every few months.

Update, 11/28/2008: Somehow I missed the browser marketshare stats from 60K+ sites. They peg Chrome at 1.55%, with a little bit of 1.6% to 1.7% in the last week or so.

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  1. Here are stats from a completely non-techie cake blog for the last month. Complete opposite of yours for IE and Firefox…and .46% for chrome

    Internet Explorer
    112,274 69.04%
    38,247 23.52%
    9,472 5.82%
    971 0.60%
    755 0.46%
    651 0.40%
    111 0.07%
    42 0.03%
    Playstation 3
    19 0.01%
    18 0.01%

  2. 1. Internet Explorer 76.22%
    2. Firefox 16.91%
    3. Safari 6.02%
    4. Opera 0.29%
    5. Mozilla 0.20%
    6. Chrome 0.15%
    7. Netscape 0.12%
    8. Konqueror 0.02%
    9. Camino 0.02%
    10. (not set) 0.02%

  3. Don’t think i’d be going out on a limb saying your readers are more tech savvy and bleeding edge than most sites

  4. Italian generic news site: IE 78.95%, Chrome 0.44%.

    Sorry πŸ™‚

  5. I’d say you have a *very* different user profile than the ‘norm’. The IE an FF numbers are generally flip-flopped and if you see SeaMonkey or Camino you know you’re in ubertechville. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Stats for my church’s site: last 30 days (and same period previous year)

    IE: 71% (78%)
    Firefox: 20% (17%)
    Safari: 7% (4%)
    Mozilla: 1% (1%)
    Chrome: 1% (N/A)


  7. graywolf, absolutely. It’s always fun to compare search engine market share for tech-savvy sites vs. non-tech sites, so I thought it might be interesting to compare for browsers.

    Stefano F. (tacone), no worries. I like Chrome a lot, but if people want to run other browsers, I’m cool with that too. πŸ™‚ I think a lot of Chrome’s value is that it encourages every browser to improve, and that’s nice for everyone.

  8. For a site like yours, it’s perfectly understandable since it must be visited mostly by webmasters… For my site IE6 still occupies a major share.

  9. For 3 chilean sites:
    1.- IE 73.36% FF 22.51% ,.., Chrome 0.81%
    2.- IE 72,59% FF 25,64% Chrome 0,73%
    3.- IE 54.79% FF 39,30% Chrome 1,55%


  10. 1. Internet Explorer 73.93%
    2. Firefox 18.83%
    3. Safari 5.84%
    4. Chrome 0.70%
    5. Netscape 0.35%
    6. Opera 0.17%
    7. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.09%
    8. SAMSUNG-SGH-I617 0.09%

    I’m a photographer, working primarily events. I think a lot of my customers access my site from work. I think your demographics of readership is reflected in browser selection. It would probably also be seen in the OS selection – guessing you hit a higher percentage of Linux and Mac then most.

    My shares are close to last year’s – although IE has gained share on my stats, but with twice the total visits overall this year versus last.

  11. here are the stats for my niche job board site. similar, most users aren’t as tech savvy as your readers, but clearly i think that more and more are interested in moving away from IE.

    Internet Explorer
    32,535 80.38%
    6,465 15.97%
    998 2.47%
    279 0.69%
    126 0.31%
    32 0.08%
    22 0.05%
    8 0.02%
    5 0.01%

  12. Firefox 27%
    Explorer 25%
    Mozilla 11%
    Chrome 4.9%
    Safari 3.9%
    Opera 1.7%

  13. I run both tech savvy and non-tech savvy sites…

    Tech savvy one:

    IE – 55.08%
    FF – 36.54%
    Opera – 3.08%
    Safari – 2.87%
    Chrome – 1.79%
    Mozilla – 0.28%

    Non-tech savvy one: (average age is 50+)

    IE – 86.20%
    FF – 10.40%
    Safari – 2.59%
    Netscape – 0.24%
    Chrome – 0.16%
    Mozilla – 0.15%

  14. 1. Firefox 47.50%
    2. Internet Explorer 34.46%
    3. Chrome 9.38%
    4. Safari 6.22%
    5. Opera 1.10%
    6. Playstation 3 0.60%
    7. Mozilla 0.43%
    8. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.07%
    9. Playstation Portable 0.07%
    10. SeaMonkey 0.07%

  15. I see stats being IE the most visits… but even then it’s about 1/2 on IE 6 and 1/2 on IE 7… next is Firefox, then Netscape, then Opera and Safari… but IE has a distinct lead over all of them, even added together.

  16. Dave (originial)

    Matt, your Browser stats would be skewed to the extreme due to MOST visitors being in the SEO game. Besides, you wrote a whole article on Google Chrome and supplied a download link.

    My stats show a different story, BUT are more likely to representative of the real World.

    To-date this Month;

    IE 10195067 hits 65 %
    FIREFOX 4096943 hits 26.1 %
    NETSCAPE 9003 hits 0 %

  17. Dave (originial)

    RE: tech-savvy sites vs. non-tech sites

    I don’t think that is correct. Tech-savvy does not equate to those who Google Chrome as you are trying to imply. In fact, it could be the complete opposite.

  18. Matt, you can just look at Net Application’s report and fix up the URL. Chrome 0.3 has been tracked since its beginning and Chrome 0.4 is just starting to show uptake yesterday and today.

  19. Dave (originial), my sites stats are skewed for all kinds of reasons: tech-savvy, SEO/search/Google people are probably more likely to try Chrome, I’ve talked about Chrome in the past, etc. I’m not claiming my browser stats are normal, which is why I wanted a few more people to chime in.

  20. Dave (originial)

    Matt, “normal” is only a perception based on what what the person knows and expects. I don’t believe your blog vistors can supply non-biased stats on Browser usage due to to the reason you admit to. I.e “my sites stats are skewed for all kinds of reasons: tech-savvy, SEO/search/Google people are probably more likely to try Chrome,…”.

    My point is in reply to

    It’s always fun to compare search engine market share for tech-savvy sites vs. non-tech sites, so I thought it might be interesting to compare for browsers.

    Which implies Tech-savvy equates to those who Google Chrome. I feel quite safe in stating that is not true.

  21. I agree with Dave (original) that Google Chrome users are a strange bunch. I can not get my girlfriend to even look at Firefox, but I converted her to a full time, left IE in the dust Chromer in less than 60 seconds. Well, now it’s Iron, but that’s another story.

  22. For a very non-techie site less than six months old (and one I really ought to pay more attention to):

    1. Internet Explorer 76.45%
    2. Firefox 16.16%
    3. Safari 5.81%
    4. Chrome 0.63%
    5. Opera 0.32%
    6. Netscape 0.19%
    7. Mozilla 0.13%
    8. (not set) 0.06%
    9. Konqueror 0.06%
    10. NokiaN95_8GB-3;Mozilla 0.06%

    But here’s the thing…these stats are compiled from Analytics, which I’m guessing is where you got yours, Matt? If so, I’ve noticed some inaccuracies in other areas which may translate into inaccurate browser statistics as well. For example, anything from shows up as a “referral” as opposed to an “organic” search. I also get multiple referrals from that are scored the same way.

    The other thing that I’ve noticed anecdotally that Google Analytics tends to understate traffic. In particular, I’ve seen cases where I’ve had as much as 30% more page views for a day within my Adsense stats than I do within the Analytics stats, despite having the stats set to EST as opposed to PST for Adsense. I suspect that this is because Analytics doesn’t display aggregate data in real time, but it would be nice if there were at least the same delays on both sides (maybe 15 minutes…this is what the former Live Stats did and what SmarterStats does now for compiling.)

    I’m not saying that the brower stats aren’t accurate just because the referrals aren’t accurate and the overall stats seem to be understated. I’m merely saying that it’s possible. How does that old line go? Something to the effect of “there are lies, big lies, and then statistics.” I wonder what Phillip Lenssen’s eSolutionsData would reveal in that regard.

  23. Also, Matt, have you either excluded your own use of your own site from your stats, or have you even gone one step further and used a cookie to detect yourself as a user and choose not to display any Analytics code perhaps? Just curious.

  24. For a children’s clothing retailer. Moms and Grandmas. It’s very interesting to see the techie vs. non-tech market share differences.

    IE 6988 80%
    Firefox 1140 13%
    Safari 589 7%
    Chrome 14 0%
    Opera 9 0%
    Mozilla 8 0%
    Netscape 5 0%
    Camino 3 0%

  25. 1. Internet Explorer 75.36%
    2. Firefox 18.52%
    3. Safari 4.22%
    4. Opera 0.74%
    5. Chrome 0.74%

  26. Users should publish hits along with their Browser stats, else we could be seeing the percentages from VERY low traffic sites. IMO, anything site under about 50,000 unique visits a Month could skew stats. I.e the sample size is just too small.

  27. Multi-Worded Adam, I didn’t exclude myself, but this month I had 300K visits and 475K pageviews, so I don’t think my personal browsing is a big factor.

  28. My Stats at

    1. Internet Explorer 61.98%
    2. Firefox 31.65%
    3. Safari 2.85%
    4. Opera 1.83%
    5. Chrome 1.54%
    6. Mozilla 0.11%
    7. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.02%
    8. Camino 0.01%
    9. Playstation Portable 0.01%
    10. Playstation 3 0.01%

  29. South African dating website:

    1. Internet Explorer 4,016 79.12%
    2. Firefox 726 14.30%
    3. Opera 183 3.61%
    4. Safari 103 2.03%
    5. NetFront 17 0.33%
    6. Mozilla 12 0.24%
    7. Chrome 10 0.20%

    South African business website:

    1. Internet Explorer 5,248 85.15%
    2. Firefox 753 12.22%
    3. Safari 64 1.04%
    4. Opera 47 0.76%
    5. Chrome 39 0.63%

  30. On my definitely-not-tech-savvy site (or maybe I have hugely mistaken whom my audiences are), I have

    Firefox 46.10%
    Internet Explorer 44.62%
    Safari 3.65%
    Chrome 3.54%
    Opera 1.59%

    Personally I haven’t bothered to use Chrome because of one textarea bug (which appears to have been fixed in I am back using it now.

  31. My blog:

    1. Firefox 71.13%
    2. Internet Explorer 14.55%
    3. Opera 4.30%
    4. Mozilla 4.12%
    5. Konqueror 2.04%
    6. Safari 1.77%
    7. Chrome 1.24%
    8. SeaMonkey 0.40%
    9. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.18%
    10. Galeon 0.13%

  32. Multi-Worded Adam, I didn’t exclude myself, but this month I had 300K visits and 475K pageviews, so I don’t think my personal browsing is a big factor.

    LOL! So patient, Matt πŸ™‚

  33. Italian e-commerce site:

    Internet Explorer 68.25%
    Firefox 27.06%
    Safari 1.79%
    Opera 1.33%
    Chrome 1.29%
    Mozilla 0.17%
    SeaMonkey 0.05%
    Konqueror 0.02%
    Camino 0.02%
    (not set) 0.01%

  34. Hi Matt,

    I think it depends by the :
    1. website profile,
    2. visitors profile
    technical people use ie. Linux and Firefox, regular IE because it’s default in Windows
    3. country
    in Poland most poplar can be pc + Windows, in Netherlands Apple + Safari or Firefox
    4. continent

    any other ideas ?

    Europe, Netherlands, website profile “email marketing tool”,

    Internet Explorer – 69,32%
    Firefox – 24,88%
    Safari – 4,30%
    Opera – 0,91%
    Chrome – 0,47%

  35. This is the stats for a large political party in Denmark (can’t tell you which) with LOTS of unique visitors:
    MS IE : 88.8 %
    Firefox : 7.6 %
    Safari : 1.7 %
    Mozilla : 0.8 %
    Opera : 0.4 %
    Uknown : 0.2 %

    – I think the stats are a bit different for Denmark in general, with MS IE being way more dominant than in the U.States of A.

    To show that this is not only because that the type of site is special I here present you the stats for fairly large webshop:
    MS IE : 93.3 %
    Firefox : 4.3 %
    Safari : 1.4 %
    Mozilla : 0.4 %
    Google Chrome : 0.1 %
    Opera : 0.05 %
    Netscape : 0.04 %
    Sony/Ericsson Browser (PDA/Phone browser) : 0.01 %
    NetShow Player (media player) : 0.005 %
    Uknown : 0.004 %

  36. Non Techie Fancy Dress and Halloween Costume Blog:

    1. Internet Explorer 59.92%
    2. Firefox 31.77%
    3. Safari 6.09%
    4. Opera 1.01%
    5. Chrome 0.78%
    6. Mozilla 0.14%
    7. Blazer 0.06%
    8. Playstation 3 0.05%
    9. Netscape 0.04%
    10. NetFront 0.03%

    what I find interesting is the increase in Phone and Games Console Browsers…. Kkeep telling myself I must do something about it.

  37. My results from a non-techie site…
    Poor users, looks like IE is dominating. πŸ™‚

    Internet Explorer
    9,021 77.33%
    2,007 17.21%
    528 4.53%
    55 0.47%
    23 0.20%

  38. Well, here is ours:

  39. Seems it didn’t work to include an image on the comments?

    Really way of from Matt’s stats. We’ve got over 80% of IE users.

  40. In Spain, in a very focused site filled with laws mainly for spanish:

    1. Internet Explorer 2.209.820 86,18%
    2. Firefox 309.464 12,07%
    3. Safari 18.107 0,71%
    4. Chrome 12.284 0,48%
    5. Opera 8.303 0,32%
    6. Mozilla 4.253 0,17%
    7. Netscape 717 0,03%
    8. Konqueror 396 0,02%
    9. SeaMonkey 328 0,01%
    10. Camino 127 > 0,00%

  41. Would love to use chrome more, but the installer won’t run through our passworded proxy server, and because it installs into “local app data” it gets wiped every time I log off or restart (can’t remember which or both off the top of my head)

  42. Funny, even on my bass player (not geeks) related website IE has gone down quite a lot. My browser shares:

    1. Firefox 51,63 %
    2. Internet Explorer 34,32 %
    3. Safari 6,49 %
    4. Opera 5,50 %
    5. Chrome 0,87 %

    Stats are for last 30 days (Google Analytics). The website is based in Europe, so the shares will be different from websites in the US.

  43. Hi Matt,

    here you can see my stats from a german speaking musicblog. We write about all new singles and albums from international stars.
    But in Germany the most used Brwoser is still the Internet Explorer, but the Firefox is following near (excuse my english πŸ˜‰ ):

    Browser-Stats // November 2008:

    1. Internet Explorer 51,62 %
    2. Firefox 41,89 %
    3. Safari 2,72 %
    4. Opera 2,51 %
    5. Chrome 0,54 %
    6. Mozilla 0,35 %
    7. SeaMonkey 0,20 %
    8. Playstation 0,06 %
    9. Netscape 0,04 %
    10. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0,02 %

    I think it’s funny that people also use a playstation to view my site.

    Have an nice week


  44. Our website (hosting / ISP) has the following stats:

    1. Internet Explorer 49,52%
    2. Firefox 40,31%
    3. Safari 4,90%
    4. Mozilla 1,92%
    5. Chrome 1,80%
    6. Opera 1,08%
    7. Konqueror0,18%
    8. HTC_P3700 Opera 0,11%
    9. SeaMonkey 0,08%
    10. Palm850 0,02%

    Chrome has a share of 1,8% and Firefox has 40,31%!

  45. If Chrome works with Firefox plugins like Adblock plus and NoScript I’ll give it another try. Speed is not enough.

  46. For a videogames-oriented site, Chrome is doing better here…

    1. Internet Explorer 47.70%
    2. Firefox 43.42%
    3. Opera 3.63%
    4. Safari 2.47%
    5. Chrome 1.82%
    6. Mozilla 0.49%
    7. Netscape 0.09%
    8. Playstation 0.09%
    9. SeaMonkey 0.09%
    10. Konqueror 0.07%

  47. From my very tech site, ~2m uniques a month:

    1. Firefox 54.92%
    2. Internet Explorer 26.90%
    3. Safari 9.64%
    4. Chrome 4.22%
    5. Opera 2.38%
    6. Mozilla 0.75%
    7. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.69%
    8. Playstation 3 0.20%
    9. Camino 0.10%
    10. Konqueror 0.07%

  48. Net Applications gives Chrome a 1.04% market share if you add up v0.2, v0.3 and v0.4

    That’s 0.03%, 0.60% and 0.44% respectively (at least for the current hour! :))

  49. Hey Matt,

    Got a few PlayStation 3 results in mine! Presumably because it’s a gaming site…

    1. Firefox 48.39%
    2. Internet Explorer 39.18%
    3. Safari 4.65%
    4. Chrome 3.88%
    5. Opera 2.65%
    6. Playstation 3 0.69%
    7. Mozilla 0.41%
    8. Camino 0.03%
    9. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.03%
    10. Netscape 0.03%

  50. I have persevered with Chrome ONLY because of its speed.

    But there are still huge problems, like working with Hotmail or whatever it’s called today, working with apps within Facebook, and, certainly before I downloaded the current release (wonder why that had not happened automatically) multiple crashes.

    The acrobat reader plugin used to run fast and now runs only marginally better than FireFox does.

    Many websites fail to recognise Chrome at all (one is a part of the BBC that serves Flash apps for teachers to use)

    It often loses the search engine preferences for Google search!

    Yes, I and several million others report the bugs and faults.

    It has good things, but the poor things leave me gasping. As a user I don;t see a huge improvement since release date.

  51. In the past you discussed how other stats may be skewed, but you didn’t add warnings to this post — so I’m curious, did you take it for granted everybody understands the skew (as many to most tech savvy people might) or …?

  52. My stats over the last 30 days, from Analytics – french web site, not “techy”… 150K visits.
    And I’m using Chrome when working on the site:-)

    Internet Explorer 71,68%
    Firefox 23,58%
    Safari 3,07%
    Mozilla 0,54%
    Chrome 0,45%
    Opera 0,43%
    Konqueror 0,07%
    SeaMonkey 0,04%
    Netscape 0,03%
    Camino 0,02%

  53. giannisonottimista

    MSIE 7.0
    37,4% 153.379
    Firefox 2.0
    19,7% 80.557
    MSIE 6.0
    18,8% 77.015
    15,4% 62.997
    3,8% 15.711
    1,9% 7.972
    Firefox 3.0
    1,7% 6.847
    0,5% 2.234
    Firefox 1.5
    0,4% 1.622
    0,1% 442
    Firefox 1.0
    0,1% 314
    0,1% 206
    MSIE 5.0
    0,0% 154
    MSIE 5.5
    0,0% 152

  54. For
    Internet Explorer: 67.76%
    Firefox: 25.71%
    Safari: 4.67%
    Chrome: 0.90%
    Opera: 0.51%
    Mozilla: 0.18%
    Netscape: 0.08%
    Playstation 3: 0.07%
    SeaMonkey: 0.03%
    Camino: 0.03%

    For (my technology blog):
    Internet Explorer: 58.95%
    Firefox: 29.73%
    Safari: 8.95%
    Chrome: 1.01%
    Opera: 0.76%

  55. Most of my sites are running around 75% IE, 20% Firefox. One interesting stat: IE6 is around 25% still, surprising, but there you go.

  56. Stats for 2 sites

    Argentina related last month (a year ago)
    IE – 82.9% (87.9%)
    Firefox – 14.8% (10.7%)

    Spanish related last month (a year ago)
    IE – 77% (82.5%)
    Firefox – 18.6% (13.5%)

    Both are travel related and appeal to the general public.


  57. MS Internet Explorer 251285 80.50%
    Firefox 37623 12%
    Safari 13796 4.40%
    Unknown 5692 1.80%
    Mozilla 1910 0.60%
    Opera 533 0.10%
    Netscape 324 0.10%

  58. Matt, my numbers are similar to yours. However, that’s because my website is also primarily targeted at tech-savvy people who are more likely to use Firefox / Chrome / etc, so these numbers aren’t representative of “normal” websites.

  59. Yes, your average website not target towards a high tech audience will be dominated by Internet Explorer. This is most likely due to the fact that IE is installed by default on a majority of home and business PCs.

  60. E-commerce Site From 1st January till now

    1.Internet Explorer 65.96%
    2.Firefox 26.29%
    3.Safari 5.94%
    4.Opera 1.01%
    5.Chrome 0.23%

  61. Multi-Worded Adam, I didn’t exclude myself, but this month I had 300K visits and 475K pageviews, so I don’t think my personal browsing is a big factor.

    True, but it does partly explain your Chrome skew…that, and your blog would probably be used by other Googlers (who would presumably be on the Chrome bandwagon as well). It certainly wouldn’t explain the entire skew, but it would possibly explain one, maybe two of the five percent.

    (For those thinking I’m playing devil’s advocate and trying to get Matt going, I’m not. This is purely an academic exercise. It’s not only fun to compare, but fun to analyze as well!)

  62. I’m seein even more unexpected numbers, with Chrome up at 7.58%. Of course with a blog focused on Cloud Computing, it’s not exactly a real-world sample:-)

  63. For a female-orientated games site (bingo) in the last month (267k visits):

    Internet Explorer: 85.5%
    Firefox: 11.6%
    Chrome: 0.3%
    Safari@ 0.2%

  64. Looks like a good day for everyone to compare notes on browser market share for their blogs. Mine for The Noisy Channel are here:

  65. For an oil and gas training company website:
    Internet Explorer
    32,172 88.64%
    3,407 9.39%
    262 0.72%
    231 0.64%
    152 0.42%
    53 0.15%
    8 0.02%
    Mozilla Compatible Agent
    4 0.01%
    2 0.01%
    1 > 0.00%

  66. Hi Matt,

    I think comparing chrome with IE and FF is unfair. chrome is not likely to compete with IE and FF Until all the fancy third party toolbar and extensions become available for chrome.
    People are keeping Chrome as “another cool browser to try”. It is more comparable to Opera and most likely to take most of it’s market share from It.

    Here are My Figures

    FF 48%
    IE 37%
    Safari 10%
    Opera 1.6%
    Chrome 1.2%

  67. 1. FF 1,847 45.13%
    2. IE 1,817 44.39%
    3. Safari 227 5.55%
    4. Chrome 119 2.91%
    5. Opera 30 0.73%
    6. Mozilla 27 0.66%
    7. Yeti 13 0.32%
    8. Konqueror 5 0.12%
    9. Mozilla Compatible Agent 3 0.07%
    10. Netscape 3 0.07%

    IE and FF are very close and has been that way for several months.

    Thanks for sharing Matt.


  68. My company’s website (a site for house plans) is seeing the following:

    IE 78.03%
    FF 16.31%
    Safari 4.14%
    Chrome 0.73% (almost solely me before I realized our IP wasn’t filtering correctly)
    Opera 0.43%

    And thanks for sharing the numbers of a tech related site with us, it’s amazing the differences between the tech crowd and the non-tech sites.

  69. “Personally, I run the dev channel version of Chrome because I like to see what cool features are coming soon. ”
    Lol.. Its coz ur from Google rite πŸ™‚ J/k
    Any idea for a PR update. Seems like some of my sites updated.

  70. I published CNET News’ browser statistics today, along with much broader statistics from Net Applications:

    IE 40.7%
    Firefox 37.4%
    Safari 14.9%
    Chrome 3.6%
    Opera 1.2%

  71. My breakdown is this:-

    1. Firefox 64.69%
    2. Internet Explorer 14.24%
    3. Opera 7.42%
    4. Chrome 7.12%
    5. Safari 6.23%
    6. Camino 0.30%

    Not in the least bit surprised that FF is leading (it’s an SEO blog), but would’ve thought Chrome would be above Opera.

  72. Matt for Chrome to start taking a large share of the market place it would need to include the same quality of plugins that FF gives us.

    It would also struggle to take anything from IEs marketshare as that is the browser that is shipped in 99% of office place PC with people people there using what they are used to.

  73. From a public university entomology website:

    1.IE 67.46%
    2.Firefox 22.59%
    3. Safari 6.34%
    4. Mozilla 2.08%
    5. Chrome 0.78%
    6.Opera 0.45%
    7. Netscape 0.09%
    8. Camino 0.05%
    9. Blazer 0.04%
    10. SeaMonkey 0.04%

  74. German Music-Page:

    IE: 48,60
    Firefox 42,50
    Opera: 2,97
    Safari 2,65
    Chrome 0,51
    SeaMonkey 0,17
    Play Station 3: 0,04

  75. For a site about screenwriting:

    1. Internet Explorer 45.02%
    2. Firefox 37.11%
    3. Safari 15.12%
    4. Camino 0.69%
    5. Chrome 0.69%
    6. 8900b 0.34%
    7. Mozilla 0.34%
    8. Opera 0.34%
    9. SeaMonkey 0.34%

  76. From a public university site focusing on STEM Education:
    IE – 70.43%
    Firefox – 19.20%
    Safari – 6.45%
    Chrome – 2.45%
    Mozilla – 1.23%
    Various others with less than 0.14% total

  77. Can we post our AdSense revenue too? πŸ˜›
    I made over 9000 yesterday.

  78. One thing I learned from my days in working for a public company (and being very involved in shareholder relations) is that there are tons of reasons for people to sell stock (profit taking, reinvestment, divorce, death, etc) but only one reason to buy – to make money. Other things like testing the waters, etc all fell into the “hoping to make money” category.

    Likewise, there are tons of reasons people may use a browser (or search engine) – it was the default on the computer, etc. But there is only one reason to switch – to try to get a better experience. Things like testing tend to also fall under this – it’s unlikely you will switch browsers hoping to get a worse experience.

    So, from a search engine or browser coder perspective, it really doesn’t matter what people are using (other than, of course from a volume or competitive comparison perspective), but rather what people are switching to.

    Chrome has a lot of potential, but some annoying issues – annoying enough that I only use it as a specialist tool, rather than a general browser – it doesn’t do plugins well, and it can’t handle some CSS functions (like Safari). Check this link with Chrome and then almost any other browser on the market. Blech:

    (Disclosure: this is a client of mine – feel free to nofollow)

    People switched to Google from Yahoo, AltaVista, etc because it was so good that it didn’t make sense not to. Same with Gmail. But that doesn’t seem to be happening with Chrome, which is unfortunate. I’d like to see another serious player.

    Bottom line, the Chrome folks have to stop thinking about why people would want to use Chrome, and start thinking about why people would want to switch to Chrome. It’s a completely different mindset. It sounds like it might be the same, but it’s not. Inertia is one of natures most powerful forces, and ignoring it may result in Chrome being the web’s betamax – technically better, but only popular with a small group of enthusists.

    My opinion, of course.


  79. I had some initial issues with Chrome, but now I have a new computer and Chrome is at new version. I think I will check out the DEV version I like that, thanks.

    BTW, I am at 70% Firefox!

  80. 1. Internet Explorer 102,487 57.58%
    2. Firefox 61,774 34.71%
    3. Safari 5,935 3.33%
    4. Chrome 3,206 1.80%
    5. Opera 2,818 1.58%
    6. Mozilla 1,206 0.68%
    7. SeaMonkey 123 0.07%
    8. Netscape 116 0.07%
    9. Playstation 3 85 0.05%
    10. Konqueror 46 0.03%

    Mixed content from book publisher.


  81. When is Google Analytics going to include statistics for Flock?

  82. From a public university entomology website:

    1.IE 67.46%

    Does this mean IE is the buggiest browser? * GROAN *

  83. From a UK travel site I look after (600k visits/month):

    Oct 2008:

    1. Internet Explorer – 85.59%
    2. Firefox – 10.55%
    3. Safari – 3.12%
    4. Chrome – 0.34%
    5. Opera – 0.26%

    Oct 2007:

    1. Internet Explorer – 89.08%
    2. Firefox – 8.28%
    3. Safari – 2.27%
    4. Opera – 0.17%
    5. Mozilla – 0.08%

  84. Consumer Oriented Site (90% traffic from Canada)
    Over 1,000,000 uniques/month

    IE 70%
    Firefox 22%
    Safari 6%
    Chrome 0.6%

    Techincal Site (lab software)
    About 8,000 uniques/month

    IE 77%
    Firefox 20%
    Safari 1.4%
    Chrome 0.9%

  85. Some stats from Russia with love ))
    1. IE 63,5%
    2. FF 18,4%
    3. Opera 14,9%
    4. Chrome 1%

  86. Today :
    Firefox 57.25%
    Internet explorer 37.85%
    Chrome 5.98%
    Safari 2.56%
    Mozilla 0.91%

    Depends of the day, at the begining of chrome it cames more porcentage, but nowadays is lowest

  87. Matt is simply pointing out his stats. Most of his visitors use Firefox probably because Firefox has the most SEO friendly add-ons. I have used Chrome and it has excellent features and is worth the download. Try it, its free!


  88. Here’s a couple (I’ll do top 3 for each as some of the lists are quite long (mobile phone access versions etc, etc)):

    Now = Past 30 days.
    Was = July.
    Figures rounded up, or down as I see fit. ^_^

    1st example:-
    Demographic is 20’s, low income & large majority being female.
    Site desc: Similar to

    IE: 81%
    FF: 10%
    Safari: .9%
    GC: 5th

    IE: 88%
    FF: 10%
    Safari: 2%

    No surprise… Very typical of this demographic… let alone using old versions of IE. The FF 11% is probably due to out tech team and other 3rd parties, even though we are talking about close to 2m visitors pcm. πŸ™‚

    2nd example:-
    Demographic is… Young families, with plenty of expendable income. Well educated background.
    Site desc: Luxury holidays.

    IE: 77%
    FF: 13%
    Safari: 10%… Yeah… I’d have a Mac too, if I could afford it. πŸ™‚
    GC: 4th

    IE: 88%
    FF: 8%
    Safari: 4%

    3rd example:-
    Demographic is… Older internet user, with expendable income. Kids left home, etc, etc…
    Site desc: Outdoor leisure equipment, ranging from outdoor clothing to motorhomes etc.

    IE: 84%
    FF: 10%
    Safari: 6%
    GC: Not in top 20.

    IE: 88%
    FF: 10%
    Safari: 2%

    T-t-t-t-t-that’s all folks!
    Bed time.

  89. I won’t clog the post with all the numbers but suffice to say my scattering of health related sites (two of them UK based) are still very much dominated by IE. Could be that the average age of the visitor is older than the Firefox gang?

    Still waiting to give Chrome a try – simply pressure of time has stopped me downloading and playing around with it.

    Happy holidays to all of you in the US – Thanksgiving not a big deal here in the UK but I’ll join you all for some turkey and roasties on the day.

  90. Microsoft Internet Explorer 53.37%
    Firefox 31.90%
    Safari 10.43%
    Netscape 2.45%
    Opera 1.23%
    Chrome 0.4 0.61%

  91. Dave (originial)

    For all those that consider “tech-savvy” users equates to those who use Google Chrome or FireFox, think again πŸ™‚

    MS, IMO, has done a great job with IE as it a LOT more forgiving on Web pages which are NOT strict & valid code, than FireFox and Chrome.

    But, let’s not underestimate the Placebo effect that Chrome is faster. It is NO faster in most cases as a Browser is one of the least likely things to cause slowness when browsing online.

  92. Does this emphasis on marginal improvements in speed strike anyone else as increasing our [the web] community’s collective ADD? I’m already way more impatient than I was three years ago, before I got into online marketing, and getting people to expect stuff to happen constantly faster seems to me like affecting us psychologically. But then, maybe it’s just me being hyper?

  93. Firefox is still the best. I have a hard time liking Chrome.

  94. Dave (originial)

    Gab, less Caffeine πŸ˜‰

    I get more patient as I grow older and wiser and now only stress over things that matter. I still wont suffer a fool though.

    If Internet speed is slow, the *last* thing to try is another Browser.

  95. Internet Explorer 50%
    Firefox 40%
    Safari 5%
    Opera 1.75%
    Chrome 1.68%

  96. Barter Swap site. It’s not something I look at often but was surprised to see PS3.

    1. Internet Explorer 82.14%
    2. Firefox 14.15%
    3. Safari 2.54%
    4. Chrome 0.43%
    5. Opera 0.43%
    6. Mozilla 0.16%
    7. Netscape 0.03%
    8. Playstation 3 0.03%
    9. NetFront 0.02%
    10. SeaMonkey 0.02%

  97. Our browser sharing percentage as follows:-

    1. Internet Explorer 63,037 84.94%
    2. Firefox 8,644 11.65%
    3. Opera 1,063 1.43%
    4. Chrome 1,042 1.40%
    5. Safari 286 0.39%
    6. Mozilla 63 0.08%
    7. Netscape 31 0.04%
    8. Konqueror 11 0.01%
    9. SeaMonkey 10 0.01%
    10. Mozilla Compatible Agent 7 0.01%
    11. EHS 6 0.01%

  98. I use Chrome a lot when working with my site, so it should be a noticeable part of its traffic. But provider’s stats shows no Chrome, but 30% of Safari, which, I guess, mostly means Chrome.

    BTW, I like Chrome for the speed and UI, but I really miss RSS Feed button.

  99. HereΒ΄s last months data from a large German general interest site with several million visits per month.

    This might be close to accurate numbers (for Germany) as this site has a considerable marketshare across many different user groups.

    Chrome Marketshare has NOT increased since September 13th (it dropped down fast after the original introductory splash on September 4th).

    IE: 52.8%
    FF: 39.5%
    Safari: 3.4%
    Opera: 2.6%
    Chrome 0.8%

  100. From a Swedish website about SEO and strategic web development:

    1. Internet Explorer 91.20%
    2. Firefox 5.55%
    3. Safari 1.20%
    4. Playstation 3 1.12%
    5. Opera 0.46%
    6. Chrome 0.27%
    7. Mozilla 0.11%
    8. Netscape 0.06%
    9. (not set) 0.01%
    10. Camino > 0.00%

  101. In the past month according to GAnalytics:

    Note: 25,429 unique visitors (89.55%) from Search Engines.

    Internet Explorer

    and Operating Systems:

    (not set)
    Playstation 3
    Danger Hiptop

  102. @Daveoriginal. hahahaha

  103. Havent migrated to Chrome yet as last I checked, it didnt have the backing of the Firefox addon creators.

  104. Personally, I think either Firefox or IE becomes No.1 on various site depends on the targeted user group. Your site has more tech people watching, so they tend to use FF a lot.

  105. 2008 year-to-date stats for a US based retail site.

    Internet Explorer – 84.6 %
    Firefox – 7.2 %
    Unknown – 3.4 %
    Mozilla – 3 %
    Safari – 0.9 %
    Netscape – 0.2 %
    Opera – 0.1 %
    Curl – 0.1 %
    BonEcho – 0.1 %
    LibWWW – 0 %
    Others – 0 %

    Which isn’t too much of a change from 2007:

    Internet Explorer – 86.2%
    Firefox – 6.7%
    Unknown – 3.5%
    Mozilla – 2%
    Safari – 0.6%
    Netscape – 0.4%
    Opera – 0.1%
    Konqueror – 0%
    WebTV – 0%
    LibWWW – 0%

    And 2008 year-to-date stats from a personal blog, a little less polluted with IE:

    Internet Explorer – 63.2%
    Firefox – 26.2%
    Safari – 5%
    Opera – 1.8%
    Unknown – 1.5%
    Mozilla – 1.4%
    Netscape – 0.5%
    Nokia Browser (PDA/Phone browser) – 0%
    UP.Browser (PDA/Phone browser) – 0%
    Samsung (PDA/Phone browser) – 0%
    Others – 0%

  106. I can’t use Chrome as my defacto browser until it has a fully featured JBug replacement!!

    That’s the msot important thing.. Without it i’m still FF all the way… Love the speed though…


  107. Internet Explorer 5,048 45.03%

    Firefox 4,835 43.13%

    Safari 746 6.65%

    Chrome 312 2.78%

    Opera 194 1.73%

    Mozilla 45 0.40%

    Mozilla Compatible Agent 11 0.10%

    Netscape 7 0.06%

    Camino 6 0.05%

    SeaMonkey 4 0.04%

    Matt, the reason behind your high usage of Fx is the fact that most of your users are tech-savvy. And which browser other than Fx is most popular with the tech-savvy people? Also, IE is getting less and less popular these days. It’s a browser that’s really not going to help me a lot. I use it now only for testing purposes for my blog.

    I use firefox for all major browsing and management due to its obvious advantages. And Chrome is lightweight and extremely fast. So I use it for the purpose of research and lightweight browsing online. Thanks Google for that great product.

  108. It would be interesting to see other influences on browser choice besides tech savy/non tech savy, like demographic and geographic location. I guess that people in “non tech countries” and older people would probably use IE in higher percentage than young people in Japan, America… That’s just my guess. It would be interesting to see some serious analysis.

  109. These are the figures from my blog (reasonably techy)

    Firefox 81.61%
    Internet Explorer 13.10%
    Safari 1.72%
    Chrome 1.47%
    Mozilla 1.06%

    Chrome is on the radar but FF usage does just seem to grow each month. I know you like Ubuntu as well Matt, so you may want to look over the SwiftFox project ( The guy there has been compiling versions optimised for each specific CPU. Works very well on static pages for me.

  110. It’s neat to see stats from so many different types of sites–thanks, everyone!

  111. Looking forward to trying Chrome when the Mac version arrives. πŸ™‚

  112. Gee, I read all of this and I am amazed no one asked you when Chrome will have the Google Toolbar?

    So: When will Chrome have the Google Toolbar?

  113. Chrome has a lot of potential, but some annoying issues – annoying enough that I only use it as a specialist tool, rather than a general browser

    Exactly! As a general Browser, Chrome has a long way to go to catch up with IE. Even FireFox is dissapointing as a general Browser.

    The reason, 99% of Web pages have bad code which should NOT effect the user experience on the page. Yet IE is about the only Browser that doesn’t effect the user experience on the page.

    Come on Google. 99.9% of the World could not careless about a Browser beinbg open source, or best suited to those in the Web game. Back to basics, Google.

  114. Not to be published.


    There is a problem with my link again: Please try to click on “Tom Forrest”

    Also I emailed some information to you that I think you will find very important.

  115. Well I really like chrome. But I just hope that they will give me the extensions that I really need – Digg/StumbleUpon Toolbar, Google Toolbar, something equivalent to TwitterFox and thats all.

  116. Matt,

    Your stats are obvious not showing the average online person.. πŸ™‚

    Over here in Brazil Chrome is still third with less than 1 %, though that might go up a little now that you guys are promoting it in the home page.

  117. These are the numbers for a big online absolutely non technical store in Brazil for the last 30 days:
    1. Internet Explorer 86.55%
    2. Firefox 12.29%
    3. Chrome 0.59%
    4. Opera 0.24%
    5. Safari 0.17%

    Not counting technical people, I think these stats are most accurate when looking at the total market.

  118. Firefox 46.96
    Internet Explorer 46.89
    Opera 1.64
    Safari 1.39
    Chrome 0.67
    Iceweasel 0.51
    Konqueror 0.50
    Avant Browser 0.34
    Mozilla 0.31
    Epiphany 0.21
    Maxthon 0.14

  119. Dave (originial)

    I would say the most representative of the total online population are the stats from John A. Robb

    Consumer Oriented Site (90% traffic from Canada)
    Over 1,000,000 uniques/month

    IE 70%
    Firefox 22%
    Safari 6%
    Chrome 0.6%

    Although having 90% of traffic from one Country adds all sorts of potential bias.

  120. Update, 11/28/2008: Somehow I missed the browser marketshare stats from 60K+ sites. They peg Chrome at 1.55%, with a little bit of 1.6% to 1.7% in the last week or so.

    All of which means nothing to those who have any element of commson sense.

    Matt, I have always thought of you of being wise beyond your Years and not being easliy fooled. Now, I’m not so sure.

    VERY few statitics hold any real value and the overwhemly majority have 99% of people fooled. Matt, I have always thought of you of being wise beyond your Years and not being easliy fooled (part of the 1%). Now, I’m not so sure.

  121. I have written last days about the Google Chrome browser.
    Here th eenglish translation of my article:

    There is a german study about the usage of the Google browser. The study says, only 0,09 % of the user are still using the chrome browser.

  122. Dave (original),

    What’s with the hate dude??! I have 4 good reasons to hate on Google. After paying Adwords $66,000 over a 6-month period they penalized 4 of my sites when the cause of the penalties were for the precise results of those ads. However, to hate on an individual that WORKS for Google for being a good employee is ASININE! Furthermore, you ridiculed yourself when you wrote, “VERY few statitics hold any real value and the overwhemly majority have 99% of people fooled.” YOU PROVIDED A STATISTIC! I’m sure it came from that 1%, vis-a-vis YOU.

    Keep off the personal attacks…If you don’t like it, LEAVE IT!



  123. Betty,

    No hate for Google from me, “dude”. Looks like Google had 4 VALID reasons to ban you although you will never own up. Spammers are like that. I.e it’s everyones fault except theirs.

    No personal attacks either, unless you are reading with one eye only open.

    If you believe statitics based on blind faith, that’s your loss, not mine πŸ™‚ If you don’t understand that MOST statitics are no better than guess work, that too is your loss.

    Have a nice life πŸ™‚

  124. Dave (original),

    I got you down from 99% to “most.” I have done my job, but I’m not quite through; some important differences for you to note and ponder, dude:

    1) Google vs. personal attacks on an individual
    2) “statitics” vs. statistics (I had to correct you, you made the same mistake twice)
    3) Ban vs. penalize
    4) Siting a source i.e. vs. blind faith

    Have a spellchecker and a chill pill and don’t call me in the morning πŸ™‚


  125. “Citing” says the spellchecker. Shame on me!.

  126. Betty, you must learn to read if you are going to nit-pick. I said “VERY few statistics (spelling corrected so to not confuse Betty anymore than she already is) hold any real value and the overwhelmly majority have 99% of people fooled” The “most” you are erroneously quoting was not used in the same context and I doubt anyone would take being in the 99% of people as a “personal attack”. If you believe it is, then put some meat in those hollow nit-picks.

    Shame on me!.

    For more than 1 reason too πŸ™‚ Here is a age old saying that VERY much applies to those who nit-pick. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones πŸ™‚

    I have done my job

    If you “job” was to put egg on your face, then I agree, you have done an outstanding job πŸ™‚

    Your other pointless points are just repetitions of your last post which show yet again you are NOT understanding statistics. E.g. If you are going to cite a source, make sure it’s a credible source and it is open in ALL aspects of how they arrived at their results.

    Here are some thoughts for you to ponder πŸ™‚

    1) If you don’t understand why/how Google penalized your multiple sites it’s best to make not to make uneducated guesses and look foolish.

    2) See age old saying above.

    3) Don’t speak on behalf of other people unless they have given you their permission.

    4) It’s better to keep quite and leave doubt of your knowledge than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    Ta ta πŸ˜‰

  127. Dave (original – LOL),

    Your attack was two-fold. 1) Pointed to the wisdom of the author of this blog. 1a) Implying you are smarter than 99% of people:)

    Onward with your display:

    1) John Mueller indicated the reason of the penalty and unfortuantely it is caused by exactly what I stated. You are wrong, again:)

    2) What old saying above???

    3) I’m not speaking at all. I’m writing and on my own behalf.

    4) I think the old saying you were struggling to come up with is “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. …”

    5) Stats, and cited sources of stats are our friends. They are good, not bad. No need to hate them. Us 99% of fools have been duped by their evil trickery. Perhaps the enlightened 1% can one day come up with something better than statistics, math and all that garbage nonsense. LOL

    This was fun, but I can’t keep this up all night….



  128. Matt where is the best place to report domains that engage in hacking to inject links i just found some to a site called for the usual suspects.

    I think Google needs to do some premptive banning and publiscise it widely and to try and track down the perps.

  129. That is interesting to see Firefox with such a higher percentage than IE. Usually i see those numbers the other way around.

  130. I know the market share of chrome is very low compare to IE and Firefox, but as soon as chrome gets integrated with plugins and popular toolbars, it will stay ie and firefox way behind πŸ™‚

  131. Consumer oriented website (arborist)
    Internet Explorer 78.33%
    Firefox 20.00%
    Chrome 1.67%

    Technical website (Source code for VoIP protocols, caters to Software Engineers)
    Internet Explorer 51.34%
    Firefox 38.48%
    Chrome 3.78%
    Opera 2.56%
    Safari 1.86%
    Mozilla 1.66%

    My personal website
    Firefox 63.64%
    Internet Explorer 23.44%
    Opera 5.26%
    Chrome 3.83%
    Safari 3.83%

  132. Dave (originial)

    Betty, I feel sure you are desperatley trying to make some sort of point, but it’s just not happening despite the fact you continue to repeat yourself. I had a Parrot that did the same, but at least he was funny.

    “unfortuantely” = unfortunately

    YOU of all people should know how to spell THAT word πŸ™‚

  133. My blog stats always showed a day to day battle between Firefox and IE. The others never catch up.

    It makes a huge difference which OS is being used since IE was standard for Windows users, it gives them an edge. Non tech, non savvy buy into Windows and use IE because it’s there. They hear all the discussions like this and all the problems they could encounter, say forget it, even if they wanted to try Firefox, etc., they probably would not because they don’t want to experience any technical problems they may have to spend hours, days and weeks trying to learn to fix. Who wants to traverse the Web looking for technical help? Have you been to some of these forums and help groups? Its a maze of answers similar to what’s here. Everyone has a different answer to the same problem. Who needs it?

    They just want something that works so they can do what they bought a computer to do–period. I agree all this stuff is a big deal if you’re techie, SEO or maintain your own blogs and websites, but the average user could care less until they have been using the web for awhile and become comfortable with it. Then maybe they will try something else.

    My son is a tech and geek. He introduced me to Firefox. I have both IE and Firefox browsers on Windows XP but I use Firefox. I only open IE when I’ve been tinkering with my blogs and want to see the changes in both browsers.

    I don’t change because I like Firefox period. I have absolutely no inclination to go through anymore changes than one has to deal with on the Internet which are legion. Time is too precious.

  134. Who wants to traverse the Web looking for technical help? Have you been to some of these forums and help groups? Its a maze of answers similar to what’s here. Everyone has a different answer to the same problem. Who needs it?

    Amen to that, sister. There’s nothing worse than looking up a computer idiosyncracy only to find 25 different possible solutions (or a few explained a myriad of different and confusing ways). Most of the time, I don’t even bother unless I’ve got an error code to look up.

    I had a case last week where a company botched an Exchange Server install, and I came in and resolved all of the issues but one. No matter what I did, this one user just could not reach the server to get her email using RPC over HTTP. I must have gone through about 50 different things trying to solve it, looked up answers on all sorts of sites, read what the “experts” thought, took 5 hours, asked around on a couple of forums, got told I did everything right and was going to have to format the machine…and then I thought to myself, “since I’m already going to have to format the machine, why don’t I try something simple and switch the network wire?”

    Turns out that when I did this, the old company had frayed the wire and it was letting through all the traffic except for Exchange Server traffic…something which no one had ever apparently posted publicly before. So much for community support.

  135. That last paragraph should say “…when I did this, I discovered that…”

  136. For a our motorsport website the stats look pretty much as I’d expect over the last two months (IE still dominating but with a healthy share for FF):

    Internet Explorer 60.56%
    Firefox 30.87%
    Safari 4.39%
    Opera 2.52%
    Chrome 1.34%
    Camino 0.08%

  137. Stats of a travel website :

    1. IE / Windows 75,76 %
    2. Firefox / Windows 18,24 %
    3. Safari / Macintosh 2,45 %
    4. Firefox / Macintosh 1,28 %
    5. Opera / Windows 0,79 %
    6. Chrome / Windows 0,75 %
    7. Firefox / Linux 0,22 %
    8. Safari / Windows 0,14 %
    9. Safari / iPhone 0,13 %
    10. Safari / Symbian 0,07 %

  138. Fairly tech e-commerce site:

    1. Internet Explorer 59.23%
    2. Firefox 31.83%
    3. Safari 5.37%
    4. Chrome 1.46%
    5. Opera 1.23%
    6. Mozilla 0.31%
    7. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.14%
    8. Netscape 0.13%
    9. SeaMonkey 0.10%
    10. Camino 0.08%

  139. Developers oriented site:

    Firefox 65.28%
    IE 20.81%
    Safari 6.09%
    Chrome 4.85%
    Opera 2.06%

  140. It is interesting that such a high percentage of Firefox users frequent your blog. Generally we find our sites are about 70 / 30 IE vs FF. The tech savvy crowd definitely embrace FF more than Joe average. If only they knew what they’re missing!

  141. here is mine:
    1. Internet Explorer 69.95%
    2. Firefox 23.25%
    3. Safari 3.72%

  142. Adult oriented site

    1. Internet Explorer 551,704 58.43%
    2. Firefox 289,311 30.64%
    3. Safari 58,266 6.17%
    4. Opera 22,252 2.36%
    5. Chrome 10,975 1.16%
    6. Playstation 3 2,991 0.32%
    7. Mozilla 2,877 0.30%
    8. Netscape 1,468 0.16%
    9. Playstation Portable 1,128 0.12%
    10. NetFront 605 0.06%

    And get me out of google sandbox already πŸ™‚

  143. Hello Matt,

    I was directed to your posts, and thought I’d let you and your readers know that we did update the Google Chrome usage tracking report.

    Feel free to view it at, and follow up with me for any additional info.

    All the best,

    Vince Vizzaccaro
    EVP Marketing
    Net Applications

  144. We primarily only have ISP owners visit one of our sites, results:

    IE: 50.7%
    Firefox: 38.40%
    Safari: 4.41%
    Chrome: 2.82%
    Opera: 1.16%

    I honestly expected with the technical aptitude of ISP owners, we’d see more FF and Chrome users.

  145. thought that IE was the leader of the pack – and if I recall well, they had about 70% market share, when i read about it sometime back – but shall check it once again – these figure are sure to cause some worry.


  146. I would expect Chrome to start taking a bigger share. It seems to me to be such a superior browser!

  147. I have noticed that most websites that receive a majority of their traffic outside the US are dominated by IE. Also, I believe chrome will become quite a bit more popular in the near future.

  148. Rabin from Wasilla

    1. Internet Explorer 2,270 78.98%
    2. Firefox 413 14.37%
    3. Safari 157 5.46%
    4. Chrome 17 0.59%
    5. Mozilla 7 0.24%
    6. Opera 7 0.24%
    7. NetFront 1 0.03%
    8. Playstation Portable 1 0.03%
    9. SeaMonkey 1 0.03%

  149. Any news on the MAC version?

  150. Firefox 63,89 %
    Internet Explorer 31,23 %
    Safari 1,96 %
    Opera 1,40 %
    Chrome 0,90 %
    Playstation 3 0,14 %

    And guess what…that’s a porn website.
    Geeky-porn visitors, πŸ˜€

  151. I think Firefox is now competing IE. But chrome is just a baby and will take a long to reach at this stage.

  152. Well-known Australian site – 4M visits in December to date:

    IE = 69.3%
    Firefox = 17.6%
    Safari = 6.1%
    Chrome = 0.7%
    Other = 5.8%
    Netscape = 0.2%
    AOL = 0.3%
    Opera = 0.0% (185 visits)

    Good to have met you at Pubcon, Matt.

  153. thus Flock not included on the list, or it is just it built on Firefox?

  154. great post, your blog is read mostly by techie people. I wonder what the percentages would be over all especially saying ie comes on most computers

  155. Here’s the stat for a small local tourist(beach) site.

    1. Internet Explorer 55.19%
    2. Firefox 39.86%
    3. Safari 3.26%
    4. Opera 0.72%
    5. Chrome 0.60%
    6. (not set) 0.36%

    I’m quite surprised that Firefox is edging up. I still believe the Firefox and Chrome will still be used mostly be techies. For a few more months, IE will still be dominant for users outside the US.

    Maybe it’s high time for me to use Chrome again. Honestly, I was disappointed with its first release when a number of websites I frequently visit cannot be viewed with Chrome.

  156. Matt,
    First off, thanks for all the info all through the years. You truly are the voice of SEO.
    On another note, I’m really surprised (and happy) to see Firefox as the leading browser. I am digging Chrome right now due to it’s home page interface buttons.

  157. I am not sure about mine. But good to see that firefox is catching up with IE

  158. In Australia Firefox has never gained as much of IE territory as in other countries. I am now looking at the stats of a large website and IE sits there at huge 87%, only 2% nudge from 89% a year ago. Chrome is still under 0.3% and, interestingly, it doesn’t seem to have increased much over the last three months. Looks like the early adopters have jumped into it, but the others are not in a hurry to adopt change.

  159. Matt,

    Your stats may reflect Firefox being number one because most webmasters (which are often visitors of your site) use Firefox due to its really helpful plug-ins. I am sure regular sites like Yahoo would have IE as a dominant browser. Our company’s home rental site reports IE used by 82% of our visitors.

    At any rate, interesting point that webmasters prefer FF over IE πŸ™‚

    Happy 2009! Cheers!

  160. According to figures provided by Net Applications… Firefox is slowly catching up to Internet Explorer in the overall marketshare “battle of the browsers!”…

    October 2008 Marketshare
    Firefox 19.97%
    Internet Explorer 71.27%

    November 2008 Marketshare
    Firefox 20.78%
    Internet Explorer 69.77%

    I run a website for electronic cigarettes and have a 58:34 split in favour of I.E: a bit less than the figures above. Your stats on the other hand Matt are nearly perfectly reversed… I wonder if this is true for all tech-savvy websites…

    Maybe firefox should promote their plug-ins and added functions more to attract more customers… I don’t think Ive seen a single advert promoting the differences…

  161. UK Travel Site

    Year ago:
    IE: 85%
    Firefox: 8.1%
    Mozilla: 3.7%
    Safari: 2.16%

    IE: 54%
    Firefox: 41%
    Safari: 2.5%
    Chrome: .9%

    My guess is that at least part of the change is due to a) our site getting a lot more US traffic than previously and b) a younger audience, mostly from the US, (our clients are usually 35+). Older folks don’t muck, generally, as much with their PCs.

    If I segment by UK-only traffic, January:
    IE: 79%
    Firefox: 16.7%
    Safari: 3.2%
    Chrome: .6%

  162. Update to stats I provided in November.
    IE 1,116,466 65.28%
    FF 423,975 24.79%
    Safari 126,124 7.37%
    Chrome 22,983 1.34%
    Opera 7,383 0.43%

  163. numbers in Germany are going up for chrome… (this is May-June 2008)
    Internet Explorer 47.24%
    Firefox 43.88%
    Safari 3.97%
    Opera 2.54%
    Chrome 1.37%
    Mozilla 0.47%

  164. I don’t think my google analytics have ever dropped below 75% IE!

  165. Hey,

    I have been using google analytics for awhile now and my browser share goes:

    1. Internet Explorer 43.78%
    2. Firefox 30.58%
    3. Chrome 14.54%
    4. Safari 9.75%
    5. BlackBerry9000 0.30%
    6. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.30%
    7. Opera 0.30%
    8. BlackBerry9700 0.15%
    9. IE with Chrome Frame 0.15%
    10. Mozilla 0.15%

  166. IE is clearly still the leader on our site

    1. Internet Explorer 56.05%
    2. Firefox 23.40%
    3. Safari 11.43%
    4. Chrome 8.18%
    5. Opera 0.51%
    6. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.17%
    7. BlackBerry9000 0.05%
    8. MSR-ISRCCrawler 0.04%
    9. Mozilla 0.04%
    10. BlackBerry9700z 0.03%

  167. Our browser sharing percentage as follows:-

    1. Internet Explorer 63,037 84.94%
    2. Firefox 8,644 11.65%
    3. Opera 1,063 1.43%
    4. Chrome 1,042 1.40%
    5. Safari 286 0.39%
    6. Mozilla 63 0.08%
    7. Netscape 31 0.04%
    8. Konqueror 11 0.01%
    9. SeaMonkey 10 0.01%
    10. Mozilla Compatible Agent 7 0.01%
    11. EHS 6 0.01%

  168. Our browser sharing percentage as follows:
    Firefox 63,89 %
    Internet Explorer 31,23 %
    Safari 1,96 %
    Opera 1,40 %
    Chrome 0,90 %
    Playstation 3 0,14 %

  169. Mozilla firefox, my biggest visitor are came. Here my visitors : But not yet get money, πŸ™
    Thanks for share…

    1. Firefox 55.40%
    2. Internet Explorer 24.05%
    3. Safari 10.42%
    4. Chrome 9.19%
    5. Opera 1.51%
    6. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.01%
    7. BlackBerry9000 0.03%
    8. MSR-ISRCCrawler 0.05%
    9. Mozilla 0.04%
    10. BlackBerry9700z 0.04%

  170. 1. Internet Explorer 76.22%
    2. Firefox 16.91%
    3. Safari 6.02%
    4. Opera 0.29%
    5. Mozilla 0.20%
    6. Chrome 0.15%
    7. Netscape 0.12%
    8. Konqueror 0.02%
    9. Camino 0.02%
    10. (not set) 0.02%